Sunday, May 9, 2021

We Need to Talk About Destroying America

 Dearest motherfuckers, we need to have a serious talk about America. I've been tapdancing around this subject for years like a genderfuck Shirley Temple but I think we've come to the point where we can't afford to mince words anymore. America is a runaway empire and it needs to be stopped. For a long time I have openly held out hope that the inevitable collapse of such a gargantuan killing machine was upon us and that all peace loving anarchists like me really had to do was prepare for the inevitable and wait. While I continue to maintain that any superpower as bloated and unforgiving as the American empire is certainly doomed to collapse, I have come to fear that our elites are savage and depraved enough to take us all down with them in a colossal mass suicide by cold war. We can't afford to fuck around anymore folks. We need to have a serious conversation about destroying America once and for all before it destroys us all.

It's important that we cleanse ourselves of any illusions pertaining to this country of ours. America was born an empire and it will die an empire. There is no once great nation to be saved. This creature began as a hideous mistake at best and a despicable conspiracy at worst. As flagrantly politically incorrect as I clearly enjoy being, those wokesters in the critical race theory market are right about at least one thing, this countries foundation wasn't built on freedom and liberty. It was built on conquest, rape, slavery, and genocide, and the hustle never stopped. Over the centuries, we've evolved from small pocks and cotton to gunboat diplomacy and Manifest Destiny to a new world order and American exceptionalism. 

It is all part of the same narrative of power and violence. We dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan as they attempted to surrender. We bombed bridges in Korea and then machine gunned the survivors with babes in arms. We crippled half of Southeast Asia for generations with blankets of Agent Orange. We trained baby killers to rape nuns in Central America and then helped them to get away with their crimes. We carpet bombed miles of fleeing civilians on the Highway of Death in Iraq. We starved the survivors for a decade and then bombed them some more. Any one of these crimes should be sufficient enough to damn us all to hell, but it wasn't like we all took it sitting down.

America, for all its sins has a proud tradition of both individual and collective resistance to its own tyranny. We have had barracks raiding abolitionists, race traiting injun lovers, starved and shackled Anabaptist war resistors, limp wristed nudist transcendentalists, bomb throwing immigrant anarchists, prison dwelling democratic socialists, peace loving old right isolationists, long haired hippie freaks, draft dodging peaceniks, empire busting Black nationalists, officer fragging GI insubordinates, pink mohawked flag burners, rifle toting American Indian occupiers, anti-nuke Catholic Workers, lowriding Chicano anti-colonialists, state smashing libertarian stoners, Che loving communist metalheads, and even a few gender bending gonzo muckrakers, and it is this renegade tradition of many renegade traditions that makes America-the-place redeemable in the eyes of any deity, but only if we collectively hold America-the-government accountable before it's too late, and that clock just keeps ticking louder and louder with each preceding presidency.

The last three- Obama, Trump, and Biden, have all devoted their foreign policies, or at least attempted to, to confronting the last governments capable of resisting our rapacious global advances- Iran, Russia, and especially China. This campaign accelerated with Obama's Pivot to Asia, continued with Trump's blustering trade wars, and now appears to be approaching a fever pitch with the Biden regime's Great Power Competition. All of this insanity adds up to one sick reality, America is prepared for nuclear war with Eurasia. These words sound insane but just watch the seas if you don't believe me. From the Black Sea to the South China Sea to the Straight of Taiwan, America's naval forces are shadowing Russian and Chinese warships and daring them to strike first in the most provocatively obvious come ons since the Gulf of Tonkin. We are surrounding the Pacific and Arctic theaters with missiles and encouraging Yankee bitch states like Ukraine and the Philippines to throw the first punch. We are playing chicken with nuclear warheads and nobody is flinching.

We have reached a fork in the road where our two options read destroy the beast or destroy the world and America is most definitely the beast. It is high time that American anti-imperialists of all stripes embrace the reality that our government is the bad guy in this movie and we need to defeat it. I realize the risk I'm putting myself in just saying something this incendiary out loud in today's hyper censorious online climate, but goddammit, it needs to be said. America must be stopped and Americans must be the ones to stop it. I'm not saying we march directly from our computer screens to the barracks but this is the conversation we need to be having. This world war that our leaders are openly and actively pursuing is a recipe for human extinction even more immediate than the cataclysm of climate change and it needs to be treated as such.

So what do we do? The first thing we do is ditch the melodramatic theatre of electoral politics. All the money and energy that goes into campaigns of worthwhile candidates like Ron Paul or Tulsi Gabbard would be much better spent on creating grassroots movements in the model of Extinction Rebellion or BDS. We need to first educate the world, particularly the brainwashed first world, on the immediate existential threat of American imperialism. This means mass walk outs, forced occupations, direct action, and civil disobedience to be followed by a movement that preaches to drop out, boycott, and divest from the United States Government and all major corporations doing business with her. We need to create decentralized stateless alternatives to everything from banking to healthcare so we can put ourselves in a position where we can afford to threaten the world's greatest economy with certain destruction without losing everything in the process. And while peace should always be the priority, we need to prepare ourselves for the very real possibility that posing even a peaceful threat to world order will put us in a position in which we may need to defend ourselves to survive. 

