Sunday, March 21, 2021

Borders are a Weapon of Mass Destruction

 The more things change the more they stay the same. The only place where that seems more true than Washington is at the border. Obama and Biden built the camps. Trump filled the camps. And Biden is building more as thousands of desperate people are racing to overcrowd them. After another election season of empty Democratic promises, we were all told that things would be different now. Joe Biden had somehow miraculously evolved in his old age into a kinder, gentler, racist neoliberal sack of shit. Wokeness was supposed to be a symptom of his dementia. But as the migrants came, one promise after another fell to shit. 72 hour detentions swelled to 177 and counting. Closing the private prison pipeline included everything but ICE's notorious private immigration detention centers. And Trump era concentration camps like Corizo Springs opened back up for business. Even now, we're told reforms are on their way. But we were told this back when it counted and now we're being told this again as the number of refugees rises and FEMA moves to reenact Hurricane Katrina at a sports venue near you.

They call this a crisis at the border, but the border is the crisis. Ever since Bill Clinton moved to militarize this countries massive federally centralized border back in 1994, we've been violating migrant rights as if it were a competitive sport. Building bigger and bigger prisons and meaner and meaner posses of Border Patrol thugs who's authority stretched deeper and deeper into the heartland. All for a senseless war on the crime of crossing an invisible line scribbled by conquistadors and other assorted savages in the desert centuries ago. Borders, especially big borders, are nothing but another excuse to give the state unspeakable powers to do unspeakable things to desperate people. Fuck all of them. They all make me fucking sick. 

My violent allergy to borders is more than just a side affect of my anarchism. It runs in my veins as an Irish Catholic daughter of renegade stock. There was a time when this awful country at least had relatively open borders. When they welcomed your poor, your tired, your sick.... My ancestors were all of the above, fleeing for their lives from an English enforced starvation genocide straight out of Madeline Albright's wet dream journal called the Irish Potato Famine. In fact, if it wasn't for the lax border politics of 19th Century America, there is a very real possibility that I wouldn't even exist to bitch at you today. Millions more would have starved in the Crown's final solution to their long Irish problem. So Morrigan help me, this issue is more than a little personal. Just add a history of child abuse and stir and you get one pissed off tranny who sees herself in the thousand yard stare of every hungry five year old confined in one of Mr. Biden's fabulous decorated new cages. I get sick headaches just writing about it. But my Irish heritage includes another very different border crisis that I believe shines a light on not only the famines, but the bitter sweet policies that saved us from them, and the very nature of mass immigration laws themselves.

The Kingdom's putsch to liquidate Irish Catholics may have reached its gruesome apex in the 1800's but it began to take its hideous shape centuries earlier in the 1600's, when England began to flood Northern Ireland with desperate farmers from the Scottish Lowlands and Northern England. They pit us against our Celtic brethren, survivors of English brutality themselves, by stripping all Catholics of their land rights and awarding huge swaths of property to the Anglican planters in what became known as the Plantation of Ulster. America, always the attentive royal sibling, largely mimicked this sick genocide-by-other-poor-people when they offered many of the same Scotch-Irish refugees similar promises of free land and bounty as long as they agreed to help wipe out the Indians of the Wild West. Ironically, many of today's loudest white border warriors are Scotch-Irish descendants blubbering about being victims of a brown wave sent to erase whiteness. It might actually be a clever conspiracy theory if our current borders were anything resembling open.

My point here is that borders and immigration have and will always be weapons against the poor on both sides of the invisible lines as long as they are controlled by huge centralized states with huge centralized ambitions. The only reason why my ancestors were let in alongside our regional tormentors was that this state needed us to tame the West before the railroads could rip through our homesteads like border walls do to ranches today. And the only reason why thousands of desperate people are still flocking to our borders in throngs faster than we can abuse them is because of one big lie told by two big parties for two very different reasons. The lie that the Democrats have ever been for open borders was perpetuated by Republicans to terrify white people into voting against them, and it was also gently peddled by Democrats so they could secure the Latino vote. The current crisis at the border is just blowback from the same imperial games these scumfucks have been playing for centuries, and we are all just pawns on their haunted chessboard. 

