Friday, October 2, 2015

Who Will Save The Orphans Of Empire?

There has been a great deal of talk about exiles in the media sphere lately. Not the nervous, agoraphobic kind such as myself but the real refugee kind. Desperate, frightened people, fleeing there home countries in what is all to often a hopeless search for safety, elsewhere. Weather we're talking about the Middle Easterners and Africans risking there lives to reach the picturesque and unwelcoming shores of Southern Europe or the Latin Americans currently being demonized by the racial opportunists in the GOP for the unforgivable crime of taking America at its word as being a beacon of hope, freedom and opportunity. Everywhere you look the all knowing, all seeing western media has its unblinking eye fixed squarely on the plight of the dispossessed. But as usual our chosen masters of corporate propaganda have completely missed the fucking point.

These two tragedies of human displacement are not unconnected. They share a common source. All of these aforementioned refugees are the latest orphans of the American empire and as such they are all our responsibility.

The lion share of the refugees pouring across the European continent like a flood of impoverishment are Syrians fleeing the havoc of the Islamic State. A rapidly expanding menace made possible by a civil war manufactured by the United States and it's Arabian and Turkish Quislings.

Like disturbingly similar events in Libya (read "Ready for Killary" below) The Syrian uprising was a violent Islamist insurrection from the beginning, conjured up by a cabal of western trained and funded Jihadists with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. This prefab chicken shit upheaval, which hardly resembled a goddamn civil war, was all but squashed by the Assad regime inside of a year with the brutal sacking of Homs. That's when Uncle Sam and his Gulf state whores called out the big guns and began covertly arming, training, and sending in Wahhabist holy warriors from around the Muslim world, many fresh from our last little bloodbath in Killary liberated Libya. America played stupid while it's puppets in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar took most of the flak for re-introducing al-Qaeda to the region. But this wasn't the American Empires first foray into the thunderdome of proxy Jihad. It quickly became painfully obvious to history nerds like myself that our dear old republic was staging another reenactment of our famed Mujaheddin horror show in Afghanistan. (read "Forget Radical Islam, Fight Wahhabism!" below)

This was all prerequisite, of coarse, for another grand American invasion which Obama the pacifist set up with his infamous red line. Warning Assad that the US would only become involved directly if chemical weapons were used. Of coarse, Obama knew full well that Assad wasn't the only one with these weapons of mass destruction. According to our own intelligence, al-Nusra (AKA al-Qaeda) did as well, thanks to there friends and ours in the Turkish military but al-Nusra, with there asses pinned up against the wall by the Syrian Army, were the only ones who had motive to use them. Al-Nusra got the message and sure enough chemical weapons were deployed. Obama automatically blamed Assad without producing a lick of evidence and prepared to invade Syria. The only thing that stopped him from carrying out his plans was the unlikely collaboration of Vladimir Putin, who brilliantly cock blocked Obeezy with a camera friendly peace deal, and everyday american anti-interventionists, who clogged phone lines at the capitol building, demanding there representatives represent them for a change and prevent another bloody quagmire in the Middle East. With his support both at home and abroad dashed to bits Obama was forced to abandon his plans for direct intervention and fall back on his proxy war strategy. He was down but not out. After all Assad had to go, right?

America had more than a few reasons to risk another international catastrophe with its latest proxy war in Syria. The Assad regime had been a mainstay on our shitlist for years. If they weren't giving refuge to the (wrong) Kurds, they were cuddling up to the Russians and the Iranians. When they weren't busy defying our perverted notion of global, free market hegemony with there vulgar sense of Arab nationalism, they were defending there Shiite brothers in Lebanon from Israeli sanctioned Falangist genocide. But Assad and his father's biggest crime, in the eyes of the American Empire, was that they were the worst kind of dictators. The kind not under our payroll. Not to mention the fact that the Baathist regime sat smack dab on the intersection of every major oil pipeline linking Asia to Europe. (probably should've started with that)

So, once again, America called out the wild dogs of holy war and when al-Nusrah and the magic red line weren't enough to overthrow the Syrian government, we poured gas on the fire by introducing our latest Iraqi Frankenstiens in ISIS to the embattled country. All while maintaining our public support for the "moderates" of the Free Syrian Army, which largely served as a kind of minor leagues for the Jihadist pro's. As soon as any "moderate" proved himself on the battlefield he got picked up by the big boys in ISIS or al-Nusrah, often taking heaps of American military hardware with them. You can choose to believe this inevitable chain of events is all just one big coincidence if you wan't but it keeps fucking happening and we keep fucking funding it and we keep fucking funding the known Wahhabist snake pits of Ankara, Doha and Riyadh, The powers at be are all to aware of whats going down and I'm not convinced that it's not exactly what they wanted. As I said before, it wouldn't be the first time, just ask those pedophiles in the Northern Alliance if you don't believe me.

