Friday, July 31, 2015

My War With Words

Holy fucking shit balls, Batman! That last one was a bitch and a half to write. I'm sure it was a bitch and a half to read too. So I greatly thank you kindly, the few of you with the patience and fortitude to actually make it all the way through my Anti-NATO Manifesto and that means you and quite possibly only you, Aunt Barb. Any attention I can actually get from this thing is very much appreciated but Jesus tap dancing Christmas this blogging thing is a lot less easy then I thought it would be and for most people it probably is easy but in case you haven't noticed I'm not most fucking people. I'll explain a bit of my writing process and maybe you'll understand.

I have a very peculiar mix of gifts and disabilities that makes this shit kinda time consuming. On the one hand, according to my last psych exam at least, my verbal skills are on the high end of average. On the other hand, according to the same psych exam, my mechanical skills are on the rock bottom end of average. Basically, I'm a poor mans savant, with my right brain on the gas and my left on the breaks. It would be a lot damn easier if I was just plain fucking stupid. As a result of this odd predicament, I have all these things I wanna fucking say but I cant right them down fast enough. I literally can't keep up with myself. So I'll often be writing sentence two before I'm even finished writing sentence one.

An example;  Holy fucking shit balls, Batman! That last one sure it was a bitch and a half to read.

Annoyingly confusing, right?! Well try working your ass off to write a goddamn eight page manifesto, only to read a bushel of batshit fucking nonsense. Its goddamn infuriating. So I need total concentration to write and I have to write the first draft because I cant type worth shit. So I'll listen to whole albums on YouTube, through my headphones, while writing on a pad of paper next to the keyboard. Usually, one or two albums will give me enough time to finish but this one took me seven   ( Fucking seven!!! )

1. Isn't Anything by My Bloody Valentine - Beautiful, weird and fucking beautiful

2. Atomizer by Big Black - Ugly, weird, scary and absolutely brilliant

3. Gish by The Smashing Pumpkins - A personal favorite

4. Album ( Generic Flipper ) by Flipper - Insane, another personal favorite

5. Nowhere by Ride - Shoegaze at its most majestic

6. On Fire by Galaxie 500 - A new personal favorite

7. Psychocandy by The Jesus And Mary Chain - The best album of the 80's and my favorite of the bunch

This whole process alone usually takes a couple of days. This one took a goddamn week and then I have to fucking type this thing, which, as I said before, I can't do worth shit. I type, hunt and peck style, with two hands and two fucking fingers, one letter at a time and only a few hours a day, because if I type any longer then that my stir fried lizard brain starts to feel like runny cream corn and my wrists ache like a tweeked out, chronic masturbator. This shit usually goes on for fucking days. This time it took another goddamn week and then I proof read until my eyeballs fucking bleed then, finally, I push publish and fucking scream.

Your probably asking, "Why fucking do it then?". The answer is simple, because I love it and I never regret it, once its finished. I wrote this last post because I was sick and tired of the media's totally one sided coverage of the war in Ukraine and I thought at least one American comrade should give the rebels side of the story and if I reach one person, just one single fucking person, even my Aunt Barb and make them think twice, even if I don't convince them in the end then it feels totally worth it and when I see that people in countries I'll probably never see like Romania and Kyrgyzstan ( Yes! Fucking Kyrgyzstan!! ) have seen my page, that's  even better. ( Sorry Aunt Barb ) And that's it. Having a voice that reaches past the walls of my rural Pennsylvania house makes all the cramps and headaches totally worth it.

So be patient, Dearest motherfuckers and I'll keep busting my fat ass to make it worth the wait.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The "Russia" Problem ( An Anti-NATO Manifesto )

All across the vast expanses of Eastern Europe the hills are alive with the grinding sounds warfare. From the frigid shores of the Baltic to the warm waters of the Black Sea, the former nations of the Warsaw Pact serve as a virtual theater for a chorus of tanks, fighter jets, battle ships, missile batteries and other assorted, high powered, multi million dollar murder machines filling the sky, the sea, the land, with levels of firepower lethal enough to punch a fucking hole through the sun. War games they call it. They got the fucking war part right but this shore as shit aint no fucking game.

The collective forces of the mighty NATO, over twenty nations and hundreds of thousands of soldiers are convening on the borders of Putin's Russia, the worlds most colossal pariah state, ready to pounce upon there query at a seconds notice. Whispers of a Third World War fill the air like smoke and that dreaded specter of nuclear holocaust leers its ugly head over all like a hungry wolf licking its chops over the blood spattered body of its dying prey. But why? How? How the fuck did we get here? How did it come to this? The world once again divided against itself in another doomed war dance.

