Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Breaking Daesh

This post should have been done weeks ago but what can I say, November has been one motherfucker of a month and this learning disabled anti-imperialist has had one hell of a time trying to keep up with the madness. It seems like every time I thought I had this months shifting ISIS narrative figured out, another rug was pulled from beneath my feet and the story changed shape completely. I have little doubt that this will probably happen at least two or three more times as I write and type this up but I cant hold this off forever and I have some things that need to be said. So fuck it twice, here we go.

This month started with a terrifying sequence of bangs. In the span of about two weeks ISIS or IS or Daesh or whoever the fuck they identify as this second blew up a Russian airliner over Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, killing all 224 people on board, set off twin suicide bombs in a Hezbollah friendly suburb of Beirut, leaving another 43 dead and hundreds injured, and then, as if that weren't enough, the gruesome icing on this three tiered cake of blood and guts, there was the epic assault on the City of Light.

Over a span of just hours, 130 people were wiped out across Paris in a demonic orgy of violence that puts the Manson Family to shame. Guns, bombs, cafes, a theater, hostages, executions, suicide. Nearly all the casualties were just kids, my age or younger, including the dead eyed assassins. They were all innocent, no cops, no soldiers, no politicians, not even a single race bating cartoonist. Just kids, out to have fun, to get laid, to get stoned, to fall in love, to listen to music, to be young. A totally senseless act of cruel, naked nihilism. Brainwashed butchers punishing the citizens of a country that helped create them before realizing, too late, that they've created a beast beyond there control.

Based on the screaming headlines, you could be forgiven to mistake this bombastic, tricontinental rampage as a sign of the growing power of Daesh. The reality, however, is quite the contrary. Ever since Putin began his decisive assault against the scourge of radical Wahhabism/Salafism in Syria, the masked cowards of the so called Islamic State and there Al-Qaeda brethren have been on the run. The PKK have taken back the Yezedi capitol of Sinjar, cutting the main highway connecting the Islamic States two major cities, Raqqa and Mosul, in half. The PKK's comrades in the YPG have captured the main border crossing of Tal Abyad, essentially cementing there control of nearly half of the Turkish border while Assad's resurgent soldiers bring up the rear, slowly taking the other half from the coast eastward. Closing the primary ISIS supply line like a slow, crushing vice.

But perhaps most devastating of all was the Syrian Armies, Russian backed, victory at the strategic northern military airbase in Kuweires, where some 250 brave Syrian soldiers had held off a Dien Bien Phu style siege of thousands of heavily armed ISIS commandos for more then two and a half fucking years. With a little help from there friends in Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Assad's Heroes not only managed to take back the base, freeing the 250, but killed hundreds of Daesh-bags in the process.

So as ISIS saw there desert kingdom crumble like a sand castle beneath Shiite boots, they lashed out violently like the rabid little cowards they are against whatever civilians there NATO supplied bullets could reach. Essentially a temper tantrum for mass murderers, likely aimed at riling the west into stupidly throwing more guns into there snake pit. And rile they did, with there grotesque acts of bombastic street theater, showering Egypt, Lebanon and France with the severed limbs of the innocent.

My own emotions ran the gamut as I watched these heartbreaking events unfold through the crass prism of 24/7 cable news. Disgust, disbelief, sorrow, anger and oddly enough a macabre, paper thin sliver of hope. The silver lining framing the mushroom cloud. Maybe, just maybe this terrible triad of massacres will finally slap some fucking sense into the leaders of Europe and North America. That this isn't a fucking game anymore, if it ever was to begin with. I prayed that the Barack Obama's and Francois Hollande's of this world would see these shocking images of urban horror and realize that it isn't fucking worth it to arm and empower these jihadi cunts and there fellow travelers just to overthrow one more secular dictator and stick it to Russia. Maybe now this madness will stop and the west will back the fuck off and let Russia, Iran and Hezbollah cleanse the deserts of the Levant with the blazing fire of former victims armed to destroy there tormentors once and for all. Maybe the Christian world will finally realize that there true enemies aren't in Tehran and Moscow but Riyadh and Ankara and Wall Street. Maybe, just maybe, I hoped. Maybe, just maybe.

Sounds foolish, right. That was my second reaction to my own train of thought, too. That and maybe, just maybe I'll wake up in Mila Kunis' bed tomorrow with Ashton Kutcher's severed head impaled on my three foot hard on. I quickly found myself quoting one of my journalistic heroes, Alexander Cockburn (no pun intended), asking myself "Wheres your bullshit detector, Nick?" but then the damnedest fucking thing happened. Europe rediscovered there rationality, or so it appeared. After making the typically childish, macho grunts about waging a "pitiless war", the usually spineless President Francois Hollande took uncharacteristically brave steps towards forging a union between France and Russia, speaking of a "grand coalition" dedicated to destroying ISIS rather then simply "containing" them and Francois wasn't the only frog to rediscover his balls beneath the growing heap of French corpses. Former Republican President and fellow stalwart imperialist Nicolas Sarkozy similarly called for an alliance with Russia, proclaiming emphatically, "There cannot be two coalitions in Syria". Could there be hope for the French after all. Were these two careerist pussies both visited in the night by the ghost of Charles De Gaul and shown tableau's of Fifth Republic past, present and future.

Then again, after re-consulting with my trusty bullshit detector, I came to the much more likely conclusion that these two men, the leaders of Frances traditional post-war political powerhouses, the Republicans and the Socialists, recognized the threat to there political futures posed not by ISIS but by the meteoric rise of the National Front's Marine Le Pen, who has openly called for collaboration with Putin on the Syrian issue for months now. The irony of a female racist reintroducing the supposedly multi-cultural Hollande and Sarkozy to there own testicles is not lost on this left-wing feminist. Oh well, fuck it, progress is progress. Two steps forward, one step back.