Just like Afghanistan and Libya before it, Syria has been reduced to a living hell. Multiple genocides now loom over the shattered state like cobra's waiting to strike. The Alawites, Christians, Kurds, and Druze are all at risk of being wiped off the map by America's latest monsters and like him or not, embattled strongman Bashar al-Assad is the only thing standing in the way of this tragedy in the making and his position grows weaker day by day, giving these minorities and the Sunnis who refuse to take part in there slaughter little choice but to flee there rapidly approaching demise in what has become the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War.

Some western nations, like Germany, have stepped up to the plate and offered generous refuge to these desperate souls but America, the nation more responsible for this crisis the any other, is not one of them. Since starting this despicable fucking war, The US has only accepted a poultry 1,500 of its refugees. (compared to Germany's pledged million) Lifelong war criminal John Kerry has offered to increase that number by as much as 30,000 but with over four million Syrians and growing seeking shelter from our latest war, that hardly amounts to jack shit.

We see a similar example of imperial callousness a little closer to home on our own southern border with more millions risking there lives in the desert to escape another hellish American experiment in war profiteering.

Since 1971, the United States has waged total war against drugs or at least some drugs. A war that has proven to be as brutal as it is senseless. Over a period of over forty years, tens of trillions of dollars have been dumped into the bottomless coffers of the military and prison industrial complexes with zero discernible effect on the rate of drug abuse in this country or any other but with a catastrophic effect on the rate of violent crime across the globe, creating an entire industry of organized thuggery, devoted entirely to the growth, processing, trafficking and distribution of common plants, used and abused for centuries, free from this level of chaos until it was unleashed by the beasts of prohibition.

These two industries, the industry of selling narcotics and the industry of prohibiting them, are really one. Like professional wrestlers battling each other in a steel cage, there relationship is completely symbiotic. One opponent cannot exert strength without another opponent to willingly receive it and vice versa. They appear to be battling but in reality it is simply a carefully choreographed dance.So it should come as little surprise that the faces of the American Empire have a long and storied history of sharing a bed with the very heels they have pledged to destroy. From the Hmong tribesmen of Indochina to the opium lords of Afghanistan to the Contra death squads of Nicaragua. Much like the War on Terror, the War on Drugs has become such a booming industry that the US has gotten into the business of creating monsters just so they can charge hardworking tax payers a fee to destroy them. The result of this bloody shell game, aside from piles of money, is piles of bodies.

In few places have these piles grown taller or more grotesque then in the failed narco state of Mexico. America spends tens of billions of dollars every year to prop up a government our own intelligence readily admits is thoroughly infested with the cartels there supposedly at war with. We send literally tons of weapons. Rifles, grenades, machine guns, armored vehicles, much of which inevitably ends up in the hands of the gangsters. So we send even more guns to destroy those gangsters (sound familiar) and so it goes, with the war profiteers who lobby Washington for this shit making a mint and the innocent people of Mexico caught in the crossfire of a shit storm  that they have done nothing to deserve.

While the thugs in Sinaloa and Washington count there money, the Mexican people count decapitated heads in there streets and pray they don't stumble across one belonging to someone they love. Is it any wonder they flee in the billions to the relative safety of the United States? Wouldn't you?

Like the now stateless orphans of Syria, these people are refugees, not Illegals, not even migrants but refugees, fleeing a seemingly endless tragedy that we created and continue to perpetuate. And what do these refugees do? Do they beg and demand the restitution they so richly deserve from the American Empire that screwed them? No. They work. They work there fucking asses off, building our houses, cooking our food, tending to our lawns and making our cushy, lily white lives better and easier, one back breaking, thankless chore at a time. And how do we fucking thank them? By harassing, humiliating and belittling them. By rounding them up like loose cattle, taring apart there families and sending them straight back to the hell holes we created for them.

And I'm not just talking about the Republicans either. The Democrats are even worse. Selling the Latino community false promises, building stunning electoral victories on there shoulders and then deporting them in higher numbers then any Republican regime ever has. If the GOP wasn't so goddamned racist there would be no Latino Democrats. Put that on a fucking hat, Trump!

The point I'm attempting to make with this latest rant, dearest motherfuckers, is that both of these refugee crises are the same in that both of them were made possible by our dear old empires unquenchable thirst for conquest and greed at the expense of the worlds poor. We destroyed Syria and we corrupted mexico, leaving legions of stateless orphans in our wake.

Any American with half a soul needs to realize that all of these refugees are our fucking responsibility. The very least we can do for them is give them a place to crash for proverbial weekend. That and attempt to ween ourselves off of the addiction to international violence that left them homeless in the first place.

America should match Germany's one million refugees and fucking double it, for starters. The Syrian people are smart, tough, educated and industrious, we could use a little of all that in this country. We should also do right by giving full amnesty to our displaced neighbors from south of the border if there still willing to forgive us and join this crazy fucking country. I for one would be proud to call them Americans.

I know what your gonna say, "How the hell do we pay for this, Nick?", glad you asked, that parts simple. End the fruitless trillion dollar boondoggles we call the War on Terror and the War on Drugs and try waging peace for a fucking change. It's surprisingly affordable and no one has to get there head blown off.

It's not fucking rocket science, dearest motherfuckers. It's just called doing the right thing. give it a shot. Only we can save the orphans of empire.

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