If you follow the news then you already have the answers or at least you think you do but like most things in the mass media, this new cold war isn't all that it seems. In fact you may be shocked by how little the western worlds coverage reflects reality. One thing we can all agree on, dearest motherfuckers, is that this nasty little saga begins in the Ukrainian  capitol of Kiev.

By the year of our lord, twenty hundred and thirteen, the former Soviet Republic of Ukraine, like many a post-communist state, was a shell of its former glory, corrupt, depleted, and racked with poverty and crippling debt. The west, as always, saw opportunity in the misery of others. The European Union with strong backing from these United States offered then Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych an opportunity to join there elite organization, only there was a ketch. While Ukraine would technically be a member of the EU, it would be something of a second class citizen. While the economic powerhouses of Western Europe would be given full access to the nations cheap but well trained industrial workforce, Ukraine would receive zero access to the kind of immigration rights that would benefit its own economy and increasingly desperate populace. Too put it simply, it was a shit deal but the Ukrainian people were so thirsty for change, any change, that the shit deal wasn't without its fanfare, especially from the nations oligarchs, looking to beef up there own Eurocentric portfolios.

Then Russia weighed in. Vladimir Putin offered Yanukovych a major bailout on its considerable debts to the Motherland in return for a new trade deal between the nations in hopes of avoiding the terrifying prospect of losing the land that gave birth to Russian society to the western orbit. Putin's motives were far from economic, as the deal was far more of a risk to Moscow then it was to Kiev. Putin knew that joining the EU was just the first step in a well documented western plot that ended with NATO's loaded revolver pressed firmly against Mother Russia's temple. So Putin pulled out all the stops to sweeten the deal, leaving the historically opportunistic Yanukovych with the final decision. Yanukovych did the logical thing and took Russia's better deal and then Kiev exploded.

Funny thing about a riot, like a forest fire, even when its planned it looks totally random, kind of like a flash mob and that's essentially what the so called Euromaiden protests became, one big, bloody, billion dollar flash mob, designed and funded by the US State Department. By its own admission, the ironically named National Endowment for Democracy dumped over five billion dollars into poverty stricken Ukraine over the last twenty years, all going to a rogues gallery of corrupt parties and organizations devoted to blindly supporting policies that benefit corporate America and February 2014 was proof positive that those tax dollars weren't spent in vain. What was originally a tiny, inconsequential protest held by a spattering of well meaning if woefully misinformed upper middle class college students in Independence Square became flooded with outsiders, mostly from Ukraine's long pro European western border region, bused in by the hundreds by western backed oligarchs who also beefed up there numbers by paying cash strapped locals to stand in with prefab signs and look pissed.

The real muscle however came in the form of neo-Nazi thugs like Svoboda and the even more violent Right Sector, both organizations designated anti-Semitic hate groups by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. As much as these goose stepping shit heels may hate the Jews, they hate there nations ethnic Russians far worse. Many of them called openly for the whole sale annihilation of both. As the Euromaiden flash mob quickly became a full scale riot these testosterone drunk, skin head cretins took center stage, dressed to the nine in there finest bomber jackets and curve stomping boots, wielding portraits of there vile hero, Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, who lead a squadron of racist savages who littered the countryside of there beloved fatherland with the corpses of tens of thousands of innocent Jews and Russians. Now the ideological progeny of these twisted twats have become our boys in Ukraine or as the lapdog American media have so crassly proclaimed them, "brave pro democracy activists". Give me a fucking break.

Naturally it didn't take too long for things to go from bad to way fucking worse with the freedom loving boot boys of Svoboda and Right Sector smashing windows, burning dumpsters and engaging Kiev's own hometown knuckle draggers in the police in full tilt urban combat.

It became painfully clear to both Prime Minister Yanukovych and the EU that things were getting way out of hand and they began trying to work on a compromise that would save the nation from utter bedlam but not everybody shared there thirst for peace. In late February a recording of a private phone conversation between the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt and Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, Victoria Nuland was leaked by unknown sources and to say the leak was an ear opener would be an understatement for the fucking record books. Pyatt listened on compliantly to Nuland, a zesty little dish of Neocon hate fuck who spends her free time away from ass raping democracy canoodling with her equally ultra violent hubby, Bushite Robert Kagan, undoubtedly over a bed of pictures of there numerous victims, anyway.... Where the fuck was I? Oh yeah! Pyatt was listening compliantly while Nuland blew her fucking top over the audacity of the EU to work for peaceful compromise while her and her Obama appointed cohorts worked so hard to overthrow a fucking sovereign nation and look professional doing it. "Fuck the EU" Nuland infamously proclaimed indignantly before her and the Ambassador got to work assembling the names of there favorite Quislings to fill the ranks of the post Yanukovych junta to be. The western media light heartedly covered the "Fuck the EU" section of the story like a goddamn sports blooper but carefully avoided talking honestly about the context in which these words were spoken and totally fucking ignored the fact that two American officials were caught red handed plotting a goddamn coup.

