Sunday, September 27, 2020

A Marxist Joins the Libertarian Party

"Libertarians regard the state as the supreme, the eternal, the best organized aggressor against the persons and property of the mass of the public"

-Murray Rothbard

"In Reality, however, the state is nothing but a machine for the oppression of one class by another."

-Friedrich Engels


So a Marxist walks into the DMV and joins the Libertarian Party... No, that's not the set up to an impossibly wonky dad joke, that's the the story of my life, or at least it was last summer. It was a simpler time. A time before COVID, when the cops were only brazenly shooting Black children in the back every other week. That sunny day in July, I put on my best crack-whore-red lipstick and my biggest Jackie-O sunglasses and made my way down to the local Department of Motor Vehicles to renew my license with a special side mission motivating me to actually show up before the last possible second this time. After strutting past the usual throngs of sullen teens and sexy foreigners with the riff from "Rebel Rebel" on repeat in my skull, I approached an angry little man in a clip-on tie, took a horrific picture, swallowed a mouth full of stomach acid when the little prick misgendered me, and became the first self-declared Marxist in Pennsylvania history to join the Libertarian Party. I got a bumper sticker and everything, and I have every intention of voting for Jo Jorgensen this November.

But why? You may ask. What in the name of god's green dick could inspire a person to do such an absurd thing? Am I just trying to piss off and confuse people at this point? As if my calamitous gender identity wasn't enough. How could any sane Marxist join the party of Ayn Rand and the Koch Brothers? Well, maybe that's just it. I'm not a sane Marxist by any stretch of the imagination. Not literally or figuratively. While I thoroughly believe that history is defined by cycles of class exploitation and that a lack of equality in the distribution of power over the means of production is the source of most if not all human oppression, I am very far from an orthodox Marxist, or an orthodox anything for that matter. I have no time for stagnant dogma and little patience for long-winded theory. I was turned on to Marx in the 7th grade because the first chapter of the Communist Manifesto filled me with the same kind of fire as Allen Ginsberg's Howl. The words exploded off the page with such cataclysmic fury and righteous indignation, condemning all the stupid little terrors from my Catholic childhood that my latent genderqueerness proved to be a lie. Jesus didn't want me for his sunbeam, but roaring fires were made of sparks like me.

But for the most part, like any true lumpenproletariat, I've always preferred cliff notes and history books to pseudo-scientific gobbledygook, and with the exception of a brief and painful dalliance with Third World state socialism, my Marxism has always been tempered by a devotion to anarchism, making it downright libertarian in nature. I've always preferred the Sorelian and Luxemburgist schools of thought, the ideas championed by Friedrich Engels after Karl's death with his daughter Eleanor and dear Mr. William Morris of the Socialist League, that crazy notion that the state itself is the fucking problem, that working people don't need wonky professors or vanguard parties or bloated bureaucracies to free themselves from the chains of class oppression. In fact the thing that finally pushed me over the edge from libertarian Marxist to Marxist Libertarian was the sobering realization that the state itself, any state at all, regardless of intention, is simply another class hierarchy in red clothing.

I came to this conclusion after watching the painful implosion of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. In spite of everything he did and everything he sacrificed, in spite of doing everything right and revolutionary and democratic and constitutional, Hugo Chavez couldn't prevent his nation from becoming another managerial thug state, much like the one he replaced. Once Hugo died under mysteriously abrupt circumstances, it took his Dengist successor, Nicholas Maduro, and and his Yanqui antagonists less than a year to tear the whole thing down in ribbons. Everything that is, but the favela collectives that predated the Bolivarian government and inspired Chavez to embrace democracy in the first place. These councils didn't require a state to be constructed and they didn't require a state to survive. They are what Marxism is supposed to be about, and they help expose what I see as the philosophies greatest contradiction.