And that is what this is truly all about, survival. If we simply allow our government to exist in its current colossal form, it will continue to advocate for expansion because that is what empires do. If it's not China or Russia it will be India or Europe. America is the only superpower capable of playing this game to the brink of apocalypse and it must be stopped by resistance from within if there is to be any hope for the world at large. America must be broken down into pieces small enough to coexist peacefully with the rest of the world and Americans need to make this happen before it's too late. This will likely mean radical decentralization and popular secession, an America unlike any we've ever seen before, but an America we can afford to be proud of. 

Peace, Love, & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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  1. Hey, Nicky, I hear you, but simply do not have the courage to participate actively. I learned the truth about electoral politics many years ago but continued on anyway with fighting the good fight election after election. At my age, with a barely functioning mind, I have neither the determination nor the emotional energy to fight in any literal manner with anyone or anything.

    And I am not even sure if fighting is the right thing to do. The empire is collapsing, and we may just have to wait for the collapse. Even an active boycott or non-participation with the empire would be a death sentence for someone as physically, emotionally, financially, and intellectually weak as myself, and I am not, as of yet, ready to die.

    They have got us – as the expression goes – by the balls (sorry ladies), and nobody can buy or sell unless they have the mark of the beast. And you are right to refer to the American empire as the “beast,” as, if any institution qualifies as the Antichrist, it is the American state.

    Do not get me wrong, what you suggest may very well be the correct strategy for you, and I admire your youthful energy and courage. Your blog posts are the highlights of my weekends, so never give up and never quit writing. My mind, however, has grown so feeble that I cannot tell truth from lies anymore, and would probably not know what non-participation even entails in terms of any action I could take.

  2. As much as I agree entirely with your analysis of the fundamental nature of the USA, it seems to me that there is something far more fundamental at work within the human species that cannot be dismissed as irrelevant. The massive growth of the digital technology has already embedded human civilization throughout the entire world to invade every individual totally within the control of those inherently empowered in one way or another of the essential necessities of the basics of existence. That well over 70 million voters within the US electoral system voted to support the quite insane Trump administration clearly indicates that the survival of life on the planet is most likely already a lost cause. It is no secret that the fragile network of integrated life on this planet is already dwindling precipitously beyond saving and the bulk of humanity does not even acknowledge the obvious. The solidly hierarchical nature of human societies has seen to it that only the most callous and vicious and stupid individuals have reached the status of massive social control throughout the entire history of humanity which was tolerable as long as humanity was not a major element in planetary ecology but these last couple of centuries has defeated that fundamental protection and the rapid growth of the digital penetration into all aspects of human activity has activated the suicidal stupidity of the idiots now in control of the USA, Brazil, India, Poland, Hungary and others to the extent that humanity has become a lost cause. The imperative natural forces of evolution are now vigorously activated to wipe away the clear destructive forces of current human civilization to permit the random experiments of life and death to continue to play the games of evolution once the impediments of current powers are permitted to destroy themselves.

  3. "there is something far more fundamental at work within the human species that cannot be dismissed as irrelevant."

    I don't think Nicky has dismissed such things as irrelevant, it's just that she, like myself, have concerned ourselves with creating what we believe is the only politico-economic hierarchy which has a chance of encouraging the more benign elements of human nature, and discouraging the more malicious ones. I am referring, of course, to the establishment of a stateless world, which has no deliberate hierarchy, but, rather, whatever hierarchies emerge spontaneously, which are never imposed by deliberate, consciously willed violence. Would the human race still soon perish? Possibly, but, it seems to us that such a (non) system would be the only environment which would offer a chance for the survival of the human species for any length of time.

    I understand your fascination with putting down Trump supporters. He was a comical character in the best of times, but certainly nothing more than a thug in actual fact. But is he really all that different from his predecessors, and Biden? He was cruder and less polished than the others, but if you are really 95 years old, you have seen others come and go, such as Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton. Were they not every bit as thuggish, but just more socially acceptable? One incredibly positive thing about Trump was that he put to lie the notion of the nobility and sanctity of the state. Trump demonstrated that the state had no clothes, that it really was a crude, psychopathic, violent, genocidal institution. Why single out Trump, when every imperfect human being given the unlimited power of the American presidency was a total failure at the task of exhibiting humanity?

