Sunday, April 24, 2022

Disinfo Wars: Bucha and the Mass Slaughter of Truth in Ukraine

 Nearly two months into Putin's NATO provoked but totally illegal invasion of Ukraine and there is still no light at the end of the tunnel, only the rolling fog of war running through an elaborate house of mirrors erected by two of the world's largest propaganda machines. As the bodies stack up and the refugees flood the capital cities of Eastern Europe, facts remain an increasingly subjective commodity. Everyone has a story to sell, and nobody slings narratives the way Washington and the Kremlin do. 

There seems to be three wars raging simultaneously, the one Moscow has constructed, the one Washington has constructed, and the truth which seems to become more elusive with each passing second as it becomes obscured beneath the overlapping blanket of shadows created by the first two. The First World War was fought in the trenches, the Second World Was fought in the skies, and if this nasty little thing keeps growing, the Third World War will be fought in the newsrooms, a full-blown disinformation war that threatens to become a genocide against facts and anything even mildly resembling objectivity.

Russia's disinformation seems relatively obvious to most Western eyes. Vladimir Putin and his coterie of tinpot deep state wonks would have you believe that this five-alarm dumpster fire that NATO lured them into like children into a flaming van driven by strangers with candy is going exactly according to plan, that every massive misfire and total fuck up are actually carefully thought-out maneuvers on a chessboard that only Putin comprehends. 

According to this sordid lot of social media D-listers, Russia's most calamitous clusterfuck since the Afghan Trap isn't even a war, it's a "Special Operation" fought to prevent a genocide against Ukraine's ethnic Russians by bombing the shit out of Ukraine's ethnic Russians. The sad reality that many of my fellow Russophiles across the globe continue to struggle to contend with is that so far, the greatest achievement of Putin's neocon-esque hissy fit has been rallying yesterday's Antimaidan partisans around an embattled NATO quisling state as they greet Russian tanks with Molotov cocktails.

With all that being said, it is of the utmost importance for Westerners, especially Americans, to recognize that the narrative that we've been force fed by our own supposedly unbiased corporate media is all the product of a concerted State Department campaign to manufacture consent which makes the lies that paved the road to Bagdad look like a goddamn nursery rhyme by comparison. The narrative of a totally one-sided Russian onslaught against the last vestiges of the free world is every bit as fictional as Putin's Special Operation in Ukraine. 

There is no genocide against the Ukrainian people. The reality is that as grotesque and unforgivable as Putin's many war crimes may be, they are remarkably restrained compared to America's own history of initiatory violence. More Iraqis were murdered by American bombs in the first 24 hours of the 2003 War in Iraq than Ukrainians in the first 24 days of Russia's bombardment. The Pentagon's own Defense Intelligence Agency has candidly admitted to their allies in deception over at Newsweek that the number of civilians killed by Russian forces in Ukraine is sadly standard for modern urban combat and that if Putin's true objective was to kill civilians, the body count would be far higher.

None of these inconvenient facts make Russia's brutal invasion any less immoral, but they do fly in the face of the narrative being trafficked by the State Department on cable news 24/7. That's because this narrative itself is the main theater in the Biden Regime's New Cold War and they proudly admit it. Biden's own people have frankly bragged to General Electric's NBC about their sly manipulation of so called "low confidence intelligence" going back before Putin's tanks even crossed the Dnieper River. They all but admit that they basically just made shit up about Putin's imminent use of chemical weapons, being misinformed on the realities of the battlefield by his own brass and receiving military aid from China. 

They claim that they are fighting a propaganda war with propaganda and trying to get inside Putin's head. That may all be true, in fact that may be how they provoked that vain cold warrior into pulling the trigger on a war that he had sharply resisted fighting for eight years straight since we overthrew the government in Kiev back in 2014, but the end result of this disinfo war  has also been getting inside America's head which I have a hard time believing is just a happy coincidence. It also poses a pretty terrifying question of what else have they been lying about and what will they lie about next?

Reasonable doubt. Those two words form the foundation of every fair trial. Does there exist a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty? I want to make it abundantly clear that this is the question I am trying to ask here before I am inevitably charged by a jury of my own peers in the Fifth Estate as a conspiracy theorist and a Bucha denialist. I am not here to deny shit. The wreckage left behind in the ruins of the suburbs of Kiev display a grotesque indifference to human life on all sides, including Russia's, and there exists a very real possibility that they are guilty of every single thing that they have been accused of in Bucha and beyond. The sheer amount of devastation makes their guilt for at least a hefty portion of this violence a forgone conclusion. 

These are barely legal conscripts and foreign mercenaries who were sent to occupy an urban area where they were met with unrelenting resistance from a civilian populace that they were told would greet them as heroes. We have heard this story a million times before, from Pinkville to Fellujah. This is how military occupation works and this is why it is always wrong. But the Russians weren't the only monsters in town that weekend in early April and there are facts about Bucha and many other highly publicized war crimes in Ukraine that just simply do not add up with what we have been told by admitted liars.

