Sunday, May 29, 2022

Joe Biden Fights White Supremacy! With More Goddamn White Supremacy

 Joe Biden wants to declare war on white supremacy or at least so he claims. "White supremacy is a poison. It's a poison... running through our body politic." He forcefully declared at a recent PR junket following one of the seemingly endless active shooter tragedies that have sadly come to define Middle America in the last decade. Silence is complicity, our cognitively challenged commander-in-chief told a live studio audience in what came dangerously close to seeming like a rare moment of lucidity. "We need to say as clearly and as forcefully as we can that the ideology of white supremacy has no place in America." He reiterated, pounding the message home, and after tragedies like the massacre in Buffalo, it's hard for any reasonable human being to disagree with that sentiment. 

Ten people slaughtered in cold blood, another three grievously wounded on the linoleum battlefield of an urban supermarket specifically selected on a map for its proximity to a predominantly Black community. An 18-year-old white kid, a fucking child, travelled 200 miles and three and a half hours from his predominantly white small town on the Pennsylvania border, armed with an AR-15 littered with racist graffiti, just to kill people he never met because he was terrified that somehow, they would replace him in America's twisted caste system. Something isn't wrong with this picture, everything is, and we should all be able to agree that something needs to be done to reshape the paradigm of this nation's entrenched race relations to end this madness. Our president and his party, which has long billed itself as the guardians of America's marginalized communities, claim they agree, but they have come up with a rather strange way to show it. 

The Democrats answer to the distinctly American cancer of white supremacy is to add it to our nation's long list of targets in the ever-expanding and decidedly undemocratic wars on crime and terrorism. The House recently passed yet another in a long line of domestic terrorism prevention acts, which thankfully died a partisan death in the Senate, as part of a long campaign to empower both local and federal law enforcement to confront the scourge of radical extremism in the wake of Donald Trump's incendiary dog-whistle concert of a presidency and the January 6 riot which seemed to epitomize it. 

The result is the rather absurd spectacle of a party who ran its last election as a referendum on the lynching of George Floyd dumping millions of dollars into the system that lynched him, the system that many of them promised to defund. "We have to not only talk about how we're going to end the hate" their president drones on with an increasingly hollow stoicism "but who's responsible for generating it." But who is responsible for generating it? And can we really trust a party who places a man like Joe Biden on its mantle in trying times of racial division to confront it? A man who, let's face it, is essentially a career white supremacist in his own right.

I honestly don't know how else to put it. That term gets chucked around a lot lately for totally loaded purposes but anybody who suffers under the delusion that it doesn't stick to Joe Biden like glue clearly knows nothing about that bastard's real legacy in this country as one of the single greatest generators of white supremacy in the Post-Civil Rights Era. When that broken old plutocrat was still young and vital and fresh on the Hill as a senator from Delaware, he was the protege of arch-segregationist and Dixiecrat-turned- Republican, Strom Thurmond, who spent the eighties carefully grooming Joe to take his place as Grand Wizard of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Thurmond hadn't simply abandoned Joe's party during the Civil Rights Era, he had also quietly abandoned his commitment to its former sacrament of segregation. Not in favor of racial justice, quite the contrary. The forward-thinking senator from South Carolina didn't abandon white supremacy, he simply embraced Nixon's new tactic of enforcing it federally through law and order and the War on Drugs, and his handsome young dauphin in his former party was with him every step of the way. 

Together, the lethal bipartisan tag team of Thurmond and Biden spent the eighties building the foundation for a massive expansion in the Prison Industrial Complex that would serve as America's new Jim Crow. They passed laws that drastically increased sentences and eliminated parole for federal prisoners. They were instrumental in turning the Crack Epidemic into a defacto race war by creating a disparity in sentencing between the proletariat narcotic sweeping the country's inner cities from the killing fields of Nicaragua and its bourgeoise powder cousin popular in the board rooms of the credit card companies that paid for Joe's tuition at Strom Thurmond's Academy of Senatorial White Supremacy. But all of this was just prep work for Biden's greatest hate crime, the 1994 Clinton Crime Bill that Thurmond's heir at the Senate Judiciary Committee carefully constructed with another gladhanding liberal white supremacist named Bill Clinton. 

"I don't care why someone is a malefactor in society. I don't care why someone is antisocial, I don't care why they've become a sociopath. We have an obligation to cordon them off from the rest of society." These were the racially loaded words that Joe Biden growled from the Senate floor like George Wallace on a bender to justify a bill that would devastate generations of Black and brown people in this country by redesignating their children federally as super predators. 

Since this heinous bill was passed, America's prison system has gone from a despicable menace to a colossal juggernaut, doubling the population on these glorified plantations to 2.2 million overwhelmingly Black and non-violent slaves to a system that has profited greatly from the largesse of social justice warriors like our current president and the destruction of the communities he pretends to want to save. Joe Biden isn't interested in fighting white supremacy. He just wants to centralize it in the federal government, and this isn't the first time he's used the looming specter of right-wing domestic terrorism to do it either.

Less than a year after passing the most heinously racist piece of legislature in decades, Senator Biden attempted to use the Oklahoma City Bombing to justify a bill that's influence might be even more devastating. Joe's 1995 Omnibus Counterterrorism Act would have granted the federal government nearly endless powers in the name of combatting domestic terrorism. Those so much as even charged with acts deemed by the police state to be "terrorism" would automatically be stripped of their constitutional rights and detained indefinitely without bail before a show trial in which the federal government would be free to use "evidence" collected from anonymous sources before shipping you off to be buried alive beneath Florence Supermax. This hideous thing was never actually put to a vote but if it sounds familiar that's because it served as the blueprint not just for Bob Dole's habeas corpus slaughterhouse known as the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act but John Ashcroft's blatantly neo-fascist Patriot Act as well. Both of which, I shouldn't have to tell you have been used overwhelmingly to destroy people of color.

