Sunday, August 28, 2022

The Only Solution to a Second American Civil War is a Thousand Little Revolutions

 Suppose you had the revolution you are talking and dreaming about. Suppose your side had won, and you had the kind of society you wanted. How would you live, you personally, in that society? Start living that way now!

-Paul Goodman

A storm is threatening our very nation today and if we don't get some shelter, America is going to do a hell of a lot worse than fade away, or at least so it appears. Every other news story that comes out of this country lately seems to be haunted by a Let it Bleed harmonica riff. America has never been more divided, and the shit just keeps getting worse. While the oligarchs wage open war against each other with insurrections and FBI raids and the divide between the sad tribes of lost proletariats who base their increasingly shallow identities on these creeps deepens, talk of a Second American Civil War and the decline of Western-style liberal democracy has traveled from the fringe to the mainstream with respected partisan wonks and heavily published academics taking turns wailing like Mick Jagger's rusty harp.

It's not hard to see why. Aside from the fact that brilliant if criminally under looked minds from Oswald Spengler to Ted Kaczynski have been warning us of this fate for decades, all the available numbers seem to be pointing towards an impending cataclysm which you can often catch glimpses of just looking out the fucking window. As Hurricane Trump leaves a tidal wave of white working-class nihilism and resentment in its wake that was present long before the Orange Bastard showed up to exploit it, firearm deaths in the US are on the rise with an increase of nearly 43% in the last decade. With the economic trauma of the Covid Pandemic and the geopolitical trauma of the state's total inability to do anything but exploit it still tearing at the already frayed fabric of civil society, homicides in metropolitan areas have surged by 44% in just the last three years alone and the climate feels ripe for that carnage to spill over into the political arena. In other words, war, children, it's just a shot away. 

Recent studies have shown that one in five Americans believe that politically motivated violence is completely acceptable under certain extenuating circumstances with 7% of 18 million adults in this nation confessing that they themselves are willing to kill for a cause. Nearly half of these Americans expect a civil war in their lifetime and before you go blaming it all on MAGA consider the fact that 41% of Biden voters have stated a desire for their state to secede from the Union along with the lion share of Trump voters. The response from the corporate Washington intelligentsia to this swelling tide of bipartisan disenchantment seems to vacillate between total denial and hair-pulling hysteria. Many on the mainstream left seem to be desperately rifling through their cluttered junk drawers for a jerry-rigged defibrillator to revive faith in our dear old republic and its derelict democratic institutions before it's too late. My own personal radical left-wing informed response to these trends however can essentially be summed up with 'about time' and 'good riddance.' 

This politically incorrect point of view on the coming apocalypse is largely predicated on three equally taboo positions; America is fucking evil, what we call democracy in this country is bullshit, and with the previous two opinions in mind, any sane radical of any stripe should embrace the inevitable collapse of both with open arms as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and finally make things right.

Anyone who's read more than two sentences written by Howard Zinn or Lysander Spooner should be well aware of the painful fact that the American experiment has been a toxic exercise in pure evil from the drop. This is a genocidal slave colony that only declared independence from the British Empire to take its place in a malignant competition to see which camp of psychotic white supremacists could rape and pillage the entire circumference of the planet first. The fact that America won this disgusting race to become the world's sole superpower is nothing to be proud of and neither is the electoral circus erected around it to give it the illusion of a free society.

America's heretical take on democracy essentially amounts to little more than a childish pig fashion show in which the American people are free to choose a dancing puppet to represent the corporate military elites who really run this twisted fucking mess. Just because the Big Steal is big bullshit doesn't mean that everyday Americans are stupid to suspect that the system is rigged. They're only stupid if they believe an old money hustler like Donald Trump isn't in on the grift too. People have lost faith in this system because it's a fraud that they never should have put their faith in it to begin with. This isn't disillusionment, it's enlightenment and if the far left had any balls or ovaries left, they would approach this populist awakening as an opportunity worth exploiting.  

This thing was never going to fucking last. Empire's never do. That's because empires are designed for mindless expansion and the larger a centrally organized territory expands the more impossible it becomes to control. This is why Rome fell. This is why the Soviet Union collapsed. And this is why China will never even become powerful enough to take America's place. They are a Second World bureaucracy that inherited a First World sized territory, and their dystopian police state is America's future if we stubbornly insist on being united states. To put it bluntly, America is simply too goddamn big to be anything but tyrannical and the only other option aside from defacto military rule and a bloody civil war is to destroy America before it can destroy the world.