In spite of Miss Nuland's leaked transgressions or perhaps even because of them, the EU managed to secure a totally reasonable compromise with Mr. Yanukovych, who agreed to constitutional reforms and to bump up upcoming national elections to allow the people of Ukraine to decide for themselves which path to take the country down. Everything seemed resolved until  a wave of violence tore its way through Independence Square before the ink on the deal was even dry. Over a matter of hours, 94 people were slaughtered among the throngs of cops and protesters with over 900 injured in a series of bloody sniper attacks followed by intensified urban combat. It didn't take the west long to pin the blame on the embattled Ukrainian Prime Minister, but the motive never really added up. Why the hell Would Yanukovych bust his ass to come up with a peaceful compromise which would undoubtedly pleased the majority of the country only to rip it up and unleash the hounds of hell on the much publicized Euromaiden protesters giving his enemies all the momentum they needed to fucking finish him which is precisely what they did.

Before the bodies were even cold in Liberty Square, Euromaidens skinhead shock troops took several government buildings by storm in a cluster of rapid fire attacks which seemed peculiarly well coordinated for supposedly random acts of revolutionary vengeance. Finally, last but not least, they stormed the Prime Ministers private residence, fucking up the help when they got in there way. Viktor Yanukovych, no saint but a man fairly elected in a fair, internationally observed election. A man who had once been a trusted Allie of the United States was given no choice but to flee the country for his life, allegedly all due to the hubris of his own mindbogglingly idiotic despotism. Like I said this whole fucking narrative felt strange to me. Nothing made a lick of sense until another leaked phone call made things painfully clear.

Urmas Paet, an Estonian Foreign Affairs Minister and by no means an Allie to his nations former occupier, Russia, was sent to investigate the sniper attacks in Kiev. Paet was shocked by what he discovered. After speaking with the main doctor of the Maiden mobile clinic, who was the first medical professional on the scene, Paet came to the horrifying conclusion that the sniper attacks, committed against both protesters and police, were perpetrated by a single party in order to ignite a battle in the streets of the capitol. The exact same kind of bullets had been found in all the bodies and they were not police issue. The only other force present, capable of that level of organized violence was Right Sector, a group not averse to using brutality to get its way. Paet informed the leadership of the EU of his unsettling findings but mysteriously, no further action was taken. The world probably never would have even heard about the investigation if the phone conversation between Urmas Paet and EU Foreign Affairs Chief, Catherine Ashton hadn't been leaked. The EU did its best to play down the importance of the conversation but a visibly indignant Urmas Paet quickly held a press conference, defending the assertions he had made on the leaked call and calling for further investigation but sadly, further investigation never came.

A lot of speculation has gone into who leaked the aforementioned phone call. Some people point the finger at Russian Intelligence, the likely culprit in the "Fuck the EU" phone leak. While others place the blame on Ukrainian SBU agents still loyal to Yanukovych. All very possible, but my own personal theory is that good old Urmas Paet leaked the calls himself after growing tired of his findings being ignored and swept under the rug by his maddeningly indifferent superiors. How does that old saying go? Hell hath no fury like a bureaucrat scorned? Regardless, sadly, it hardly made any difference to the western media who simply never reported the story.

It didn't take long after the collapse of the Yanukovych government for a western backed junta, virtually identical to the one suggested by Victoria Nuland, to form and receive an automatic stamp of White House approval. The interim government was a veritable who's who of corrupt, NED funded Washington bootlickers led by the spooky, mantis like, Arseniy Yatsenyuk or as his loving puppet masters affectionately call him, Yats. Far more distressing then the meteoric rise of the insectoid, King Yats was the prominent role played by Euromaidens Nazi muscle in the new order with the reigns of the Ukrainian military being handed over to Svoboda strongman, Ihor Tenyukh and the National Police being run by Washington's favorite neo-Nazi death squad, Right Sector. While the western world didn't seem at all bothered by one of Eastern Europe's largest combat forces being hijacked by racist gangsters who speak of the Holocaust with the wide eyed nostalgia of a cherished holiday memory, the rest of Ukraine was paying attention and the nation that lost over a third of its population to the Third Reich wasn't about to stand for a fucking repeat.

