Sunday, May 15, 2022

The Eurasian Road to American Panarchy and the Agorist Path to Cold War Salvation

"Morally, it is wrong to suppose the source of evil is outside oneself, that one is a vessel of holiness running over with virtue. Such a disposition is the best soil for a hateful and cruel fanaticism."

-Nikolai Berdyaev, The End of Our Time

 It could have been a beautiful nightmare. The most terrifyingly colossal empire in human history done in not by another rival empire but by another rival century. After the long bloody American Century, a century defined by world wars, cold wars, forever wars, and the constant looming threat of nuclear war and after centuries of unipolar white Anglo-Saxon global supremacy, the Eurasian Century was going to be different. A multipolar order of the yellow people we raped in the South and their pale faced cousins who we've long manipulated into submission in the West. An unlikely partnership of the formerly colonized and former colonizers that remained too diverse to form a singular empire but too vital for the current empire to suppress indefinitely, no matter how many stupid fucking color wars and humanitarian interventions they chucked at it. 

The combination of East Asia's booming vibrant young population and Germany's access to the levers of institutionalized power was at once too obvious for America to prevent and too lethal for America to survive. NATO would have to collapse, the dollar would have to crash, and Atlantic primacy would suffer a fate worse than death. It would simply cease to be relevant on the world stage and the illusions of its omnipotence would shatter both at home and abroad. Riots would rage, Wall Street would burn, neocons would eat their pearl handled pistols, and Americans would be forced to deal with the commercial emptiness that dominates our shallow existence and the newly castrated mandarins who made it all possible. Babylon would finally crumble into anarchy, and it would have been bloody fantastic. It could have been a beautiful nightmare, but Vladimir Putin had to go and fuck it all up. 

That pig-headed czarist pretender gave the American Century everything it needed for a stay of execution by walking directly into an obvious NATO trap in Ukraine. By launching a great big American style invasion of a darling Western quisling with all the carpet bombing, massacres, and war crimes that come with it, Putin has essentially financed an enormous flaming infomercial for the continued necessity of Atlantic supremacy in the face of evil Eurasian barbarians like him, and NATO colonized Europe is fucking buying it. Doubling down on the crumbling imperial institutions that have kept them from fully realizing their true economic potential for decades of globalist austerity. Meanwhile, the Military Industrial Complex is flush with blood money, selling death to Ukraine faster than the bodies can drop and NATO troop levels have exploded ten-fold from 4,000 to 40,000 and growing in just months as Europe has once again become a three-ring circus of apocalyptic cold war hysteria and the mind-numbing jingoism and casual racism that that brand of madness invites through the front door like a vampire.

Oh, it won't last. In fact, it's already showing signs of cracking. In many ways, this mess has brought Russia and China closer together than they've been since Stalin croaked and together, they are more than self-sufficient enough to weather the storm and give the West holy hell for bringing it. But divorced from the European end of the World Island, they are only strong enough to compete with the Atlantic Empire and not strong enough to eclipse it peacefully. This leaves us in a ditch with another goddamn cold war and this leaves those sharply dressed savages on Wall Street and Downing Street with just enough time to blow up the world with another sick game of thermo-nuclear chicken on Russia's borders. And you better believe that those motherfuckers won't hesitate to hit that big red button any more than Putin will. 

That's because the Western elites sense their power waning, and that narcotic level of power makes even the most intelligent people crazy enough to do unspeakably stupid things to hold on to it for just one more fix. All Russia had to do was wait it out and call their war junkie bluff. Ukraine was never going to become anything more than a glorified NATO arms depot and Germany's impatience with the entire fiasco was becoming thick enough to cut with a halberd. Zelensky's numbers were in the shitter and the entire Western backed plutocracy in Kiev was set to collapse like a deck of cards at any minute. But never underestimate the ability for a state to fuck up a sure thing.

Vladimir Putin is usually a pretty sharp monster. He saw the endless possibilities that a Eurasian Century had to offer and got on board early with revolutionary conglomerations like BRICS and the Eurasian Economic Union, but that cocky strongman and his entourage of Kremlin ghouls began counting their chickens before they hatched. They became greedy and convinced that Eurasia was a one-way ticket to a new Russian Empire. Thus, we end up with the ideological perversion known as Neo-Eurasianism. Developed by an enigmatic and influential neo-fascist gadfly named Alexander Dugin, Neo-Eurasianism swipes its name from Eurasianism, a political movement that came out of the post-Bolshevik Russian exile community which suggested that Russian civilization was neither European nor Asian, but rather something totally unique and thus destined to greatness should it embrace its natural place in the world. 

But Dugin's comprehension of this ideology ends here. The original Eurasian Movement was an early experiment in post-colonialism that rejected Western universalism in favor of a world united by diversity. They also boldly rejected the Czarist elite for its fetishization of Romano-Germanic culture that led to its reckless romance with imperialism. Much like Yukio Mishima and Oswald Spengler, the original Eurasianists were conservative revolutionaries who astutely saw imperialism as a perversion alien to their national culture that would only invite the ravages of what we now understand as globalism.  

Contrary to their ideological namesake, Neo-Eurasianists like Alexander Dugin take the cliff notes on Eurasianism and use them to repackage Czarist imperialism as some kind of vaccine for Western primacy rather than a mirror image of it. Dugin's ideas aren't just immoral, they're just plain goddamn stupid. Behind all his talk of multipolarity and anti-colonialist collaboration, Dugin is really just another run of the mill Sinophobe who seems to foolishly believe that a Berlin-Moscow axis will somehow allow Russia to dominate their neighbors to the south. This hubris becomes downright hysterical when you look at the actual fucking numbers. While Eurasia's combined GDP accounts for 55% of the world's wealth, dwarfing America's 25%, Russia only makes up just over 3% of this while China makes 16% and Asia alone makes a whopping 39%. Similarly, Eurasia now accounts for 60% of the global population but Russia makes up only 1.87%, about 3% less than the US.

Nothing but racism could make a sane man moronic enough to believe that Russia could ever dominate any Eurasian Century. The original Eurasianists grasped this and saw Russia's role as a rich cultural land bridge between civilizations as its greatest hope to preserve its indigenous character. Ironically, Russia's place in a new Eurasian order would likely have to be similar to what Putin rightfully advocates for its cousins in Ukraine but fails miserably to embrace himself, that of a neutral confederation akin to a giant Slavic Switzerland. The only road back to the Czarist debauchery that Dugin glorifies is paved in blood by the only thing that still makes Russia a world power, its colossal Soviet era war machine, but as we've seen in Ukraine, that machine is a rusted reck of its former glory and totally impotent in the face of a people united against being stepped on. The Cossacks of the Wild Steppes would remind the Czars of this every so often and put them back in their place with a lively peasant ass whooping. But this is another history lesson that Putin and Dugin decided to skip.

I've always found the relationship between these two giants of modern Russian nationalism to be quite curious. While Alexander Dugin sells himself across a veritable media empire as a champion of radical Orthodox traditionalism, Vladimir Putin has always been little more than another neoliberal gangster in ethnic nationalist clothing. I've always seen their tenuous bond as one of symbiotic convenience. Alexander Dugin gives Putin the right-wing street cred he desperately needs to shake the peasants off the trail of his humiliating past as the universally despised Boris Yeltsin's dauphin. And Vladimir Putin provides Dugin with the decidedly modern media infrastructure necessary to pimp his pose as an anti-modern rock star to the masses. 

But this doesn't mean that Dugin's influence is totally synthetic. Even if Putin isn't a true believer, many of the generals in his inner circle are and I believe that it is this brand of imperial thinking masquerading as anti-Western resistance that has blinded Russia into believing that a dawning Eurasian Century bestows upon them the messianic superpowers necessary to crush NATO terrorists by behaving exactly like NATO terrorists. And it is this very delusional venality that puts the entire Eurasian project at risk of becoming just another cold war pissing match.

I know what you're thinking, why the fuck should I care, right? What use could a Queer post-left anarchist like Nicky Reid have for an alliance between states that are no less corrupt than any other? Well, a strategic one of course, dearest motherfuckers. My ultimate goal may be a stateless society, but this begins with a decentralized planet and as I've pointed out above, a successful Eurasian Century would only be possible by decentralizing world order into multiple spheres of influence far smaller than that currently governed by the Anglo-American Century. 

It would also create a massive blind spot in the suddenly irrelevant Western Hemisphere which would provide the perfect opportunity for my pet project of Panarchy, the creation of thousands of diverse stateless tribal societies governed by nothing but voluntary contracts between individuals and communities. In here is where my tribe of gender outlaws and sexual mavericks can thrive free from the chains of government tyranny and corporate assimilation and it's my belief that this massive orgy of post-Western organized disorder could easily spread like VD across the seas to Eurasia as well. But none of this will ever happen if statist fanatics like Putin are allowed to clog the pipes of history long enough for creeps like Biden and Boris to blow it all up with a NATO cherry bomb.

The only solution to this statist Neo-Eurasian fuck up is naturally a stateless one. A tactical ideology known as Agorism which embraces the counter-economics of the black market to create a truly voluntary economy. Anarchists of all stripes need to commit themselves to creating a new decentralized Silk Road to bridge the gap between East and West created by this satanic new cold war. We already have the weapons at our disposal on the Dark Web. As we speak, radically decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are helping everyday Russians to evade both the collective punishment of international sanctions and the tyrannical governments that inspired them. Meanwhile, entire subcultures like the Shanzai movement have evolved out of China's own black market, built on small contractors creating blatant rip-offs of Western brands that out compete the originals. This is the new nightmare, dearest motherfuckers, to create a market too decentralized for any century to own it and the sheer size of East Asia's exploding economy could make this market absolutely fucking lethal. 