That's because white supremacy in this country is a systemic problem and the source that continues to generate it is the state itself. The United States government essentially invented this goddamn menace when it became the first British colony to codify the construct of whiteness into law in the wake of a growing surge of multicultural peasant uprisings in the late 1600s, creating a permanent slave class among the nation's African population and a constructed sense of superiority amongst the European peasantry who once fought side by side amongst their dark-skinned comrades in imperial oppression.

As the violently racist empire built upon this rock enters its inevitable decline and lashes out violently against a world that has no more use for its existence, it's hardly shocking that the bastard proletariat of its master class would react just as savagely. I don't believe that it's simply a cruel coincidence that lonely, twisted kids like Payton Gendron show up to temples of conspicuous consumption dressed like Derek Chauvin with glorified hunting rifles designed to look like the ones used by our military to slay brown children in places like Somalia and Afghanistan. These active shooter situations are basically imperial copycat crimes and the criminals they copy are reaping all the rewards from their senseless nihilism.

The dirty little secret of the Democratic Party is that they never really became "woke." Like Strom Thurmond, they just got a lot savvier about concealing their racism after they realized that suburban white soccer moms like to believe that they are benevolent slave masters. Joe Biden continues to celebrate his racist crime bill to this day by pointing out that he tacked the Violence Against Women Act onto it like a virtue signaling air freshener. Even LBJ's signature Civil Rights Act of 1968 included a slew of laws criminalizing the Black uprisings that scared him into signing it in the first place. 

Laws like the H. Rap Brown Law, broadly used to crack down on free speech as long as it could be blamed for inciting riots. This is the same law used against the Chicago 8 and the same law that became the centerpiece of Donald Trump's war on domestic extremism in the wake of the George Floyd Uprisings. This war has continued under Biden with him retaining the services of Trump's FBI director, Christopher Wray, a craven neocon who cut his teeth on Muslims while enforcing Joe's Patriot Act as Assistant Attorney General under George W. Bush.

You see, dearest motherfuckers, it's all one big hustle. The Republicans blame Islam, the Democrats blame the militia movement, either way, the same pigs get fed at the troth of an ever-expanding white supremacist police state and the same marginalized people get sold into slavery in the Prison Industrial Complex. It really doesn't matter who the target is, when it comes to empowering the state, the disenfranchised will always get fucked. The only way to end this hustle is to go back to the source and fight the oligarchy that invented race in the first place to divide us, like we did at Jamestown, like we did at Watts, like we did at Detroit and Ferguson and Minneapolis. Because the only time we've ever seen any fucking change in this country is when poor people of every color got their hands dirty together, smashing the police state in the streets. 

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Rage Against the Supreme Junta: The Best Revenge Against Judicial Tyranny is Secession

 "Rights aren't rights if someone can take them away. They're privileges. That's all we've ever had in this country is a bill of temporary privileges."

-George Carlin

"But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain- that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist."

-Lysander Spooner

As a Queer pro-life anarchist, I have a rather odd relationship with Roe V. Wade. I was raised with the Consistent Life Ethic as espoused by Catholic Workers like the Berrigan Brothers that preached that all life was precious from the womb to the battlefield to death row and not only is this one of the few values that I still hold dear from an otherwise traumatic Catholic childhood but it's also a value that led me to embrace anti-imperialism which summarily led me down the Peter Maurin gulch to full tilt anarchism.

However, with that being said, as a born-again voluntaryist who's as turned on by Samuel Konkin as I am by Dorothy Day, I also hold bodily autonomy to be equally sacred. If a human being is not given agency over their own biology, then liberty quite simply does not exist. This jihad is made downright personal by my birthright as an androgynous gender terrorist who carries the spiritual scars of a lifetime of self-righteous adult authority figures attempting to govern my own goddamn body with their sick hang ups.

This spicey contrarian moral gumbo has led me to the sometimes-agonizing belief that while I may personally find abortion to be immoral, giving any kind of government authority unfettered access to someone else's insides is an equally immoral way to handle this issue and not a particularly affective one either. My approach to abortion has become pretty similar to my approach to crystal meth, I don't like it, I sure as fuck don't advocate it, but I'm not about to hand some bureaucrat a speculum and the license to get busy up in someone else's guts to stop it.

So, I've come to see the right to choose as a sort of necessary evil for someone who struggles to be big enough to put individual liberty before my own personal ethics because autonomy is for everyone, not just the people you spend your weekends getting stoned with. If the government can fuck with a pregnant teenage white girl, then you better believe they can fuck with some genderqueer creature like me and judicial despots like Samuel Alito know it. 

He made this painfully clear in his leaked opinion on the Dobbs V. Jackson's Women's Health Organization decision that looks set to overturn Roe V. Wade this summer. Alito specifically singled out bodily autonomy as being a right with no basis in the Constitution and he specifically references decisions like Lawrence V. Texas, that overturned bans against consensual homosexual activity, and Obergfell V. Hodges, which affectively legalized gay marriage, as being examples of the Court perpetuating values not deeply rooted in our nation's history.