Race and nationality are a tricky subject in Ukraine since there isn't any real genetic difference between ethnic Ukrainians and ethnic Russians, so its really all a matter of identity and in Ukraine as in much of the world, this identity is based largely on language. While only, roughly 17 percent of Ukraine are believed to be ethnic Russians, well over a quarter of the population are Russian speakers, most of them residing in Southern and Eastern Ukraine, most of them working class and most of them Yanukovych voters and when these salt of the earth, blue collar folks learned that not only was the man they elected fair and square overthrown in a foreign funded coup but the bastards put in his place included openly russophobic, neo-Nazi's who celebrate the men who slaughtered there ancestors they naturally reacted with disgust and outrage and when that same junta proclaimed there intentions to ban the Russian language reducing there population to permanent apartheid status that outrage boiled over to full blown rage.

In no place was this rage more palpable then Crimea, a picturesque peninsula on the Black Sea that had been part of Russia from the days of Catherine the Great until Nikita Krushchev arbitrarily handed the region over to his homeland, the Soviet Republic of Ukraine, in 1961, allegedly in the throws of a drunken stupor. But to many on both sides of the border Crimea remained Russian territory, soil fought for, gallantly for centuries against the Ottomans, the Whites and the Nazis and when Ukraine declared independence from Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union with a little help from there friends in Washington, these proud people were ready for another fight, this time to return to the motherland once and for all. Before things could come to blows, Russia stepped in to help broker a treaty between Ukraine and Crimea. Crimea would remain part of the new Ukrainian democracy under the condition that they be given the rights of a semi autonomous republic, complete with there own parliament and prime minister and that Russia be aloud to maintain there naval base in Sebastapol, a major source of economic revenue for the entire peninsula and everything went smoothly until Kiev breached the tiny republics trust by overthrowing the government they overwhelmingly voted for and replacing it with one very hostile towards there interests. The Crimean people called bullshit and refused to recognize this new order. The Crimean parliament voted overwhelmingly to declare independence. A popular and internationally observed referendum followed with over 96 percent of Crimean's voting to rejoin Russia.

Despite the crass, baseless lies of the western media, Russia NEVER, I repeat NEVER FUCKING INVADED CRIMEA!!! This assertion is nothing less then pure, weapons grade, fucking HORSESHIT! There were Russian soldiers in Crimea, some twenty thousand but these soldiers had been there for decades, long before the February coup and had every right to be. Under the aforementioned treaty, the port city of Sebastapol had the right to house as many twenty-five thousand Russian troops and there is not one single solitary shred of evidence that any of these troops ever left there bases before Crimea declared independence and the defacto republics poorly armed militia asked Russian soldiers to help them defend there borders against threats made by Kiev's Nazi junta during the referendum process.

By recognizing Crimea's wish to rejoin Mother Russia, Vladimir Putin was doing nothing more tyrannical then recognizing the will of the people. No different then what the US and the UN did with Kosovo in 2008, only with far less bloodshed and a popular referendum. I personally could give a fuck about Putin but the people of Crimea have spoken. They stood up, bravely, for there democratic rights and THEY WON, not Russia. That should be a goddamn inspiration to any democracy loving citizen of the world, regardless of nationality.

And Crimea was an inspiration, to there ethnic Russian neighbors to the north in the eastern border region of Donbass or as its known to locals, Novorossiya. Like Crimea, Novorossiya is a traditionally Russian region, only made a part of Ukraine unilaterally by Lenin in 1921, in order to create a buffer zone between Moscow and the US backed Czarist death squads of Galicia, in the wake of the White Terror. And like Crimea the hardworking miners and factory workers of industrial Novorossiya never considered themselves Ukrainian to begin with. So when they found themselves under the yolk of a foreign backed, anti-Russian junta they took to the fucking streets and demanded a referendum on independence only to find themselves staring down the barrels of Kiev's tanks, sent by the junta to suppress the peoples will. But those Nazi fucks underestimated the Novorossiyans, a hard scrabble, twin fisted, working class people who had already survived the scourge of Hitler and his bitch boy Bandera and weren't about to take another fucking Reich sitting down.

