Monday, June 25, 2018

Silly Fascists, Concentration Camps Are For Kids!

Donald Trump is putting families in concentration camps. I wish I was being hyperbolic or facetious, I wish a lot of things right now, decidedly un-Christian things. But, sadly, I am being completely and unabashedly honest when I say that our president is locking up children and pregnant women in sun roasted desert kennels unfit for rabid coyotes, let alone toddlers. I honestly can't think of any other way to put it. I honestly wish that I didn't have to fucking write this thing. But I'm an agoraphobic and I don't own a gun. This blog is the only weapon I've got. This blog and the vitriolic disgust that it weaponizes.

My disgust with a president who is using terrorism to ethnically cleanse whole corners of this country. There remains no other sane reason to rip infants from their mother's tit, wailing and screaming. Like the brazen daylight gestapo raids, these TV-ready acts of inhuman cruelty are designed for the express purpose of terrifying a community of millions to flee for their children's lives back into the arms and machetes of cartels and death squads.

My disgust in a cruel and draconian immigration system that predates Trump's reign by decades. It wasn't so long ago that this country was an open border sanctuary nation that welcomed yesterday's wetbacks, the Italians, the Polish, and my own people, the Irish, fleeing sectarian violence and state sanctioned starvation, with open arms. This lucid and humane system that helped build this country has been traded in for a barbaric, Kafkaesque, labyrinth of slow and costly rules and regulations that give desperate people no choice but to take the law into their own hands. All in defense of an invisible line drawn in the desert by people who stole it from the ancestors of the very same "illegals".

My disgust with a country that outsources misery with corrupt one-sided trade laws that are anything but free and genocidal puppet states that are anything but democratic, and then coldly refuses sanctuary to the refugees that these imperial policies produce. El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras were all gruesome playgrounds for Reagan's anti-communist death squads who raped, murdered, and tortured hundreds of thousands of innocent people on Uncle Sam's dime. Along with Mexico, what remained of these blood spattered banana republics had their ancient indigenous subsistence agrarian systems depleted by cheap imports from the factory farms up north, where many of these out of work farmers crossed the boarder to reclaim their pilfered livelihoods. These same nations have also been held hostage by our equally corrupt war on drugs. Civilians have found themselves caught between warring factions that have both grown bloody rich, not from the plants that have long grown there but by the prohibition that made a war on these plants a booming industry for both sides of the fight.

My disgust with both political parties who would rather crack each others skulls before the unblinking eye of mid-term election news coverage than find an actual fucking solution to this mess. The Republicans, who sell their terrified constituency of endangered white males a one way ticket to a past glory that exists only in the imaginations of overgrown children, with the price of admission being the scapegoating of a people even more powerless than they feel. And the Democrats, who use the Latino vote like a goddamn condom, playing the part of the great white savior when it was liberal lions like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama who set the stage for Trump's theater of cruelty with their own despicable, record breaking, deportation regimes. To the fucking sycophants who runs this sinking ship of a country, no horror is too sacred to be pimped out for electoral cache.

My disgust is more powerful than the highest caliber handgun on the market and I have plenty of high powered disgust to go around. But I reserve the lion share of my vitriol for the very notion of the border itself, a state contraption who's very existence depends on violence and degradation. The unspeakable cruelty we are currently witnessing on our southern border is the inevitable result of its very existence and we now see this beast in it's truest manifestation across the globe. In Italy and Greece, where boatloads of refugees are driven back into the watery grave of the sea. In the Balkans, Hungary, and Poland, where walls of razor wire have been erected to slit the wrists of the orphans of wars that those very nations partook in. The border itself is a contraption designed for fascistic terror. Its abolition should should be the priority of any sane creature with some fraction of a heart. I don't have an easy solution to Trump's kiddie concentration camps or the family friendly penal colonies he was brow beaten into replacing them with, but a riot would be a nice start. Let this post be the first brick that crashes through the White House window.

Fuck you, Donald .J Trump, super sadist. Fuck you very much.

Peace, Love, & Fury- CH

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  2. Gotta be honest Robert Reich writes the corniest shit. Dan Rather, really that whole class

    Like seriously, the system isn't broken. Or in crisis. It's working exactly as it was intended. Is there ever gonna be a time when y'all come to terms with the fact that your nice-sounding quotes and phrases are just that, trite words? America isn't and wasn't ever the promised land, it's always been a house built atop a literal mass grave and no amount of decorations and remodeling will change that.

    1. "it's always been a house built atop a literal mass grave"

      As has every State which has ever existed. Comrade realizes that. But he is just pointing out that it was, at one time, better than most, and that it once explicitly welcomed foreigners, while now it acts to scapegoat and vilify them

  3. Say it again, Comrade. You get right to the heart of the matter. States should not erect borders, as they should never own anything, they should not even exist. Legal restriction on freedom of travel guarantee that there will be illegal immigration, due to demand for a better life.

    Those who rail against 'illegal" immigration, if they would just look in a mirror, would realize that it is themselves who create it. The only compassionate way to eliminate "illegal" immigration, in fact, the only way to do it at all, is to eliminate the lays which define it and bring it into being.

    1. "is to eliminate the lays..."

      Sorry, meant "laws".


  5. The part of Facebook flagging parts of the declaration of independence as hate speech was lol. It seems post 2016 a lot has happened but amongst the shit, has been a mainstreaming of what has been said for a while regarding the shitty parts of America both historical and present (former influencing the latter so much that they aren't really discrete in a linear way) As far as I know Trump didn't make things go to shit, he just pulled up carpet out to reveal the festering shit underneath

    I always think of indigenous peoples on Yay 'Murica holidays.

  6. Speaking of fascism, this is a great video on how these guys work