This decision can hardly be considered particularly shocking seeing as Alito voiced opposition to both of those widely popular decisions using the same argument and the ugly fact about it is that the bastard is right. Neither the Constitution nor the Supreme Court have a goddamn thing to do with individual liberty and that's why I oppose them both and you should too.

The deeply rooted history of Samuel Alito's America is a stagnant swamp of bigotry and hierarchy that has never had room for degenerate outlaws like me and my people. The Constitution was a document written by a pack of genocidal slave driving oligarchs looking to protect their lily-white asses after the Articles of Confederation threatened to shake up their monopoly on morally repugnant behavior in the New World. I love Ron Paul as much as the next antiwar gun nut, but libertarians desperately need to kick their fetish for the Founding Fathers. 

They were a bunch of despotic creeps looking to mug their subjects with taxes so they could control them with other autocratic institutions like central banks and standing armies. Thomas Jefferson was the closest thing to a legit libertarian in the bunch and he was an open imperialist who raped his own slaves. What do these assholes have on you? Why the fuck should we all be prisoners to an arcane document that none of us consented to sign? The very notion of making a piece of paper god is anathema to the very notion of civil liberties and the cretins like Justice Alito who zealously protect it are nothing but an unelected judicial junta. 

And I'm not just fed up with my more paleo libertarian comrades either. I expect some of this cheesy dogma from that set, but I'm completely vexed by the learned helplessness of my own tribe. Why do Queer people put so much of our time and energy into begging systemically bigoted institutions like the Supreme Court and the Federal Government to protect us from the very despotism that defines their maligned existence? It's fucking baffling to me. 

Any right that loses all meaning unless it is delivered from on high isn't a right, it's a privilege and I'm tired of begging the kind of hateful strangers who can't even bear to look me in the eye without gagging for fucking privileges. We didn't flip cop cars at Stonewall for fucking privileges. I am not a dog. I will not beg disgusting bigots like Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas for scraps from their table. I would rather flip their table over like a fucking cop car. They say they want small government. Me too. I say that Queer people and our allies on the left start putting our priorities into challenging these scumbags to put up or shut up by thinking big, acting small, and weaponizing our own communities against their institutions.

The best revenge against judicial tyranny is secession and we've seen this theory wielded with fantastic results in the form of sanctuary states and sanctuary cities. Local governments who simply refuse to comply with the feds on issues as far ranging as gun rights and marijuana have exposed their powers for the hopped-up illusions that they really are and rendered them totally impotent in the face of communities who quite simply resist being governed by any authority figure they didn't vote for.

Let's take this ethic to the next level by organizing intentional communities across the map around shared ideals like communes and gayborhoods and turning them into sanctuaries from any power that exists outside them. Let's create a quilt work of Queer autonomous zones and feminist autonomous zones and Black Power autonomous zones and Boogaloo autonomous zones and polygamist autonomous zones and tweaker autonomous zones. 

In his dissent to Lawrence, Samuel Alito warned of the horrors that could be unleashed by affording American citizens with agency over their own bodies. Sammy Boy rambled on in a sweaty Twilight Zone-style monologue about a nation where people didn't just have the fundamental right to anal sex and tribadism but to drug use and prostitution and free thought and anarchy. The truth is that that country already exists. People get laid. People get high. People build ghost guns. And yes, people have abortions, whether I like it or not.

Assholes like Samuel Alito are banking on the fact that the left and even most so-called libertarians have bought into their cult of constitutional tyranny, that none of us would dare to make a fucking move unless they yelled "Green light!" And so far, they're right. It's probably the only thing that lets powerful men like them sleep at night. I say we wake them up. I say we make them regret their conditional devotion to small government by making those small governments ours. Let's rage against the Supreme Junta and make American radical again.

Don't hate the Courts, dearest motherfuckers, become the Courts.

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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Sunday, May 15, 2022

The Eurasian Road to American Panarchy and the Agorist Path to Cold War Salvation

"Morally, it is wrong to suppose the source of evil is outside oneself, that one is a vessel of holiness running over with virtue. Such a disposition is the best soil for a hateful and cruel fanaticism."

-Nikolai Berdyaev, The End of Our Time

 It could have been a beautiful nightmare. The most terrifyingly colossal empire in human history done in not by another rival empire but by another rival century. After the long bloody American Century, a century defined by world wars, cold wars, forever wars, and the constant looming threat of nuclear war and after centuries of unipolar white Anglo-Saxon global supremacy, the Eurasian Century was going to be different. A multipolar order of the yellow people we raped in the South and their pale faced cousins who we've long manipulated into submission in the West. An unlikely partnership of the formerly colonized and former colonizers that remained too diverse to form a singular empire but too vital for the current empire to suppress indefinitely, no matter how many stupid fucking color wars and humanitarian interventions they chucked at it. 

The combination of East Asia's booming vibrant young population and Germany's access to the levers of institutionalized power was at once too obvious for America to prevent and too lethal for America to survive. NATO would have to collapse, the dollar would have to crash, and Atlantic primacy would suffer a fate worse than death. It would simply cease to be relevant on the world stage and the illusions of its omnipotence would shatter both at home and abroad. Riots would rage, Wall Street would burn, neocons would eat their pearl handled pistols, and Americans would be forced to deal with the commercial emptiness that dominates our shallow existence and the newly castrated mandarins who made it all possible. Babylon would finally crumble into anarchy, and it would have been bloody fantastic. It could have been a beautiful nightmare, but Vladimir Putin had to go and fuck it all up. 

