Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trump V. Killary: A Tale of Two Evils

Well, dearest motherfuckers, it looks like it's official, what with Bernie's inevitable return to the feet of his DNC masters like a purring cat and the Republicans finally, reluctantly, swallowing the cyanide forced into there mouths by there own, long abused, electorate with the rapacious zeal of a prison bitch who's finally turned the table on his tormentors, 2016 will undeniably go down in history as the most repulsive display of defunct democracy in this unholy empire's history.

2016 is the year that this damnable nations two largest (and, naturally, most damnable) political parties has chosen the two worst human beings on earth to run for the presidency. In an age of apocalyptic upheaval, when leadership of any kind is more desperately needed than lead-free water, our choices for leader of the "free" universe come down to Donald Trump and Hillary (Killary) Clinton. A mobbed up, neonazi, snake-oil slinger and a sociopathic, body stacking, post-feminist, murder machine. This is what it comes down to? This is democracy?

Of coarse, as I've been desperately struggling to drill into you fine folks numb skulls for what feels like a millennia, there are, in fact, more than two fucking choices. In most states there's at least four. Aside from carpet-head and the dragon lady, there's Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Party and my personal favorite, Jill Stein for the Green Party. While these two candidates are far from perfect (Still miss you Ralph) they beat the ever-loving Christ out of the other two options.

But, for the sake of argument, I'll play dumb like the rest of the country and pretend our only two options are the toxic twins of eternal chaos. In which case this election becomes a game of; who do you hate? Which is worse? Which ego-drunk, wanna-be tyrant scares you less? Or, as this twisted national pass-time is more commonly known; who is the lesser of two evils?

So who's worse, the Donald or Killary? The choice should be obvious, right? The slumlord. The con-man. The proudly racist Butthole Birther who barks, cheerfully, about torturing civilians and ethnically cleansing the Southwest of anything browner then a bleached tube-sock. When it all comes down to the wire, as scandalously deceitful and shamelessly plutocratic as Madame Killary might be, Donald Trunp has to take the cake, right? I mean, shit, even my childhood mentors Noam Chomsky and Courtney Love have come to this conclusion and I, myself, on this very blog, have accused the Trumpster fire of being everything from a Killary puppet to the veritable reincarnation of Benito Mussolini. OK ,if your still with me here,  you've probably realized I'm doing a bit here. So I'll cut the shit and rip the needle off the record right now. Trump maybe a lot of gross things, racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, repulsive, tasteless, incestuous, verbally incontinent, morally retarded. Sure, sure, he's all that shit and then some but one thing the Donald is not, at least not this year, is the worse of two evils. Not with Killary still breathing gasoline.

Don't get me wrong, this motherfucker is dangerous. What he appears to represent is not only a rejection of the status quo (hardly a sin) but an embrace of the same racial scapegoating and chest-thumping glorification of state power that plagued the dying empires of Old Europe between World Wars. Yes, Trump may indeed be a new breed of fascist or at least so it seems to the naked eye on first glance but upon inspecting the Donald more closely, under glass, after scratching off a layer or two of noxious, pseudo-populist Cheeto dust, it becomes readily apparent that Trump is something far less terrifying. He's a fraud. A flim-flam artist in the first degree and this whole damn election has just been one big, long grift. That's why his campaign engine is held together with pantyhose and running on empty. That's why his rallies, in between the race-baiting violence, play like a bad late-night infomercial with Donald playing the part of the solicitous televangelist, slinging his ghost-written self-help books and holy water like rock cocaine at a Detroit swap meet. That's why this motherfucker has no discernibly consistent policy on anything.

But, once again, lets play dumb and pretend that Trump believes a goddamn word that passes through his slimy, jacked, lizard lips. Lets say the Donald really does want to pack all the Mexicans into a south bound train, build a Great Wall of Trump on the Rio Grande and launch drone strikes against all the girls who wouldn't blow him in high school. Hows he gonna do it? Who in his or her right mind is going to take orders from this ginger rodeo clown? The Pentagon? Congress? The Supreme court? I don't think so. They'd laugh in his fucking face just like those girls in high school. But the Commander-in-Trump demands it! Him and what fucking army. Who's really got the Donald's back aside from a drunken brood of inbred hicks and a mish-mosh of D-list celebrity has-bins. In spite of his bluster and bullshit bravado, Trump has no friends in high places. No high-powered industrialists or four-star generals to give his Fourth-Reich teeth. Hitler and Mussolini didn't act solo. They were well connected and even better organized. Trump is neither.