This only sounds insane because every single institution of power in this country is heavily invested in fooling us all into believing that anything less than full compliance with the status quo they designed to control us and rip us off is a recipe for fucking chaos. Well, take a good look around dearest motherfuckers because we're already there. The collapse of any imperial power structure may be as inevitable as the rising sun, but it only ends in carnage when people insist on clinging to these same systems long after they've clearly failed. Civil wars aren't caused by secession. They're caused by the refusal of one power to let another leave their broken marriage. Any second civil war in this country will be the result of rival camps trying to impose their will on each other the way both sides of the last one did. The best solution to such a grotesque fate is a revolution or to be more precise, a thousand little revolutions. 

Another sorry side effect of the status quo's Delusional Industrial Complex is the belief often shared by even the most well-intentioned revolutionaries that we need one big epic revolution to overthrow one big epic empire. This formula generally only ends in one of two ways; either in a colossal bloodbath that only results in replacing one form of tyranny with another as we've seen in Russia and China or more commonly in a state of revolutionary stasis with a bunch of pissed off kids in Che Guevara t-shirts waiting around for some mythical critical mass that never seems to materialize. There are dusty old politburos across the globe clogged with big mouthed polemics who've grown geriatric and gray waiting for their busted alarm clock to go off. But there is another way, and it is almost criminally simple; just drop out and exist unruled beneath the radar before the grid goes down.

As stated above, all empires collapse and this collapse only results in violence because people stubbornly stick to their designated statist delusions and insist on going down with a sinking ship. True revolution therefore is simply a matter of building an escape raft for your people and preparing for the inevitable. Forget about America. Forget about Washington and Wall Street. Forget about Trump and Biden and Republicrats and Dempublicans and all that fucking bullshit. Build the revolutionary society we all deserve right now where you live. 

Build autonomous local networks capable of sustaining themselves without state or corporate institutions all while depriving the war machine of the tax revenue it subsists on through theft. Build your own food resources with community gardens and family farms. Build your own social resources with mutual aid societies and homeschooling collectives. Protect yourself and your people with volunteer civilian militias. Prepare for the very real possibility of having to defend your community from state intervention but don't provoke it by attempting to overthrowing a busted system when you can simply replace it without even firing a shot and don't make the tragic mistake of trying to force your values on other communities who are just trying to do the same thing in different ways. 

This has been done before by unsung pioneers across the political spectrum. The left-libertarian outlaw Karl Hess made his Washington DC neighborhood directly in the heart of the beast totally self-sufficient by building community gardens and creating a primitive but affective fish breeding facility using nothing but pumps from old washing machines and leftover construction materials that produced hundreds of pounds of meat a year. On the other end of the spectrum, the Black Panther Party created a free breakfast program that began with a single Episcopal church and donations from a handful of local grocery stores in inner city Oakland and ended up feeding thousands of impoverished children with 45 programs across the country. The federal government ultimately had to replicate these services themselves just to shut them down and keep the ghettos compliant.

And this is being done as we speak by pioneers across the globe. The Mexican city of Cheran has opted out of the colonialist War on Drugs by arming peasants against cartels and cops alike and forming a vibrant direct democracy built on local indigenous values. In the failed state of Lebanon, thousands of citizens of every creed have abandoned their corrupt centralized government services to rely solely on the services provided by local Hezbollah militias. And the Amish have been taking care of their own peacefully right in my own backyard with their own tightly woven networks of communal farms and craftsmen without even so much as touching a Glock.

It can be done and for some of us there has never really been any other choice. As a genderqueer person in rural Central Pennsylvania, the only thing separating my community from certain extinction is each other. The government will never understand us, and I honestly hope they never do because I've seen what becomes of those they assimilate. All I want is for the freaks I love to live weird and free from fear and dependence on institutions defined by colonialist violence. By narrowing my goals to this simple and immediate revolutionary dream I can peacefully coexist with Anabaptist Puritans who seem as extraterrestrial to me as I do to them. This is how we prevent another civil war, dearest motherfuckers, by destroying America with nothing more severe than peace, love and empathy.

I tell you, revolution, sister, it's just a kiss away.

Perpetual Solidarity- Nicky/CH  

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Sunday, August 21, 2022

How Nancy Pelosi Used "Feminism" to Play the "Isolationist" Right

 Nancy Pelosi has broken a lot of glass ceilings, or at least that's what her cheerleaders in the mainstream media are constantly shouting at me from my tv and I guess they're technically correct. After all, she is the first female Speaker of the House and the first woman to lead a party like a fucking corporation. Over the last twenty years, Nancy Pelosi has been instrumental in making sure that the Democratic Party remains every bit as filthy, corrupt and debased as their macho Republican cousins and she managed to achieve this mountainous feat during the height of the GOP's Satanic baptism by neoconservativism.