That pig-headed czarist pretender gave the American Century everything it needed for a stay of execution by walking directly into an obvious NATO trap in Ukraine. By launching a great big American style invasion of a darling Western quisling with all the carpet bombing, massacres, and war crimes that come with it, Putin has essentially financed an enormous flaming infomercial for the continued necessity of Atlantic supremacy in the face of evil Eurasian barbarians like him, and NATO colonized Europe is fucking buying it. Doubling down on the crumbling imperial institutions that have kept them from fully realizing their true economic potential for decades of globalist austerity. Meanwhile, the Military Industrial Complex is flush with blood money, selling death to Ukraine faster than the bodies can drop and NATO troop levels have exploded ten-fold from 4,000 to 40,000 and growing in just months as Europe has once again become a three-ring circus of apocalyptic cold war hysteria and the mind-numbing jingoism and casual racism that that brand of madness invites through the front door like a vampire.

Oh, it won't last. In fact, it's already showing signs of cracking. In many ways, this mess has brought Russia and China closer together than they've been since Stalin croaked and together, they are more than self-sufficient enough to weather the storm and give the West holy hell for bringing it. But divorced from the European end of the World Island, they are only strong enough to compete with the Atlantic Empire and not strong enough to eclipse it peacefully. This leaves us in a ditch with another goddamn cold war and this leaves those sharply dressed savages on Wall Street and Downing Street with just enough time to blow up the world with another sick game of thermo-nuclear chicken on Russia's borders. And you better believe that those motherfuckers won't hesitate to hit that big red button any more than Putin will. 

That's because the Western elites sense their power waning, and that narcotic level of power makes even the most intelligent people crazy enough to do unspeakably stupid things to hold on to it for just one more fix. All Russia had to do was wait it out and call their war junkie bluff. Ukraine was never going to become anything more than a glorified NATO arms depot and Germany's impatience with the entire fiasco was becoming thick enough to cut with a halberd. Zelensky's numbers were in the shitter and the entire Western backed plutocracy in Kiev was set to collapse like a deck of cards at any minute. But never underestimate the ability for a state to fuck up a sure thing.

Vladimir Putin is usually a pretty sharp monster. He saw the endless possibilities that a Eurasian Century had to offer and got on board early with revolutionary conglomerations like BRICS and the Eurasian Economic Union, but that cocky strongman and his entourage of Kremlin ghouls began counting their chickens before they hatched. They became greedy and convinced that Eurasia was a one-way ticket to a new Russian Empire. Thus, we end up with the ideological perversion known as Neo-Eurasianism. Developed by an enigmatic and influential neo-fascist gadfly named Alexander Dugin, Neo-Eurasianism swipes its name from Eurasianism, a political movement that came out of the post-Bolshevik Russian exile community which suggested that Russian civilization was neither European nor Asian, but rather something totally unique and thus destined to greatness should it embrace its natural place in the world. 

But Dugin's comprehension of this ideology ends here. The original Eurasian Movement was an early experiment in post-colonialism that rejected Western universalism in favor of a world united by diversity. They also boldly rejected the Czarist elite for its fetishization of Romano-Germanic culture that led to its reckless romance with imperialism. Much like Yukio Mishima and Oswald Spengler, the original Eurasianists were conservative revolutionaries who astutely saw imperialism as a perversion alien to their national culture that would only invite the ravages of what we now understand as globalism.  

Contrary to their ideological namesake, Neo-Eurasianists like Alexander Dugin take the cliff notes on Eurasianism and use them to repackage Czarist imperialism as some kind of vaccine for Western primacy rather than a mirror image of it. Dugin's ideas aren't just immoral, they're just plain goddamn stupid. Behind all his talk of multipolarity and anti-colonialist collaboration, Dugin is really just another run of the mill Sinophobe who seems to foolishly believe that a Berlin-Moscow axis will somehow allow Russia to dominate their neighbors to the south. This hubris becomes downright hysterical when you look at the actual fucking numbers. While Eurasia's combined GDP accounts for 55% of the world's wealth, dwarfing America's 25%, Russia only makes up just over 3% of this while China makes 16% and Asia alone makes a whopping 39%. Similarly, Eurasia now accounts for 60% of the global population but Russia makes up only 1.87%, about 3% less than the US.

Nothing but racism could make a sane man moronic enough to believe that Russia could ever dominate any Eurasian Century. The original Eurasianists grasped this and saw Russia's role as a rich cultural land bridge between civilizations as its greatest hope to preserve its indigenous character. Ironically, Russia's place in a new Eurasian order would likely have to be similar to what Putin rightfully advocates for its cousins in Ukraine but fails miserably to embrace himself, that of a neutral confederation akin to a giant Slavic Switzerland. The only road back to the Czarist debauchery that Dugin glorifies is paved in blood by the only thing that still makes Russia a world power, its colossal Soviet era war machine, but as we've seen in Ukraine, that machine is a rusted reck of its former glory and totally impotent in the face of a people united against being stepped on. The Cossacks of the Wild Steppes would remind the Czars of this every so often and put them back in their place with a lively peasant ass whooping. But this is another history lesson that Putin and Dugin decided to skip.