The Eurasian Century can still provide sick fucks like you and me with the playground necessary to make all our Panarchist nightmares a reality, but only if we can outsource lethal weapons like Agorism to help Eurasia weather the likes of Putin and NATO until they're rendered irrelevant. The East could use a hand to help them destroy the West, including its malignant influence via pseudo-Eurasian hucksters like Alexander Dugin. I say we give it to them. What do you say, dearest motherfuckers? It could still be a beautiful nightmare.

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH 

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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Ukraine in Vain: Fuck Putin but Let the Donbass Go

 For all intents and purposes, in every way that counts, Ukraine has already defeated Russia. Hell, let's face it, they kicked their fucking ass. Putin's "Special Operation" in Ukraine has been a massive failure of unprecedented proportions. Never, in my memory at least, has an army that big fallen that fast. The first six weeks of that disaster were like a six-week reenactment of the Tet Offensive with Putin playing Robert McNamara, the ruthless and supposedly brilliant failure, forced by peasants to quietly concede defeat under his breath.

 It's tempting to chock this upset up to the fact that Ukraine is the heavily armed quisling state of a massive empire but if Afghanistan taught us a goddamn thing it's that all the money in the universe can't buy you a victory in someone else's country. Kabul collapsed like a trillion-dollar lawn chair because the people there wanted the Taliban to stay and Kiev withstood a brutal siege from one of the biggest armies on earth because the people there wanted Putin to go fuck himself, and good on them for that.

I despise Volodymyr Zelensky and his grotesque coalition of neoliberal gangsters and barely closeted neo-fascists, but they didn't kick Russia's ass until it broke. This war wasn't won by NATO, it was won by some working-class, Russian-speaking, Vlad Jerkoff lobbing Stinger missiles at T-72s for running over his fucking mailbox. Saddam Hussein was a gutless dirtbag too but that didn't make the rooftop Sadrists who spoiled Bush's "Mission Accomplished" any less legit. Provoked or not, Putin invaded somebody else's neighborhood and somebody else made him pay a heavy price for his hubris, leaving Vlad with no other choice but to limp from the front lines back to Donbass and declare his retreat Phase Two as if he had planned it all along. 

 I say fucking let him. Enough people have died in this stupid fucking thing. Let the Donbass go and make a goddamn peace deal already. But the American war pigs don't want peace. They didn't use the red flag of NATO to provoke the Russian bull so they could teach him a lesson. They want that beast dead and dismembered, and they'll gladly feed another three thousand Ukrainian matadors to its horns to make that happen. The Secretary of Raytheon, Lloyd Austin, has pledged to "move heaven and earth" not to see Ukraine victorious but to see Russia "weakened" and the warring partisan Philistines on Capitol Hill are finally united in perfect harmony on robbing their constituents blind to make this dangerously vague mission accomplished.

 We've already hurled $13.6 billion into the Ukrainian pit since Biden crammed his walker through the White House door. Now that geriatric war criminal wants another $33 billion on the edge of a goddamn recession and the supposed fiscal conservatives in the GOP seem willing to double it as long as a dime doesn't go to teaching the Azov Battalion Critical Race Theory. All of this with a wounded and mind you still very much nuclear armed Russian bear in retreat. For his part, the once quasi-peace savvy Volodymyr Zelensky seems to be more than game to parlay his unexpected victory into an unwinnable forever war for his patrons and perhaps the sickest and saddest thing of all is that he's willing to turn Ukraine back into the aggressor to achieve this.

The Donbass isn't Ukraine. It never was and it never will be. As despicable as Putin's war is, it isn't original. It's basically just a rapid wide scale carbon copy of what Ukraine has been doing to the people of the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk for the last eight years with America's aid and blessing. When the United States of Amnesia used known neo-Nazi thugs to overthrow the crook that the Russian-speaking half of Ukraine legally elected president in 2014, these disenfranchised voters responded with their own violent uprising. When those same aforementioned neo-Nazis responded to that uprising with a wave of state sanctioned terrorism, including the immolation massacre of 48 peaceful federalists at Odessa's House of Trade Unions Building, the terrified people of Donetsk and Luhansk seceded from a nation they never asked the Soviet Union to staple them to in the first place and Putin didn't exactly do their sovereignty any favors either.

He recognized the legitimacy of that Francoist chocolatier, Petro Poroshenko, before he recognized the independence of two nations who had begged him for the salvation that he had afforded the more strategically useful Crimean Peninsula. They received nothing but a handful of corrupt monarchist mercenaries instead. The Donbass did nothing more radical than what Ukraine did with their own hasty declaration of independence in 1992 and for that Washington's puppets in Kiev treated them to nearly a decade of pure hell at the hands of the only neo-Nazi militias evil enough to slaughter their own people. 

The Donbass has endured everything that Ukraine has over the last two months for the last ninety-six, relentless indiscriminate shelling, cluster bombs, grad missiles, rape, torture, abuse, you name it. 14,000 dead with 80% of the civilian casualties ethnic Russians, most of them slaughtered by confirmed fascists who did indeed seek their ethnic cleansing, all without a peep from the bleeding hearts in the Western press. Nobody but Russia cried even crocodile tears for their plight. And if this war is encouraged to continue, things will only get worse if they ever get better.

Putin's excuses for invading Ukraine were largely legitimate even if his actions and aims were far from it. Neo-Nazi death squads like the Azov and Aidar Battalions have been deeply imbedded into the upper echelons of Ukraine's American trained Armed Forces and they have largely made up the frontlines of the nation's campaign to 'Ukrainize' the uncooperative Russians of Donetsk and Luhansk. But that doesn't mean that Putin's Phase Two is set to be any kind of liberation. Judging by the smoldering ruins of Mariupol, it will more likely amount to a repeat of their savage campaign to "liberate" Syria in more ways than one.

The Azov Battalion's unsolicited stay in Mariupol is disturbingly similar to Al-Nusra's occupation of Aleppo. These men are violent jihadists who took that city by force from local rebels in 2014 and have held the people that failed to flee their homes there hostage ever since, using them like human shields in a Sam Peckinpah flick. Putin's response to this humanitarian crisis has been to do what he did in Aleppo, which is essentially what Rockerfeller did at Attica, kill em all and sort the bodies out later. This is how Phase Two will be waged. 

The ethnic Russian villages will probably fall like dominos, but the cities occupied by heavily armed Aryan Mujahedin will be surrounded, starved, and mercilessly bombarded. They will fall for the same reasons Russia's occupation of the suburbs of Kiev and Kharkov fell, because they are illegally occupied territory, but they will fall hard, and it will be the ethnic Russians that Putin pretends to be fighting for who will suffer most. Then Ukraine will find themselves on the offensive, leading an endless siege of a region they have about as much of a right to as Putin did to Bucha.

This has long been the tragic plight of the people of the Donbass, and this is why they deserve the world's sympathy every bit as much as Ukraine does. The People's Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk aren't any less corrupt than Kiev. They are blister pocked fiefdoms of second-rate oligarchs and trigger-happy Russian mercenaries, but that doesn't make them any less deserving of sovereignty. Your average rebel in the Donbass is a coal mining communist who has spent his life being fucked by one foreign tyrant after another. What I wish for these people is the same thing I wish for the people of the West Bank. I hope they win their god given right to independence and then I hope they overthrow the crooks in their own government, but first I hope they win their god given right to goddamn independence.

Sadly, Putin is very unlikely to give this to them, no matter how hard they fight for an inevitable Russian victory in Ukraine's far east. He will probably turn Donetsk and Luhansk into glorified Kremlin colonies run by his own crooked oligarchs. The working-class Donbass dream of the last little soviet that could will die a slow and painful death at the cold hands of the very nation they begged to liberate them, much the way their neighbors in Ukraine will beneath the tutelage of America's empire of empty promises. Ironically, the greatest hope for both Ukraine and the Donbass is likely each other and both Putin and NATO know it.

Once upon a time, Volodymyr Zelensky ran for Ukraine's presidency on a campaign to bring peace to the Donbass and it was one of the few campaign promises that he initially appeared to be prepared to honor. In 2019, the Russian speaking Jewish comedian came to the tiny Luhansk village of Zolote on the frontlines and demanded that the Azov Nazis who occupied it put down their arms in the name of detente. Footage of the heated exchange that followed went viral and Zelensky was roundly mocked by people on both sides of the conflict but I for one saw some glimmer of heroism in that clip. I saw a pissed off political outsider in over his head telling the ancestors of the men who put his ancestors in ovens to go fuck themselves. Unfortunately, the oligarchs who got him elected saw it too, and they had him savaged on their TV channels while the fascists who ran his own National Guard threatened him with violence. He backed down and his approval ratings crashed until Putin invaded and Zelensky donned his Churchill costume.

Zelensky could still make things right if he were so inclined. He could offer Putin a peace deal that grants the Donbass autonomy not just from Kiev but Moscow as well, making the tiny nation the neutral Bolshevik buffer that it has always been in its finer hours. This could be Zelensky's revenge, not just against the fascists in Zolote but against the fascists in Washington who have used him and his nation to bait Russia into a quagmire in order to revive the legitimacy of a NATO alliance who played them all for suckers to the tune of a score of mass graves. With Zelensky's colossal Western manufactured cult of personality, even his deep state oligarchs probably couldn't afford to stop him. But I fear that they already have by convincing him that war is peace and that the only way to fuck Putin is to fuck his pawns in the Donbass. Another epic Russian tragedy for the Nuclear Era that could blow us all to kingdom come. 

Once again, pray for the dead, dearest motherfuckers, and pray that the governments that stand on their graves collapse beneath the weight of their own bombs before we're all damned to join them in hell for their hubris. Sadly, a miracle may be our only hope.

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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Sunday, May 1, 2022

For the Love of Olof Palme, Don't Let Swedish Neutrality Die in Vain

 It wasn't supposed to be this way. I get the feeling that Vladimir Putin finds himself quietly confessing this mantra a lot lately in his private moments away from whatever the fuck passes for a politburo in plutocratic Russia. On long car rides home to his dacha after another carefully choreographed rally in front of working-class Russians paid to pretend he's cool for an hour. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Staring at his lifeless dead fish eyes in the mirror in a vodka fog after another restless nights sleep. It wasn't supposed to be this way. I'm the cool Voz, he tells himself, the one who swooped in shirtless on a gallant steed to save the Third Rome from another American Century of humanitarian imperialism and shock capitalist Disneyfication. It wasn't supposed to be this way. It wasn't supposed to be this way!