There is no such thing as a benevolent state. The Dictatorship of the Proletariat, at least as it's commonly interpreted, as a temporary state in place to manage production while the rest of its institutions magically whither away, is an epic oxymoron. A state, any state, is by definition an institution of the ruling class. In fact, it's an institution that requires a ruling class to exist. A ruling class that serves as a group of people not held to the same standards as the proletariat they supposedly serve. If the poor have no right to steal, then how can the state justify taxation without holding its bureaucracy to a higher authority and a lower moral standard? And once this bureaucratic class tastes the fruits of this awesome power, how can it ever be trusted to give it back? All states ultimately exist largely to justify their own greedy existence. Thus for there ever to be any hope for a classless society, destroying the state must be priority number one, by any means necessary.

Is this going to happen through an election? Fuck no. But that doesn't mean that the electoral system can't be used to further a greater revolution. The number one function of the electoral system for true radicals against the state must be to delegitimize the state through its propaganda. This means getting as many votes as possible for the candidate whose platform represents the greatest threat to the state, especially its deadliest and most existential organ, the prison-warfare state. The only party that consistently threatens to gut these institutions at the federal level is the Libertarian Party, and after three cycles of lame-dick ex-Republican poseurs running their presidential tickets, they've finally nominated a truly libertarian candidate with Jo Jorgensen. With Ron Paul and Ralph Nader retired and Rand and Tulsi sold out, Jo is the loudest voice left against empire. Howie Hawkins and the Green Party talk a good game on the antiwar front but what they advocate isn't weakening the state itself but rather shifting its weight elsewhere. I guarantee that if by some miracle a Hawkins White House became a reality, the predators that run the war machine would simply change shape and devote themselves to hacking down Joshua trees and imprisoning the wrong kind of polluters for the Green New Deal. There's no room for half measures when it comes to reigning in the state or using electoral propaganda to shift the zeitgeist against it.

If the radical left in this country truly wants to retain its lethality at any level, it needs to radically rethink its methods. The priorities are all there; peace, equality, mutual aid. But relying on increased state power to achieve these goals is a fool's errand. Venezuela tried that. Now the Bolivarian Revolution sicks its troops on the barrio. Egalitarianism can only sustain itself from the ground up. We the proletariat need to build the voluntary communal institutions that can make this utopian dream a reality, through autonomous grass roots communes, syndicates, councils, guilds, and credit unions. The only thing the state can do for us is fuck off and die. A vote for Jo Jorgensen is a vote for that happy dagger. A vote for Howie Hawkins is just a vote for Bernie Sanders lite. More social democratic FDR progressivism. Another silly costume for the state to wear for Trick or Treat. Only a vote for Jo is a vote for Marx, and if Charles Koch wants to foot the bill for his own suicide then I'll gladly be Jack Kevorkian for Halloween, or at least Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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In loving memory of Andre Vltchek, a renegade communist muckraker who died too damn soon.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

A Radical Alternative to Whiteness

Is it just me or do white people kind of suck lately? I mean more than usual. That's not racist, I use to be one. I sort of still am, I guess. More on that later. It kind of seems like white folk have fallen into two equally obnoxious sub-species. There's the White Alpha Douche, bitching like a 13 year old emo kid that he's the real victim because everybody else is playing the fucking victim card and that's his card. Then there's the equally tiresome Squishy White Apology Addict, who's just terribly terribly sorry about all the savagery his ancestors have dished out to minorities, but now he looks to the Noble Savages and Magical Negroes to show him how to walk and talk and censor people like me for not stepping in line. He's probably banning me again from Facebook as we speak for self-identifying as a tranny and patting himself on the back for being part of the solution. 

Both of these unbearable archetypes are offensively one dimensional and, lets face it, downright racist in their shallow world view. The first one blames all the world's woes on people of color, and the second relies completely on this same coalition of minorities to save him from his ancestral evil ways. Black folks have enough trouble getting home from the grocery store without getting shot full of ketamine and chucked in the back of a police cruiser without having to choose between smacking us or holding our hand. Why can't we just get our shit together? Well, believe it or not, it's not all our fault. Not exactly anyway.