I've always found the relationship between these two giants of modern Russian nationalism to be quite curious. While Alexander Dugin sells himself across a veritable media empire as a champion of radical Orthodox traditionalism, Vladimir Putin has always been little more than another neoliberal gangster in ethnic nationalist clothing. I've always seen their tenuous bond as one of symbiotic convenience. Alexander Dugin gives Putin the right-wing street cred he desperately needs to shake the peasants off the trail of his humiliating past as the universally despised Boris Yeltsin's dauphin. And Vladimir Putin provides Dugin with the decidedly modern media infrastructure necessary to pimp his pose as an anti-modern rock star to the masses. 

But this doesn't mean that Dugin's influence is totally synthetic. Even if Putin isn't a true believer, many of the generals in his inner circle are and I believe that it is this brand of imperial thinking masquerading as anti-Western resistance that has blinded Russia into believing that a dawning Eurasian Century bestows upon them the messianic superpowers necessary to crush NATO terrorists by behaving exactly like NATO terrorists. And it is this very delusional venality that puts the entire Eurasian project at risk of becoming just another cold war pissing match.

I know what you're thinking, why the fuck should I care, right? What use could a Queer post-left anarchist like Nicky Reid have for an alliance between states that are no less corrupt than any other? Well, a strategic one of course, dearest motherfuckers. My ultimate goal may be a stateless society, but this begins with a decentralized planet and as I've pointed out above, a successful Eurasian Century would only be possible by decentralizing world order into multiple spheres of influence far smaller than that currently governed by the Anglo-American Century. 

It would also create a massive blind spot in the suddenly irrelevant Western Hemisphere which would provide the perfect opportunity for my pet project of Panarchy, the creation of thousands of diverse stateless tribal societies governed by nothing but voluntary contracts between individuals and communities. In here is where my tribe of gender outlaws and sexual mavericks can thrive free from the chains of government tyranny and corporate assimilation and it's my belief that this massive orgy of post-Western organized disorder could easily spread like VD across the seas to Eurasia as well. But none of this will ever happen if statist fanatics like Putin are allowed to clog the pipes of history long enough for creeps like Biden and Boris to blow it all up with a NATO cherry bomb.

The only solution to this statist Neo-Eurasian fuck up is naturally a stateless one. A tactical ideology known as Agorism which embraces the counter-economics of the black market to create a truly voluntary economy. Anarchists of all stripes need to commit themselves to creating a new decentralized Silk Road to bridge the gap between East and West created by this satanic new cold war. We already have the weapons at our disposal on the Dark Web. As we speak, radically decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are helping everyday Russians to evade both the collective punishment of international sanctions and the tyrannical governments that inspired them. Meanwhile, entire subcultures like the Shanzai movement have evolved out of China's own black market, built on small contractors creating blatant rip-offs of Western brands that out compete the originals. This is the new nightmare, dearest motherfuckers, to create a market too decentralized for any century to own it and the sheer size of East Asia's exploding economy could make this market absolutely fucking lethal. 

The Eurasian Century can still provide sick fucks like you and me with the playground necessary to make all our Panarchist nightmares a reality, but only if we can outsource lethal weapons like Agorism to help Eurasia weather the likes of Putin and NATO until they're rendered irrelevant. The East could use a hand to help them destroy the West, including its malignant influence via pseudo-Eurasian hucksters like Alexander Dugin. I say we give it to them. What do you say, dearest motherfuckers? It could still be a beautiful nightmare.

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH 

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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Ukraine in Vain: Fuck Putin but Let the Donbass Go

 For all intents and purposes, in every way that counts, Ukraine has already defeated Russia. Hell, let's face it, they kicked their fucking ass. Putin's "Special Operation" in Ukraine has been a massive failure of unprecedented proportions. Never, in my memory at least, has an army that big fallen that fast. The first six weeks of that disaster were like a six-week reenactment of the Tet Offensive with Putin playing Robert McNamara, the ruthless and supposedly brilliant failure, forced by peasants to quietly concede defeat under his breath.

 It's tempting to chock this upset up to the fact that Ukraine is the heavily armed quisling state of a massive empire but if Afghanistan taught us a goddamn thing it's that all the money in the universe can't buy you a victory in someone else's country. Kabul collapsed like a trillion-dollar lawn chair because the people there wanted the Taliban to stay and Kiev withstood a brutal siege from one of the biggest armies on earth because the people there wanted Putin to go fuck himself, and good on them for that.

I despise Volodymyr Zelensky and his grotesque coalition of neoliberal gangsters and barely closeted neo-fascists, but they didn't kick Russia's ass until it broke. This war wasn't won by NATO, it was won by some working-class, Russian-speaking, Vlad Jerkoff lobbing Stinger missiles at T-72s for running over his fucking mailbox. Saddam Hussein was a gutless dirtbag too but that didn't make the rooftop Sadrists who spoiled Bush's "Mission Accomplished" any less legit. Provoked or not, Putin invaded somebody else's neighborhood and somebody else made him pay a heavy price for his hubris, leaving Vlad with no other choice but to limp from the front lines back to Donbass and declare his retreat Phase Two as if he had planned it all along. 

 I say fucking let him. Enough people have died in this stupid fucking thing. Let the Donbass go and make a goddamn peace deal already. But the American war pigs don't want peace. They didn't use the red flag of NATO to provoke the Russian bull so they could teach him a lesson. They want that beast dead and dismembered, and they'll gladly feed another three thousand Ukrainian matadors to its horns to make that happen. The Secretary of Raytheon, Lloyd Austin, has pledged to "move heaven and earth" not to see Ukraine victorious but to see Russia "weakened" and the warring partisan Philistines on Capitol Hill are finally united in perfect harmony on robbing their constituents blind to make this dangerously vague mission accomplished.