So how do we fight the scourge of big borders aside from the pipe dream of overthrowing the state itself. The best tactic I've seen lately that could potentially affect an essentially open border scenario comes from the rise in sanctuary politics. Whole states have embraced decentralized resistance to federal tyranny in the name of protecting everything from migrants to dope smokers and gun nuts. Why stop at the states? I say we create our own chessboard of sanctuary cities, towns, and counties. Many border communities have far more economic stock across the Rio Grande than they do with racist city-slickers in Dallas or Phoenix. I say we decentralize the borders and the immigration system in general. That way we can give migrants a road map to the communities that welcome them and give those afraid of radical change an opportunity to be proven wrong by economic competition. Worst comes to worst, border control becomes as cheap and simple as sending a few people on a bus to the next town over. The result would not only effectively disintegrate the border as we know it along with the thugs who profit from its police state, it would disintegrate the authority of the federal government itself and foster a pan-secession of a vast cluster of microstates too small to really fuck with anybody.

The second political martial art that could be used against American border fascism is a bit more radical and unorthodox. Undocument everyone. It's a tactic taken up by libertarian Sovereign Citizens across the country and its wide scale proliferation could erase borders as we know them by making them totally obsolete. It's not the easiest solution but if more Americans, regardless of status, rejected any and all forms of federal documentation, from birth certificates to the draft, this nation would be utterly powerless to prevent free movement and association, and it would encourage many on the anti-immigrant right to form a pact with migrants in order to get Uncle Sam off both of their backs. No documents, no taxes, no borders. Think about it. It could be a beautiful thing.

And so could America. We've all been tossed into this colonialist mess based on one scheme or another, but you can't turn back time so we might as well make the best of a beautiful mess. My people left a lot on their way to becoming Americans, but we gained the opportunity to take part in a massive experiment in extreme individualism. The one shred of the American Dream worth preserving is the dream of coming to this suburban desert wasteland and becoming whatever the fuck you want. Go ahead and start up that nudist polygamist commune between the Joshua trees. The Salvadorans are too busy unionizing in the avocado groves to stop you and their tattooed sons might just be able to show you how to aim that Kalashnikov when the tax man comes calling. That's my America. Can you dig it, dearest motherfuckers. I can. But not without burning those goddamn nooses you call borders.

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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  1. Nicky, it is obvious even to a dolt like me that your passion on this issue is real. I feel exactly the same way you do, even though I am only about 12% Irish (my great grandmother). Although probably Swedes were more welcomed than Irishmen, I still identify as only third generation American as my grandfather, Everrett Stroberg, was an immigrant from Sweden around the turn of the 20th century. Ignoring for the moment the fact that any change in history at that point would have meant that I never would have been born, I certainly would not have been born if immigrants from Sweden were treated the way we treat immigrants from Latin America today.

    I absolutely love your passion on this issue. It is strange, even though my political origins were on the right, and when I first identified as libertarian, I was inconsistent in many ways, from the beginning I never understood the xenophobic focus of those calling themselves conservatives. What the Hell is wrong with simply letting people hang out with whom they wish to, and let them not hang out with those they do not wish to? Casting xenophobia as based on a defense of property rights is quite disingenuous by those on the right. Why the fuck are not conservatives defending the property and free association rights of immigrants too?

    Granted, I have a personal axe to grind here, as I happen to think that Latina women are some of God’s most beautiful creations and would welcome having more of them in this country. And my gal Violet thinks the same thing about Latino men.

    This has been one of my favorites of the posts on your blog. You have outdone yourself again. My hat’s off to you.

    1. do you have a fb profile i would love to be friends with borg youre a cool cat and im friends with nicky.

    2. That is truly kind of you, Unknown.

      I gave up my Facebook account several years ago when my gal Violet, who suffers from several mental illnesses and a broken home in her childhood, kind of messed it up for me. I totally forgive her, and she has since grown up a little and has found some medications which help her stay sane. As someone who has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder myself, I certainly understand the limitations of free will we all live with, and simply have no moral authority to be judging anyone.

      That being said, I have considered resurrecting my Facebook account as several of my friends hang out there and I guess for the young (of which I am not one) it is the place to be. It will be a few days, but I will let you know in a reply to this comment.