You see, dearest motherfuckers, white people are a race without an ethnicity. These two words get switched around a lot, especially by cantankerous racial renegades like yours truly, but most sociologists essentially view ethnicity as some one's cultural heritage while race is merely the aesthetic nonsense that cops and porn producers fixate on, namely skin color. So we'll roll with that definition for this post. I don't think it should be controversial to say that race is silly bullshit that has sadly become deadly bullshit. But ethnicity is very important. It tells us where we've been and helps guide us to where we're going, like a Jungian compass, and white people, as a group, just don't have one. That's because white is not an ethnicity. It's merely a ludicrously broad and inherently globalist blanket race. A race that seems to thrive on the suffocation of ethnic individuality both from within and without its strict confines.

The concept of whiteness is a relatively recent one. The Oxford Dictionary puts it back somewhere in the late 1600s, which unironically was a time of great civil unrest in America's colonies. Before whiteness, everything was defined by traditional English nobility and Protestant Christian zealotry. Nobody identified as white and the only permanent slaves were those who refused to convert from their indigenous heathen ways to what empires had mangled Christianity into. There were indentured servants of every color, Black Africans, American Indians, Irishmen, and even English commoners, but as long as they assimilated to the violence of colonial order, they too could have a piece of that bloody pie. It wasn't altogether unusual to have a slave, even an African slave, work his way up to landowner status and own slaves of his own. (Women and gender non-conforming folk of any shade were still fucked though.)

This only changed when poor landless folk started to get pissed off with this predatory social arrangement and began to launch multi-ethnic rebellions against it. After they literally burned down Jamestown, the British Crown began to dread the very real possibility of losing their colonies to the unwashed masses. So they made the decision to divide us into two major groups, white and not-white. This way they could pay off the European peasantry with petty privileges and create a permanent slave class out of those who could easily be deemed outsiders among the pale skinned majority. This quickly turned into a booming industry at the turn of the 17th Century, with the violent export of Africans multiplying nearly tenfold. Even then, whiteness was still more of a class than a race. Most people in this country who now consider themselves white weren't when they first immigrated to the New World. Irish, Jewish, Polish, and Italian people all had to earn their privilege by losing their ethnicity and joining in on the institutional violence of white supremacy. This is why I become so furious when right wing imbeciles bitch about "White Genocide." White is genocide, not just to black, brown, and indigenous folk, but to all the unique European cultures that were annihilated in its melting pot.

Most modern day left-wing intellectuals are fully aware of this history and readily admit that whiteness is a violent class construct. But their analysis virtually grinds to a halt there, because the question of 'what now for white people?' is just too politically incorrect to be asked. Liberal America likes to pretend that ethnicity doesn't matter to anyone but people of color but it matters to everyone. Everyone needs a sense of belonging and cultural history. Without it, we're lost. This is why post-colonial societies like North America and Australia are so vain, vapid, and materialistic. The shrinking white majority has nothing but the empty trappings of vulture capitalism to cling too, and those privileged trappings are undeniably the fruit of a white supremacist culture that continues to drive our countries violently imperialist foreign policy. Americans only have cheap excess crap to binge on because the shithole countries have nothing, and for all its virtue signaling woke culture, the liberal left offers very little to address this problem or, not so coincidentally, the white question. According to the Ivy League arbiters of social justice, white people should just feel like shit and never stop apologizing, but this just isn't a viable solution, especially when you consider that many white people are getting railed just slightly softer than the people they're apologizing too.

The solution, ironically enough, can actually be provided by the example of Black people. You see, Black was the other manufactured global race. African people had their tribal cultures forcibly stripped from them, their languages, their gods, their everything. But instead of accepting their status as a permanent slave race, they resisted, often violently, and constructed a new ethnicity from a culture of resistance to imperialism. American Indians, Chicanos, and Queers followed suit. This is how I ceased to be white. I never felt anything resembling a sense of belonging in the community I was born into. Even before I realized that I was a genderqueer transwoman, I was always treated like something dangerous by other white people in my rural Pennsylvanian town. I was born an intruder. It wasn't until I came out of the closet and rejected many of the puritanical standards of White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism that I felt a sense of belonging that I had been thirsty for my whole life. Queer became my ethnicity, my shared history and culture, one built in defiance to whiteness and every petty thing it stood for. 