The streets of Donetsk and Luhansk exploded with the righteous fury of an oppressed people scorned. Unlike Maiden, this was no fucking flash mob. Don't dare believe the shit the presstitutes have fed you. These people were not Russians. They were Novorossiyans and after years of taking Kiev's bullshit they had finally found there voice and they weren't alone. Novorossiyans and other ethnic Russians serving in Ukraine's military and police forces throughout the nation suddenly found themselves serving under the tutelage of poorly trained, snot nosed skinheads who viewed them and there families as little more then parasites. So they left there posts but kept there guns and returned home to the east to defend there homes and people from the inevitable fascist onslaught. They were also joined by friends and family from the border region of Russia, who were terrified of the prospect of Nazi's, once again at there borders. Yes, a handful of them were indeed Russian soldiers, on leave and acting on there own volition, not to lead but to serve under there Novorossiyan cousins.

Well armed and trained, largely by the Ukrainian army who betrayed there democracy, these people came together and united beneath the flags of there ancestors, who had fought for the same land themselves, so many decades ago. Like there ancestors, these new partisans got organized, formed militias and replenished there arsenals with weaponry and vehicles taken from nearby armories, bases and police stations, much of which was already abandoned by fleeing Kiev loyalists, once they realized they were outnumbered.

These are the big, bad rebels the Pentagon and NATO are always blubbering hysterically about. A makeshift confederation of Slavic rust belt peasants. Poor people fighting for what little land they have left. Some of them want independence. Some of them want to rejoin Russia but most of them originally wanted nothing more than the federal autonomy afforded to the ethnic republics of neighboring Russia. They tried doing things peacefully but were met with fucking tanks, Tiananmen style. As one flawed cold warrior once mused, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable".

Washington's sock puppets in Kiev wanted a fucking war and they got one, only they got far more then they bargained for. Those Slavic rust belt peasants, it turned out, could fucking fight and with the Ukrainian armies best soldiers joining these peasants back home in Novorossiya, the junta was left with little more then the pock marked, soccer hooligans of Right Sector, who weren't so fucking bad outside there cozy snipers nests. One thing any punk can tell you is that skinheads cant fight worth shit unless they have there victims surrounded and outnumbered. When faced with a real fucking fight, there asses turn to jello like that (Snap fingers with sass here) and one thing any Nazi German could tell you, if the dead could fucking talk, is that Russians can fucking fight. So it didn't take long for the so called rebels to make serious gains in taking back there territory.

When faced with a war they couldn't win fairly, the neo-Nazis and there handlers resorted to the time honored tradition of lies and propaganda. Every time the rebels made another gain, the State Department told another lie and there loyal presstitutes took that lie and did what presstitutes do best, swallow. Lie after lie, they gulped down and spit back out into there hungry audiences gaping mouths like a stomach shaken cocktail of undeniable fact. There favorite lie of course is that tired old standard of THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING! THE RUSSIAN ARE COMING! The Russians are arming the rebels! The Russians are training the rebels! The Russians ARE the rebels! All fucking bullshit. All provided with zero irrefutable evidence, only hacked Twitter accounts and blurry, undated pictures and the media whores ate it all without asking once what they were putting in there mouths. Pretty soon the lies became so ludicrous that even the juntas allies in German intelligence began to deny these embarrassingly outrageous tall tales but that didn't stop Germany and every other spineless western nation from sacking Russia with sanctions for a war Moscow consistently attempted to broker a peaceful end to.

Far from being the cartoonishly ferocious, Stalinist conqueror the media dutifully portray him as, Vladimir Putin, in reality, is just another feckless bureaucrat attempting to prevent a NATO take over of his next door neighbor and going out of his way to avoid using force to do so but the lies kept on coming and then came the grandest and most gruesome lie of them all.

On July 17, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over a hotly contested area of Eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board. Once again the White House, the junta and there devoted presstitutes didn't wait for the charred remains of the innocent to stop smoldering before pinning the blame on the rebels and, of course, Russia itself, parading out it's usual cavalcade of grainy photos and social media nonsense but the strangest thing happened once NATO finally got its hands on MH17's rebel guarded black box. Everyone shut up. Kiev, Washington, the EU, SILENCE. All there near operatic cries for international investigation ceased immediately, without explanation and the press, who for weeks could talk about nothing else, 24/7, but Russia's evil shadow leering over the wreckage SIMPLY  STOPPED  TALKING....    ....SILENCE.

Then some very strange facts began to surface. It turns out the US had a telescopic satellite above the crash site at the time of the shoot down but, despite frequent Russian requests, refused to release there footage. The Ukrainian junta also refused to release the air traffic communications with MH17, despite the fact that the plane had veered miles off course over a known war zone without explanation and of coarse contents of the black box remained a secret. Something was up, but what.