Well, how the fuck did you think it would be, Voz? After two months of denazifying Kiev by giving NATO's Nazis a run for their money, shelling the Orthodox Christ out of more Russian speakers in 7 weeks than Azov did in 7 years, the only thing Putin has to show for his crimes are skyrocketing sales for Raytheon and a readymade PR campaign for NATO that Madeline Albright would have joyfully clubbed half a million Iraqi babies for, Satan rest her soul. Now Putin is left with no other choice but to retreat to the only battlefield he can win back in the Donbas, largely because the middle-aged communist tire salesmen of Donetsk have already won it for him.

There is a reason why even NATO-hating anti-American zealots like me apposed this Fitzcarraldo-esque quest from the drop and it isn't just my monastic opposition to any kind of initiatory violence. It's because it's fucking stupid. It should have been obvious to anyone with their head separated from their lower intestines that this is exactly what America wanted. Why else would they dump so much treasure into a money pit like Ukraine and give a bunch of swastika festooned antisemites rocket launchers that they'll probably aim at El Al the week after Mariupol stops burning? Love? No, because it's a trap you moron. They already tried this successfully on your precious Soviet Union in Afghanistan back in the eighties and now that America's own rusted hulk of an empire is hitting the skids they settled on a Hollywood-style reboot, and you fucking fell for it. Ukraine was never going to be a real member of NATO but now Sweden and Finland will be and in here lies a tragedy stacked on top of a tragedy al a mode.

After decades of resisting Washington's rapacious advances and drunken pick-up lines, Scandinavia looks ready to sell out their neutrality to NATO before the summer thaw hits the taiga. Both Sweden and Finland's prime ministers have issued a joint statement on their intentions to officially court the Alliance and polls show a thin majority of both of their citizens supporting the controversial move for the first time in recorded history. That's another 830 miles for NATO to play nuclear peek-a-boo with on a border close enough to hit the roof of Putin's dacha with a goddamn reindeer turd. But this isn't just a tragedy for Russia or for the hoodwinked neighbors they savaged in vain. This is a tragedy of massive proportions for Scandinavia, especially Sweden, who has steadfastly avoided lynching themselves with a single military alliance for more than 200 years. The last time they even so much as loaned a motherfucker a Mossberg was when they aided Finland in fighting off Stalin back in 1940. 

Neutrality is baked into the very foundation of what it even means to be Swedish. It defines the very roots of their democracy. Back in the 17th century, Sweden was a fucking menace just like us. One of the bloodiest empires in Europe. But all this conquest really earned them in the long run was a heaping helping of karma. After King Gustav insisted on sticking his dick into another East-vs-West hornet's nest by jumping into the Napoleonic Wars, Sweden got stung hard and lost a third of its territory to Russia including the traumatic conquest of their brothers in Finland that would last until 1917. The Swedes said enough. They overthrew Gustav in a coup in 1809 and vowed to never be lured by the siren song of empire ever again. On this rock Sweden built a society devoted to the Lutheran values of charity and social justice that has made them the envy of American hippies for decades.

Nobody embodied this legacy better than Sweden's prince of peace, Olof Palme, who served as the nation's prime minister from 1969 to 1976 and again from 1982 until his death in 1986 as well as serving as the leader of Sweden's dominant Social Democratic Party for nearly twenty years. Olof wasn't just a pacifist; he was a fucking pacifist with attitude who wasn't afraid to flip off both Washington and Moscow at the same damn time. He railed against Brezhnev for crushing the Prague Spring in 1968 and then turned around and pissed off Nixon bad enough to have him recall America's ambassador in 1972 after the young prime minister marched shoulder to shoulder with North Vietnam's ambassador against the bombing of Hanoi and publicly compared America's savagery in Indochina to that of the Nazis in Treblinka.  

But Olof Palme didn't just piss off America and Russia with his antiwar antics. He made mortal enemies among the Champagne socialists in his own party and across Western Europe by calling them out on their privileged bullshit posturing and declaring his solidarity with the oppressed classes of the Third World that they couldn't be bothered to see in the rearview mirror of their Saabs. He was the only Western European leader of his era to declare solidarity with Palestine. He was the first to call out South Africa's apartheid regime and he went time zones out of his way to support doomed left-wing populist governments like that of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and Salvador Allende in Chile. 

When NATO thugs helped Augusto Pinochet to crush Chilean democracy in 1973, Palme rescued some thirty thousand refugees from being executed by CIA-trained death squads in the nation's soccer stadiums by ferreting them through the Swedish consulate in Santiago. He even became the first Western head of state to visit Cuba after the unforgivable revolution, lighting up with Castro and giving a speech praising the Cuban people for their courage to stand tall against the giants in Washington. Olof Palme proved that neutrality had nothing to do with cowardice, quite the contrary, it was about taking a principled stand against empire in any form and I'm not the only one who believes that this may have gotten him killed.

Olof Palme was assassinated on the streets of Stockholm with a single gunshot while walking home with his wife from the cinema one chilly Friday evening in February 1986. He wasn't accompanied by a single bodyguard and his killer has never been captured. A local junkie and ex-convict was convicted for the murder in 1988 but he was acquitted a year later due to a lack of evidence. The case was only formally closed in 2020 when the prosecutor in charge of the 34-year-old investigation declared a longtime witness, Stig Engstrom, who had conveniently died in 2000, to be the killer, again without a lick of solid evidence. Detectives and lawyers who had slaved for decades over the case were beside themselves. It almost seems like some very powerful people in Sweden don't even want to investigate the assassination of a dearly beloved national hero and perhaps that's because his blood may be on the hands of some people shockingly close to home. His blood may also stain the jackboots of the very alliance that Sweden now drags their pride across Olof's grave to be a part of.

You see, America didn't win the Second World War. The Soviet Union didn't either for that matter. Fascism was put in its proper place in hell by a ragtag coalition of civilian communist partisans across Europe and after jumping in at the last minute to take credit for their victory, America devoted itself entirely to their extinction. This was the real reason NATO was created, not to block the invasion of the continent by a battered Soviet Union that could barely stand after Stalingrad, but to colonize Europe by crushing the leftists who saved it. 

America did this by eagerly teaming up with what was left of the fascists the partisans defeated and launching a secret war against the left in Europe in tandem with the CIA called Operation Gladio, a so-called stay-behind-mission in which NATO built secret armies of crypto-fascist terrorists across the continent and supplied them with caches of bombs and machine guns. The CIA used these contacts to infiltrate radical organizations on both the left and the right who they then provoked into committing horrific acts of mass violence like bombings and assassinations to justify NATO's continued existence as well as harsh security laws that would render its critics powerless. This included the assassination of former Italian prime minister Aldo Moro in 1978 and I believe it may very well have also included the mysterious assassination of NATO's most articulate critic Olof Palme in 1986.

During the long and often labyrinthine investigation into the assassination, it was revealed by one Lars Christiansson, the press manager of Palme's bitter rival in the Moderate Party and future prime minister, Carl Bildt, that none other than his aforementioned boss had maintained close ties with Gladio agents for years. This checks out with the memoirs of former CIA Director William Colby in which the veteran Cold Warrior candidly bragged about setting up stay-behind-armies throughout Scandinavia even without the consent of their neutral governments, all for the glory and power of America's European colonialists in NATO. 

Even if they weren't directly responsible for the assassination, does this sound like an organization that you would want to be a part of? Does this sound like an alliance worth flushing a two-hundred-year legacy of anti-imperialism down the fucking shitter for? As a committed anarchist, I have plenty of reasons to disdain Olof Palme myself. I generally see his brand of social democracy as doing little to correct the power imbalance which keeps the poor subservient to the upper class. But goddammit if I don't admire the man's devotion to world peace, a devotion he was willing to die for. The man deserves better than to see his nation sold into prostitution to the sick creatures who may very well have had him killed, the same people, might I remind you, who set up Ukraine to be slaughtered as well by empowering new stay-behind-armies like the Azov Battalion to provoke their violently reactionary neighbors to the east.

Mark my words, if Sweden and Finland make the foolish decision to entrust these soulless gangsters with keeping their people safe from Vladimir Putin, he won't be the only one waking up in a Yeltsin-esque fog of vodka and thermo-nuclear fallout, telling himself in the mirror, it wasn't supposed to be this way. There is no imperial solution to an imperial problem. For the love of Olof Palme, don't let Swedish neutrality die in vain.

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Disinfo Wars: Bucha and the Mass Slaughter of Truth in Ukraine

 Nearly two months into Putin's NATO provoked but totally illegal invasion of Ukraine and there is still no light at the end of the tunnel, only the rolling fog of war running through an elaborate house of mirrors erected by two of the world's largest propaganda machines. As the bodies stack up and the refugees flood the capital cities of Eastern Europe, facts remain an increasingly subjective commodity. Everyone has a story to sell, and nobody slings narratives the way Washington and the Kremlin do. 

There seems to be three wars raging simultaneously, the one Moscow has constructed, the one Washington has constructed, and the truth which seems to become more elusive with each passing second as it becomes obscured beneath the overlapping blanket of shadows created by the first two. The First World War was fought in the trenches, the Second World Was fought in the skies, and if this nasty little thing keeps growing, the Third World War will be fought in the newsrooms, a full-blown disinformation war that threatens to become a genocide against facts and anything even mildly resembling objectivity.

Russia's disinformation seems relatively obvious to most Western eyes. Vladimir Putin and his coterie of tinpot deep state wonks would have you believe that this five-alarm dumpster fire that NATO lured them into like children into a flaming van driven by strangers with candy is going exactly according to plan, that every massive misfire and total fuck up are actually carefully thought-out maneuvers on a chessboard that only Putin comprehends. 