I believe that this is the solution to white supremacy. We need radical alternatives to whiteness, ones either built on pre-white European ethnicities like Irish, Welsh, German, or Scottish ancestry, or new ethnicities built in defiance to the colonialist order. Hillbillies, Rednecks, Cajuns, Italian Americans, and French Canadians have all been victims of colonialist class subjugation. Their privileges are just that, privileges, not rights. Trinkets and tokens of compliance to good white people, and with the empire drying up like a salt flat, they're beginning to rust. Well stop being good white people and embrace the renegade traditions of rural European Americans. Those same fucking Americans who joined their Black brothers and sisters in burning Jamestown to the fucking ground.

White people suck because being white people sucks. Lets ditch this honky drag and try on something a little more revolutionary.

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Struggle for Bottom Unity in an Age of Division

"The most interesting political questions throughout history have been whether or not humans will be ruled or free, whether they will be responsible for their actions as individuals or left irresponsible as members of society, and whether they can live in peace by volitional agreements alone."

-Karl Hess

“We've got to face the fact that some people say you fight fire best with fire, but we say you put fire out best with water. We say you don't fight racism with racism. We're gonna fight racism with solidarity.”

-Fred Hampton

Solidarity is a bitch when everyone who can afford a knife is slitting each other's throat. That's the nasty little limerick that keeps playing on repeat in my skull like a mantra as populist grassroots uprisings devolve into bitter proxy wars between roaming tribes of bitter proles, killing each other over which oligarch's name they have scrawled across their battle flags. Everyone wants to pick sides. Everyone is trolling for convenient scapegoats. I just see poor people killing poor people while two sick rich candidates arrange their corpses into clever platforms to stand on and promote more war from. The splintering of the George Floyd Uprisings into partisan turf warfare doesn't just rip up my already bleeding heart because I had so much hope for the revolutionary potential now being squandered. It kills me because I have people on both sides of these gorey shenanigans and they should both be on the same damn team. All poor people should be, regardless of race or even politics.

This philosophy, the crazy little idea that what defines the revolutionary struggle for a better world isn't about who's on the left or the right but who's on the top or the bottom, is known as Bottom Unity. It's an oddly Marxian libertarian philosophy that serves as the cornerstone to my whole belief system. You see, dearest motherfuckers, I am what's known as a Panarchist, essentially an anarchist against adjectives. Even though I personally subscribe to a kind of Sorel-in-Drag Queer Syndicalism, I believe that the only way this whole anarchism gig works is if every tribe is free to construct their own private utopia, provided that it be completely voluntary and that it minds its own damn business vis a vis a non-aggression pact. In advocating this ideal I've become a strange sort of revolutionary ambassador, forming ties with weirdos across the political spectrum. This is how I've built an audience, I lovingly call my dearest motherfuckers, which stretches from Antifa to Boogaloo, and this is why the violence of the last several weeks sickens me so deeply.

When those fucking pigs lynched George Floyd at the height of a virulently unconstitutional socioeconomic lockdown, something deep inside the spirit of the American dispossessed snapped like tinder and an explosion of righteous fury swept across every corner of this deeply sick nation. While the conmen of the news class chased fires like chickens with their heads cut off, I saw something they were clearly too willfully blind to see in the blaze. I saw hope. I saw a country tired of being pushed and united in pushing back. I knew full well the odds of it lasting uncorrupted were stacked against me, but for one brilliant flaming moment, the revolutionary potential seemed endless. Then the charade of our fakakta election circus leaked in and tainted blacktop direct democracy with its fraudulent pseudo-representative cousin. And suddenly motherfuckers started shooting each other instead of aiming their righteous fury where it belonged at the police and the filthy fucking oligarchs they protect and serve. In classic bottom unity fashion, I'm not here to pick sides. Not because I'm some kind of genderfuck Gandhi but because you're all fucking guilty.