Under Nancy's watchful eye, the Democrats have matched a frat pack of openly sexist right-wing He-men pound for pound on killing Muslims, deporting children, evaporating civil liberties, fixing the economy for our shared corporate overlords and getting filthy fucking rich doing it. Nancy Pelosi has been the engine that has driven it all. She is the woman behind the rapists, and she's done it all in the name of human rights and feminism.

You see, dearest motherfuckers, this is the problem I have with the Gloria Steinem School of Second Wave Feminism. The whole idea of success is predicated on women rising to the top of a tower of bones built by centuries of institutionalized heterosexist chauvinism. The result is women like Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher and Nancy Pelosi, who are supposed to inspire women like me by leading an empire just like the ass-grabbing barbarians they replaced or rather just joined on their mountaintop of fractured skulls and filthy money.

Over the years of trudging through the academic muck of gender theory in order to figure out my own vexingly androgynous path to womanhood, I've come to recognize that you don't have to identify as a man to perform masculinity and I've never seen a more revolting performance of reckless jingoistic chauvinism and downright toxic masculinity than Nancy Pelosi's high-octane invasion of Taiwan.

After months of being warned by everyone from the People's Liberation Army to the Pentagon that what she was planning put the entirety of mankind at risk, Nancy Pelosi: Superfeminist arrived in Taipei on a military aircraft dragging half the set of a fucking Rambo movie behind her like a wedding train from hell, a dozen F-35's, a cruiser, a destroyer, a goddamn aircraft carrier and partridge and a pear tree, all for a glorified photo-op of the Madame Speaker with Taiwan's first female president, Tsai Ing-won, pissing standing up like the big boys on Xi Jinping's leg. 

Well, that and a meeting with Mark Lui, the chairman of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation to secure the Military Industrial Complex's iron grip on the kind of computer chips we need to reduce Beijing to radioactive rubble. But that last part was a little hard for the news to choreograph to a Carly Simon song.

China's response was pretty predictable considering that everyone with or without a penis fucking predicted it. The Red Dragon clothed by the WTO went fucking bug-nuts and threw a colossal military hissy fit that continues to terrorize the island of Taiwan as we speak. A simulated blockade with Chinese warships occupying five different zones surrounding Taiwan just twelve miles off their coast in the largest display of military power in the region's history, complete with short range ballistic missiles being fired over the island and naval drills that came a cunt's hair away from ending in direct confrontation.

"I think it was worth it." was Nancy Pelosi's response to nearly causing an Asian Cuban Missile Crisis for girl power and microchips. But there was another response to Nancy's diplomatic provocations that may well prove to be far more lethal than China's and knowing how sly that veteran fraud is, I'm not convinced that it wasn't the real motivation behind this whole sick and sorry episode.

The most grotesque achievement of Nancy's feminist blitz of Taipei was the overwhelmingly unanimous support she received for this seemingly senseless provocation from even the most isolationist minded Republicans, nearly all of whom lined up like toy soldiers behind a woman they routinely accuse of running Satanic child sex rings. That's because the only thing the far-right hates more than mouthy women is the Chinese who they blame for everything from cattle mutilation to hemorrhoids. 

Donald Trump may be about as isolationist as his next check from the Saudis for a kilo of nuclear secrets stashed beneath his waterbed in Mar-a-Lago but his empty fisted rhetoric about putting America first before endless forever wars gave many working-class conservatives the fire they had been waiting for to finally burn the Bush/Cheney signs haunting their front lawns. Believe it or not, it is this very streak of war-weary nationalism that has been the biggest domestic obstacle to Biden's otherwise bipartisan New Cold War with Putin's Russia.

Your average House Republican doesn't give a second thought about shipping AT-ATs to Ukraine as long as the checks from Raytheon don't bounce but Tucker Carlson does. Say what you will about that smug little trust-fund baby, he's a heinously xenophobic white nationalist pig fucker who treats terrified transgender children like bowling pins, but he's also tragically the most consistently antiwar personality on cable news since MSNBC shit-canned Phil Donahue for politely opposing the Iraq War.