According to this sordid lot of social media D-listers, Russia's most calamitous clusterfuck since the Afghan Trap isn't even a war, it's a "Special Operation" fought to prevent a genocide against Ukraine's ethnic Russians by bombing the shit out of Ukraine's ethnic Russians. The sad reality that many of my fellow Russophiles across the globe continue to struggle to contend with is that so far, the greatest achievement of Putin's neocon-esque hissy fit has been rallying yesterday's Antimaidan partisans around an embattled NATO quisling state as they greet Russian tanks with Molotov cocktails.

With all that being said, it is of the utmost importance for Westerners, especially Americans, to recognize that the narrative that we've been force fed by our own supposedly unbiased corporate media is all the product of a concerted State Department campaign to manufacture consent which makes the lies that paved the road to Bagdad look like a goddamn nursery rhyme by comparison. The narrative of a totally one-sided Russian onslaught against the last vestiges of the free world is every bit as fictional as Putin's Special Operation in Ukraine. 

There is no genocide against the Ukrainian people. The reality is that as grotesque and unforgivable as Putin's many war crimes may be, they are remarkably restrained compared to America's own history of initiatory violence. More Iraqis were murdered by American bombs in the first 24 hours of the 2003 War in Iraq than Ukrainians in the first 24 days of Russia's bombardment. The Pentagon's own Defense Intelligence Agency has candidly admitted to their allies in deception over at Newsweek that the number of civilians killed by Russian forces in Ukraine is sadly standard for modern urban combat and that if Putin's true objective was to kill civilians, the body count would be far higher.

None of these inconvenient facts make Russia's brutal invasion any less immoral, but they do fly in the face of the narrative being trafficked by the State Department on cable news 24/7. That's because this narrative itself is the main theater in the Biden Regime's New Cold War and they proudly admit it. Biden's own people have frankly bragged to General Electric's NBC about their sly manipulation of so called "low confidence intelligence" going back before Putin's tanks even crossed the Dnieper River. They all but admit that they basically just made shit up about Putin's imminent use of chemical weapons, being misinformed on the realities of the battlefield by his own brass and receiving military aid from China. 

They claim that they are fighting a propaganda war with propaganda and trying to get inside Putin's head. That may all be true, in fact that may be how they provoked that vain cold warrior into pulling the trigger on a war that he had sharply resisted fighting for eight years straight since we overthrew the government in Kiev back in 2014, but the end result of this disinfo war  has also been getting inside America's head which I have a hard time believing is just a happy coincidence. It also poses a pretty terrifying question of what else have they been lying about and what will they lie about next?

Reasonable doubt. Those two words form the foundation of every fair trial. Does there exist a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty? I want to make it abundantly clear that this is the question I am trying to ask here before I am inevitably charged by a jury of my own peers in the Fifth Estate as a conspiracy theorist and a Bucha denialist. I am not here to deny shit. The wreckage left behind in the ruins of the suburbs of Kiev display a grotesque indifference to human life on all sides, including Russia's, and there exists a very real possibility that they are guilty of every single thing that they have been accused of in Bucha and beyond. The sheer amount of devastation makes their guilt for at least a hefty portion of this violence a forgone conclusion. 

These are barely legal conscripts and foreign mercenaries who were sent to occupy an urban area where they were met with unrelenting resistance from a civilian populace that they were told would greet them as heroes. We have heard this story a million times before, from Pinkville to Fellujah. This is how military occupation works and this is why it is always wrong. But the Russians weren't the only monsters in town that weekend in early April and there are facts about Bucha and many other highly publicized war crimes in Ukraine that just simply do not add up with what we have been told by admitted liars.

There are very few things that we do know for sure about the bloodbath in Bucha, but these are a few of them. Russian forces withdrew from the village on March 30, a fact confirmed by the mayor, Anatolii Federick, the next day in a video in which he proudly announced the liberation of the city from "Russian orcs". Federick was all smiles and made absolutely zero reference to bodies in the streets of his liberated city. Footage of the massacre wasn't released until April 2 and on that same day, the New York Times photographed members of the notorious neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, men with a known record of taking violent reprisals against civilians they deem guilty of colluding with Russian forces, patrolling the streets of Bucha. 

That same day Ukraine's National Police, an organization heavily infiltrated by the nation's far-right, publicly announced that they were "cleansing the territory... from the assistants of Russian troops." Satellite imagery purportedly shows the existence of both mass graves and bodies in the streets of Bucha well before Russian forces left but the bodies shown in the images aren't the ones with their arms tied behind their backs and these same images also show what appear to be impact craters from shelling nearby, which would explain why Bucha's mayor did not mention these bodies in his victory speech, because such casualties would be sadly typical of the daily devastation witnessed across Ukraine.

The mass graves that reportedly contain hundreds of bodies are clearly not the work of a single battalion over one long weekend but that doesn't mean that they are all the result of a single massacre or even a single culprit. Bucha was occupied and fiercely fought over for 36 days with intense ground combat and positions changing hands multiple times in a tit-for-tat urban guerrilla campaign. 

There were multiple mass graves discovered across similar battlefields in Yugoslavia during the nineties in which the bodies were all initially declared to be massacred civilians by Western forces only for it to be proven later in international investigations that these had in fact become dumping grounds that included dead soldiers from both sides as well as innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. We hear a lot of reports from the scene of the crime in Bucha but very few of them are independently verified and all have to be taken with a grain of salt considering that they have been collected in a field still governed by possible suspects and those suspects don't just include Azov and the National Police.

Days before the Bucha footage aired, another grizzly video found its way to social media from the bloodlands. This video, taken on March 30 in the village of Dmitrovka just 7 miles down the road from Bucha, showed members of a Ukrainian allied mercenary unit known as the Georgian Legion along with local partisans gleefully celebrating over what appears to be the bloody wreckage of an ambush against a convoy of Russian paratroopers, some of whom appear with their hands clearly bound behind their backs. When one of the casualties was witnessed to still be moving by the victors, he is casually executed with three shots at point blank range. When asked about the video, Georgian Legion commander Mamuka Mamulashvili denied taking part in it but bragged that his men take no prisoners and "Yes, we tie their hands and feet sometimes." 

Reasonable doubt, these are the operative words, and in an ongoing conflict fought on two fronts, both the battlefield and the internet, it is more important than ever to remember these words and not to marry ourselves to shifting narratives based on raw emotions or even pure empathy. This is a war between two propaganda superpowers fought by proxy over the Ukrainian people caught between them. We must mourn the dead regardless of which pack of wolves sank their fangs into them. We must also except the unbearable fact that we may never know the truth. The rolling fog of war may never clear from this bullet riddled house of mirrors. But this is all the more reason to commit ourselves to ending this war and all initiatory violence along with the state itself that thrives on this evil. Only then will the bodies of Bucha be truly avenged. 

Until that fateful day, dearest motherfuckers, question every source with a gun in his hand and demand the ugly truth no matter who it may offend because anyone not offended already is probably a part of the problem.

Peace, Love, and Empathy- Nicky/CH

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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Don't-Say-Gov: What Queer Kids Need Now is Anarchy

 There is a growing conspiracy against your children in this country and it's being waged by Queer genderbending perverts like me. We have successfully infiltrated your schools and your doctor's offices and we are using them to peddle our evil pagan agenda of sexual liberation. We are grooming your children to reject the gender rewarded to them by God through the blessed miracle of federal government documentation in favor of the wicked contents of their souls. 

We're indoctrinating them into our twisted ideology by teaching them the evils of bodily autonomy and sickening predatory notions about adults not being allowed to define their sexuality against their will. We're desegregating public spaces and pushing weird harmless medications on them used for decades to safely regulate a wide variety of adolescent hormonal conditions. We're erasing the imaginary line drawn by the scholars of the Puritanical Era dividing human beings into two exclusive classes based solely on the aesthetics of their outward genitalia. In other words, crazy faggots like me are bringing on the decline of Western Civilization and only a vote for the humble heroes in your local Republican Party can stop us.

This is what those howling Karens of the GOP would have you believe but even this big bad wolf ain't that bad. As much as I would love to take credit for the razing of Protestant values in this country, I regret to inform you that this conspiracy to liberate your children from the bondage of the gender binary with the bulldozer of the public school system is little more than an election year partisan hoax. What little information that actually reaches your precious darlings through the bars on their classroom windows about their own bodies and their right to define them is few and far between. 

Oh, there is a fucking revolution going on. The caskets you built for this nation's youth that you call closets are exploding left and right across the country but this righteous leveling is being carried out by a grass roots movement led by the children themselves. In fact, a lot of Queer adults like myself owe our own liberation to the pint-sized gender outlaws that arrived a generation after our government facilitated indoctrination into the gender binary and our hearts break to see you fuckers use them as scapegoats to prove how conservative you are to their terrified elders, all in the name of saving the children from themselves.

Across the country, Rockefeller Republicans like Ron DeSantis are trying to throw irate populists off the trail of their deep state connections and Wall Street donors by demonizing Queer children and the few brave adults who support them with a slew of laws that use the tools of big government to regulate everything from their free speech rights to their private medical decisions, and bills that silence classroom discussions on gender and sexuality like the tactically broad Don't-Say-Gay bill are just the tip of the spear. Five states have passed anti-Queer legislation this year alone. In fact, nearly 240 state bills to regulate sexuality and gender in minors have been filed in the last three months, part of a bigoted barrage that includes 670 such bills since 2018. 

Some of these laws threaten to charge doctors with felonies for child abuse just for treating transgender minors with proven suicide reducing hormone treatments like puberty blockers. Some of them are going after their parents and threatening to rob them of the custody of their children for their own private medical decisions. Most of these laws will likely never pass but the damage is already done. They've created a campaign of terror targeting some of the kids at the greatest risk of suicide and self-harm in the country, and for what? 