      Is it too much to ask for your real first name? Mine is "Mark." Happy to meet you. Nicky has endured my ups and downs over the last year or so, when there were times I did not want to go on because of loneliness, and I appreciate her friendship and could always use another friend.

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    5. Hi Mark, I'm Mike who resides on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

      Disease, Disorder & Syndrome 101
      When the medical arts people tag on to the end of a medical descriptive "disorder", "disease" or "syndrome" they are signalling they don't know what they are talking about. I have been diagnosed with cardio obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), they have signalled to me in 3D they don't know WTF they are talking about.
      In N. America most MDs' bible is the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual. Currently
      they are on DSM (V).

      The number one (first & foremost), purpose of this very thick book is to sell the suckers expensive pa-tenable drugs to fatten the bank accounts of big Pharma. Number two is to have the quacks prescribing somewhat uniformly to maintain a public medical credibility.

      Most of our ancestors became dysfunctional to one degree or another about ten thousand years ago with the advent of the 1st agricultural revolution. When we ceased being hunter gatherers our physical health declined and so too did our mental health. We went from a matriarch society to a patriarch one.

      Borders/Sovereignty (B.S.)
      David one of my clients has advocated for several years to do away with borders.
      About a year ago I challenged him to a public debate after disagreeing with him during those years that borders where necessary because without them how could a state operate as a sovereign entity without borders?

      Part of my suggested challenge was at the end of the debate we would have the audience applaud the winner and the debater with the least applause would be the debate loser who would pay the entire rental fee for the hall (likely (UVIC), where the debate would take place.

      I cautioned him I would suggest to the audience (playing on their fears), that essentially a lock on an building's door and a fence were a kind of border, how many people would agree if there were no more borders would they next remove their locks and fences and allow the homeless & strangers to come into their residence to shelter from the cold and share their food?

      Then joking with him I quoted Pecksniff, a fictional character, created by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson aka Lewis Carroll:
      "It's instructive to have the poor suffering, it helps us to appreciate the fortitude with which others bear cold and hunger."

      I suggested that the absence of borders may very well be the death of our appreciation of impecunious fortitude.
      Since then, in my presence, David has ceased advocating about the advantage of doing away with borders.

      But that was before I read Nicky's border essay, and good grief, I've had a change of heart about this pretend sovereignty.
      For instance, in 1974 when Canuckistan returned to allowing the private banksters create the country's money as they did up to 1938, this place lost it's sovereignty. Section 18 of the Bank of Canada Act still authorizes the Bank of Canada to create and loan money to the various levels of government. In 1913 the Excited States of Murder gave this privilege to the private banksters' Federal Reserve.

      “Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes the nations laws. Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation. Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most sacred responsibility, all talk of the sovereignty of parliament and of democracy is idle and futile.”
      — William Lyon Mackenzie King

      With the secretive so-called free trade agreements even more sovereignty was flushed down the toilet.

    6. Fritz, I am well aware of the shenanigans the medical and pharmaceutical industries are guilty of. That, however, does not change the fact that my mental conditions are real, are treatable with medications, and that these medications are, for me, miracle drugs.

      Fairly recently (a few years ago), there was a bottleneck in the production of thiothixene, the medication which at the time was my anti-psychotic med. Ultimately, due to the difficulties for people who needed this med, we all had to find substitutes and thiothixene production totally died. The medication I now take, perphenazine, is my last resort, and if the same thing happens with perphenazine, my life is effectively over. I do not respond to the newer anti-psychotic drugs, and perphenazine is basically the only one left which is completely effective for me. I cannot prove it, but it seems obvious to me that this "bottleneck" and shutdown was consciously, deliberately, engineered so that the pharmaceutical company Mylan could reap millions of dollars by taking advantage of a tax structure set up by Obamacare.

      While I am certainly not a corporatist shill, I have a particularly negative view of the state in general, and do not trust politicians, even if they use the rhetoric of “compassion” and “helping the common person.” I think we both know they are trying to help themselves, and not the common person.

      I should have my Facebook account set up later today. I will let you know.