Tucker has been an outspoken critic not just of America's proxy war in Ukraine but Donald Trump's own dalliances with bombing shithole countries like Syria and Iran, and his colossal audience essentially is the GOP. This is how we have come to bear witness to the bizarre spectacle of racist lunatics like Lauren Bobbert and Marjorie Taylor Greene somehow being the only people in Congress sane enough to oppose sending a blank check for weapons of mass destruction to a Ukrainian government that routinely ranks somewhere between Putin's Russia and the Gambino Family on the corruption scale. 

But no matter how much of an isolationist Tucker may or may not be, much like Charles Lindbergh, he's also a motherfucking racist at the end of the day and there is no one that Alt-Lite gadflies like him hate more than the Chinese. Tucker will make nice with tankies from the Greyzone over Russia until the chupacabras come home but the moment China comes up he turns into a stark raving neocon lunatic every bit as willing to blow us all to kingdom come as Joe Biden is just to keep Asia from taking the white man's rightful place as the world's foremost economic superpower.

This is a stage 4 case of cultural chauvinism, plain and simple, and by provoking China's gross overreaction to her highly publicized Taiwanese vacay, Nancy Pelosi played these conditional non-interventionists like the shrimp dicked Sinophobic hypocrites they are, manipulating them with their own white pride into backing a war machine that they facetiously pretend to hate until their fragile identity feels threatened. Taiwan was the perfect magic wand for this New Cold War trick because historically speaking Taiwan is essentially just a dark-skinned Ukraine.

Every military colossus from the Queen's Navy to the Empire of the Sun has used that poor fucking island as a launching pad for imperial aggression against the Chinese people the same way many of these same forces have with Ukraine vis a vis Russia. That plucky little island democracy spent the first Cold War as a glorified army base for a fascist opium-slinging dictator named Chiang Kai-shek who held Taiwan hostage under martial law for 38 years while he and his Brown Shirts in the Kuomintang proclaimed themselves to be the only legitimate government of China, a country they collaborated with the genocidal Japanese to destroy during the Second World War before Mao kicked their asses to the fucking curb.

Taiwan only sort-of embraced democracy once these gangsters had become so fully entrenched in their nation's deep state as to be virtually irretractable regardless of who their people vote for. Just like Putin, Xi is a revanchist prick but he's not wrong to consider his next-door neighbor a renegade province under these circumstances and he's not paranoid to be pissed off at the US for running naval drills with nuclear death machines off China's coastline in concert with this sketchy state that we promised to remain neutral on with the One China Policy.

Basically, Taiwan is primed for Xi to become what Ukraine was primed for Putin to be, an irresistible beartrap baited with centuries of historical trauma to snare another American adversary into an unwinnable quagmire. The only difference is that this time woke warmongers like Nancy Pelosi have the perfect right-wing aphrodisiac of racism on their side and this putrid ploy has worked before.

After all, FDR used the same strategy to break the original America First Movement when he provoked the Japanese into attacking howlie occupied Hawaii and then drowned an equally war weary nation in an ocean of tax-funded anti-Japanese propaganda that successfully overrode homespun common sense with deep seated fears of the Eastern Other. And this time taxpayers won't even have to pay a dime for their indoctrination because isolationists like Tucker Carlson are more than happy to run the propaganda necessary to frighten peace-loving middle Americans into embracing the insanity of another world war for free. 

The endgame remains the same as the one in Ukraine. This isn't about Putin or Xi. This isn't about autocracy or democracy. This isn't even really about Russia or China. It's about Russia and China. It's about Eurasia, the economic integration of which has always represented the greatest threat to American global hegemony and ghastly opportunists like Nancy Pelosi aren't above using feminism or racism to strangle that threat in its cradle.

As far as I'm concerned, that isn't just an assault on world peace, that's an assault against philosophies like feminism and isolationism that are supposed to be devoted to world peace. Speaking as a proudly isolationist transfeminist, the only thing that offends me more than shallow bigots like Tucker Carlson are manipulative frauds like Nancy Pelosi, who gives human rights a bad name with her big macho ego. Put it back in your pants, chickenhawk. 

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Joe Biden's New Cold War Targets Black Power

 We recognize that if there is to be any peace on earth, it is going to come as a consequence of our people uniting to defeat US imperialism once and for all... We are going to have to unite with the oppressed peoples of the world. That is the only way that we will ever know peace.

-Omali Yeshitela

The end of the old civilization has come... Let the present generation perish, let the old prevaricators die in the desert! The holy earth will not cover their bones.

