Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Who Really Killed The Truth?

Is truth dead? That was the question in bold red script against a stark black backdrop on the cover of last weeks Time Magazine. A reference to an iconic story that graced the rag back when it was still relevant enough to do anything iconic, over half a century ago. The article inside was pretty standard boilerplate for partisan liberal Trump-bashing. The kind of clueless, class-def, hatchet job that's become so routine over the last couple months that its downright boring. Not that it was altogether untrue. Their basic argument, that the Donald has ushered in a new era of unprecedented dishonesty, carries a grain of truth to it.

While America has had its share of dishonest presidents, from LBJ shooting at goddamn whales in the Gulf of Tonkin to Slick Willy redefining what the definition of is is, perhaps none have been as shamelessly brazen with their bullshit as Mr. Trump who's whoppers sound almost intentionally absurd. Like they were written for some long forgotten Monty Python skit deemed too ridiculous even for British consumption. Roaming packs of Hillary voting illegals. Small town massacres covered up by the same tabloid vultures who spin every mass shooting into prime time gold. Toaster ovens wired for sound by retired Indo-Kenyan usurpers (that's what Susan Rice is for). It all sounds like the rantings of a madman and I suppose it is.

I wont argue for a second that our current president doesn't give pathological liars a bad name. Somewhere in a dusty Nevada prison cell Donald's old golfing buddy O.J. Simpson is smacking his shiny forehead and yelping at a tiny see-through TV set "You cant fucking say that!" No, where Time and the rest of their ilk in the mainstream media fly off the rails and deep up their own assholes is when they throw their hands in the air and ask "Who killed the truth?" Like they don't already know. It makes me want to grab them by their starched white collars and scream at the top off my lungs- YOU DID YOU FUCKING CUNTS! Not Trump. Not Breitbart. Not Putin. But YOU! The self-fellating liberal lions of that sinking ship known as the Fourth Estate! You birthed this bastard child known as 'Fake News' when you traded in your objectivity for access during the Persian Gulf War and its all been one great big slide into the Trumpy abyss ever sense.

These, these hollowed crusaders for truth, the heirs of Woodward and Bernstein now battling the ferocious Kraken called Trumpizmo, these are the same god forsaken bastards who told us that Iraqi troops were gleefully pulling the plug on Kuwaiti newborns just for kicks and giggles. These are the bastards who warned us about a genocide in Kosovo that didn't actually begin until after the NATO bombing they promised would stop it. These are the bastards who told us that Saddam Hussein was armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction and was ready to sell them to the next Mohammed Atta. These are the bastards who told us tall tales of Libyan rape squads who had to be stopped even if we had to use Al-Qaeda to do it. These are the bastards who continue to insist that Ukraine is in the throws of a Russian invasion which, like Santa Claus, can only be seen with the eyes of those children who truly and blindly believe. And these are the fucking bastards who have devoted every resource at their disposal and every fucking second of every fucking day since November to a desperate crusade to prove that Trump's victory over their precious darling Killary was the product of an insanely Byzantine-esque Kremlin conspiracy that would leave David Icke tongue tied and perplexed. All without providing so much as a fucking speck of verifiable proof. These are the bastards who killed the truth.

And now these deluded and discredited primadonnas have the fucking nerve to wag their bony fingers at the American people for not knowing who to fucking believe. The testicles on these motherless creeps must be the size of goddamn exercise balls. Where do you sperm guzzling cock holsters think Trump learned his fucking tricks from. He is one of you after all. A "media personality" who you shamelessly egged on for ratings until it became horrifically clear that you created a fucking monster. And now you wanna play fucking Van Helsing by slaying your own Frankenstein beast with even more goddamn lies. Well I say, with all disrespect, fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Trump may be a sickening, double-dealing, serial-groping, race-baiting, war-mongering and, yes, lying pile of human excrement but your worse, You made him possible and Karma is gunning for you in the form of unemployment. See you in the well-fare lines cocksuckers. I'll be the one shouting I told you so with a big fucking grin on my fat face.

Goddamn the Fourth Estate, dearest motherfuckers, and long live the Fifth. You wont find any fake news here. Not while this tranny bitch has two fists to swing.

Peace, Love and Fury- CH

Soundtrack; Songs that influenced this post.

* Lawyers, Guns and Money By Warren Zevon
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* I Think I Would Die By Hole
* Pretty Vacant By The Sex Pistols
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* 100% By Sonic Youth
* Panic By The Smiths
* Radio Radio By Elvis Costello
* See No Evil By Television

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