  4. Yes, I really am 95 if that is of any consequence. My fond memories of FDR are somewhat tempered by some of his actions which intimated his firm belief that his concessions to curb the inherent viciousness and outright criminality of the 1929 financial crash in order not to encourage the incipient national revolts against the capitalist system leave me uneasy with any total approval. His denial of refuge for a shipload of Jews fleeing Nazi insanity may have been a political necessity but cannot invoke any measure of approval within me. His actions may, at end, be judged as preserving the brutalities of the economic system against an open revolt without conceding that the fundamentals of the entire system contains open predispositions to not only unnecessarily punish the general population but, as is obvious today, violate the basics of sustained life on the planet. Subsequent to WWII, the US program of Operation Paper Clip to usefully import many of both Nazi scientists but also many of the worst Nazi frightful politicians nicely defines the nature of US politics which has resumed the uncivilized treatment of the general population preFDR.

  5. Perhaps I can be excused in utilizing my very limited intellect to face the obvious dilemmas of current human civilization which is so vastly delighted in its talents to devise both wonderful and totally frivolous innovations on the basis that they produce monumental financial profits at the neglect of the accompanying results that not only punish horribly the majority of humans to give them totally unrewarding and meaningless lives but voraciously invade and destroy the immense interlocking fabric of all of life's balancing utilities so that the wastes of one sector are absorbed into the ecological necessities of another to keep the whole system in functioning balance. The obvious basic success of the profit system is founded on its efficiency in producing goods efficiently and in huge quantities to be sold for financial profit. But whatever the cost of production, it minimizes, as best it can, its expense for the human labor for production. Surrealistically, the ability of the market to provide the ability to purchase the production depends upon the income of the laborers whose expense is held at minimum by the logic of efficient manufacture. Thus, much of the produced goods cannot be sold for the lack of sufficient income of the populace and must be discarded as waste which is not only useless as a source of material to maintain the matrix of life but becomes poisonous and dangerous to all other life. Trapped in this peculiar squeeze, production sectors must somehow maintain the market profit system by furious innovation to persuade people to discard their recent purchases and buy again replacements for their useful goods, a process inherent in many digital products, the transportation industries, and very clear in the fashion world. The pharma industries as well are frequently equally exploitive in devising patented products at high prices to replace equally effective remedies whose patents have run out. Even in the USA where millions of people suffer from food deprivation, a huge percentage of the food produced is discarded because it cannot be sold. Much of the condemnation of business operation is accused of being greedy for what is merely the necessity to make a decent profit to remain in operation. No doubt there are businesses that stretch possibilities to unnecessarily increase profits, but the system demands much of what is done. All of this is quite obvious, and it is killing the planet.

  6. "The pharma industries as well are frequently equally exploit[at]ive in devising patented products at high prices to replace equally effective remedies whose patents have run out."

    Just a side note from my own experience:

    I have suffered from schizophrenia since the age of 24 (this October it will have been 40 years since I first became psychotic).

    The medicine I found which treated the psychosis most effectively with the fewest side effects was thiothixene, one of the older (almost the first) of the anti-psychotic medications. My doctors and I have for years attempted to migrate me to one of the newer drugs, which were supposedly superior, but all efforts in that regard ended in disaster with me ending up in the hospital several times.

    A few years ago, apparently due to a deliberate move on the part of the pharmaceutical company Mylan to take advantage of the tax structure created by Obamacare, bottlenecks in the production of thiothixene began occurring, ultimately resulting in thiothixene becoming unavailable entirely. I had to scramble in a hurry to find an alternative. Ultimately I found perphenazine, which was actually more effective for me than thiothixene, however, it looks like that was my only alternative, and, if the pharmaceutical companies which produce perphenazine pull the same stunts that Mylan did with thiothixene, I am SOL.

  7. “There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party … and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat.”
    ― Gore Vidal

    If 159 million voted in the 2020 US general election.
    And If Biden received 81 million votes & if Trump received 74 million votes the math looks like this:
    159 - 81 = 78 - 74 = 4 million of the 159 million didn't vote for the more is never enough elite owned assholes.

    The fraction 4/159 checks out like this:
    159 ÷ 4 x 100 = 3.98% didn't vote for those two inarticulate geriatric corporate sycophants.

    Tweedledee vs. Tweedledum
    The other 96.2% are sheeple, therefore they dutifully voted for Coke or Pepsi.

    Percentage Prediction
    The oligarchic Excited States of Murder will continue with business as usual until it flushes itself and the rest of humanity down the nuclear toilet to oblivion.

    Remedial Steps
    I'm going to take yoga to make my back flexible enough so I can turn into a pretzel and kiss my crinkled orifice good bye.

    “The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.”
    ― Karl Marx

  8. Really good piece. I follow the ideas that Morris Berman has penned in his American trilogy and his synopsis is similar: America is finished. It is going to collapse under it's own incompetence sooner or later. The sooner it collapses the better. I agree with him on this especially: America is full of degraded buffoons.