This isn't conservatism. Every fucking one of these bills grows the government like vines that reach directly into our already over regulated classrooms and doctor's offices. This is big government social engineering for the sole purpose of allowing rich Washington crooks to virtue signal to backwoods bigots who don't know the first goddamn thing about my people other than the fact that they want us all to fucking disappear.

But never fear, Queer people! Here come the Democrats on their gallant white steed to save us from the evils of government intrusion with more government intrusion. Crooked gangsters like Joe Biden have promised to save us from crooked gangsters like Ron DeSantis as long as we agree to look the other way while they instigate World War 3 in Ukraine. I can't possibly be the only Queer person who is sick to death of this fucking culture war shell game. 

The state terrorizes us, the state saves us, the lord giveth and lord taketh away. Is this what we bloodied our knuckles for at Stonewall? To be at the mercy of the charity of powerful straight warmongers? Is this really what Queer liberation looks like in 2022? I think we can do better, in fact I know we can and we owe it to our kids, the ones who showed us the way. Any institution granted with the power to crush our children doesn't require reform, it requires destruction. This includes the police, this includes prisons, and hell yes this includes compulsory schooling.

You cannot reform an institution designed to enslave and police poor people, and if that doesn't include the compulsory school system then I don't know what does. The public school system in this country was not built to educate, it was built to indoctrinate. This was an apparatus originally erected to propagate the puritanical tyranny of the King James Bible. It has been used for generations as a tool to colonize and Americanize Black folk, Native Americans, and immigrants and it has been a consistent tool of abuse against Queer children. 

My people are defined by a spiritual and biological drive to be free from the harsh restrictions of sexual and gender conformity, and we have always languished in the factories of conformity that make up this nation's school system. A system which grants typically cis-hetero authority figures with total hegemony over our bodies and our minds. These are institutions designed for the express purpose of instilling the kind of compliance and rigidity that runs contrary to our very nature. Is it really any wonder that so many Queer kids kill themselves under these conditions? What Republican national socialists like Ron DeSantis are advocating isn't a deviation from this cruel tradition, it's a return to form and I for one have had enough of it.

I spent the first decade of my childhood rotting like a Jack-o-lantern in a stifling Catholic gulag with textbooks. I had no idea who or what the fuck I was because nobody ever taught me that I had any goddamn choice in the matter. I was indoctrinated into believing that boys and girls were two separate and distinct species and that anyone like me who didn't quite fit into one of these tight little boxes was a pervert and a sinner and was probably going to burn in hell. I grew up lonely and afraid, believing that there wasn't another single human being like me on the planet. 

When I finally left this parochial hellhole, I welcomed the promise of the supposedly secular public school system with open arms, believing foolishly that I would finally find my people and an identity that didn't fit like a crown of thorns. What I found was more of the same. More conformity. More forced genderization. More ridicule from bullies, only now the bullies had tenure and a union to back them up. I didn't find my people until well after I graduated and by this time, I was already suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder brought on by decades of spiritual abuse, isolation, and stigma. I dearly wish I could tell you that I was the only one but quite literally every single Queer person I know has shockingly similar horror stories and I'm sick of hearing excuses to keep an industry running that produces more of them like a machine fueled by broken childhoods. It's a fucking disgrace.

Before I knew what the fuck Queer even was, I called myself an anarchist and as far as I'm concerned, the two will always be synonymous. There was no chickenhawk faggot to groom me with suggestions for alternative pronouns. I just knew instinctively that I needed to break free from all the rules and institutions that made me want to die. That's because there is absolutely nothing new or unnatural about my identity. Third genders had existed for a millennia before a bunch of dudes in cassocks clutching crucifixes stomped all over us with their laws and their lies about our existential wickedness.

What's unnatural is the state and carceral institutions like schools that disconnect us from our elders and our communities. What we need is an education free from classrooms and curriculums where children are treated as equals and not segregated from the rest of society. The kind of education envisioned by Queer mavericks like Paul Goodman who dreamed of free schools held in urban storefronts where educators served as guides that taught children how to exist with pride and confidence on the city streets around them.

And there is no reason why this Queer anarchy should end with deschooling society. We don't need powerful breeders to liberate us from their own devices. We don't even need a revolution, at least not in the macho Bolshevik sense of the word. All we really need is a direct democratic system of alternatives to the straight world. Queer militias to protect us from the police state with dayglow ski masks and matching Kalashnikovs. Mutual aid societies to protect us from the powerful predators of the mental health industry who try to diagnose our way of life as a treatable illness. Truly free pink markets on the dark web to protect us from the hormone Nazis in Big Pharma. We don't need a state. We need a community that makes the existence of the state totally irrelevant. We need to build a new Queer society inside the cracking shell of this old puritanical empire so that when Western Civilization finally does collapse, we'll be ready to catch fireflies on the ruins.   

And it all starts with smashing the prison of your local schoolhouse. Our kids ignited a revolution by reminding us of who we've always been. Let's return the favor by setting them free.

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Together We Are Tito!: A Call for a New Non-Aligned Movement

 There are few places on this wretched ball of shit we call earth that could benefit more from the concept of neutrality than the territory currently classified as Ukraine. For centuries these fields and forests have been the chessboards for one cruel imperial death match after another and the poor people who've had the misfortune of existing between the masters of the universe have long served as their unwilling pawns. Whether it was the Czars and the Ottomans, the Soviets and the Nazis, or now Putin and NATO, the permanently ravaged people of the Wild Steppes have long led an existence defined by being trapped between the locking horns of colliding giants. Their only real sin is living on an eight-lane highway between continents and for this they must suffer the wrath of the very worst that both have to offer. The unspeakable horrors of 2022 are but the latest chapter in this tragic saga.

As I've said here too many times to count, the only hope for peace that these people have if they are even to remain a singular people has always been a precarious balancing act of neutrality governed by decentralized regional autonomy. Western observers, in their infinite wisdom, present this fate as some form of capitulation to their ghoulish Eastern adversaries but monsters like Putin only advocate such a fate because the crumbling post-Soviet Kremlin is simply too goddamn poor to afford the puppet states of yesteryear. The truth is that there is nothing stronger than a people united only by the common dream of retaining their indigenous diversity while minding their own goddamn business and we could all benefit from embracing these values. Marshal Tito understood this a century ago and helped design both Yugoslavia and the Non-Aligned Movement for just that purpose.

I may have come a long way in my journey from worshipping communist strongmen to embracing my own unique blend of Queer post-left market anarchism, but any self-respecting armchair historian would be hard pressed not to at least begrudgingly admire the creative tenacity of an iconoclastic creature like Josip Broz Tito. A founding father of the Comintern, this noble Marxist Croat first rose to international infamy by uniting the seemingly un-unite-able people of the Balkans against fascist occupation with his shoestring Partisan Uprising and bogging the Axis Powers down in a quagmire in those perilous mountains just long enough for the Red Army to catch the upper hand in Stalingrad. 

For this Tito became a communist rock star, the apple of Josef Stalin's yellowy eye, but the good Marshal had zero intentions of ever being anybody's fucking monkey-wrench. Instead, he defied Soviet hegemony and split from an irate Stalin in 1948 to forge his own kind of worker's paradise in a land long hopelessly divided by the same kind of outside imperial interference that defines Ukraine.

Tito brought the diverse republics of the newly formed Yugoslavian Federation together by granting them autonomy in the form of decentralized communal governments who operated in a partnership rather than a centralized mono-state. Tito still played the strongman and had the final say but each region was given room to forge their own path just like each factory was given room to forge their own direct democracy and it was this very degree of radical independence that encouraged a land long plagued by war to work together because no one held enough power to go it alone. But for this sin against Bolshevik heterodoxy, Yugoslavia was forced to go it alone, isolated in post-war poverty from the neighbors they helped liberate on three sides in the Warsaw Pact. So, Tito said fuck the Warsaw Pact, fuck all pacts, and turned to the newly liberated colonies of the Global South for both inspiration and comradery. 

Empowered by his position of neutrality during the savage puppet war in Korea and building on the principles of the 1955 Bandung Conference which brought together the long-subjugated peoples of Asia and Africa in fraternity against their shared colonial big brothers in the Global North, Tito formed an alliance in 1961 with four other eccentric gadflies who had grown sick upon death of the endless imperial pissing matches of the Cold War, Jawaharlal Nehru of India, Gamel Abdul Nasser of Egypt, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, and Sukarno of Indonesia. Together they formed the Non-Aligned Movement, an organization that celebrated strength through neutrality, diversity, and autonomy. 

None of these men were saints by any measure but they had all been burned by capitalists and communists alike and united to forge a third way that rejected the omnicidal nuclear duel of the Cold War while refusing to pick a side in a battle between two mobs of despotic pricks. Instead, they embraced values like mutual non-aggression and peaceful coexistence, what essentially amounted to minding your own goddamn business. Their membership rapidly swelled and for a couple decades both the Non-Aligned Movement and the Federation of Yugoslavia flourished. Then the rats came in.

Western imperium dismantled Yugoslavia with the same parasitic weapon it would later use to castrate the Non-Aligned Movement, debt. The IMF and the World Bank offered the cash-strapped Yugoslavia massive loans that seemed too good to be true because they were. They propped up the Federation as a wedge against the Soviet Union and then juiced them with massive amounts of debt once the USSR collapsed and the Yugoslavians ceased to be useful to their imperial designs. They dismantled their banking system and sold their assets to the highest bidders on the global capitalist market. 

Then once the Federation was in ruins, the victorious American imperialists came in with the National Endowment for Democracy and heavily invested in ethnic nationalist candidates for local elections who blamed the shared plight of the Balkans on different tribes of victims rather than the banks who robbed them all blind. Civil war and genocide followed shortly behind. Meanwhile this same international banking system used Yugoslavia like a crack dealer at the conferences of the Non-Aligned Movement and slung debt to their comrades who followed the same tragic fate which ultimately led the once proud Third World directly back into an eerily familiar colonial desert of crooked trade agreements and foreign military installations.    