America and there latest fascist rump state may have had there normally yammering traps sealed shut but Russia wasn't keeping quiet. They held a press conference in which they released there own telescopic satellite imagery, showing a Ukrainian fighter jet in hot pursuit of MH17 just before the crash. The American media didn't respond. In fact they didn't even cover the conference. If its just bullshit then why not prove it? But nope, nothing, TOTAL BLACKOUT.

The Russian accusations make sense when you look at the facts. The amount of precision it would take to shoot a jet of that size down at that altitude would make mistaking it for anything but a commercial airliner next to impossible. Even NATO has admitted this in an attempt to further demonize the rebels. Only what possible motive could the rebels have to commit such a deliberate and senseless act of violence? They were winning the goddamn war for Christ's sake. They had the Nazi's on the fucking ropes, in spite of near universal international condemnation of there basic right to defend there land. Why would they further jeopardize there hard fought gains and already dwindling international standing by purposely shooting down a clearly civilian airliner? It makes absolutely zero goddamn sense. And Russia, assuming you believe the NATO sponsored propaganda of there presence in Novorossiya, had even less motive to commit such a senseless crime. Which leaves only the neo-Nazi Ukrainians, who were getting there fucking asses hammered into the goddamn dirt and were literally begging for the western aid a false flag attack of this nature would and did guarantee them and of coarse the war whores in the media were more then happy to jump all over another opportunity to flog there favorite whipping boy, Putin.  You do the fucking math. All the politicians and there symbiotic butt slaves in the media sewer have already made up there minds. Fuck the evidence! Who needs it when lies sell like crack. Anytime MH17 is actually mentioned anymore, usually only in passing, its to very matter of factually accuse Russia of the crime as if its already been proven.

But that's not all folks! As if the lies of MH17 weren't enough to make your fucking head explode Scanners style, there's the great invisible Russian invasion of 2014/15. After being pushed to the brink of extermination by an onslaught of missiles and mortar fire, much of which cowardly directed at there families in heavily populated, civilian areas, the rebels found there second wind and made many inroads in liberating Southern Novorossiya, making a direct link to there still surrounded comrades in Crimea a real possibility. Once again, Washington and Kiev loudly blamed Russia for there failings, this time going so far as to accuse Putin of a full blown invasion, complete with tanks and armored vehicles and thousands of Russian soldiers. There proof for this outrageous claim, a single satellite image showing a battalion of unmarked vehicles, the kind commonly used by both Russian and Ukrainian armies in an undisclosed location with zero landmarks to prove the nature of the location. It could have been anywhere, Russia, Ukraine, Zanzibar! and that was it, nothing else. A massive force of thousands of foreign invaders, armed to the fucking teeth in a modern European country full of camera phones and hand held devices and not a single picture, not a single fucking snapshot was taken by anyone on the ground of these fucking bastards. NOT ONE!!! Apparently that evil mastermind Doctor Putin had cooked up the formula for a top secret invisible army. You can just see that sly, Slavic fox now, laughing maniacally, HOO-HAH-HAH!!!, as he pets a fluffy white cat with a single pinky raised to his pursed lips. Goddammit, Vlad the Magician, you did it again! You sneeky butthole you! MORE SANCTIONS!!!

All the lies in the world couldn't save America from a fact it should have learned generations ago. You cant suppress a peoples will to be free. It failed in Vietnam and it failed again in Novorossiya. After months of ferocious warfare, the embattled people of Donbass declared independence via popular referendum, becoming the Donetsk Peoples Republic. Strapped with layers of crippling sanctions for crimes they didn't commit, Russia, sadly, cowardly joined the rest of the so called international community by refusing to even recognize the new state. Apparently, somewhere between Crimea and Donetsk, Putin lost his fucking balls. Banderist Ukraine held its own elections, unsurprisingly making a total mockery of the institution, banning the countries two largest opposition parties, the Communists and and the exiled Yanukovych's Party of Regions and suppressing eastern access to the ballot boxes. Good old Yats kept his job as PM. Many "reformed" members of Svoboda hopped over to more PC, so called moderate parties, while still maintaining there racist values and scored choice spots in the new parliament and a notoriously corrupt chocolate magnate named Petro Poroshenko ( Think Willy Wonka, only with African wage slaves instead of oompa loompa's) became the first President of American Banderastan and doves were everywhere and flowers bloomed and all the western puppeteers and media whores were balling there fucking asses off at this vile anti-democratic minstrel show that there filthy fucking lies and filthier fucking money made possible. There little Nazi Pinocchio was a real boy now!