The Militia Movement might be guiltier than most. After all they're the motherfuckers breaking bread with the enemy. Libertarian gun culture has always had its quirks and bad actors but the shit has gotten ridiculous. Somehow an armed agrarian movement against any form of government regulation higher than a city council has been heinously perverted into a mob of bootlicking pigfuckers with the gag reflex of a bukkake porn starlet. Blue Lives Matter? Motherfucker Blue Lives shot unarmed women at Ruby Ridge and burned babies alive at Waco. Wake the fuck up. In post-Clinton Crime Bill America there is less separating your local heroes in the police from the feds than ever. I blame the influence of Trump. That race baiting huckster hijacked right wing populism and made you all dependent pussies bowing to his cheesy cult of personality.

Militia folk need to recall their Sovereign Citizen roots and act a little bit more like Ammon Bundy, the Malheur raider who has come out in support of Black Lives Matter and defunding the police from the standpoint of a good old boy who doesn't want the government's jackboot on anyone's neck. Defending small business is one thing. I've got no beef with rooftop Koreans. But a bunch of bougie brats with paintball guns from the burbs cruising in pick-up trucks to someone else's city to troll shell-shocked protestors is just hillbilly colonialism. Stop kissing the government's ass and begging city slickers to shoot you for it. This ain't what Karl Hess fought for. If that motherfucker could build bridges between the Old Right and the New Left by sharing a spliff with the Weather fucking Underground then you should be able to shout 'Black Lives Matter!' with a mouth full of chaw and an AR cradled in your arms.

This doesn't mean BLM gets off easy, though I may have to temper my vitriol a bit to adjust to the fact that I'm a Queer Celt addressing people of color. I don't think any sane sentient creature can argue with the logic that all lives can't matter until Black lives matter, but I do feel like many members of the movement along with their pale faced allies have lost site in the heat of the rhetoric of the fact that a lot of other lives are in the crosshairs of our homicidal police state too. Brown lives, red lives, trans lives and yes even some white lives. If you're a poor person in this country then your life is expendable. The American police system was designed to protect and serve property and property owners. For centuries this meant straight white cis-men and that's how white supremacy got grandfathered in to our classist system as an institutional menace. You can't fight a class war without fighting white supremacy, but you also can't fight white supremacy without fighting a class war. The two have become interchangeable.

So while yes, Black lives matter, you could just as accurately say poor lives matter. BLM matters because Black people have every right to fight for their own but even they could benefit a hell of a lot more from solidarity than patronage. That means building a network of allies that includes some of those rednecks with ARs. The trailer park will always share far more common ground with the projects than Capitol Hill. Fred Hampton realized this and lead the Chicago chapter of the Black Panther Party to form a strategic armed alliance with William "Preacherman" Fesperman's Young Patriots Organization, a radical coalition of hillbilly migrant workers from Appalachia who proudly displayed rebel flags on their jean jackets. You think Hampton was down with that George Wallace horseshit? Fuck no. But Fred Hampton, just like Karl Hess and Ammon Bundy, was down with Bottom Unity.

The chaos erupting in the streets has been a long time coming. Empires don't grow peacefully and they don't collapse peacefully either. But the only way poor people are gonna ride this out and build a better world on the ashes is to stop slitting throats and start practicing solidarity. It ain't easy. The system put a lot of time and money into traumatizing poor people of every color and pitting us against each other. But it's never too late to make things right. Libertarians and leftists need to let bygones be bygones and join forces to the settle the score with the vile forces of the American Empire, once and for all. Lets get together, brothers and sisters, and make some motherfucking history by making these motherfuckers history. 

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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Sunday, September 6, 2020

The Lonesome Death of the Liberal Social Justice Warrior

 Joseph Biden killed the liberal social justice warrior with a cane that he twirled around his diamond ring finger at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, and blue lives were called in to matter, and his weapon took from him, as they rode him in custody down towards the White House, and booked Joseph Biden for Democratic nominee for president of these United States of Hysteria. But you who philosophize, disgrace and criticize all fears, take the rag away from your face, now ain't the time for your tears.