 In all likelihood, a Trump presidency will be the most feckless, uneventful, one-term snoozefest this country has ever seen. The Donald will make scandalous pronouncements. No one but the turkey-vultures in the media will listen. The Donald will have a hissy-fit and the American people will be treated to a front row display of exactly how powerless the president really is. Trump's best hope is to pull an Obama and hand the reigns of power over to the leadership of his party but Trump won't do that. His colossal ego won't allow him to. A Trump presidency will likely serve as nothing more than yet another epic failure in the career of a life-long loser. The same, sadly, can not be said for the queen of chaos, Killary Clinton.

Killary knows exactly what she's going to do and she knows exactly how she's going to do it. She's going to further her lifelong mission of guaranteeing America's domination of the known fucking universe and if her long career of grossly over-trumpeted achievements is any indication, we're in for a bumpy ride. This is the same woman who micromanaged her husbands brutal bombing campaign on Kosovo, all in the name of a genocide that never happened and all to deplete Russia of its last Allie in the region with the end result being the creation of a racist, ethno-gangster state that now serves as Europe's capitol for heroin, sex slavery and black market organs. This is the woman who turned Libya, once one of Africa's wealthiest and most socially equal nations into a smoking heap of Islamic terrorism that is slowly engulfing the entire continent. All so she could hang Gaddafi's head on her fucking mantle. This is the woman who quit as Secretary of State over Obama's initial refusal to directly fund Al-Qaeda in Syria. This is the woman who served as the architect of a neonazi coup-de-tat in Ukraine in order to suck Russia into a black hole of endless ethnic warfare (Thankfully, unlike Milosevic, Putin didn't take the bait.) and sabotage there integration with Europe. This is the woman who turned a long peaceful debate between China and it's neighbors over the ownership of a cluster of unpopulated Islands into a giant, nuclear powered game of Battleship. And this is the woman who wants to start World War 3 with Russia by going head-to-head with there fighter jets in both Syria and the Baltic's. With Killary as president we will be closer to nuclear apocalypse then we've been since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

For all Trumps military tough talk and foreign policy inconsistencies, he has shown more hesitation to expand the American Empire to the gates of Russian hell than any candidate for either major party this year. He's still all for killing Muslims, so much so he wants to invite Putin to take part in the bloodbath but Trump doesn't appear to share Killary's lust for Russophobic holy war. A Trump presidency may be chaotic, violent, racist and dangerous. It may even include a couple race riots and a few crimes against humanity. But it is far less likely to be as downright apocalyptic as a Killary regime. So if your looking for the lesser of two evils in 2016, my vote is on the racist moron over the worlds finest female mass murderer since Elizabeth Bathory. But I'd personally rather get a prostate exam with a fucking chainsaw then vote for either one of them. Please, take it from me, dearest motherfuckers, vote third party this November. Then hurry home and start digging. We're gonna need a lot of fallout shelters to survive this mess.

Peace, Love and Empathy- CH

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Dallas, Blowback, and the Pregnant Society

        BLOWBACK: An unforeseen and unwanted effect, result, or set of repercussions.
                                   -Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

If your reading this right now, I'm sure that I don't have to tell you that we as a country have spent yet another sweltering Summer week in a cracked bathtub full of boiling blood. And I'm sure that I'm not the only one who feels fucking exhausted with this countries total inability to learn a goddamn lesson and I'm rapidly approaching the end of my rope. I'm just so fucking sick and so fucking tired and all I know how to do is type.

On the first Wednesday of July two more innocent black men were murdered by the police. Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in St. Paul. Both men were were reasonably armed. Both men were minding there own fucking business. Both men were black. One was pinned to the ground and physically subdued before being senselessly shot multiple times at close range, execution style. The other was blown away as he tried to provide his I.D.. Both murders caught on tape or rather on phone. And the sane world wept. And the sick world shrugged. And we all died a little bit more inside. Just another dog day in sunny America.

On the first Thursday of July, the people of Black Lives Matter held another peaceful protest in Downtown Dallas with the full consent and co-operation of the Dallas Police. The protest was coming to an uneventful close when all hell let loose. Shot's rang out. Police hit the ground while there fellow officers returned fire. By the time the smoke finally cleared several hours later, six people were dead, five cops and one gunman. Another seven cops and two civilians were maimed.