But this mask of democracy couldn't save Banderastan from the righteous, Old Testament style ass whooping that the Donetsk Peoples Republic was all to willing to serve up to there goose stepping former countrymen. Finally these aforementioned asses broke and begged for a truce. Against the wishes of his State Department handlers and skinhead shock troops, The new chocolate king joined Russia, France and an Increasingly fed up Germany at the peace table in Minsk, with his tail between his legs and agreed to the first in a series of ceasefires that seem to have finally stuck in spite of Right Sectors continued efforts to sabotage it by provoking Novorossiya on the border.

NATO's war with Russia, however, has continued unabated and even escalated, with a seemingly endless onslaught of sanctions, currency manipulation and scariest of all increasingly aggressive and provocative war games on Russia's borders, daring Putin, like a schoolyard bully, to make the next move, launch the "first strike" and give us our Slavic Gulf of Tonkin so we can finally begin the Third World War, but why? Why risk a goddamn nuclear holocaust, all for a chunk of toxic real estate that will always mean more to Russia then it does to us?

The startling answer to these questions I believe can be answered by exploring the philosophies of two of Washington's most influential post-Cold War insiders who have also served as two of the Obama administrations closest advisers, former National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Project for the New American Century co-founder and neocon gadfly, Robert Kagan (Victoria Nuland's aforementioned husband), both of these powerful men support the dangerous idea of America as the worlds singular super power, a sort of idealized benevolent neoliberal empire, a new world order. Both of these men have slightly different ideas about how to achieve this goal but both agree, quite openly, that the number one obstacle to Americas quest for global primacy remains Russia, namely for there unique geographic position as a land bridge between Asia and Europe. Integration between these two continents, in the eyes of Brzezinski and Kagan, would mean an end to the vaunted American Century and the beginning of the new Eurasian Century, pushing the United States into a position of second place in a new multi polar world order which would ultimately redistribute power more equally across the globe. The only way to prevent this nightmare of global equality, Brzezinski and Kagan tell us, is to encircle and ultimately dismantle Russia and over the last couple decades that's precisely what America has done using the twin barrels of NATO and the National Endowment for Democracy.

In 1989, President George H.W. Bush made a fateful promise to Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev. Let the Berlin Wall fall and Germany reunify under West German power and NATO, an organization allegedly established to prevent the expanse of Communism in Europe, would not expand a single inch eastward toward Moscow. Gorbachev naively agreed. The wall fell and it took the US less then a decade to break its promise.

It all began with the American funded disintegration of Yugoslavia, Russia's closest post-Cold War Allie, culminating in the NATO bombing of Kosovo in 1999, that same year NATO engulfed Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic in one single gulp. The next year began the first of a long line of so called Color Revolutions, Highly coordinated, NED funded "uprisings" designed to appear totally random. First up was the Bulldozer Revolution in the recently obliterated Yugoslavia in 2000, which, in many ways served as the final death nail of modern Yugoslavia's founding father, Marshal Tito's dream of a united multi-ethnic Socialist republic, leaving nothing but a shattered cluster fuck of western dependent ethno-states in its wake. Next came the 2003 Rose Revolution in Georgia. Then in 2004 Ukraine was rocked with the Orange Revolution, which, ironically, first brought Viktor Yanukovych, always the opportunist, to power in Kiev. That same year Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia all joined NATO, bringing America's growing empire right to Russia's doorstep. Then, in 2005, Kyrgyzstan was hit by the Tulip Revolution, bringing another corrupt, anti-Russian regime to power in the former Soviet Union and the year after that came the failed 2006 Jean Revolution in Belarus and so the noose tightened.

At a 2008 NATO summit in Bucharest, the US vocalized its support for inviting both Georgia and Ukraine into the Alliance. A month later the EU concurred. Later that same year Georgia made the unprecedented move of illegally invading the sovereign, ethnic Russian oblast of South Ossetia, provoking a Russian intervention to end Georgia's reckless slaughter of Russian civilians. Russia also took the drastic but necessary step of liberating the long oppressed border nation of Abkazia, in order to prevent similar bloodshed. The US feigned outrage but they got exactly what they wanted. They had finally succeeded in provoking a violent reaction out of Russia in order to demonize the federation and further convince its neighbors that only NATO could save them. The next step was Ukraine and the rampage continues to this day.

