Sunday, November 6, 2022

"American Democracy" is the Real Threat to Democracy in America

 If you're reading this now, chances are you've already saved democracy by voting for some asshole and chances are you were probably guilted into it on the fear of semi-fascism by a relentless campaign of 24/7 multimedia harassment. Chances also are that in spite of all this heavy-handed peer pressure coming from the virtue signaling class, you probably still feel like shit about pulling that filthy lever on election day and I'd like to use my latest rant to try to explain to you exactly why you feel so damn cheated by this thing we call "American Democracy" even though you're supposedly the last action hero for taking part in it.

I have been credibly accused of being an insufferable contrarian cunt who relishes in being the kind of leftist heretic that mainstream shitlibs love to hate. What can I say other than guilty as charged. But even I'm not going to sit here and pretend that Donald Trump and his witless lackeys aren't guilty of at least 90% of the things that the establishment intelligentsia breathlessly accuses them of on a near daily basis. Trump is a grotesque wannabe despot hellbent on winning pretty much anything he can win at any cost just for the bragging rights. 

After he failed to convince his supposed allies in the Republican Party to just hand him the last election, Orange-Man-Bad threw a riotous temper tantrum at the Capitol and has spent the better part of the last two years trying to replace anyone with even the smallest degree of influence over the election process with a member of the most hysterically devoted pack of lunatic goons that Israel's money can buy. Many were on the ballot this Thursday and sadly, quite a few probably won. I'm sure these spineless imbeciles probably have every intention of following their orange duce's orders, whether this means rigging the machine to insure he wins or discrediting it with bullshit conspiracy theories when they fail to do so. 

All of this is true. The label of semi-fascist may be overkill for your average blue collar MAGA dupe, but it fits the Donald like a fucking slipper, and I've never contested this fact. Trump is many, many, many heinous and unspeakable things. He is a soulless, lecherous, race-baiting, pathological sex fiend with the busted moral compass of your average entitled yuppie antagonist in a Bret Easton Ellis novel. But there is one thing that motherfucker is not, and it is also the one thing his equally loathsome foes in the mainstream media will never be caught murdered denying. 

Doanld J. Trump is not original. He is a consummate plagiarist and a shameless fabulist. In fact, this is probably the biggest attribute that he shares with Adolf Hitler aside from his weird dick and daddy issues. Just like Hitler, Trump is a hopeless waste of a copycat criminal. The tragic Fuhrer cribbed the lion share of his brilliant persona off of the one erected around Benito Mussolini and the absurd Donald totally ripped off his own Big Steal from his longtime frenemies, the Clintons. 

Donald Trump only won the 2016 Presidential Election, largely fair and square by Electoral College standards, because Hillary Clinton fucking blew it by cheating in the Primaries. That neoliberal pit viper had been mercilessly plotting her hostile takeover of this nation's highest office since she agreed to marry a dope smoking sexual predator just to play that sexist hayseed like a satanic Liberace on horse speed. But after being unanimously dumped in 2008 for some Chicago-trained Hawiian novice, Hillary decided that she would be goddamned if she was going to let it happen again. So, in 2016 Hillary rigged an election.

Don't take my word for it. I'm just a lunatic tranny anarchist who still morns the loss of Muammar Gadhafi. Take the word of Hillary's own hysterical pack of lunatic lackeys in the DNC. Their vile plot to hand the white man's Eva Peron an election on a silver platter was exposed in their own handwriting by those fine martyrs at Wikileaks who released a treasure trove of the Democratic politburo's private emails showing a concerted effort from the very top to sabotage irresponsible young Democratic voters from electing Bernie Sanders instead of the dragon lady in the blood red pantsuit.

This conspiracy to pervert America's election process was confirmed further by one of the Clinton's own loyal henchmen, DNC Vice Chair Donna Brazil, who revealed that Hillary's Victory Fund had essentially bought the party before the Primaries, promising them a thief's ransom of the kind of Wall Street cash that only the Clinton's could provide in exchange for an unprecedented degree of control over the party's strategy, finances, staffing and analytics and there is more than a little proof to suggest that Hillary took full advantage of this all access pass to burn the Bernie Bros to the ground.