Both Yugoslavia and the Non-Aligned Movement failed because they failed to recognize that the greatest evil of the Cold War was not the United Sates or the Soviet Union, communism or capitalism, but the centralization of power itself that only constant global warfare renders possible. It's disturbingly telling that through all the bloodbaths and Third World battlefields of the first Cold War, an American never put a single bullet in a Russian body or vice versa. They were both too damn busy counting the money they made off the children of their own poor and the darker children that they slaughtered for the glory and prestige of monsters who never even bothered to remember their names. And the banks played the whole fucking war like one big casino game, betting on one side or the other as the wind changed and slowly killing the nations sharp enough not to get enslaved by the poison gift of their loans with "humanitarian" interventions.

But the failures of the Non-Aligned Movement cannot be blamed on banks alone. As ballsy and brazen as leaders like Marshal Tito and Colonel Nasser may have been, they failed miserably to practice what they preached on the world stage at home which is what made their regimes susceptible to the tantalizing vices of the World Bank to begin with. With their top-down systems of autocratic rule, the founding fathers of one of the most strategically important revolutionary movements in modern history were little better than benevolent dictators at best, leaving their people just one coup-de-tat away from falling into the hands of a rat with a price tag hanging from his ear. Sukarno and Nkrumah were both overthrown by the CIA with help from the thugs in their own governments and Tito, Nasser, and Nehru were all seceded upon their natural deaths by equally lecherous scoundrels who sold off their revolutions like used cars at a swap meet.

Unlike Yugoslavia, the Non-Aligned Movement continues to exist and by some measures it is stronger than ever, the largest non-Western international institution representing roughly two thirds of the globe with 120 members. But it only stands as a sad Disneyfied shell of its former glory, a ghost devoid of any tangible values beyond stale nostalgia and pseudo-anti-imperialist virtue signaling. Global superpowers like China and Russia are observers, peddling their influence to their former adversaries, and N-AM's own members include unapologetic petite-imperialists like the Saudis and their current chairman Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan who ethnically cleanses the Armenian colony of Artsakh as we speak. 

But as a tragic as this fate may be, as inevitable as this fate may have been, it doesn't change what Yugoslavia and the Non-Aligned Movement represented at their peak, a united front of poor nations defined by their total rejection of imperialism and the endless wars it thrives on, and with the bodies stacking up in Ukraine over another duel between oligarchs with the privilege of profiting from the bloodshed, these ideals have never been more important, they just need to be revised in the shadow of fractured giants like Josip Broz Tito who failed to follow through with a consistency that even benevolent strongmen aren't capable of. 

What the world needs now is a new Non-Aligned Movement for a new Cold War, one that recognizes the true enemy of sovereignty in the light of the last's fatal mistakes. We need a Non-Aligned Movement united against the common enemy of bigness- big business, big government, big banking- and all the foul institutions that represent it. We need a movement that stands united against NATO, against the WTO, against the World Bank and the IMF and the EU, against globalism itself. We need a movement that stands against the very premise of the superstate, one that recognizes that any state the size of America, China, the European Union, or Russia is an existential threat to sovereignty everywhere unless they can be regulated by their own people in the form of decentralized confederations that grant every republic with the basic human right of secession. 

We need a diverse union of confederations, microstates, autonomous zones, and militias that challenge the monopoly the failed Westphalian nation state still holds on governance and recognizes the diversity of a thousand forms of autonomous indigenous rule governed not by men but by voluntary contracts between individuals and communities. This is the kind of Non-Aligned Movement the world needs today. One where the Uyghurs needn't rely on the Americans and Ryukyu needn't rely on China and the Donbas needn't rely on Russia and Ukraine needn't rely on NATO because we should all rely on each other against the real fucking enemy, the oligarchs of the global elite who cloak themselves in the flags of international order. Let's shatter that order together and shove the jagged pieces up their fucking ass.

Because only together are we heavy, dearest motherfuckers. Together we are Tito! 

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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Sunday, April 3, 2022

Will the Real Volodymyr Zelensky Please Stand Up?

"Man looks in the abyss, there's nothing staring back at him. At that moment, man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss."

-Oliver Stone

 Neoliberalism has a brand-new rock star, and his name is Volodymyr Zelensky. You can't turn on the news in any given country west of the Danube without stumbling over some starry-eyed career war apologist creaming their knickers like a boomer teeny bopper at the height of Beatlemania over their new idol's latest hit and Volodymyr Zelensky plays all the hits. Ever since the first bombs dropped on Ukraine, that nation's embattled young heartthrob of a president has been on a world tour begging Western leaders to sack up and bail him out of the war they used him to provoke, and he always plays masterfully to his fickle audience's insecurities. In Israel he invokes the Nazis who we all pretend aren't already in his army. In England he paraphrases their favorite Nazi, Winston Churchill. And of course, in Washington he plays the shit out of the 9/11 card like fucking Rain Man. 

But every heartfelt serenade ends the same way, with this dreamy icon for social justice demanding peace through nuclear holocaust by way of a no-fly-zone. From anyone else this bit might come across as campy or even downright gross but with his boyish good looks bathed in the rugged charm of his ever present five o'clock shadow and an army green t-shirt just tight enough to show off his pecs, Zelensky sells it like Xanax to soccer moms, and while most of his adoring groupies aren't quite moony enough to give him World War 3 on a silver platter, the weapons are pouring into L'viv like wine. The arms industry hasn't had a pitch man like this since Osama Bin Laden. Yet Zelensky appears to be growing weary with his newfound superstardom. There are even rumors circulating of him giving it all up for a peace deal with Putin's Russia. which begs the question, who exactly is Volodymyr Zelensky and how exactly did he become the poster boy for a NATO alliance that even he admits doesn't appear to give a fuck about the perilous plight of his people?

To answer these questions, you have to go back in time a few years to 2019, the year Volodymyr Zelensky was propelled from local fame to international superstardom by becoming Ukraine's most unlikely new president. Five years after Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland had the democratically elected government in Kiev overthrown by a pack of rabid neo-Nazi soccer hooligans, the neoliberal miracle of the so-called Maidan Revolution wasn't looking so hot. The place had become an embarrassing snake's nest of lawlessness and corruption, and even the suckers in the Fourth Estate were taking notice. Said neo-Nazi soccer hooligans had thoroughly infiltrated the highest ranks of power with known white nationalists like Andriy Biletsky and Andrei Paruby running the parliament while swastika-clad street gangs like C14 and the Azov Battalion freely roamed the streets as newly deputized members of Ukraine's fastly growing defense establishment, clubbing Gypsies, bashing gay pride parades, and hurling acid in the faces of anyone who dared to bitch about their reign of terror.

Meanwhile, sleazy billionaires like then-President Petro Poroshenko were robbing the country blind and using these racist armed thugs to protect their Eastern industrial assets by ethnically cleansing whole swaths of the Donbas. Something had to change. Photos of heavily attended torch-lit marches in honor of known genocidal Nazi collaborators had made their way to the pages of the Guardian and Newsweek, and some of the more progressive Democrats like Ro Khanna were even attempting to have entire battalions of Ukraine's new National Guard rightfully designated as international terrorists. Both NATO and the wilier oligarchs who stood to profit from their occupation of the country had a lot riding on Ukraine's future as a glorified stick to jam in Putin's eye and the very thugs they used to hijack the nation were threatening to fuck it all up. They needed a ringer. A human air freshener to hang on the rearview mirror of this wreck. Not a reformer, just someone who smells like one and who better than a man who literally plays one on TV. 

On the surface, Volodymyr Zelensky appeared to be the ultimate outsider candidate, a secular Jew from a Russian speaking family whose main claim to fame was playing a pissed off history teacher on a popular comedy who finds himself catapulted to Ukraine's presidency after a student posts a rant of his against corruption online that goes viral. Servant of the People had become Ukraine's new favorite TV show by skewering the very oligarchs who defined their post-Maidan purgatory and Zelensky essentially ran for office as the hit show's main character, promising to cleanse the sewars of Kiev of corruption and to bring peace to the war torn East. 

But from day one something wasn't quite right about this narrative. Zelensky's biggest campaign donor was the man who owned the network that produced his show, Igor Kolomoisky, a billionaire oligarch so odious that even the United States sanctioned him for robbing his own bank of $5.5 billion. As if this wasn't gross enough, in spite of being Jewish and a dual citizen of Israel, Igor was also the top financier of neo-Nazi battalions like Azov and Aidar who he used to terrorize his business rivals and secure assets under threat of being nationalized by ethnic Russian rebels in the Donbas. Kolomoisky had been hiding out in Switzerland since having a very public falling out with the incumbent Petro Poroshenko, but his money and the favors it provoked hadn't left the country. 

So, what the hell was going on here? Why was the man who seemed to represent all the evils that Zelensky was allegedly running against bankrolling his meteoric rise to power? Poroshenko's people claimed to have the answer when they accused Zelensky's Kvartal 95 production company of receiving $41 million from Privatbank, the same bank Kolomoisky had looted. The accusation was unfounded but seemed to be corroborated when the Pandora Papers revealed that the same people behind this company had set up a network of illegal offshore companies in countries like Belize and Cyprus back in 2012, the same year Kvartal entered into a production deal with Igor Kolomoisky's 1+1 Group. But by the time these papers had leaked it was 2021 and Zelensky had already been elected president with 73% of the vote, making his longshot presidential campaign the most successful in Ukrainian history. His newly formed Servant of the People Party even sweeped many of the more ghoulish fascists out of parliament. The sun was finally shining again in Kiev as Mr. Kolomoisky returned to Ukraine from hiding just after the boy king's sensational victory. 