    7. Sorry, Mike, didn't see that "Fritz" was your "stage name." I'll call you Mike from now on.

    8. No problem Mark.

      Out of the fry pan:
      and into the fire:

      If you are prone to upset maybe you shouldn't watch this.
      Corbett Report @ 53:11:
      "With this base for transformation firmly established, the Rockefeller Foundation and like-minded organizations embarked on a program so ambitious that it almost defies comprehension.

      They transformed the practice of medicine."

      For two decades I obtained monthly prescriptions for codeine and benzodiazepine. I had become addicted to these, how it started was I lived with a woman for twelve years who encouraged me to partake of these substances, we also began to take Neo-citran, she called what we did "neo-parties".

      After we divorced I asked her how she came to be addicted to uppers & downers.
      She explained when she started having periods at the age of twelve her mother got a doctor to prescribe birth control pills and then mommy dearest added an extra loving touch, for she started giving the daughter her "diet pills" when there was company so she was bright eyed & bushy tailed and when there was no company she was given benzodiazpines to keep her out of the way.

      J became self reliant with her addiction by the time she was 14 by obtaining her very own prescriptions.
      A little irony, for the 1st year and a half we resided together she became very upset when I indulged in pot or LSD.

      My father-in-law Bruce suggested for our '74 Xmas 3 week trip to Florida he would pay for all food, lodging and fuel expenses and supply the vehicle, my end would be to drive the 3,000 mile return trip. I accepted.

      About a week before departure I expressed to his daughter my concern how was I going to tolerate the company of her mother for three whole days down and 3 three whole days back in the confines of a car and restaurants?
      J set up an appointment with a psychiatrist who had thrown me out of his office 2 years earlier while rebuking me that I was wasting his time as there was nothing wrong with me.
      That same doctor provided me in 1974 with a prescription for 75 mg of trimipramineI to take 3 times a day.
      That night after dinner I tested one of those red tablets around 7 pm. When I woke up an employee and my wife asked me how long I thought I'd been asleep.
      I looked at the clock and replied an hour. Where upon those two smiled so wide if they had smiled any wider their ears would have disappeared into the corners of their mouth for I had been asleep for 25 hours.

      Apparently the doctor decided I had gone from having nothing wrong to having depressive episodes. That session with him lasted about a minute and a half.
      We can be sure he billed OHIP for an hour.

      I went through hell kicking the 20 year codeine and benzodiazpine habit.
      Quitting tobacco was a Sunday school picnic compared to those two.

      I'm not even going to try with my 58 year alcohol habit.

      I have three fecesbook accounts none of which I use, that's because I trust fecesbook every bit as much as microshit.

    9. Mike, regarding Facebook, I confused you with the person simply referred to as "Unknown" who asked me for my Facebook account name. As stated, I gave my own account up three or four years ago.

      Like with any other substances we ingest, the drugs given out by physicians must be evaluated by the person taking them. Believe me, if they didn't keep me sane, I wouldn't be using them.

      I have had some very good psychiatrists, and some very bad ones.

      One time, when I was in the hospital, I sat before an entire panel of psychiatrists, the leader, a doctor Africa, simply asking me "Why are you wasting our time?" Yes, it happened to me too. Years later, I saw in the newspaper that he had been arrested and charged with assault and battery on his wife.

      My psychiatrist of many years, Dr. Ruzicano, genuinely seemed to care about me, and never, ever tried to push any specific medication on me, always working with me to determine for myself what worked and what didn't.

      I will follow up on the links you gave me regarding these medications. I didn't say they were perfect, or that they couldn't have serious side effects. I simply meant that I can use my own mind to determine whether they are right for me. I would never, ever support the federal government having the legal authority to be able to force a particular treatment on anybody, whether psychiatric drugs, COVID vaccines, or aspirin. It is my own personal belief that the rise of the therapeutic state, including the war on drugs and the psychiatric establishment, is a precursor to the reign of the Antichrist. The fact that we already have in place an entire society which worships the brutality of the state and accepts the use of torture and mind control if their perceived utility is great enough, scares the hell out of me.

    10. I'm aware there's good docs mixed in with the quacks. My experience has been not unlike car mechanics and even with online cooking recipes, the latter predominate.

