Thursday, October 20, 2016

November 2016: Pick Your Favorite Rapist!

Well dearest motherfuckers, it looks like it's finally all over but the barking. After what felt like a fucking century at the circus, that snarling, rabid, human chow-chow known as Donald Trump finally appears to be fucked beyond all repair or at least on his way to the pound for gassing. And all it took was both major parties and half the fucking media to do it. The final nail in the proverbial coffin? A nauseating 2005 recording of the Donald bragging about his a adventures in unsolicited pussy grabbing to giggling tabloid news gimp Billy Bush, which just happened to hit the news like a goddamn scatter-bomb on the same day Wikileaks was set to drop its latest load of damning information on the Clinton campaign (Coincidence?). What followed, naturally, was a shit storm of epic proportions. At least nine women charging Trump with everything from manic groping (the word octopus will never sound the same) to full-blown rape. While I feel contractually obligated as a feminist, half a woman and a quarter of a descent human being to join this pile on, I feel equally obligated to level the fucking playing field, because, while Killary's fingers may not be grabbing any pussy, they sure as fuck aren't clean.

As the stories of Trump's growing flock of victims began to pile up like Tetras pieces, I couldn't help but feel an uncanny sense of deja-vu. That's because Trumps crimes bare a striking resemblance to the nineties exploits of old Kill-dog's hubby and semi-impeached ex-president Bill Clinton. The harassment, the indecent exposure, the octopus groping, even the rape. All of which was covered up by his supposedly feminist wife, who also lead the campaign to demonize and slander Slick Willy's victims. She even convinced the bastard not to drop out of the '92 election after getting his hand stuck in the cookie jar. All so she could climb the ladder to the Oval Office. The Clinton marriage has always been one of political convenience. Bill's chauvinistic womanizing goes back at least as far as his days as Governor of Arkansas (after Florida, America's second most rape-vibe state). Killary didn't care then and she doesn't care now. That oddly charming, southern fried fuck freak of a husband of hers is nothing more than a bird-brained Clydesdale that Killary expertly used to ride to power.

All of this has been conveniently forgotten by the pillars of moral superiority in the mainstream media, currently sneering at Trump from their high horses for crimes that only earned their precious Bill a couple of cheap laughs for being a fun-loving randy boy. Strangely enough, the only people who seem to be taking Bill's moonlight hobby as a sexual predator seriously are those silicon female chauvinist pigs over at Fox News. Apparently everyone's a fucking feminist when it's convenient for them. It isn't even November and it's feeling like Killary's America already.

Also forgotten by the talking heads of network and cable news is the creepy link between both Bill and Donald's crime spree's and a mysterious billionaire sex-offender named Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was busted in '08 for running a massive underage sex ring that provided many of America's 1% with a steady flow of underage ass. Epstein also happens to be good friends of both Trump and the Clintons. And both Bill and the Donald are known to be frequent flyers on Epstein's own personal flying brothel, known as the Lolita Express, in spite of the fact that both men already own their own private jets. Epstein has also financed the Clinton Foundation to the tune of millions and was known to instruct his young sex slaves to keep tabs on their johns personal predilections for the purpose of future blackmail. It's little wonder that one of Trump's anonymous accusers is a former Epstein girl.

There is something profoundly rotten about this picture. We don't have all the pieces to this Kafkaesque puzzle yet but it has Killary's signature all over it. The shit just gets stinkier when you read the section of Wikileaks' latest Podesta Files that exposes the Clinton Campaigns strange involvement in secretly supporting Trump's presidential run even before he announced his candidacy. Maybe Killary knew something we didn't. Maybe she pushed a candidate to GOP victory that she already had the dirt to destroy. The only candidate she knew she could beat. I know, I'm starting to sound like Ollie Stone again here but who else but Killary would and could use, not one, but two rapists to guarantee her place in the White House?

Perhaps an even more important question is what kind of a fucking country has this become when both Democratic and Republican candidates can be tied to sexual violence and Jill Stein is still polling in the single fucking digits? What the hell is it going to take you people to grow a pair of fucking ovaries and vote for a real goddamn feminist. But no, you people are slaves to the lesser of two evils. Well you fucking got it. Congratulations. November 2016, ladies and gentleman! Pick your favorite rapist!

Begrudgingly yours,

Peace, Love, Anarchy and Empathy- CH

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