Yes, dearest motherfuckers, we stand here today to pay our respects to a pain in the ass. For with the nomination and all too likely election of one Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, that once thriving moral upstart known as the white liberal social justice warrior is as good as dead, bleeding out from cane related injuries on the white marble floor of Eva Longoria's palatial Beverley Hills mansion, murdered in an act of domestic violence by her own racist party for reasons as tragic as they were inevitable. Her memory and the rhetoric of her cause live on in the cruel minstrel shows of her killers as they dress up the same neoliberal policies in the clothing of a movement that was supposed to end them.

The social justice warrior, for whatever it was worth, was much more than a collection of rude if often accurate stereotypes. The white upper-middle class progressive liberal arts student, downwardly mobile do to predatory loans, and committed to everybody getting along or else she'd tell the dean on you, was essentially the future of the Democratic Party. Much like the hippies of yore, the SJW represented a new spirit for a new liberal America, and as condescending as she could be, she really wasn't all that bad. She wanted many of same things I do and that I suspect many of you, my dearest motherfuckers, do as well. An end to the incestuous marriage of government and the predator class of corporate lobbyists who pull it's strings. Equality for all minorities big and small, Black and brown, Queer and straight. And an end to the casual daily obscenities of systemic racism and rape culture. My only real beef with the bitch was her shifty priorities. She stole the left's attention away from the unspeakable atrocities and existential threat of the war machine and placed it gently in a box of genteel political correctness that could fit easily in any polished war criminals Prius.

There was a time when I actually thought this might just be the future of our dear empire. With the rise of Bernie Sanders, MeToo, and Black Lives Matter in an era of Trump hysteria, I figured the Clintonian Democratic machine would finally concede and embrace many of the squishy social democratic tendencies of modern day Europe, so long as they were still aloud to blow up the Third World and seek nuclear oblivion with Russia. In fact it seemed like the perfect cover. Few people would see a storm trooper coming in Birkenstocks and a dashiki. Every drone strike would be like Helter Skelter all over again. It seemed to me like a disturbingly brilliant way to sell forever war to sensitive millennials, but I underestimated the absolutely stupid greed and brazen pig headedness of the neoliberal class which has reigned supreme in the Democratic Party since the Clintons barnstormed the bitch in the early Nineties.

The Democrats selection of candidates for the 2020 ticket made this abundantly clear even to many dreamy eyed SJW's. The nomination of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris throttled the white progressive do-gooder agenda with three swift blows of old Joe's cane, one to the so called Bernie Sanders Revolution, one to the MeToo Movement, and one to Black Lives Matter, which might be the only movement gritty enough to survive its wounds without the gauze of neoliberal assimilation.

The Sanders Revolution was an inside job from the drop. A do-nothing senator from the whitest state in America, self-proclaimed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders has long served the roll as the Clinton Parties Red Diaper Mascot, an independent in name only who the party could drag out from time to time to preserve what remained of it's Sixties counterculture cache. While Bernie talked big on pie-in-the-sky social welfare programs, he dutifully and quite vocally supported every war crime ever committed by a Democratic administration and consistently voted for the bloated bipartisan defense bills that raided our GDP of the kind of tax revenue necessary to achieve Bernie-grade Scandinavianization. To put it frankly, Bernie Sanders is little more than our military industrial complexes token social democratic stooge, and his so-called Revolution seeks to serve those same masters by serving up the wayward SJW masses to the cannibals in the Clinton-Biden wing of the party. Bernie made it painfully clear from the beginning that he had every intention of blindly backing the party nominee and delivering his flock up to the slaughter, but his sheep went rabid.