-Pierre-Joseph Proudhon 

You may have missed it between the subpoenas of the January 6 circus, but on the last Friday morning of July, the FBI redeclared war on the Black Power Movement in St. Louis, Missouri and St. Petersburgh, Florida. In a sweeping series of raids, several homes and offices belonging to the African People's Socialist Party (APSP) and their sister organization, the Uhuru Movement, were blitzed by heavily armed gestapo in a highly publicized show of force. 

Doors were kicked in, windows were smashed, and seven members including the Movement's founder and leader Omali Yeshitela and his wife were dragged away in cuffs like common gangsters while their requests to see a warrant for this treatment went ignored. The Uhuru Solidarity Center, the Uhuru House, even the APSP's tiny radio station, Black Power 96.3, were targeted in this highly choreographed assault on these two relatively marginal organizations.

Their crime? According to the Justice Department Indictment, these two organizations along with a couple others who remain nameless conspired with a Russian national named Aleksandr Ionov as part of a "foreign malign influence campaign" to spread Russian propaganda and sow general discord in the homeland. What little evidence that has been presented in this case is thin at best and relies largely on very broad accusations. 

Ionov, the founder of an organization called the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia, which both the APSP and Uhuru have maintained contact with, and the feds accuse of being a Kremlin front, is the only person actually charged with a crime in this operation and since he lives abroad, it is unlikely that he will ever stand trial to rebut the charges and by extension the APSP and Uhuru will never be granted the legal platform to exonerate themselves.

We've seen these tactics used before by the American Government to give credence to other spurious claims on Russian meddling in American elections. Russian nationals are indicted in absentia for Byzantinesque conspiracies to fuck with Hillary Clinton and our precious bodily fluids only to have the case go nowhere once the media loses interest. But this time the target is a pair of small but loud organizations in what remains of America's Black Power Movement. A movement which seems set to make a greatly needed comeback on inner city streets still stained with George Floyd's Blood.

Both the African People's Socialist Party and the Uhuru Movement have been active in antiwar and anti-police state provocations for decades and they have been particularly vocal in their opposition to America's uranium tipped proxy war in Ukraine. Unfortunately for the feds, the raids on the movement's properties appear to have only succeeded in pissing these unapologetic firebreathers off. When confronted with the accusations regarding Comrade Ionov, they denied ever taking anyone's rubles but also briskly responded 'so the fuck what if we did?' 

"Ain't no Russian been responsible for what we face every day in our lives... (The US) is going to say that Russians somehow had to tell us that we are being oppressed... (The US is) telling the world that Black people don't have enough sense to be able to lead our own struggle." Yeshitela railed at the cameras from the courthouse steps like Abraham on uppers before adding, "Don't tell us that we can't have friends that you don't like!" like a hand grenade in a foxhole. To quote Breaking Bad's neo-Nazi arch-villain Jack Welker "Well, I guess that's a response."

Naturally, being the flag-flaming faggot bitch that I am, I took an automatic liking to these militant motherfuckers. Their unblinkingly fearless response to the hammer of the federal government brings to mind Che Guevara's final words to his CIA executioners. "Shoot coward, you're only killing a man." I mean can you imagine those limousine riding sell-outs who hijacked Black Lives Matter Incorporated throwing back a punch like that? The feds can and that's the point. 

The APSP and Uhuru refuse to back down to bullies during an increasingly dangerous time for dissidence in America. While the Biden regime continues to crank up the heat in their new cold war with Russia and China and their barcoded Cassandras in the flailing Fourth Estate tar anyone who so much as questions the logic of this thermonuclear game of imperial chicken, the Democrats are simultaneously using the violent boomer bro-down on January 6 as a sick excuse to keep the Donald's own jihad against the purposely ambiguous specter of domestic extremism alive and lethal. 

While paying lip service to their virtue signaling war on a white supremacist movement that Joe Biden is a Strom Thurmon-sucking, card carrying member of, Biden's Justice Department is essentially just picking up where Bill Barr's Task Force Against Domestic Extremism left off. While Barr's task force singled out Antifa and Merrick Garland's singles out white militia groups, they both leave a backdoor wide open to targeting etcetera and if history has taught us a goddamn thing it's that etcetera is generally newspeak for Black Power.

While Biden's own National Security Council Strategy Document released shortly after his inauguration declared "racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists" to be our racially or ethnically motivated empire's main domestic terror threat, it also left a telltale asterisk stating that the feds would also "disrupt and deter those who launch violent attacks in a misguided effort to force change in government policies that they view as unjust."