There are very few things that we do know for sure about the bloodbath in Bucha, but these are a few of them. Russian forces withdrew from the village on March 30, a fact confirmed by the mayor, Anatolii Federick, the next day in a video in which he proudly announced the liberation of the city from "Russian orcs". Federick was all smiles and made absolutely zero reference to bodies in the streets of his liberated city. Footage of the massacre wasn't released until April 2 and on that same day, the New York Times photographed members of the notorious neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, men with a known record of taking violent reprisals against civilians they deem guilty of colluding with Russian forces, patrolling the streets of Bucha. 

That same day Ukraine's National Police, an organization heavily infiltrated by the nation's far-right, publicly announced that they were "cleansing the territory... from the assistants of Russian troops." Satellite imagery purportedly shows the existence of both mass graves and bodies in the streets of Bucha well before Russian forces left but the bodies shown in the images aren't the ones with their arms tied behind their backs and these same images also show what appear to be impact craters from shelling nearby, which would explain why Bucha's mayor did not mention these bodies in his victory speech, because such casualties would be sadly typical of the daily devastation witnessed across Ukraine.

The mass graves that reportedly contain hundreds of bodies are clearly not the work of a single battalion over one long weekend but that doesn't mean that they are all the result of a single massacre or even a single culprit. Bucha was occupied and fiercely fought over for 36 days with intense ground combat and positions changing hands multiple times in a tit-for-tat urban guerrilla campaign. 

There were multiple mass graves discovered across similar battlefields in Yugoslavia during the nineties in which the bodies were all initially declared to be massacred civilians by Western forces only for it to be proven later in international investigations that these had in fact become dumping grounds that included dead soldiers from both sides as well as innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. We hear a lot of reports from the scene of the crime in Bucha but very few of them are independently verified and all have to be taken with a grain of salt considering that they have been collected in a field still governed by possible suspects and those suspects don't just include Azov and the National Police.

Days before the Bucha footage aired, another grizzly video found its way to social media from the bloodlands. This video, taken on March 30 in the village of Dmitrovka just 7 miles down the road from Bucha, showed members of a Ukrainian allied mercenary unit known as the Georgian Legion along with local partisans gleefully celebrating over what appears to be the bloody wreckage of an ambush against a convoy of Russian paratroopers, some of whom appear with their hands clearly bound behind their backs. When one of the casualties was witnessed to still be moving by the victors, he is casually executed with three shots at point blank range. When asked about the video, Georgian Legion commander Mamuka Mamulashvili denied taking part in it but bragged that his men take no prisoners and "Yes, we tie their hands and feet sometimes." 

Reasonable doubt, these are the operative words, and in an ongoing conflict fought on two fronts, both the battlefield and the internet, it is more important than ever to remember these words and not to marry ourselves to shifting narratives based on raw emotions or even pure empathy. This is a war between two propaganda superpowers fought by proxy over the Ukrainian people caught between them. We must mourn the dead regardless of which pack of wolves sank their fangs into them. We must also except the unbearable fact that we may never know the truth. The rolling fog of war may never clear from this bullet riddled house of mirrors. But this is all the more reason to commit ourselves to ending this war and all initiatory violence along with the state itself that thrives on this evil. Only then will the bodies of Bucha be truly avenged. 

Until that fateful day, dearest motherfuckers, question every source with a gun in his hand and demand the ugly truth no matter who it may offend because anyone not offended already is probably a part of the problem.

Peace, Love, and Empathy- Nicky/CH

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  1. Aside from the fact arms dealers make out like thieves from arms sales from war crimes as do the bankster financiers, there's also this:

    "I have certain rules I live by. My first rule: I don’t believe anything the government tells me. I look at war a little bit differently. To me, war is a lot of prick-waving! Men are insecure about the size of their dicks, and so they have to kill one another over the idea. You don’t have to be a historian or a political scientist to see the bigger-dick foreign policy at work. It sounds like this: “What, they have bigger dicks? Bomb them!” And of course, the bombs and the rockets and the bullets are all shaped like dicks. It’s a subconscious need to project the penis into other people’s affairs. It’s called “fucking with people!” "
    — George Carlin

  2. Fantastic - an anarchist war crime denier and bucha conspiracy theorist? I mean, it is an anarchist that has contributed to the far-right national "anarchist" website Attack the System, but when people ask why anarchists like me aren't taken seriously by the population in general i point out to people like you who will do apologia towards Authoritarian pricks because they are "resisting western imperialism" and other Tu Quoques towards america.

    Let me give you a tip: Do some actual research. "Just asking questions" is not an excuse to eat up russian propaganda and proceed to deny the most horrific war crime pernetated in this war yet.

    1. I didn't deny a goddamn thing. I simply offered evidence that suggests that the story may be more complicated than the western establishment media is portraying it to be. The gist of the article is basically that everyone is fucking guilty so none of them can be trusted. You need to learn to fucking read.