So called Bernie Bros took the word revolution seriously and fought the blatantly corporate campaigns of Hillary and Biden with a ferocity that made their own candidate look like an anemic kitten by comparison. The party got scared. One of Hillary's carefully constructed color revolutions had finally come back to bite her in the ass. And so the Democrats rigged not one, but two primary elections against their strongest candidate, using every weapon at their disposal, from the kind of brazen voter suppression they periodically (and rightfully) cane the Republicans for engaging in to outright character assassination coordinated by the parties pseudo-neutral central intelligentsia. The mainstream media jumped in too, proving that it wasn't so much liberal as neoliberal in slant. They gave Bernie less coverage than Vermin Supreme even when he was the presumptive nominee, and then slimed him left and right when he nearly decapitated Biden in the early primaries. The truth is the Democrats never really feared Bernie. He remains a compliant booster for his supposed enemies in the party to this day. The DNC feared the company Bernie kept. Fiery SJW sweethearts like the Muslim half of the Squad who turned criticism of holy Israel mainstream and lacked the kneejerk compliance of their geriatric master. So their revolution was sabotaged with a swing of Biden's cane. 

The MeToo movement served the Democrats quite well during the rise of Trump. After all, the Orange Creep and everyone he played golf with appeared to be a rapist of one kind or another. This feminist movement really showed its fangs during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and quickly became a force to be reckoned with. In hindsight, they should have seen the screwjob coming when their parties leadership gave that teenage date rapist a lifetime pass to the Supreme Court. The moment the totally valid accusations of Tara Reade surfaced against her former employer, Joe Biden, MeToo was rapidly gutted from the inside out. Vocal members of the movement suddenly fell silent while some of its most visible supporters like Alissa Milano rallied around their favorite accused rapist. Even MeToo's founder, Tarana Burke, declared that there was at least one woman she didn't believe. The same mainstream press that had boisterously championed the movement as the future of gender relations just weeks earlier rapidly resorted to Fox News-like tactics of character assassination against Reade, calling every single sin from her past into question including her mental health and social reputation. By Milwaukee, MeToo had been erased from the conversation completely. Only Rose McGowan remained beneath Biden's cane.

As for Black Lives Matter, another movement that has exploded well beyond the intentions of its handlers in the non-profit industrial complex, the very existence of the Biden/Harris ticket and the movements refusal to hold it to the same scrutiny as Trump will be its downfall unless it publicly divorces itself from America's other white supremacist party, but their fickle white liberal social justice warrior allies appear to already be whipped into submission by the empty spectacle of the first Black female VP. This offensively fetishistic infatuation with a glorified gulag warden and the tolerance afforded to a lifelong servant of carceral capitalism like Biden confounds and infuriates me. Joe Biden is one of the architects of the Clinton Crime Bill, that sickening gift to the prison industrial complex that has sent Black lives back to the status of Jim Crow, and Kamala Harris was one of the many vain psychopathic attorneys who used this apartheid state to build a career on the battered bones and torn flesh of the people of color she pretends to represent. If BLM is allowed to be appropriated like SJW then welcome to NWO, where even Black lives rep white power.

As bitter as I am about these movements and there flippant hypocrisy, I don't want to be right about this. I would much rather have those politically correct virtue signalers remain a pain in my ass on the streets than see them become neutered lapdogs of the 1 percent. At least in the direct democracy of the streets they can be a pain in powerful's ass too. But hope seems to be in short supply these days and I have to sing it like I see it, even when the lyrics burn. The SJW, at least as a force anything authentic, is as good as dead, and even a sour bitch like me has to shed a tear.

The liberal social justice warrior was a pale servant of the ghetto, she was much younger than me and gave birth to several movements, who carried the signs and took to the streets and never once to the Oval Office and didn't even talk to the lobbyists there and emptied the hash from the hash pipes on a whole other level, got killed by a blow lay slain by a cane that sailed through the air and came down through the room, doomed and determined to destroy all the gentle, and she never did nothing to threaten Joseph Biden. But all you dearest motherfuckers who philosophize, disgrace, and criticize all fears, take the rag away from your face, now ain't the time for your tears. Put that rag in a bottle filled with gasoline and when you shout Black lives matter, show these cunts what you mean.

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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