 We've already hurled $13.6 billion into the Ukrainian pit since Biden crammed his walker through the White House door. Now that geriatric war criminal wants another $33 billion on the edge of a goddamn recession and the supposed fiscal conservatives in the GOP seem willing to double it as long as a dime doesn't go to teaching the Azov Battalion Critical Race Theory. All of this with a wounded and mind you still very much nuclear armed Russian bear in retreat. For his part, the once quasi-peace savvy Volodymyr Zelensky seems to be more than game to parlay his unexpected victory into an unwinnable forever war for his patrons and perhaps the sickest and saddest thing of all is that he's willing to turn Ukraine back into the aggressor to achieve this.

The Donbass isn't Ukraine. It never was and it never will be. As despicable as Putin's war is, it isn't original. It's basically just a rapid wide scale carbon copy of what Ukraine has been doing to the people of the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk for the last eight years with America's aid and blessing. When the United States of Amnesia used known neo-Nazi thugs to overthrow the crook that the Russian-speaking half of Ukraine legally elected president in 2014, these disenfranchised voters responded with their own violent uprising. When those same aforementioned neo-Nazis responded to that uprising with a wave of state sanctioned terrorism, including the immolation massacre of 48 peaceful federalists at Odessa's House of Trade Unions Building, the terrified people of Donetsk and Luhansk seceded from a nation they never asked the Soviet Union to staple them to in the first place and Putin didn't exactly do their sovereignty any favors either.

He recognized the legitimacy of that Francoist chocolatier, Petro Poroshenko, before he recognized the independence of two nations who had begged him for the salvation that he had afforded the more strategically useful Crimean Peninsula. They received nothing but a handful of corrupt monarchist mercenaries instead. The Donbass did nothing more radical than what Ukraine did with their own hasty declaration of independence in 1992 and for that Washington's puppets in Kiev treated them to nearly a decade of pure hell at the hands of the only neo-Nazi militias evil enough to slaughter their own people. 

The Donbass has endured everything that Ukraine has over the last two months for the last ninety-six, relentless indiscriminate shelling, cluster bombs, grad missiles, rape, torture, abuse, you name it. 14,000 dead with 80% of the civilian casualties ethnic Russians, most of them slaughtered by confirmed fascists who did indeed seek their ethnic cleansing, all without a peep from the bleeding hearts in the Western press. Nobody but Russia cried even crocodile tears for their plight. And if this war is encouraged to continue, things will only get worse if they ever get better.

Putin's excuses for invading Ukraine were largely legitimate even if his actions and aims were far from it. Neo-Nazi death squads like the Azov and Aidar Battalions have been deeply imbedded into the upper echelons of Ukraine's American trained Armed Forces and they have largely made up the frontlines of the nation's campaign to 'Ukrainize' the uncooperative Russians of Donetsk and Luhansk. But that doesn't mean that Putin's Phase Two is set to be any kind of liberation. Judging by the smoldering ruins of Mariupol, it will more likely amount to a repeat of their savage campaign to "liberate" Syria in more ways than one.

The Azov Battalion's unsolicited stay in Mariupol is disturbingly similar to Al-Nusra's occupation of Aleppo. These men are violent jihadists who took that city by force from local rebels in 2014 and have held the people that failed to flee their homes there hostage ever since, using them like human shields in a Sam Peckinpah flick. Putin's response to this humanitarian crisis has been to do what he did in Aleppo, which is essentially what Rockerfeller did at Attica, kill em all and sort the bodies out later. This is how Phase Two will be waged. 

The ethnic Russian villages will probably fall like dominos, but the cities occupied by heavily armed Aryan Mujahedin will be surrounded, starved, and mercilessly bombarded. They will fall for the same reasons Russia's occupation of the suburbs of Kiev and Kharkov fell, because they are illegally occupied territory, but they will fall hard, and it will be the ethnic Russians that Putin pretends to be fighting for who will suffer most. Then Ukraine will find themselves on the offensive, leading an endless siege of a region they have about as much of a right to as Putin did to Bucha.

This has long been the tragic plight of the people of the Donbass, and this is why they deserve the world's sympathy every bit as much as Ukraine does. The People's Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk aren't any less corrupt than Kiev. They are blister pocked fiefdoms of second-rate oligarchs and trigger-happy Russian mercenaries, but that doesn't make them any less deserving of sovereignty. Your average rebel in the Donbass is a coal mining communist who has spent his life being fucked by one foreign tyrant after another. What I wish for these people is the same thing I wish for the people of the West Bank. I hope they win their god given right to independence and then I hope they overthrow the crooks in their own government, but first I hope they win their god given right to goddamn independence.

Sadly, Putin is very unlikely to give this to them, no matter how hard they fight for an inevitable Russian victory in Ukraine's far east. He will probably turn Donetsk and Luhansk into glorified Kremlin colonies run by his own crooked oligarchs. The working-class Donbass dream of the last little soviet that could will die a slow and painful death at the cold hands of the very nation they begged to liberate them, much the way their neighbors in Ukraine will beneath the tutelage of America's empire of empty promises. Ironically, the greatest hope for both Ukraine and the Donbass is likely each other and both Putin and NATO know it.