I don't know about you, dearest motherfuckers, but all of this shit reeks like COINTELPRO to me. For those of you who don't know, the FBI's quite openly white supremacist founding father, J. Edgar Hoover, launched a program called COINTELPRO during the height of the last cold war in 1956 to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit or otherwise neutralize" organizations he accused of being directed by malign Russian influence to attempt to force change in government policies that they viewed as unjust like segregation and the Vietnam War. 

Hoover's targets included everyone from Martin Luther King to John Lennon, but he saved the lion share of his ammo for the Black Power Movement, specifically the Black Panther Party whom he once declared to be "without a question... the greatest threat to the internal security of the country."

This was the original war on terror, and this was in fact where the loaded term counterterrorism originates, and it all began innocently enough with the kind of disruption and deterrence we saw hurled at the APSP and Uhuru last month, but it very quickly devolved into something far more sinister. Activists were framed and did decades behind bars for crimes they didn't commit, rivalries were fostered between competing organizations which ended in bloodshed, and bombastic raids gave way to outright extrajudicial executions like the cold-blooded homicide of Chicago's influential young chairman, Fred Hampton, who was drugged by an FBI informant before being riddled with bullets in bed by the Chicago Police.

This campaign also began with government campaigns to slime radical young activists as agents of Moscow, but this was as bogus as the official motive for the Cold War itself. The Soviet Union was never really a threat to anyone outside of the Warsaw Pact and our government knew it. This is why during the entirety of the Cold War an American bullet never entered the skull of a single Soviet soldier. We didn't give a fuck about communism. Our real targets were indigenous Third World liberation movements like the ones in Vietnam and Nicaragua that resisted America's imperial expansion project.

And what was the Black Power Movement but another uppity Third World liberation movement within our own borders, giving the poor and disenfranchised the crazy notion that our oppression was directly linked to that of the poor brown folks being mowed down with our tax dollars overseas. This is why this shit is personal to me, because without the Black Power Movement there would be no Queer Liberation Movement and I would be a tranny without a posse instead of just a tranny without a pussy.

The most dangerous idea that the Black Power Movement ever fostered however, and the reason they still serve as an inspiration to a genderfuck post-left anarchist like me, is that poor people didn't need the state, all we needed was solidarity and autonomy. This is why the Black Panther project that terrified Old Man Hoover the most was their widely popular Free Breakfast Program in which the party fed tens of thousands of hungry kids in the inner city without relying on a single tax dollar.

I find it similarly telling that over fifty years later these same feds targeted community centers like the Uhuru Solidarity Center in St. Louis and the Uhuru House in St. Petersburgh, decades old institutions best known for providing free stateless services like licensed community kitchens, HIV testing, doula training and housing for former convicts.

Black Power and Black Nationalism have nothing to do with contrived chauvinistic nation states. Quite the contrary, they're all about building stateless nations of self-sufficient communities like the ones once dreamed of by Charles Fourier and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. This is what makes organizations like the African People's Socialist Party and the Black Uhuru Movement truly lethal and this is how we can all defend them against Biden's New Cold War, by defending ourselves like they do with Black nations and Chicano nations and Queer nations and Redneck nations and Punk Rock nations and Hip Hop nations, all united with Third World nations from the Donbass to Rojava to strangle the empire that seeks to divide and conquer us all. Only united in universal autonomy can we win.

Consider this rant a big pink Queer fist thrown in solidarity with my brothers and sisters in the African People's Socialist Party and the Uhuru Movement. You were right to be afraid of them because you're going to have to take all the stateless nations they inspired down with them. Good luck. You're going to need it more than us because luck is for gangsters without a community and communities are for smashing gangsters without mercy. 

Peace, Love, & Solidarity! - Nicky/CH  

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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Everyone Has Already Lost the War in Ukraine but Raytheon

 There are very few things on this boiling rock called earth that I hate more than war, but I've also been fascinated with war for as long as I can remember. There is just something about the cataclysmic conjunction of clashing cultures, rugged geography, radical ideology, and existential philosophy that seems to trigger my own cataclysmic conjunction of obsessive-compulsive disorders and ADHD. All of which leads me to follow international conflicts the way more well-adjusted dorks follow sports teams. 

It's an admittedly perverse hobby likely driven by my own history of childhood trauma and the resulting need to gain some sense of control over the horrors of a violently uncontrollable universe, but it also ultimately drove me to become a downright evangelical anti-imperialist and anarchist once I realized the very basic fact that states kill. It is their most defining attribute. A monopoly on the use of grotesque behavior and the insanity of war is how they justify their very existence. All of them, in ways big and small. Not one of them is special. Every team in this blood sport sucks.