Nevertheless, corrupt or not, Zelensky did appear to at least be somewhat earnest about attempting to bring peace to the Russian speaking eastern region of Ukraine who had overwhelmingly voted for the plucky outsider. This led to a showdown in the tiny village of Zolote on the Luhansk border where Zelensky had ordered a minor pullback of his countries National Guard only to be met with an armed occupation by Kolomoisky's Heroes in the Azov Battalion. In a downright surreal case of life imitating art, local news footage of a Jewish comedian shouting down known neo-Nazi war criminals went viral, but the reaction from Zelensky's own government was far from a rave review. Members of parliament made open death threats as the oligarch run media raked Zelensky over the fucking coals for appeasing Russia. The Azov Furher turned parliamentarian, Andriy Biletsky, took to his YouTube channel like a man possessed, making thinly veiled threats and promising to send 10,000 Nazi stormtroopers to Zolote. Zelensky backed down. It had been made crystal clear to him that even if his nation's fascist usurpers had next to zero representation in parliament, they still controlled the battlefield and any attempt to legislate this fact would only bring that battlefield to Kiev. President or not, these forces answered to a higher power. 

 It's this cataclysmic dichotomy that seems to define Zelensky. On the one hand, the man is a corrupt stooge in the pocket of Ukraine's most notorious gangster. On the other, he seems to suffer from downright inspiring flourishes of the delusion that he really is the leader Kolomoisky hired him to play. Like any great method actor, Zelensky occasionally seems to lose himself completely in the role. So, then which one is the real Volodymyr Zelensky? On one day he's calling for peace in the Donbas, on the next he's rewarding the Nazi scum who routinely violate it with his nation's most prestigious awards. In no place has this political schizophrenia been more pronounced than during the buildup to his NATO stoked collision with Putin's Russia. 

Zelensky came to the White House late last year, practically begging Biden for NATO membership. He then spent the next several months desperately trying to pour cold water on Biden's flaming campaign to escalate tensions with Russia. Zelensky had all but told Biden to shut the fuck up and seemed to legitimately believe, as did I, that a Russian invasion was far from imminent. But Zelensky doesn't control his Nazi infiltrated military, NATO does. Even without the membership that Zelensky foolishly sought, Ukraine's National Guard has been thoroughly integrated into the Alliance, with NATO commanders capable of giving direct commands to the very battalions Zelensky clashed with in Zolote, the same battalions who drastically increased their shelling of the Donbas just days before Putin invaded. 

Whoever the fuck Volodymyr Zelensky is, he's walking a dangerous tightrope without a net. As he becomes increasingly disgusted by NATO's failure to protect the nation they actively pushed into provoking their Russian invaders and he begins to openly toy with the notion of embracing neutrality, Zelensky is surrounded by fanatics with long knives who view such common sense as outright blasphemy and I'm not just talking about Azov. America doesn't want peace for Ukraine, they want endless war for Russia and they don't care how many Ukrainians or Russians have to die to get it. I can't help but to think of JFK, another sexy liberal rock star who took his role too seriously and dared to make peace with Russia. We all know how that story ended. I hope that the real Volodymyr Zelensky does stand up and come to his senses by embracing the neutrality that we should all embrace. I also hope he looks out for those Grassy Knolls.

Peace, Love, and Empathy- Nicky/CH

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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Violetta's Scars: How Russophobia Became the Wokest Form of Racism

 In my lazy little corner of rural Central Pennsylvanian Trump country there has always been a sizeable minority of Russian emigres. I honestly have zero idea why but at some point, some lonely Soviet refugee found this bucolic blemish on the map and decided to call it home and an exile community was born. Growing up, I always found the Russian kids at my school to be fascinating, especially the girls. With their knock-off high heel boots and their thrift store fur coats, I had never seen other poor people look so glamorous. They seemed to exist in their own little world inside of our little world. I have vivid memories of standing behind these young DIY debutantes in the lunch line and closing my eyes while I secretly listened to them speak to each other in that mysteriously beautiful language. The words seemed to float to the ground like leaves dancing from the branches of a birch tree.

One girl fascinated me more than the rest. She was a couple grades below me, and her name was Violetta. She looked a bit like a young Anna Karina only her porcelain skin was marked by these mysterious scars. Somehow this disfigurement only made her more beautiful to me, like a cracked porcelain doll. Maybe it was that she looked the way I felt on the inside. Growing up trans I often felt like a broken girl inside a male nesting doll, but to me these imperfections only made her more perfect. I used to sing that old Pavement song "Loretta's Scars" softly to myself, changing the lyrics to suit my lesbian loneliness- "How can I, how can I, make my body shed for you? How can I make my body shed around your metal scars, Violetta's scars!" I never spoke a word to her. I don't know why.

Somehow Violetta's scars came to embody the entire Russian spirit to me. She wore those painfully permanent objects like accessories that gave her glamour a deep sadness but also a resilient strength. The Russian people have always carried their tragic history with them like crosses without ever lowering their chins. I found all of this to be fascinating, but my other classmates didn't seem to share my fascination with these people and instead treated them like lepers. When I would ask my friends why they hated these people so damn much when they never seemed to be the least bit interested in getting to know them their response was always blank stares. They seemed perplexed upon frustration as to why I would even ask such a question. I never got a straight answer out of a single one of them. At a certain point it became disturbingly clear to me that they had no idea why they despised these total strangers and perhaps even more frightening, they didn't even seem to want to know why. There was just something about Violetta's scars that frightened them, and they took a perverse kind of pride in this fear. It had somehow come to define them.

It was only later that I came to realize that my colleagues had been carefully programmed to hate these people by an American culture machine that engaged in an aggressive campaign to demonize all things and all people Russian. In every mainstream movie and TV show that addresses their malign existence, even after the Cold War, Russians are consistently presented as the enemy, a race of duplicitous villains who hate America and freedom for no other reason than because they do, because evil defines their national character without meaning. Growing up, I watched Sylvester Stallone and the Brat Pack murder scores of these people like they weren't even human, just soulless props to highlight the blood-spattered glory of American exceptionalism with their primitive inferiority. Their slaughter was comedy.

And all the politicians and history books seemed to take their cues directly from the action movies. There was never any reason provided to explain the deep-seated hostility of our eastern adversaries. There was no Western invasion to strangle their revolution against Czarist tyranny in the cradle as Winston Churchill so eloquently put it. There were no Jupiter missiles on Khrushchev's borders beckoning him to Cuba. They just hated us because we were free and they were evil, and we should hate them too, even the ones who escaped communist tyranny, even their children.

Ironically, considering the sadly real homophobia of the Orthodox Church, the only reason this high-level big business-big government propagandistic synergy didn't work on my supple young mind was probably because I was Queer. I felt like an irredeemable outcast in my own community, and this often led me to secretly root for the "bad guys" in the movies. Nazis were such cunts even if they did have cooler guns and uniforms, but the Soviets made sense. What was their big evil plan, to kill the rich and make everyone poor? Fuck it, I already was. The people beneath the red star always seemed more like anti-villains to me. Like Magneto in the X-Men comics I read, they were just trying to get even. I wanted to get even too.

This led me to take the opposite route as my next-door neighbors. I lionized and fetishized the Russians which was really just its own kind of ignorance. I became a tankie communist in my early twenties and found myself rooting for tyrants like Putin because at least he was getting one over on the real evil empire. I had to grow up a little before I could realize that at the end of the day Russians were just people like anyone else and that their leaders were just tyrants with more reasonable excuses for their tyranny than ours. As Mikhail Bakunin, one of the greatest minds in Russian history, once observed, people aren't much happier to be beaten just because you call the stick you beat them with 'the people's stick.' So, I turned to anarchism, largely inspired by Russian renegades like Bakunin, Kropotkin, and Makhno, and chose to oppose tyranny, wherever I found its looming shadow. But I never forgot Violetta's scars.

Today we find ourselves living at the height of a whole new Cold War and even in an era where perceived wokeness reigns supreme it has never been hipper to hate people just because they're Russian. As the news media hovers with a magnifying glass over every gruesome detail of Putin's violent but complicated war in Ukraine, Russophobia has once again taken the West by storm. Russian restaurants and Orthodox churches are being vandalized and harassed with death threats. Children with Russian names are being taunted and bullied. Sporting events like the Paralympics are barring Russian and Belarussian athletes from competing even as neutrals. Cultural institutions from the Munich Philharmonic to the Met are canceling Russian performers and pressuring others to pass purity tests on their proper hatred for Putin just to remain on stage. Even those sanctimonious self-appointed scions of tolerance at social media conglomerates like Facebook and Instagram have all but greenlit anti-Russian hate-speech and removed their previous ban on neo-Nazi death squads like the Azov Battalion just so long as they exterminate the right variety of untermenschen. 

And once again, our own government can't pretend like they're innocent, as if provoking this heinous bloodbath with decades of reckless NATO expansion wasn't bad enough. The combined forces of the so-called free world have united to punish Putin's first victims within Russia's own borders en masse with a crippling embargo that just keeps tightening like a noose around their throats. Sanctions like the kind being lobbed at Russia from the United States and being celebrated and encouraged by everyone from late night talk show hosts to self-anointed antiwar activists essentially amount to the collective punishment of an entire nation for the crimes of its crooked government. 

These measures won't deprive Putin or his flunkies of a single spoonful of caviar, but they will starve the millions of impoverished Russians who live like dogs on a short leash under his neoliberal austerity regime and sadly that's the point. Sanctions are a form of economic terrorism designed to torture the already desperate into affecting American approved regime change. These actions are every bit as evil and indiscriminate as Putin's cluster bombs and I fear that they and the Russophobic propaganda barrage that goes with them are only the beginning of something far more sadistic. 

America has long used its corporate tentacles across the mass media to soften up America's natural intolerance for total war by systematically demonizing entire races of people. As Japan embraced imperialism in a gruesome attempt to defend their own rich culture from western expansion in the Pacific during the 1930's, everyone from Tinseltown to Dr. Seuss jumped on the bandwagon to demonize the Japanese people themselves as being senseless Oriental savages killing for amusement while the American government upped the ante with crippling sanctions that eventually resulted in a full-blown embargo that provoked the attacks on Pearl Harbor. 

