Saturday, June 25, 2016

Anarchy in the EU, Liberty in the UK!

When I first heard that British Prime Minister David Cameron had promised the euroskeptics in his Conservative Party a popular referendum on whether or not the UK should leave the EU, in return for there support in the 2015 elections, I thought there was no fucking way it would ever happen. My skepticism only deepened after the failure of Yes! Scotland. The UK seemed as impervious to true radical change as the US. Last night, speaking as I scribble this last minute post down on a piece of computer paper with Sonic Youth's "Expressway to your skull" blaring through my headphones, the UK proved me and a lot of other leftists to be dead wrong. Unlike many of those other so-called leftists, I couldn't be happier to be so wrong. In spite of my Irish-Catholic Anglophobic tendencies, I'm feeling very proud of those dastardly limey bastards right now. I feel like I should by them a pint.

After months and months of the most brutal fear campaign to be launched on the Brits since the down and dirty days of Tony Blair's Downing Street Memo. After being fed shovel loads of pro-Euro propaganda from every establishment hack from both ends of the aisle. Even after a rushed visit by Sir Barack of Obomba, who came to little Lord Cameron's aid in order to threaten the citizens of America's oldest Allie with economic apartheid if they dared exercise there right to rid themselves of foreign rule. The British people still gathered together on the 23rd of June to deliver a great big middle finger to the tyrants of corporate globalism in Brussels and beyond. Today should be a day of international celebration. Because this is just the fucking beginning. The Brits have shown us all a way out and it didn't even cost them a single drop of blood.

The leaders of the movement to leave the EU, namely the UK Independence Party (UKIP), may have had there own chauvinistic and xenophobic reasons for the Brexit but the majority of the Brits who voted Leave this week weren't thinking about immigrants or Sharia nonsense. They were voting to emancipate themselves from a corrupt cabal of foreign crony capitalists. It was a loud and hearty rejection of Cameron's vaunted "Age of austerity." It was a glorious populist rebellion against the tyranny of "Business as usual" and sadly most of my comrades on the far left chose to sit this one out on the sidelines and miss out on all the anarchic fun.

The only parts of the UK that voted aggressively against the Brexit are, sadly, my own Celtic people in the leftist heartlands of Scotland and Northern Ireland and this breaks my fucking heart. Even Labor's insurgent leader Jeremy Corbyn and those fantastic lions in the Scottish National Party (SNP) spoke out (somewhat begrudgingly) against Leave. This is due to the sad fact that too many of even the finest minds on the far left (Noam Chomsky!?) buy into the bullshit theory that the EU is somehow a stateless socialist alternative to American hegemony. The reality couldn't be farther from this fallacy if it were in outer space.

The stone cold reality is actually quite the opposite. The EU and in fact the very notion of a united federal Europe was designed by CIA globalist masterminds like Allen Dulles and Wild Bill Donovan after World War 2 in order to create a unified European identity that would serve as a socioeconomic glue to hold the imperial NATO army together and ensure that the communist and anarchist partisans who liberated much of the continent from fascism would not be given an opportunity to provide a true socialist alternative to American global capitalism. Billions of US tax dollars were poured into a decades long propaganda campaign via the Marshal Plan to brainwash Europeans into believing that a United Europe was as inevitable as a fart on taco Tuesday.

The result of the EU's "socialist" paradise? A crooked fiefdom of moneyed banksters sucking the continents poorest people dry like vampires. Not to mention an economic appendage for America's NATO Megatron to better rape and pillage with. But still, even after decades of brutal austerity, corruption, ponzi schemes, labor exploitation and regime change, my people back in the old country of Ireland and Scotland are still convinced that an existence under the tutelage of this imperial juggernaut would be kinder then an independent UK. Which only proves how horrifically the Crown has abused these people (send your hate mail to the Queen). But like a battered spouse, they go running from the arms of one monster to another. My only hope is that the earth-shattering cataclysm that is the Brexit will finally shake some sense into my people and the early signs look good.

As news of the Brexit reached the masses, calls for a second referendum on Scottish independence have been made by the SNP and even the long castrated and taciturn Sinn Fein of Northern Ireland is calling for serious discussion on a similar referendum to FINALLY unify Ireland (and the Grinch's heart grew three sizes that day!) Perhaps even better, that defeated stooge Cameron has announced he will be stepping down from his dismally failed role as Prime Minister and leader of the Tories, leading some folks in Labor to whisper about the possibility of bumping up the 2020 general elections. Giving the NATO-skeptic if not totally euroskeptic Head of Labor, Jeremy Corbyn a serious shot at redeeming himself as the first true leader of the newly independent UK. Corbyn may have chickened out on Leave but I have a hard time believing that this longtime Euro-critic will go out his way to put the shackles back on.

Just like UKIP's Leave campaign, these actions by the SNP, Sinn Fein and Corbyn may not be done with the wisest of intentions but, like the Brexit, there result could be nothing short of miraculous. And the revolution doesn't stop at the shores of the British Isles. The Brexit sets a powerful precedent for countries like Spain, France, Italy and Holland with similar levels of Euro-discontent. Not to mention independence movements from Basque to Venice. 2016 could go down in history as the most revolutionary year in European history since at least May '68 if not 1799.

Of coarse this doesn't mean a clean, easy victory for the powers of good over evil. The EU is a multi-billion dollar menace that won't be dismantled without a long, bloody fight. The economic backlash against the UK has only just begun and it has already plunged the value of the British Pound to a thirty year low. Things will likely get far worse before they get better. The global corporate aristocracy is going to do everything they can to ensure an independent Britain will fail. There may even be backroom schemes in the works to sabotage the Brexit, which will likely take years to go into effect, before it can even begin.

But true revolutionary change is hard. If doing the right thing was easy then the world wouldn't be so fucked up. People of all nationalities and political stripes who truly value liberty need to come together now behind the Brits and show our unflinching solidarity with there declaration of independence. The Brexit is victory for us all. Stand strong limey bastards. This Marxist mick solutes you.

Peace, Love and Anarchy- CH

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