Well over a dozen primaries polled well outside of the margin of error without anything in the way of a recount or even a proper investigation. The 2016 Primaries saw widespread purges of voter rolls and mountains of uncounted ballots. More than 117,000 Democrats in Brooklyn alone were turned away from the polls by New York City's heavily Clinton influenced Board of Elections. Another 91,000 ballots in Gotham went totally uncounted altogether along with another 20,000 in Arizona's Maricopa County. 

Not to be topped by the Nevada Democratic Convention where 56 Sanders delegates were denied voting status for weirdly innocuous administrative reasons, swinging the vote to Hillary. And when those mugged delegates protested this administrative thuggery, they were baselessly blackballed as rioters by Hillary's loyal shills in the media.  

We may never know the full extent of Hillary Clinton's blatantly illegal attempts to rig the 2016 Democratic Primaries, largely because Bernie Sanders himself, ever the consummate party apparatchik, decided to embrace his historic role as the American left's answer to Nikolai Bukharin by refusing to stand with his own supporters after they were brutally bamboozled by the DNC. 

But we do know now from the polls that even a neutered sheepdog like Bernie would have beaten a hopped-up circus clown like Donald Trump like a fucking snare drum at Ozzfest. That's because Trump didn't win in 2016, Hillary lost. Trump's victory was a technicality of the Electoral College guaranteed to him by the fact that states like mine in the Rustbelt would rather vote for a bag of busted hammers than the family that sold our industry to Third World slave drivers for a buck and a song.  

None of these hollow point facts managed to pierce Hillary's bulletproof ego though. She just blamed throwing an election to a reality TV rapist with her own ham-fisted thuggery on a vast and baseless Russian conspiracy that included an ensemble cast of primetime villains from Vladimir Putin to Bernie Sanders to Jill Stein to Black Lives Matter, Keyser Soze and the ghost of Bob Ross. 

If any of this is giving you a grand mal case of DeJa'Vu that might be because Donald Trump sloppily attempted to rip-off the whole damn con job when he managed to out-Hillary Hillary by losing his own fair-and-square reelection bid to an actual corpse. But Donny-boy didn't have a coterie of deep state hacks in his pocket like his former nemesis did, so he had to settle on throwing a Maoist audible with QAnon Red Guards on Capitol Hill. 

And if this whole sad, sorry, sordid fucking tale sounds depressingly familiar that's because Hillary isn't much more unique than Trump is. This next line may get my Queer ass chucked off of every social media platform that hasn't already canceled me yet, but "American Democracy" is a fucking joke, and it always has been. 

This is a system established by an oligarchy of cis-hetero-white-male-chauvinists for an oligarchy of cis-hetero-white-male-chauvinists. Landless undesirables like women and Black folk were only granted the right to vote after these elitist pigs had already been irretractably entrenched into the system in ways that no popular vote could ever affect and even then, they were just shining us on so we wouldn't chop their fucking heads off. Sadly, it worked.

Donald Trump didn't invent the deep state, Thomas Jefferson did, and it isn't a cabal of limp-wristed Cultural Marxists, it's a revolving door of industrial complexes representing that blurry line where big business becomes big government and vice versa. Your sacred right to vote essentially amounts to partisan reality TV contest called America's Got Democracy. You may get to choose from a pre-selected pool of glorified karaoke singers, but the same generals and CEOs still write all the lyrics regardless. The two-party system is little more than an elaborate distraction to keep bored viewers invested in a program that clearly doesn't serve their interests and frankly never has.

Trump didn't invent this semi-fascist chicanery either, he simply exposed it for what it's always been with his obnoxious table manners and his pathological greed. MAGA is the inevitable Frankenstein monster of bourgeoise liberal democracy, and the deep state has turned reigning in their own beast into a mass market campaign to revive the ratings for the crooked gameshow that gave it a microphone. Thank God most Americans still aren't buying it. After the Great Recession, the Pandemic and multiple fucked-up forever wars, American skepticism in their own government has never run deeper.