The gunman was a black Army veteran of the Afghanistan War named Micah Xavier Johnson. By all appearances he acted alone in a fit of rage against white police officers. Just like the cops in Baton Rouge and St. Paul, it mattered little if the people he killed were guilty or innocent. He was the judge, jury and executioner. And once again the sane world wept. But the sick world couldn't shut the fuck up.

Because according to all these lovely gnashing heads in the permanently televised sick world, this was Black Live Matter's fault. Those cops were clearly killed by the reasonable demands of uppity black kids seeking the right to walk down a fucking street without getting murdered. Or maybe this was all the NRA's fault, because the Second Amendment is just so 1776. The only thing that couldn't possibly be at fault was the police state itself AKA blowback. But, like usual, the gnashing heads of the permanently televised sick world were dead fucking wrong.

I first and foremost want to make it perfectly fucking clear that when I say the police state, I don't necessarily mean the police. There are many good, hardworking, blue collar cops out there, I have had the pleasure to consider some of them family and I have no reason to believe that the dozen cops shot by Johnson weren't among this silent majority among the violent minority. My beef is not with the police, at least not as individuals. My beef is with the putrid system that has made even good cops complicit in a never-ending war against poor people, particularly those of color.

Over the last couple years alone this country has seen an endless procession of innocent, mostly unarmed people of color, slaughtered in cold blood by trigger happy cops. As horrifying as this sounds the orgy of bloodshed wasn't the truly shocking part of this latest spree. Black and brown and queer people have been telling their friends in the white/straight world for years that this shit's been going down. What made these cases different was that most of them were recorded and what made this downright horrifying is that it didn't even fucking matter. In case after bloody case, the pigs, and these were not cops but pigs, were tried before a rigged court and released with just a slap on the fucking wrist, if that.

Eric Garner, Micheal Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Harris, Walter Scott, Jonathan Ferrell, Sandra Bland, Samuel Duboise, Freddie Gray and now Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Case after case after goddamn case. Kids were killed. There killers were set free. The people protested (mostly peacefully.) And the bodies just kept pilling up. It quickly became graphically clear to the whole country that these pigs were above the law as long as they kept there bullets in brown bodies.

There is only so much a people can take before they break. Martin Luther King Jr. said it himself, paraphrasing JFK- "Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable." Sooner or later someone will break under the colossal weight of oppression and it'll usually be someone already on the edge, but, regardless, without reform it becomes inevitable.

Black and brown and queer (particularly trans) people in this country have been consistently taught through the actions of the people supposedly payed to protect them that there lives don't matter and any kind of justice in the legal system is all but hopeless. The reason behind this unfortunate fact isn't simply a matter of racism or bigotry. It is a matter of unchecked power. The police state in this country has been given a free hand to annihilate with impunity and even good cops have been rendered powerless to stop this legacy of bloodshed due to the strictly enforced culture of blue silence. There success and even there safety within the police community is dependent upon keeping there mouths shut and looking the other way when things get out of control. This deeply ingrained practice has created a community where, sadly, bad cops rise in the ranks while good cops are left with only three options- Go silent, go bad or just go away.

The only way to change this hopelessly corrupt system is to destroy it and replace it with something more transparent and democratic. This can be done by making the career progress of cops dependent on the approval of the communities they police and by having acts of police violence prosecuted by attorneys who work outside the law enforcement community, perhaps by creating a separate prosecutorial organ that works exclusively on cases of police brutality thus avoiding putting prosecutors in the corrupting position where they have to prove the guilt of someone they have to work with on a day to day basis to win cases.

Until this kind of radical reform happens the violence coming from both sides of the law will only get worse and the divide between the police and the citizens they serve will only grow wider. If left unchecked this divide may ultimately make the ultimate act of violent social upheaval a forgone conclusion when even peaceful people will be given no choice but to defend there own communities from predators with or without a badge.

One more quote- "Violence is the midwife of any old society pregnant with a new one."

                                             -Karl Marx.

For better or worse, these contractions are coming closer and closer. A C-section via peaceful revolutionary reform maybe the only way to prevent a violent revolutionary birth.

Peace, Love and Empathy- CH