But I can honestly say that in my 34 years as a compulsive antiwar nerd, I have never seen a war more horrifically insane than the rapidly expanding mess in Ukraine. There have been plenty of wars that are more violent. There's about a dozen raging in Africa as we speak that make the carnage of Bucha look downright quaint by comparison, but I've never in my lifetime seen a war that is more pointlessly dangerous. 

A savage proxy war between two disintegrating nuclear superpowers that somehow combines the Mad Max-style barbaric warlordism of Afghanistan with the almost casual disregard for mankind of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Every fucking second that that Slavic dumpster fire keeps burning brings us another step closer to a nuclear apocalypse and literally everybody has already lost this war months ago, at least in any way that counts. All conceivable reason should lead even an insane person to just fucking end this thing, but this monstrously hideous thing has defied all reason from day one. 

The war in Ukraine didn't start this February, it started in 2014 when a wicked clique of neocons buried like a tick in the Obama Administration and led by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, hijacked the Maidan protests in Kiev with openly fascist thugs and used what was left of it to overthrow the very corrupt but still very democratically elected government of Ukraine in order to replace it with something compliant enough to allow NATO to use the country as a platform to heckle Russia from.

Russia in turn responded by kind-of-sort-of recognizing the autonomy of the most heavily ethnic Russian regions of Ukraine that demanded independence from an overtly Russophobic new government that they never consented to be a part of. With Uncle Sam's credit card now in their arsenal, the new regime in Kiev responded to Russia's meddling by sending neo-Nazi death squads to these breakaway regions and launching a dirty war against their impoverished citizens for nearly 8 years straight, resulting in the senseless slaughter of over 14,000 people. 

Meanwhile, NATO began throwing increasingly provocative dress rehearsals for Barbarossa 2: Electric Boogaloo on Russia's shores and borders with nuclear capable battleships and bombers until things finally exploded late last year into a jarring series of violent twists that has left even seasoned observers like myself with a serious case of whiplash.

In the Summer of 2021, Russia began stacking troops and heavy machinery at the border while demanding a sit-down with the newly elected president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to at least talk about the growing NATO presence in the Donbass and the Black Sea. Both Washington and their loyal flunkies in the Western press responded to this bully tactic by immediately predicting an imminent Russian invasion and began picking a procession of passing dates when the bombs would drop.

 Zelensky and his administration desperately tried to convince the chickenhawks-at-be to end this self-fulfilling countdown to doomsday but also stubbornly refused to even discuss kicking these moneyed lunatics out their country with Moscow. As the pressure mounted, violence finally boiled over in the already embattled Donbass region while Zelensky openly toyed with the idea of restarting Ukraine's still very much operational nuclear weapons program. 

On February 24th, Putin finally flipped his wig and responded with a full-blown shock-and-awe style invasion which he comically declared to be a special military operation. After boldly and brutally attempting to take the capitol of Kiev hostage, the colossal Russian military machine was nearly derailed, not by Ukrainian neo-Nazi battalions but by the irate Russian speaking proletariat who had foolishly voted for Zelensky to contain them, the same Russian speakers who Putin foolishly assumed would greet his own stormtroopers as liberators. 

For his part, Zelensky initially seemed open to negotiations after it had become painfully clear that NATO had plaid him like a harp from hell and after a month of humiliating losses, Putin's army retreated from Kiev and headed back to the Donbass region to save face. In any sane world this would have been all she wrote but drunk on the cult of personality bestowed upon him by the Western war paparazzi and armed to the teeth with the latest killing machines US tax dollars could buy, Zelensky rejected diplomacy at a time when he held all the cards and doubled down on America's twisted dream of destroying Vladimir Putin with a tidal wave of Ukrainian corpses.   

At this point the momentum appears to have violently shifted in Putin's favor as his forces have focused on liberating the only section of the map that had actually demanded his help. In fact, they demanded it nearly eight years ago when he was too busy leveling tenements in Syria to bother lifting a finger for the ethnic Russians he's suddenly so damn concerned about. Regardless, after spending a month struggling to hold onto a single neighborhood in the suburbs of Kiev, Putin took over 90% of Luhansk without even trying. 

But with Antony Blinken and Boris Johnson whispering sweet nothings into his ear, Volodymyr Zelensky's objectives only became grander as he refused to even continue negotiations until his regime had completed the impossible task of retaking all of the Donbass and Crimea. With this the war grinded to a bloody halt on the ground but NATO still managed to intensify the conflict they started by sending Ukraine weapons like the HIMARS long range missile system, capable of hitting Russian territory from well past the Donbass. 