Once upon a time, Volodymyr Zelensky ran for Ukraine's presidency on a campaign to bring peace to the Donbass and it was one of the few campaign promises that he initially appeared to be prepared to honor. In 2019, the Russian speaking Jewish comedian came to the tiny Luhansk village of Zolote on the frontlines and demanded that the Azov Nazis who occupied it put down their arms in the name of detente. Footage of the heated exchange that followed went viral and Zelensky was roundly mocked by people on both sides of the conflict but I for one saw some glimmer of heroism in that clip. I saw a pissed off political outsider in over his head telling the ancestors of the men who put his ancestors in ovens to go fuck themselves. Unfortunately, the oligarchs who got him elected saw it too, and they had him savaged on their TV channels while the fascists who ran his own National Guard threatened him with violence. He backed down and his approval ratings crashed until Putin invaded and Zelensky donned his Churchill costume.

Zelensky could still make things right if he were so inclined. He could offer Putin a peace deal that grants the Donbass autonomy not just from Kiev but Moscow as well, making the tiny nation the neutral Bolshevik buffer that it has always been in its finer hours. This could be Zelensky's revenge, not just against the fascists in Zolote but against the fascists in Washington who have used him and his nation to bait Russia into a quagmire in order to revive the legitimacy of a NATO alliance who played them all for suckers to the tune of a score of mass graves. With Zelensky's colossal Western manufactured cult of personality, even his deep state oligarchs probably couldn't afford to stop him. But I fear that they already have by convincing him that war is peace and that the only way to fuck Putin is to fuck his pawns in the Donbass. Another epic Russian tragedy for the Nuclear Era that could blow us all to kingdom come. 

Once again, pray for the dead, dearest motherfuckers, and pray that the governments that stand on their graves collapse beneath the weight of their own bombs before we're all damned to join them in hell for their hubris. Sadly, a miracle may be our only hope.

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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Sunday, May 1, 2022

For the Love of Olof Palme, Don't Let Swedish Neutrality Die in Vain

 It wasn't supposed to be this way. I get the feeling that Vladimir Putin finds himself quietly confessing this mantra a lot lately in his private moments away from whatever the fuck passes for a politburo in plutocratic Russia. On long car rides home to his dacha after another carefully choreographed rally in front of working-class Russians paid to pretend he's cool for an hour. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Staring at his lifeless dead fish eyes in the mirror in a vodka fog after another restless nights sleep. It wasn't supposed to be this way. I'm the cool Voz, he tells himself, the one who swooped in shirtless on a gallant steed to save the Third Rome from another American Century of humanitarian imperialism and shock capitalist Disneyfication. It wasn't supposed to be this way. It wasn't supposed to be this way!

Well, how the fuck did you think it would be, Voz? After two months of denazifying Kiev by giving NATO's Nazis a run for their money, shelling the Orthodox Christ out of more Russian speakers in 7 weeks than Azov did in 7 years, the only thing Putin has to show for his crimes are skyrocketing sales for Raytheon and a readymade PR campaign for NATO that Madeline Albright would have joyfully clubbed half a million Iraqi babies for, Satan rest her soul. Now Putin is left with no other choice but to retreat to the only battlefield he can win back in the Donbas, largely because the middle-aged communist tire salesmen of Donetsk have already won it for him.

There is a reason why even NATO-hating anti-American zealots like me apposed this Fitzcarraldo-esque quest from the drop and it isn't just my monastic opposition to any kind of initiatory violence. It's because it's fucking stupid. It should have been obvious to anyone with their head separated from their lower intestines that this is exactly what America wanted. Why else would they dump so much treasure into a money pit like Ukraine and give a bunch of swastika festooned antisemites rocket launchers that they'll probably aim at El Al the week after Mariupol stops burning? Love? No, because it's a trap you moron. They already tried this successfully on your precious Soviet Union in Afghanistan back in the eighties and now that America's own rusted hulk of an empire is hitting the skids they settled on a Hollywood-style reboot, and you fucking fell for it. Ukraine was never going to be a real member of NATO but now Sweden and Finland will be and in here lies a tragedy stacked on top of a tragedy al a mode.

After decades of resisting Washington's rapacious advances and drunken pick-up lines, Scandinavia looks ready to sell out their neutrality to NATO before the summer thaw hits the taiga. Both Sweden and Finland's prime ministers have issued a joint statement on their intentions to officially court the Alliance and polls show a thin majority of both of their citizens supporting the controversial move for the first time in recorded history. That's another 830 miles for NATO to play nuclear peek-a-boo with on a border close enough to hit the roof of Putin's dacha with a goddamn reindeer turd. But this isn't just a tragedy for Russia or for the hoodwinked neighbors they savaged in vain. This is a tragedy of massive proportions for Scandinavia, especially Sweden, who has steadfastly avoided lynching themselves with a single military alliance for more than 200 years. The last time they even so much as loaned a motherfucker a Mossberg was when they aided Finland in fighting off Stalin back in 1940. 

Neutrality is baked into the very foundation of what it even means to be Swedish. It defines the very roots of their democracy. Back in the 17th century, Sweden was a fucking menace just like us. One of the bloodiest empires in Europe. But all this conquest really earned them in the long run was a heaping helping of karma. After King Gustav insisted on sticking his dick into another East-vs-West hornet's nest by jumping into the Napoleonic Wars, Sweden got stung hard and lost a third of its territory to Russia including the traumatic conquest of their brothers in Finland that would last until 1917. The Swedes said enough. They overthrew Gustav in a coup in 1809 and vowed to never be lured by the siren song of empire ever again. On this rock Sweden built a society devoted to the Lutheran values of charity and social justice that has made them the envy of American hippies for decades.

