Tuesday, May 10, 2016

After-Bern: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Green

Well dearest motherfuckers, it appears that the revolution is over. Or should I say the "revolution" is over. I speak of coarse of the much vaunted Bernie Sanders revolution of 2015/16. After a series of crushing if suspicious defeats in a spread of important primaries on the Eastern Seaboard, old Bernie is looking down the barrel at some long odds in his Quixotic run for the Democratic nomination for President of these United States. That's not to say that a Sanders victory is impossible but with a growing gulf of nearly 300 delegates between him and the Dragon Lady and a slew of Clinton friendly closed primaries ahead the odds of a democratic socialist White House look about as likely as they ever have. To put it simply, the jig is up. As the Mountain Goats once sang- The warning signs have all been bright and garish, far to many in number to ignore.

But don't tell that to the kids. They still have there young hearts set on sweet Uncle Bernie saving them from the bleak future of Killary's America. They've even bought into the false hope of a contested convention, with the mighty will of the people being upheld by the wise and holy Super-delegates. Oh you pretty things don't you know that Satan made Super-delegates for the express purpose of crushing the peoples will? There's nothing left for you to do but watch in horror as your dear leader, Chairman Bern, bows down and kisses Madam Killary's ring in return for a pittance of hollow platitudes and empty promises to respect the spirit of the revolution as long as it's children agree to mind there manners and vote Killary come fall. As I had predicted earlier on this blog, this has been the plan all along. This is how Killary aims to hijack the youth vote.

Bernie's revolution has always been little more then a viral marketing campaign to herd wayward millennials into the Democratic barn. That's not to say it has been a total waste for the far left in this country. Quite the contrary, in fact. Regardless of its true intentions, Bernie's campaign has actually (and probably inadvertently) done a great deal of good. For starters it has removed layers of stigma attached to the word socialist by generations of hysterical Cold War red baiting. It has also revealed seemingly radical ideals like living wages, free education and single-payer healthcare for what the rest of the western world already knows them to be; Basic common sense. Most importantly it has lit a fucking fire in the post-Occupy left that wont go out and Killary is in for a rude awakening if she thinks she can just hijack this inferno and use it to burn a straight path to the White House.

The kids are pissed and seeing darling Bernie capitulate to the very same forces he claimed to be fighting against is only gonna make it worse. Especially when you consider how these very forces extinguished the Bern. From the coin tosses of the Iowa Caucus' to the New York Board of Elections purging of 126,000 Brooklyn voters, the 2016 Democratic Primary has been the most horrifically corrupt American election since Bush had half the black people in Ohio arrested back in 2004. 17 out of the 19 contests with exit polling overestimated Bernie's lead. 9 of them outside of the margin of error. By these calculations at least 58 of Killary's delegates should be Bernie's. This may not be enough to close the gap but in the heat of the moment it could have been enough to swing momentum in Bernie's favor. In other words, dear Madam Killary is so woefully loathsome that she needed to fix a race against her own sheepdog. This woman makes Dick Nixon look like Atticus Finch.

Of coarse the devout Killary loyalists in the mainstream media have done everything they can to keep these facts silent. Not that Bernie has exactly made it hard for them. He barely made a fucking peep until the Brooklyn heist. But this isn't the nineties. America's finest propagandists in the Fourth Estate can't manufacture consent like they use to. Social media is ablaze with furious Sandernistas, beside themselves with well earned rage after being turned away from the ballot box. And Bernie still believes he can sell those poor fucked kids on Killary with peons to party loyalty and platformism. Fat fucking chance.

It's little wonder that a growing number of Sanders supporters have vowed not to vote at all if/when Killary finally finishes stealing the nomination. What choice do they have? They figure if there votes are worth less than shit to the DNC then why even fucking bother. Not voting in there mind's eye is the only way to get back at the system that chewed them up and spat them out like so many young believers before them. I don't blame them. I've been there myself.

During the first Presidential Election that I was eligible to vote in back in 2008, I put my heart and soul behind another Democratic outsider named Dennis Kucinich. I even joined the Democratic Party for the sole purpose of voting for him in the primaries. Much to my dismay Dennis dropped out of the race just before he could reach my state of Pennsylvania, leaving this young anti-imperialist with the unsavory option of voting for Barack "lets bomb Pakistan" Obama and Killary herself. I chose to vote for neither. But the worst was yet to come. I had to watch a great man who I still deeply admire sell his convictions short and endorse Obomba at the Denver Convention with a rousing speech encouraging young leftist like myself to do the same. The DNC loved it and heaped mountains of praise upon there prodigal son before thanking him by redistricting him out of congressional existence. I felt like throwing up. I may not have voted at all in 2008 if it wasn't for Ralph Nader which leads me to my final point. Sandernistas could simply stay home in November, binge watch Dexter or re-read A People History of the United States (both great choices.) But there remains another option. A third option.

I speak of coarse of current Green Party favorite Jill Stein. A woman who's views are more then compatible with Bernie's and are far more consistent and thought out. Like Bernie, Jill supports Single-payer, the $15 an our minimum wage and free public education. Unlike Bernie, she realizes that the only way to actually achieve these goals is to do what Scandinavia has done and cut our bloated military spending by at least 50% and shutter America's phalanx of 700+ foreign military bases.

Jill herself has realized the opportunity provided to her by the Sanders shellacking. She has even left the door open for Bernie to run with her on the Green Party ticket. This would give Bernie automatic access to general election ballot boxes in nearly every state. Personally, I wouldn't count on this possibility and I doubt Jill is either. With decades of Democratic Party loyalty behind him and a shot at a senior senators seat ahead, Bernie is one "Socialist" sheep-dog who knows his place at the foot of the Washington dinner table. And I believe that this is precisely what Jill is trying to point out to the Sandernistas with her unprecedented offer. As she herself poignantly put it recently; "You can't really have a revolutionary campaign inside a counter-revolutionary party." Amen, but I would take it one step further and say; You can't really have a revolutionary campaign with a counter-revolutionary candidate.

What the true revolutionaries of this country have now is a grand opportunity to reach out to a whole new generation of would-be revolutionaries before they can be co-opted or jaded beyond repair. I don't suffer under the delusion that Jill Stein will win this time. She likely won't. But the crater size mud hole she can stomp in the two-party plutocracy's ass, with a little help from some young pissed Sandernistas, will be too massive for even Killary's little Eichmann's at the Clinton "News" Network (aka CNN) to ignore. Revenge truly is a dish best served green.

Cheer up, dearest motherfuckers. This is where we get to make it right.

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