Russia responded by announcing their intention to absorb even more territories like Kherson and Zaporizhya in order create a buffer zone of even more Novorossiyan human shields, large enough to make Zelensky's deadly new toys ineffective. But those same countries that promised Ukraine a mythical NATO membership to rile Putin into a sinkhole on his border just keep sending Kiev deadlier and deadlier toys.   

The end result of this suicide circus isn't just thousands of dead bodies but a war without victors. There is no one left alive who can leave this battlefield with their head held high and there is absolutely zero prospect of things getting any better for either side. It didn't have to be this way. There were multiple clearly marked off-ramps to peace on this highway to hell but everyone involved just kept blasting past them with their pedal to the metal. And now we are left with a battlefield governed by broken losers.

Volodymyr Zelensky lost this war when he failed to realize that the only people who screwed him over worse than ones in Moscow were the ones in NATO. He could have easily brokered a peace deal with Russia after they left Kiev with their tails between their legs and left this clusterfuck looking like Churchill with abs. Putin would have gladly taken even a meager concession at that point just to save face after Russia's biggest imperial flop since the Afghan trap, but Zelensky chose to press his luck in the Donbass instead.

By doing so, he didn't just abandon Ukraine's best hope for a favorable outcome in this war, he abandoned the moral high ground to play Putin in someone else's neighborhood. The people of the Donbass have repeatedly made it violently clear that they have absolutely no interest in being part of the post-Maidan Ukrainian experiment. Regardless of Russia's manipulations, what Ukraine did to those people for years is no different than what Putin has done to Ukraine for months. 

Zelensky's predecessors indiscriminately carpet bombed the People's Republics of Luhansk and Donetsk into oblivion for the crime of leaving Ukraine the same way Ukraine left Russia and for the same reasons. Zelensky was elected to end this savagery. Instead, he's decided to pick up where his predecessors left off to fulfill some sick twisted revenge fantasy. Zelensky will never take these territories back. All he can do is punish poor people on both sides of their borders and provoke a nuclear confrontation for his vanity.

Vladimir Putin lost this war the moment that he expanded it beyond the Donbass and stepped into America's trap in Kiev. For decades Putin displayed the kind of cool sociopathic discipline that has long defined Russian brinksmanship. He has played the long game with patience and poise from Damascus to Tbilisi and has repeatedly humiliated an often-bludgeoning American hegemon violently lurching towards its twilight in the process. This isn't to say that Putin is the anti-imperialist wunderkind that some desperate leftists have made him out to be. 

Putin is a heartless fucking bastard, but he's always been a very sly heartless fucking bastard, practicing a kind of counter-imperialism using the gargantuan size of his American foes against them like a Judo master. This all ended the moment he crossed the Dnieper River. At some point, Putin made the fatal mistake that many once-great pugilists before him have made, he decided he was a bad motherfucker who couldn't lose and began fighting like an imbecile. This whole stupid fucking war could have been avoided had Putin simply taken back the Nazi occupied sections of the Donbass to begin with and left NATO to bitch about a region no one who doesn't use the Cyrillic Alphabet even gives a fuck about.

Even America has lost this goddamn war. Our economy has been decimated, not because Putin invaded Ukraine but because America declared war on the Russian people for his actions with a sweeping sanctions regime that has only resulted in strengthening the Ruble and making gasoline more expensive than cocaine. The entire Western World is on the brink of a massive recession and the entire Third World is on the brink of starvation. All because two empires decided to play battleship with Ukraine and the only people who have anything to show for it are the jackals who make the game pieces.

The Military Industrial Complex is raking in the dough, selling Stinger missiles faster than Putin can blow them up at the airport and footing taxpayers with the bill. At some point somebody has to say it. These motherfuckers need to go. A handful of corporations like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin have held the world hostage for a century and now they are risking full blown omnicide every fucking day just to make another buck. How are these people any better than the Nazis and how do we justify allowing them to exist? I'm not telling you; I'm asking you. Where do we draw the line?

I have been fascinated with war for as long as I can remember but there is only one war that I'm willing to fight with my own two hands and that is a war against the war machine and the state who keeps it alive with our stolen pocket change to justify their own malignant existence. As far as I'm concerned, Russians, Ukrainians, Americans and 99% of the planet should fight this war with me because our lives all literally depend on it.

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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