Sadly there was little to no progress on the American front. In spite of President Obama's refusal to chum the war thirsty "liberal" media with promises of total war in Syria, he still stood by the same old, stupid party line of bashing Putin and calling for Assad to hand over the keys to his country to Barack's charming "moderate" jihadists which, since the beginning of Russia's bombing campaign, now officially including Al-Nusrah aka Al-Qaeda in Syria. Never the less, I still took great joy in watching the liberal wunderkind bicker with the same ass kissers who sainted him, for not "getting those bastards", at the G-20 summit in Antalya, Turkey. But Putin was the real star of the summit, informing his squirming audience of hypocritical sycophants that he had solid evidence that not only was ISIS being funded by at least 40 different nations but several of them were members of the G-20. Putin didn't name names, yet. But he didn't have to after providing his next exhibit. Irrefutable satellite imagery showing ISIS oil tankers filing directly into Turkey by the thousands. Proving that not only was ISIS being directly funded by the summits gracious host (with Sultan Erdogan's own son involved with the shipping) but that the evidence to prove this was easily attainable by any nation with a satellite focused on the region I.E. Turkey's handlers in Washington. Putin calmly played this game of connect the dots before the international community like a Slavic Perry Mason, leaving the room with the confidence of a disrespected lawman vindicated by his own hard earned evidence. Days later, with there hands tied, the United States launched it's first air strike on ISIS' Turkish bound convoy wiping out 116 of Erdogan's trucks to save face but only after giving them an unprecedented 45 minutes notice to get there vehicles across the border. It appeared that Master Putin had once again served America up another ass slapping check mate in there own crooked chess game but then the story changed shape again and the rug was yanked violently beneath the worlds feet.

Only days after Turkey's public caning at the hands of Putin, the new Ottomans enjoyed there petty, bloody revenge, shooting down a Russian bomber on the Syrian side of a border they had already arbitrarily and illegally moved in 2012. The two pilots, managed to parachute out at the last second only to come under heavy gunfire, in a clear war crime, as they descended to earth. There attackers? Al-Qaeda linked Turkmen rebels being led by a member of Turkey's notorious, CIA trained, racist militia, the Grey Wolves. One pilot was murdered before his bullet riddled corpse could hit the ground where the putrid buzzards posed for pictures and propaganda videos with there ill gotten trophy of lily-dicked bitch cowardice. His co-pilot was rescued by a crew of Russian and Syrian commandos but not before Barack's precious Free Syrian Army downed a Russian rescue helicopter with an American TOW missile, killing a Russian Marine in the process (BTW my grandfather was a Marine so the whole Free Syrian Army can eat dicks in hell for eternity).

And we're supposed to believe this was all just a big mistake brought on by Russia's selfish insistence on saving Syria from jihadi fucked hell, whoopsy daisy! Bull fucking shit! This shit was fucking planned and dollars to donuts Sultan Erdogan wasn't the mastermind. Even if we're to believe Turkey's claim that the bomber crossed into Turkish airspace, by there own admission this breach lasted 19 seconds. Hardly enough time to justify a shoot down under the terms of international law. Shit! it's not even enough time to make a supposedly random, spur of the moment attack possible. And we're also supposed to believe that a death squad of Turkish trained and led Turkmen just happened to be there, waiting beneath the wreckage, machine guns and camera's at the ready to slaughter any survivors and capture it on tape alongside there American armed comrades in the FSA. Just one, big, happy, bloody co-inky dink and on the day before Francois Hollande was slated to meet with Vladimir Putin to discuss collaborating against ISIS. What are the odds?!!

And speaking of coincidences. Who was Mr. Hollande meeting with that very day? None other then our dear leader, Barack Obama, who took the time to warn the French President against getting to close to Putin. And who just happened to be in Ankara that day? None other then former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral James Winnefield but I'm sure he was just in town to enjoy the kebab and cheap prostitutes.

Do you smell the Devil yet or do you need another "coincidence" to connect the dots. How about the fact that the only other country outside the Russian coalition who had been given the precise flight paths for that day was the United States. Putin shared them with us in hopes of avoiding just such a tragic incident. So only one country new exactly where to set the trap, where the jet was most likely to breach a highly contentious border, and exactly when to pull the trigger, exactly when to twist the knife in Russia's back for fucking up America's latest regime change conspiracy. Only one country could have pulled off this depraved act of attempted diplomatic sabotage and this pissed off blogger is sitting in it.

So what have we learned this November, dearest motherfuckers? We've learned that ISIS has finally fulfilled  the Bush era prophecy of an international terrorist menace capable of wreaking havoc across multiple continents, thanks to more then a little help from there supposed enemies in the US of A. We've learned that Europe can still be reasoned with in the wake blood drenched mass tragedies but America is so possessed with imperial hubris that no massacre is gruesome enough to activate there humanity, that is, if it even exists anymore. We've learned that Turkey's relationship with ISIS has become so intimate that the two have become virtually indistinguishable from each other. And perhaps most importantly we've learned that NATO's twisted obsession with destroying Russia has become so maniacal that there willing to risk World War 3 to achieve it.

ISIS needs to be annihilated with extreme fucking prejudice and it's probably going to take an international coalition to do it but any coalition that includes states that actively collaborate with Islamic jihadists is damned to perpetual failure. The free world must break all ties with the terror factory of NATO and its minions in Erdogan's Turkey if we ever wanna break Daesh.

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