Monday, February 19, 2018

Arm the Undocumented

This country is under siege. The entire nation is in the grips of what can only be described as a gang war. The gang in question is deadly, cruel and armed to the fucking teeth. They ride rough shot across the country in their armadas of armored sports utility vehicles, raiding homes and business' like a Mongol horde. Kicking down doors, smashing everything in site and dragging innocent victims off into the night, to undisclosed hideouts where they're subjected to untold tortures; degraded, raped, beaten or worse. They target women, children, the elderly and infirmed. Whole families are shattered, savaged, annihilated. All of this misery for a paycheck, a cheap thrill and a twisted sense of honor. They number in the tens of thousands across the nation and their numbers are growing by leaps and bounds every single day.

No, I'm not talking about MS-13, Trump's latest brown scapegoat fixation. I'm talking about the Orange One's heroes in Immigration and Customs Enforcement, better known as ICE, and their knuckle-dragging flunkies in the Border Patrol who are waging a state sanctioned jihad against innocent Americans guilty of nothing more than crossing an invisible line into territory stolen from their ancestors. And I'm not trying to be glib by using a loaded word like jihad. What these gangsters are doing is nothing short of terrorism. These mass daylight raids are designed to terrorize entire populations into vacating their homes and returning to the "shitholes" this fine country trashed with it's reckless, coup-happy, gunboat diplomacy.

Another equally viable word for this repulsive rampage is ethnic cleansing and this final solution didn't start with Trump. In 2012, liberal darling and drone-strike sociopath Barack Obama broke a Guinness World Record by deporting more than 400,000 brown people in a single year, that's an average of 1,100 a day, while the bleeding-heart Jose-come-lately's in the Democratic Party dutifully gargled his balls. DACHA was largely an act of payola to pacify the Latino vote (it failed). Trump may or may not be a cross-burning racist (daddy was) but he's got some big jackboots to fill thanks to America's first black president. Ain't identity politics grand?

DACHA isn't enough. Immigration is a fundamental human right that transcends national boundaries. Anything less than full spectrum amnesty and a return to the open border policy this country use to maintain is morally unacceptable. But stateless bromides aside, the undocumented and anyone who resembles them in the eyes of our bigoted federal gangbangers has a target on their collective backs and, in the short run, no one can save them but themselves. That is why I am making a simple yet radical suggestion on how to win this war on terror against the formidable immigration industrial complex. Arm the Undocumented.

Statistically speaking, undocumented people are some of the most passive people on the planet, yet this truth hasn't done much to save them from being blackballed as rapists and killers. This status, as demonized lambs, is precisely what makes the undocumented such easy targets for state sanctioned thuggery. Why make it so easy for them? An armed and organized populace is a hell of a lot harder to terrorize than an unarmed and disorganized one. Why do you think no one fucks with the Cubans? They wore out their strategic usefulness decades ago but they armed themselves to the fucking teeth before they did. Now the government cant even keep them from kidnapping fellow refugees without creating a national crisis.

The migrants need to start packing and packing heavy but the question remains how? Gun shows are hotbeds of white nationalism. The moment the crowd turns brown will be the moment those motherfuckers lose their ethics and start checking ID's. More benevolent well armed white folks giving of their sizable arsenals is lovely charity but not enough to arm the millions of undocumented people who keep this heap of a country going and, like many forms of first world charity, it will do nothing to empower them.

Enter MS-13 or any Latino street gang for that matter, all of whom I'd like to now address directly. Cholos of the world, I am not going to pretend to approve of your chosen profession but I am a strong believer that, like all professional soldiers, criminals are merely revolutionaries with a severe lack of direction. The Blackstone Rangers and the Latin Kings proved this during the turbulence of the Sixties and Seventies and you have been awarded with a golden opportunity to prove this once more, to follow in the footsteps of Pancho Villa, Simon Bolivar and Che Guevara and prove yourselves to be more than just a menace to society but a menace to the empire and stewards of your communities to boot.

 You have proven yourselves more than capable of traversing the terrain of America's teeming grey market of ghost guns and straw purchases. I am calling on you, as a Marxist Irish Catholic who's own ancestors would have starved in the Potato Famines if it wasn't for open boarders, to use these skills to arm and train the most vulnerable members of your community in a fight for their existence against our shared mortal enemies in the state. Rise up and show your strength to the world. These people are your people; your brothers, your sisters, your mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and cousins; your familia, and they have been victimized long enough by the bottomless cruelty of a gang far more powerful and merciless than you. Ya Basta! Cholos of the world rise up and take over. Arm the undocumented, hand it over, hand it over, hand it over! Lets give those fucking cunts in ICE something to really be scared of. It's time to give the brown wave teeth.

Peace, Love & Empathy- CH

Soundtrack; songs that influenced this post.

* Nervous Young Inhumans By Car Seat Headrest
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* Above The Bodega (Local Business)- Titus Andronicus
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* Shoplifters Of The World Unite By The Smiths


  1. I would like to see every honest adult armed, largely against the danger imposed by out-of-control government thugs. They have demonstrated beyond question that words are not sufficient to make them back off and stop trying to run our lives.

  2. Excellent, Comrade. But would this really achieve what you desire here? The government would scream "terrorism" and then the actual terrorists, the government thugs, would double down, and crack down. The resulting bad publicity would just make most Americans fearful of immigrants, that's the way propaganda works.

    I am somewhere between an anarcho-capitalist and an anarcho-pacifist. While I do believe that violence can, at most, be justified for self-defense, I believe there are many situations where even retaliatory violence is not called for, or at least would be unwise and/or unproductive.

    The government holds all the cards at the moment. That will certainly soon change, when their source of funding dries up, but, for the moment at least, we should always consider the possibility of self restraint in the use of violence, even when it appears to be justified.