      As for governments:
      "The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual crime."
      — Max Stirner

      Something I noticed for decades that during elections when a public office holder or wanna-be office holder makes an election promise, almost without fail once in office, at least 85% of the time they will do the opposite of what they promised.
      These scumf*cks say something to obtain the vote and offer in return once in office to do that which secured the vote of the voters.

      Quid Pro Quo
      In contract law if I make a promise to do something in return for you doing something of benefit to me that is deemed a "consideration". If I don't fulfill my consideration to you I am in civil breach of the contract and you have the option to enforce compensation through a court of law.

      Political Reality is GFY
      We have no such legal redress for a breach by any public office holder. The best we can hope for is turf out the sleaze in the next election only to be replaced by yet still another prevaricating slime bucket beholden only to those with deep pockets.
      The US & it's vassal state Canuckistan are not, nor have they ever been a democracy. Both are oligarchies which are run by bought and paid for puppet kakistocracies.
      The oligarchs However, have the best governments their money can buy.

      "Don’t tell my mother I’m a politician—she thinks I play piano in a bordello/brothel/cat house/whorehouse”
      — Anon

    11. "at least 85% of the time they will do the opposite of what they promised."

      And, I must add, the 15% or so of the time when they kept their promises, they kept the BAD ones.

      "The oligarchs However, have the best governments their money can buy."

      Yes, and it really cannot be otherwise. The Democratic Socialists, although I disagree with them on many things, do have a point when they say, "If we can get a vote in Congress for more than a Trillion dollars per year in military spending without so much as token opposition, why can't we get even $40 billion one time to build every homeless person a house?" Unfortunately, once the plunder mechanism is in place, even if ostensibly to help the poor, you do not have to wait long until the machinery is bought, lock, stock and barrel, by the rich.

      Regarding the side effects of perphenazine, I have become totally impotent over the three years I have been taking it. I had simply ascribed this to my diabetes, but I see in the page whose link you sent me that it may be one of the side effects of the drug. It is a bummer because I enjoy sex and still get horny, but now cannot do shit. We will see when I see the urologist whether or not this could be a cause. I am always reluctant to change medications because I invariably end up psychotic in the hospital when attempting that, and I simply cannot afford to lose work time right now.

  2. “...if more Americans, regardless of status, rejected any and all forms of federal documentation, from birth certificates to the draft, this nation would be utterly powerless to...”

    Without state identity numbers the government couldn't obtain credit from the bansters' Federal Reserve which is as federal as Federal Express, and without that credit they couldn't massively fund the Lockheeds et al. who give extravagant, tax deductible, donations for election campaign expenses (bribes), so they can continue to greedily profit from the government which blasts other humans & their wedding parties to smithereens under the rubric of “national security”.

    In Canuckistan, a vassal state of the Excited States of Murder, if the 99% who are eligible for OAS & GIS don't have a state identity number they are not eligible for the monthly cheques and when they do have the number but decline to submit the yearly spring tax return their monthly income diminishes by over half.

    As the late George Carlin said: "They've got you by the balls."

  3. The oncoming globing warming that will fry everything alive within the tropic zones will, no doubt, make the current border restrictions into the proverbial picnic. That's a matter of a decade or two when it it indicates that electric cars are far too feeble an answer to the unsolved problems of national thuggery and the very weird concepts of the dominations of profits over fundamental decency, No need for a wayward asteroid to destroy civilization when humanity is clever enough to produce all sorts of technological obliteration out of its Robot's Rules of Order.

  4. The .0001% who have wall to wall psychopathic puppets run these systems under the banner of democracy have their MSM trumpet endlessly their greed as "wealth creation". They also have the best governments their money can buy.

    One of my clients who is also a friend realizes we were very fortunate to be born just before 1950, but his grand kids not so fortunate, because that wealth creation where more is never enough and less too little is going to snuff his kid's kids long before they reach their seventies.

    "Modern politics is impossible to understand without grasping the Pollution Paradox. The greater the risk to public health and well being a company presents, the more money it must spend on politics, to ensure it isn’t regulated out of existence."
    — George Monbiot

    "No hypocrisy is too great when economic and financial elites are obliged to defend their interest."
    ― Thomas Piketty