    How does a nation of degraded buffoons devolve into decentralized, peaceful, and independent states or collections of states?

    Reading 'A Peoples History of The United States' by Howard Zinn opens your eyes to the resistance, but that resistance has always been a minority. The ruling class and its demonic exploits across the world are still cheered on in America.

    I think we're more likely to become subjects of the Proud Boys or some other groups like Oath Keepers, or Boogaloo bois. I wish we could throw off our rulers but I think we're gonna have to see who the survivors are in 30-40 years to figure out what this place will be. There is always room for a monastic option, but the country is already finished. Any opposition is usually met with violence, which makes it hard for people to even consider being involved in the political revolution. They just want to buy groceries and worship Kim Kardashian.

    Anyway thanks for the blog

  9. Dear Exile in Happy Valley,

    I agree with about half of what you said, specifically, I think you captured the problem: that 'merica is an Empire, has always been an Empire, and will always be an Empire.

    I also believe that the US Empire is on the brink of collapse (but who knows how long that will take).

    But I think you're wrong about the solution.

    The American people are brainwashed idiots and I don't see any chance of change coming from them, at least not intentional change. Moreover, the government will certainly come down hard on any attempts to organize and educate the brain-dead American masses (even though I don't think it's possible).

    Instead I suggest an alternate strategy:

    Embrace the ongoing collapse of the US!

    Instead of trying to organize hopeless Americans, we should be hammering at cultural fault lines and trying to sew division. This goal is actually achievable. Moreover, if Americans hate each other enough, maybe a civil war will erupt and the military will have to return to the US to put down the insurrection, meaning it won't have the resources deployed in SE Asia or around Russia to start WW III. Plus. with a civil war at home, the various intelligence agencies will have to increase surveillance on Americans, meaning less they will have less time to overthrow democratically-elected socialist governments in other countries!

    I propose that to facilitate the collapse of the US Empire, we just need to be cantankerous assholes and sow cultural and social divisions within the US.

    If America tears itself apart, maybe it won't be able to start WW III.

  10. Although much of the discussion on the current obsession of human civilization to destroy the bulk of the complex of natural factors that keeps us all alive concerns the most amusing idiocy of those in control to commit suicide while becoming extraordinarily wealthy, the proposed remedy of encouraging the rest of us to openly revolt to restore basic sanity seems somehow unaware that the social order, throughout the entire world has crystalized into an overwhelming digital control of almost all information exercises so that there is very little chance of reality to penetrate the viewpoints of the general population. The lemming philosophy is overwhelmingly popular withing humanity today and in its varieties of theology that assures each of us of an afterlife far better than the current mess yields is pretty damned impossible to deny. Musk's dream of rushing off to a planetary desert with no breathable atmosphere and very little water seems to appeal to a sector of adventurous idiots who desire a more imaginative form of extinction but the end result is the same. Humanity has chosen an exclusively novel way to eliminate itself to make way for evolution to try again with, perhaps, dolphins or octopuses or crows who demonstrate far more skills in staying alive than us monkeys.

  11. the Lord Jesus is the only One who can stop this and has promised throughout the Bible to do so - the only way is to overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony and not to love our lives unto the death. Matthew 24 is Jesus short version of the endtime battle and He says to Watch and pray always to be accounted worthy to escape the things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man.
    God's Presence
    by Repentance with Joy!

    a series titled "The Russian Chapters of Ezekiel." Author - Dr. Stephen E. Jones

    Finally, the well-known Jewish author, Arthur Koestler, wrote a book in 1976 that opened my eyes to the true meaning of these so-called "Russian Chapters of Ezekiel." It was a conquest by immigration, and it came from Russia and many other nations, but it was an invasion of Jewish Zionists--not a Russian invasion per se. They came to rob and plunder the Palestinians, who for centuries had lived in peace and security in the Ottoman Empire.

    Of course, the Zionists did not come on "horses," for this was simply Ezekiel's way of expressing the fact that the Zionists were relying on horses--the flesh, and fleshly means of conquest--rather than upon God. The law speaks of this in Deut. 17:16 and Isaiah 31:1-3 explains its meaning. Horses signify "flesh" rather than spirit (vs. 3).

    Thus, we see by King Joseph's own account, the Khazars were descended from Togarma, or Togarmah, who were living, obviously, in the area that later became southern Russia. According to Genesis 10, his father was Gomer, and his uncles were Magog, Meshech, and Tubal--all of whom Ezekiel mentions as invaders of the mountains of Israel.

    The fact that they were converted to Judaism did not change their genealogy, nor did it change their status before God. Only those few who came to know Jesus Christ had altered their citizenship from Togarma to the Kingdom of God. The rest remained as citizens of Togarma--or Magog, Tubal, etc.

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