You see, Russia is not the problem. Russia has never been the fucking problem. Big bad Putin isn't putting fucking army bases in Mexico. Moscow isn't forking over millions to fund pro-Russian candidates in Jamaica or the Bahamas. No, Russia isn't the fucking problem, the United Empire of America and there protection racket NATO are the fucking problem. The Cold War didn't end it just got colder before it got hot.

And through out all this bloodshed and conquest, the western media has been complicit, if not with its shameless propaganda then with its silence. The so called fifth estate has shamed itself repeatedly by taking its marching orders directly from the Pentagon, never asking questions, trading its dignity for access and demonizing anyone who dares to question the sanity of undying allegiance to the American Empire with childish cat calls of traitor and Putin lover. The result? A first world democracy with a population less informed then most banana republics.

Let me make it abundantly clear to all you brainwashed motherfuckers out there in motherfuckerland. I am by no means a traitor and I'm shore as shit no fucking Putin lover. As I said before, I could give a shit about Putin. In fact I have more then a few bones to pick with the steely eyed bastard, myself. Frankly, I find his treatment of Chechnya and the LGBT community to be nothing short of abhorrent. But I didn't right this post for Putin. I wrote this post for the proud people of Crimea and Novorossiya, who I do support, unequivocally for the same reason I support the people of Chiapas, Abkazia, Palestine, Kurdistan, Tamil, and Chechnya. Because they are fighting for there freedom and there people and there dignity, just as this nation once did, so many years ago. I only just wish those traitors in Washington could remember that. Maybe another revolution would remind them. shit, who the fuck am I kidding, I can barely leave my house but a hermit can dream, a hermit can dream....

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Well, dearest motherfuckers, this last week has been a bit of a fucking roller coaster ride for your favorite shut in muckraker. First there was my twenty-seventh birthday which had me a little blue at first. If you find yourself asking "what the fuck are you bitching about" then you've never dealt with depression and I kindly suggest you go fuck yourself with something sharp and rusty.

Along with the usual dreary thoughts of getting older and lurching another step closer to the grave, I also found myself preoccupied with the uncomfortable fact that my personal hero, Kurt Cobain, shuffled off this mortal coil at the age of twenty-seven. The ugly way he chose to leave this world aside, everything Kurt ever was and ever did was done by this age. Leading Nirvana, who I believe were the greatest rock and roll band since the Stones burned out and became a parody of there former selves. Creating Nevermind and In Utero, what I believe to be two of the three greatest albums of the last few generations along with Hole's Live Through This(by Kurt's widow Courtney). Not to mention the mini cultural revolution he almost inadvertently ignited that brought punk rock back to the forefront of relevance, where it fucking belongs and Kurt achieved all of this and more while suffering with chronic pain and mental illness that makes my own woes look downright trivial by comparison and what the fuck have I done with my twenty-seven miserable years but suffer, exist and bitch, bitch, bitch. No job, no car, no wine, no women, no wonder its dark.

So, yeah, I started this week feeling pretty fucking down but then the unbelievable occurred, in Washington of all places, that pulled my fat, bellyaching ass back up.

Just in case you live in a fucking ditch, I'll fill you in. The Supreme Court blew the dust from there lazy asses and did something right for a fucking change by striking down the last section standing of Bill Clinton's disgustingly hateful Defense of Marriage Act, making gay marriage legal in all fifty fucking states, from Florida to Alaska, from North Dakota to Texas, FUCKING TEXAS! If your gay you can marry the one you love in fucking Denton, Texas! Bigots be damned.

Needless to say this victory was a long, long, long time in the making for the LGBT community. Over forty years, nearly half a fucking century of tireless, thankless struggle, from the uprisings of Stonewall to the court house steps, just to be recognized as equal and nothing more and a lot of people didn't make it. So many wonderful, beautiful people, unsung heroes lost along the way to disease, indifference and outright hate. This victory was for all of them and all of us too including breeders like myself. For everyone who's ever been picked on, stepped on, left out and told they don't belong, we ALL fucking won this week. This week we are all queer and we are all fucking beautiful.

So what if I've lived twenty-seven years without doing a goddamn thing. The gay rights movement had to wait forty-six just to fucking live, I can wait a few more without beating myself up about it. At the end of the day the best we can do is fight for a future and if we fail let us fail with honor, pride and dignity and let these brave failures give others the strength to succeed so we never fail in vain.

I only wish Kurt could be here to see the sun rise. I think even he would agree it was worth the wait.

Stay beautiful, dearest motherfuckers, stay beautiful.