Unfortunately, though, the two-party system has responded to this disenfranchisement by misdirecting it at other poor people with intensifying fear tactics that have upped the ante to downright alarming levels just to keep the rabble in line. Your average blue-collar Republican has been transformed by the DNC into a goose-stepping, white power, cattle rapist and your average blue-collar Democrat has been transformed by the GOP into a fetus eating, communist, groomer. The results have been as violent as they've been divisive, with well-intentioned imbeciles going to jail for clubbing elderly oligarchs with hammers and being shot in the head during fascist soccer riots in federal buildings.

This shit isn't fucking worth it. It's not worth your life, it isn't even worth your vote, and it sure as shit isn't worth a goddamn civil war. It's a fucking sham and I won't make myself complicit in it anymore just for a jolly and a sticker that proudly announces, "I Got Played Today!" Democracy isn't picking your favorite millionaire to push you around for the next four years. Democracy is taking complete control of your life from the town square to the factory floor with a grassroots system that affords every citizen with a direct say on every decision that directly affects their everyday lives, and you don't need a superPAC or a hammer to build this system. All you need is to drop out of the old one and start over in the space where you live.

"American Democracy" is the real threat to democracy in America and direct democracy is the only solution worth bleeding for. Now, do yourself a huge fucking favor and turn this crap off.

Peace, Love & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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  1. ‘’Democracy isn't picking your favorite millionaire to push you around for the next four years.’’
    — Nicky/CH

    ‘’...a government’s survival is dependent on having a sufficient number of people grant it the appearance of legitimacy to act and elicit obedience.’’
    — Hans Shearer 1,159 word essay plus Footnotes

    The Monopoly on Violence 1:45:43

  2. Nicky, not sure how you feel about state and local ballot initiatives. On the one hand, it would be nice if the state simply didn't require us to defend ourselves against tyranny. On the other hand, it was nice being able to vote to legalize recreational marijuana in Montana a couple of years ago. I don't really have a personal axe to grind on this issue, as I am not a big pot smoker (two puffs puts me to sleep for an entire day, and I need to be able to work). It is nice, though, to be able to see my friends not go to jail for something less harmful than Bill Bennett's Gin And Tonic guzzling.

    1. A vote for anything but a candidate seems like a step in the right direction as long as you don't put all your fish in that basket. I'm leaning towards agorism and dropping out with a willingness to defend the autonomy this leads to with arms but if a ballot measure can even the playing field a little, I'm not against it.

    2. Actually, I will not be voting tomorrow as my voter registration lapsed in May after too many elections. To show you how important it was to me, I did not renew it in time for the vote.

      "less harmful than Bill Bennett's Gin And Tonic guzzling."

      I though that in there not because I thought drunk driving was extremely harmful, but, also, that perhaps his frequent states of inebriation may have colored his judgement a bit in regard to thinking he was God. Bill was, I think, my least favorite official in any Republican Administration.

  3. American democracy is on a par with Russia's faithful acceptance of its worker's control through communism. Government hierarchy is control by those in control of a populace through various applications of fear and reward and may, at times, bow towards beneficent effects but, in general, is more involved with simple power and, very frequently, open corruption.

  4. Dec. 2015
    ‘’U.S. District Judge Robert C. Jones tossed the [none of the above]
    option, which has been on Nevada state election ballots since 1978. The protest vote had become a tradition in which disgusted voters vented their spleens and sent a message to candidates. But a GOP-linked law firm filed suit, claiming that the protest choice disenfranchises other voters...”

    Can’t have the 99% voter’s naked loathing of a fraudulent system be recorded officially. THAT sort of sh*t might eventually lead to something dangerous like a real democracy.

  5. Real effective democracy requires real effective grasp of both history and current affairs by the populace and the mental tools to deal with these basics in a workable rational procedure, If nothing else the last presidential election where 70 million voters supported the outright vicious criminal idiot Trump is an excellent demonstration of how far the country is from ruling itself competently. Huge powerful industries and power crazy politics with more or less corrupt politicians have long ago predetermined that manipulating an ignorant and not very bright populace to the leader's profit motives was a satisfactory social system for their hierarchy and that is the more or less human condition in one form or another for thousands of years. The silk purse - pigs ear analogy fits quite nicely. So much for real functional beneficial democracy.