Nobody embodied this legacy better than Sweden's prince of peace, Olof Palme, who served as the nation's prime minister from 1969 to 1976 and again from 1982 until his death in 1986 as well as serving as the leader of Sweden's dominant Social Democratic Party for nearly twenty years. Olof wasn't just a pacifist; he was a fucking pacifist with attitude who wasn't afraid to flip off both Washington and Moscow at the same damn time. He railed against Brezhnev for crushing the Prague Spring in 1968 and then turned around and pissed off Nixon bad enough to have him recall America's ambassador in 1972 after the young prime minister marched shoulder to shoulder with North Vietnam's ambassador against the bombing of Hanoi and publicly compared America's savagery in Indochina to that of the Nazis in Treblinka.  

But Olof Palme didn't just piss off America and Russia with his antiwar antics. He made mortal enemies among the Champagne socialists in his own party and across Western Europe by calling them out on their privileged bullshit posturing and declaring his solidarity with the oppressed classes of the Third World that they couldn't be bothered to see in the rearview mirror of their Saabs. He was the only Western European leader of his era to declare solidarity with Palestine. He was the first to call out South Africa's apartheid regime and he went time zones out of his way to support doomed left-wing populist governments like that of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and Salvador Allende in Chile. 

When NATO thugs helped Augusto Pinochet to crush Chilean democracy in 1973, Palme rescued some thirty thousand refugees from being executed by CIA-trained death squads in the nation's soccer stadiums by ferreting them through the Swedish consulate in Santiago. He even became the first Western head of state to visit Cuba after the unforgivable revolution, lighting up with Castro and giving a speech praising the Cuban people for their courage to stand tall against the giants in Washington. Olof Palme proved that neutrality had nothing to do with cowardice, quite the contrary, it was about taking a principled stand against empire in any form and I'm not the only one who believes that this may have gotten him killed.

Olof Palme was assassinated on the streets of Stockholm with a single gunshot while walking home with his wife from the cinema one chilly Friday evening in February 1986. He wasn't accompanied by a single bodyguard and his killer has never been captured. A local junkie and ex-convict was convicted for the murder in 1988 but he was acquitted a year later due to a lack of evidence. The case was only formally closed in 2020 when the prosecutor in charge of the 34-year-old investigation declared a longtime witness, Stig Engstrom, who had conveniently died in 2000, to be the killer, again without a lick of solid evidence. Detectives and lawyers who had slaved for decades over the case were beside themselves. It almost seems like some very powerful people in Sweden don't even want to investigate the assassination of a dearly beloved national hero and perhaps that's because his blood may be on the hands of some people shockingly close to home. His blood may also stain the jackboots of the very alliance that Sweden now drags their pride across Olof's grave to be a part of.

You see, America didn't win the Second World War. The Soviet Union didn't either for that matter. Fascism was put in its proper place in hell by a ragtag coalition of civilian communist partisans across Europe and after jumping in at the last minute to take credit for their victory, America devoted itself entirely to their extinction. This was the real reason NATO was created, not to block the invasion of the continent by a battered Soviet Union that could barely stand after Stalingrad, but to colonize Europe by crushing the leftists who saved it. 

America did this by eagerly teaming up with what was left of the fascists the partisans defeated and launching a secret war against the left in Europe in tandem with the CIA called Operation Gladio, a so-called stay-behind-mission in which NATO built secret armies of crypto-fascist terrorists across the continent and supplied them with caches of bombs and machine guns. The CIA used these contacts to infiltrate radical organizations on both the left and the right who they then provoked into committing horrific acts of mass violence like bombings and assassinations to justify NATO's continued existence as well as harsh security laws that would render its critics powerless. This included the assassination of former Italian prime minister Aldo Moro in 1978 and I believe it may very well have also included the mysterious assassination of NATO's most articulate critic Olof Palme in 1986.

During the long and often labyrinthine investigation into the assassination, it was revealed by one Lars Christiansson, the press manager of Palme's bitter rival in the Moderate Party and future prime minister, Carl Bildt, that none other than his aforementioned boss had maintained close ties with Gladio agents for years. This checks out with the memoirs of former CIA Director William Colby in which the veteran Cold Warrior candidly bragged about setting up stay-behind-armies throughout Scandinavia even without the consent of their neutral governments, all for the glory and power of America's European colonialists in NATO. 

Even if they weren't directly responsible for the assassination, does this sound like an organization that you would want to be a part of? Does this sound like an alliance worth flushing a two-hundred-year legacy of anti-imperialism down the fucking shitter for? As a committed anarchist, I have plenty of reasons to disdain Olof Palme myself. I generally see his brand of social democracy as doing little to correct the power imbalance which keeps the poor subservient to the upper class. But goddammit if I don't admire the man's devotion to world peace, a devotion he was willing to die for. The man deserves better than to see his nation sold into prostitution to the sick creatures who may very well have had him killed, the same people, might I remind you, who set up Ukraine to be slaughtered as well by empowering new stay-behind-armies like the Azov Battalion to provoke their violently reactionary neighbors to the east.

Mark my words, if Sweden and Finland make the foolish decision to entrust these soulless gangsters with keeping their people safe from Vladimir Putin, he won't be the only one waking up in a Yeltsin-esque fog of vodka and thermo-nuclear fallout, telling himself in the mirror, it wasn't supposed to be this way. There is no imperial solution to an imperial problem. For the love of Olof Palme, don't let Swedish neutrality die in vain.

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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