I'm not the only conspiracy nut who believes that this was as intentional as NATO's provocation of Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Navy admirals lost their jobs just trying to warn FDR of the storm he was reaping with arms wide open. I shouldn't have to tell people the results of this frighteningly familiar racist campaign of synergistic propaganda and economic warfare. 120,000 Japanese Americans in concentration camps, whole cities roasted alive with napalm, and 226,000 innocent civilians obliterated by two nuclear bombs after their nation had already thrown in the towel. I don't want this nightmare to repeat itself, but I can't ignore the growing signs all around me. They keep me up at night. 

The Russian people are not the enemy. Russian history and culture is alive with resistance to tyranny and resilience under oppression. You can feel it breathing inside your chest when you read the prose of Tolstoy or listen to the wild mood swings of Tchaikovsky. I saw it in the scars of a 16 year old refugee who refused to allow racism to taint her glamour. As we speak thousands of pissed off Russian kids are being beaten in the streets and thrown in jail for opposing what essentially amounts to Putin's war on other Russian people. Despite all of his ethnic nationalist bullshit, more ethnic Russians have died beneath Putin's bombs than any other group of people and even the ones who despise NATO and their feckless puppet regime in Kiev are dying on the frontlines against this invasion. America doesn't care about these people. To our evil empire they are just cannon fodder to excuse our own war crimes to come. Imperialism thrives on racism and we all need to fight the racism of Russophobia before it gives our own Putins in power the license they seek for atrocity.

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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This post is dedicated in loving memory to my grandmother Janet Sullivan Turner and Taylor Hawkins, whose work has been a consistent part of the soundtrack of my work and my life.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Aryan Ukrainistan: A Perfect Recipe for the Next 9/11

 9/11 seemed to come out of nowhere when I was a kid. One minute it was all bubblegum, Britney Spears, Pok√©mon cards, and gender dysphoria and the next the sky was raining commercial airliners and America was at war with an enemy who seemed to be simultaneously everywhere and nowhere. A dozen clean cut young Arabs bought plain tickets one crisp late summer mourning and brought a seemingly impenetrable superpower to its knees with little more than boxcutters and a sense of direction. 

I remember thinking, who the fuck are these guys? Where did they come from? And why were they so goddamn pissed off? I spent the better part of my life trying to answer those questions and coming to increasingly shocking conclusions. It turned out that these terrorists were the toxic byproduct of a shadowy cabal of Saudi financed madrassas and Wahhabi mercenaries known collectively as Al-Qaeda and it turned out that my own beloved government knew them pretty damn well. In fact, they helped create them as a part of another seemingly endless war with another enemy who was supposedly everywhere and nowhere, until they were dead. 

In 1979, during the heat of the first Cold War, then President Jimmy Carter and his creepy National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brezinsky had a brilliant idea. Like any good Cold War chickenhawks, they wanted a war with the Soviet Union, but they didn't want to actually get their freshly manicured hands dirty fighting it. So, they decided that they were not merely going to invent a war, that was so nineteen-sixty-late. No, these geniuses would invent a goddamn army to fight it for them.

A tiny mountainous nation on the Soviet Union's southern border called Afghanistan had recently undergone a communist revolution and while the Kremlin was jazzed to have a newly secular impoverished dependent in the neighborhood, the conservative tribesman in the nation's rural backwaters were not taking the new reforms from a bunch of nosy city kids and their northern white comrades very well. 

In here, Jimmy and Zbig saw their golden opportunity to take a relatively minor dispute between neighbors that wouldn't usually warrant much more than a civil war and turn it into an international catastrophe capable of sinking an entire empire. So, they used their connections in Saudi Arabia to round up a posse of Islamic zealots willing to die in any war that would afford them the privilege of slaughtering godless infidels and had them armed to the teeth and trained by the CIA in Pakistan before sending them into Afghanistan to pour rocket fuel on a smoldering fire.

The idea was to suck the Soviets into an unwinnable quagmire on their own border with the implicit threat of an extremist pathogen that might otherwise spread across it to the other oppressed Muslim populations within their own republics and boy did it work like a Twilight Zone curse. The resulting Soviet Afghan War raged on like a barn fire for a hot decade, sending some 15,000 Russian soldiers home in body bags and creating a humanitarian bloodbath that killed millions. 

The Soviet Union, in their statist hubris, refused to except defeat at the hands of a supposedly inferior foe and attempted to save face by slaughtering whole villages of innocent civilians which only cost them the entirety of their already broke war machine. Shortly after the commies left Kabul with their pointed tails between their legs, the Soviet Union imploded and America officially won their first Cold War with thick cigars and hardy handshakes all around. Jimmy and Zbig's wild adventure had worked, but at what cost?

Once the Russians were gone America lost all interest in the little war torn hellhole that they had helped them turn Afghanistan into in a cynical ploy to win what really amounted to little more than an imperial pissing match. But Afghanistan didn't forget who dug that grave and neither did the psychopaths we gathered to help us dig. America had gathered a sick coalition of over 35,000 bloodthirsty zealots from across 43 countries to fight in our Mujaheddin and tens of thousands more were indoctrinated in the Wahhabi madrassas we built along the Pakistani border. 

The end result wasn't so much a nation as it was an open wound that spread a new strain of Islamic extremism across the globe like an infection with battle hardened soldiers who sharpened their spears on the skulls of red soldiers in a holy war we ignited who were still thirsty for more. It turns out that the communists weren't the only godless heathens these jihadists despised. America attempted to gingerly walk away from this haunted Afghan graveyard but we couldn't leave the Middle East be anymore than the Soviets could and after a few more bloodbaths on holy sand our chickens finally came home to roost on 9/11 with a catastrophic terrorist attack planned and financed by the very monsters we built to bleed the Soviet Union dry.

30 years after the Soviets pulled their mangled leg from our Afghan trap and less than a year after America managed to do the same, Russian soldiers are dying like it's 1979 all over again. Only weeks into invading their former fellow Soviet Republic of Ukraine to rid them of NATO influence and the neo-Nazis we empowered to kill the ethnic Russians who refused to comply with it and Vladimir Putin's fearsome Russian military machine has already lost more young conscripts than America did during the entirety of the Iraq War. 

Putin is clearly in over his head. He has stepped into another grave that America dug for him when they overthrew Ukraine's neutral democracy in 2014 and he has made the selfish and stupid decision to try to slaughter his way out of it with an indiscriminate killing spree against the very people he told his impoverished nation that he was there to liberate.

Based on the history above I have come to the revolting conclusion that this is likely precisely the outcome that America wanted from the get-go. Ukraine is a dirt-poor nation that is of zero importance to anyone but Russia, who views the traditional birthplace of Orthodox culture as sacred land. NATO was never going to absorb this hopelessly corrupt and divided nation into their imperial biome, they simply wanted to use it to bait Russia into another bloody unwinnable quagmire like the one Jimmy and Zbig designed in Afghanistan and these twisted mandarins don't give one solitary shit how many Ukrainians have to die so long as Putin's Russia dies with them.

If Putin doesn't grow a conscience and get the fuck out of this buzzsaw quick it will take off his fucking head. The endgame here isn't simply Russian defeat, it's Russian regime change. The mess this war is creating for a Russia already racked with poverty and disgusted by this hideous slaughter of their own cousins next door is the perfect atmosphere for a good old-fashioned George Soros-style color revolution with the ultimate goal of replacing the rebellious Putin with a more compliant and inept neoliberal flunky like his vodka soaked mentor Boris Yeltsin which will ideally retard efforts by China to integrate Asia with Europe and afford the American Empire with just enough time to engage them in World War 3. 

But what about those Nazis? Not unlike the Wahhabis America empowered in Afghanistan, the neo-Nazi militias like Right Sector and the Azov Battalion who the CIA trained and had integrated into Ukraine's own military to provoke outrage from a nation that lost nearly thirty million people beneath the swastika aren't going to simply disappear when the smoke clears. These are zealots committed to an international holy war against anything darker than a bleached gym sock. None other than Andry Biletsky, founder of the Azov Battalion, pledged to use this glorified death squad to "lead the white races of the world in a final crusade against Semite-led untermeshen." And you better believe that this crusade won't end with Ukraine. 

As we speak, thousands of neo-Nazi whack-jobs from across the globe are flocking to Ukraine to gain battlefield experience and access to advanced American weaponry like Javelin missiles and Stinger rockets. The FBI has already arrested four Azov trainees in California for their role in the Unite the Right Rally and a French holy warrior named Gregoire Montaux was busted several years back at the Ukraine border with an arsenal that included TNT explosives and two grenade launchers and a mission that included attacking a mosque and the Euro 2016 Soccer Championship.  

The neo-Nazi movement in this country has long been a pretty sick joke, a loosely connected network of lone wolf shooters and internet trolls who the FBI could easily hoodwink into plotting elaborate schemes that they would never be capable of pulling off in a million years without being carefully coached by double-agents. But this twisted crusade in Ukraine could change all of this. Ukraine's fascist militias could take a growing scene of pissed-off losers in a dying empire and give them the frontline experience they need to turn their racist pipe dreams into a very real nightmare and all with the full support of the same American war machine who brought 9/11 to your front door with their last manufactured Russian quagmire.

This is the brutal blowback that imperialism always amounts too. No matter how sly your conspiracy is there is no such thing as a clever way to fuck with someone else's country. The war always comes home, and Putin isn't the only one who is setting himself up to learn this lesson he should have learned thirty years ago the hard way. Whether they're Wahhabi or Aryan, most jihadists are essentially just DIY imperialists aping like the fools who birthed them. This is a pandemic with only one cure, anti-imperialism, at home and abroad. That's the only jihad worth dying for and we may not have a choice.

Peace, Love, and Empathy- Nicky/CH

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