Sunday, August 14, 2022

Joe Biden's New Cold War Targets Black Power

 We recognize that if there is to be any peace on earth, it is going to come as a consequence of our people uniting to defeat US imperialism once and for all... We are going to have to unite with the oppressed peoples of the world. That is the only way that we will ever know peace.

-Omali Yeshitela

The end of the old civilization has come... Let the present generation perish, let the old prevaricators die in the desert! The holy earth will not cover their bones.

-Pierre-Joseph Proudhon 

You may have missed it between the subpoenas of the January 6 circus, but on the last Friday morning of July, the FBI redeclared war on the Black Power Movement in St. Louis, Missouri and St. Petersburgh, Florida. In a sweeping series of raids, several homes and offices belonging to the African People's Socialist Party (APSP) and their sister organization, the Uhuru Movement, were blitzed by heavily armed gestapo in a highly publicized show of force. 

Doors were kicked in, windows were smashed, and seven members including the Movement's founder and leader Omali Yeshitela and his wife were dragged away in cuffs like common gangsters while their requests to see a warrant for this treatment went ignored. The Uhuru Solidarity Center, the Uhuru House, even the APSP's tiny radio station, Black Power 96.3, were targeted in this highly choreographed assault on these two relatively marginal organizations.

Their crime? According to the Justice Department Indictment, these two organizations along with a couple others who remain nameless conspired with a Russian national named Aleksandr Ionov as part of a "foreign malign influence campaign" to spread Russian propaganda and sow general discord in the homeland. What little evidence that has been presented in this case is thin at best and relies largely on very broad accusations. 

Ionov, the founder of an organization called the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia, which both the APSP and Uhuru have maintained contact with, and the feds accuse of being a Kremlin front, is the only person actually charged with a crime in this operation and since he lives abroad, it is unlikely that he will ever stand trial to rebut the charges and by extension the APSP and Uhuru will never be granted the legal platform to exonerate themselves.

We've seen these tactics used before by the American Government to give credence to other spurious claims on Russian meddling in American elections. Russian nationals are indicted in absentia for Byzantinesque conspiracies to fuck with Hillary Clinton and our precious bodily fluids only to have the case go nowhere once the media loses interest. But this time the target is a pair of small but loud organizations in what remains of America's Black Power Movement. A movement which seems set to make a greatly needed comeback on inner city streets still stained with George Floyd's Blood.

Both the African People's Socialist Party and the Uhuru Movement have been active in antiwar and anti-police state provocations for decades and they have been particularly vocal in their opposition to America's uranium tipped proxy war in Ukraine. Unfortunately for the feds, the raids on the movement's properties appear to have only succeeded in pissing these unapologetic firebreathers off. When confronted with the accusations regarding Comrade Ionov, they denied ever taking anyone's rubles but also briskly responded 'so the fuck what if we did?' 

"Ain't no Russian been responsible for what we face every day in our lives... (The US) is going to say that Russians somehow had to tell us that we are being oppressed... (The US is) telling the world that Black people don't have enough sense to be able to lead our own struggle." Yeshitela railed at the cameras from the courthouse steps like Abraham on uppers before adding, "Don't tell us that we can't have friends that you don't like!" like a hand grenade in a foxhole. To quote Breaking Bad's neo-Nazi arch-villain Jack Welker "Well, I guess that's a response."

Naturally, being the flag-flaming faggot bitch that I am, I took an automatic liking to these militant motherfuckers. Their unblinkingly fearless response to the hammer of the federal government brings to mind Che Guevara's final words to his CIA executioners. "Shoot coward, you're only killing a man." I mean can you imagine those limousine riding sell-outs who hijacked Black Lives Matter Incorporated throwing back a punch like that? The feds can and that's the point. 

The APSP and Uhuru refuse to back down to bullies during an increasingly dangerous time for dissidence in America. While the Biden regime continues to crank up the heat in their new cold war with Russia and China and their barcoded Cassandras in the flailing Fourth Estate tar anyone who so much as questions the logic of this thermonuclear game of imperial chicken, the Democrats are simultaneously using the violent boomer bro-down on January 6 as a sick excuse to keep the Donald's own jihad against the purposely ambiguous specter of domestic extremism alive and lethal. 

While paying lip service to their virtue signaling war on a white supremacist movement that Joe Biden is a Strom Thurmon-sucking, card carrying member of, Biden's Justice Department is essentially just picking up where Bill Barr's Task Force Against Domestic Extremism left off. While Barr's task force singled out Antifa and Merrick Garland's singles out white militia groups, they both leave a backdoor wide open to targeting etcetera and if history has taught us a goddamn thing it's that etcetera is generally newspeak for Black Power.

While Biden's own National Security Council Strategy Document released shortly after his inauguration declared "racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists" to be our racially or ethnically motivated empire's main domestic terror threat, it also left a telltale asterisk stating that the feds would also "disrupt and deter those who launch violent attacks in a misguided effort to force change in government policies that they view as unjust."

I don't know about you, dearest motherfuckers, but all of this shit reeks like COINTELPRO to me. For those of you who don't know, the FBI's quite openly white supremacist founding father, J. Edgar Hoover, launched a program called COINTELPRO during the height of the last cold war in 1956 to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit or otherwise neutralize" organizations he accused of being directed by malign Russian influence to attempt to force change in government policies that they viewed as unjust like segregation and the Vietnam War. 

Hoover's targets included everyone from Martin Luther King to John Lennon, but he saved the lion share of his ammo for the Black Power Movement, specifically the Black Panther Party whom he once declared to be "without a question... the greatest threat to the internal security of the country."

This was the original war on terror, and this was in fact where the loaded term counterterrorism originates, and it all began innocently enough with the kind of disruption and deterrence we saw hurled at the APSP and Uhuru last month, but it very quickly devolved into something far more sinister. Activists were framed and did decades behind bars for crimes they didn't commit, rivalries were fostered between competing organizations which ended in bloodshed, and bombastic raids gave way to outright extrajudicial executions like the cold-blooded homicide of Chicago's influential young chairman, Fred Hampton, who was drugged by an FBI informant before being riddled with bullets in bed by the Chicago Police.

This campaign also began with government campaigns to slime radical young activists as agents of Moscow, but this was as bogus as the official motive for the Cold War itself. The Soviet Union was never really a threat to anyone outside of the Warsaw Pact and our government knew it. This is why during the entirety of the Cold War an American bullet never entered the skull of a single Soviet soldier. We didn't give a fuck about communism. Our real targets were indigenous Third World liberation movements like the ones in Vietnam and Nicaragua that resisted America's imperial expansion project.

And what was the Black Power Movement but another uppity Third World liberation movement within our own borders, giving the poor and disenfranchised the crazy notion that our oppression was directly linked to that of the poor brown folks being mowed down with our tax dollars overseas. This is why this shit is personal to me, because without the Black Power Movement there would be no Queer Liberation Movement and I would be a tranny without a posse instead of just a tranny without a pussy.

The most dangerous idea that the Black Power Movement ever fostered however, and the reason they still serve as an inspiration to a genderfuck post-left anarchist like me, is that poor people didn't need the state, all we needed was solidarity and autonomy. This is why the Black Panther project that terrified Old Man Hoover the most was their widely popular Free Breakfast Program in which the party fed tens of thousands of hungry kids in the inner city without relying on a single tax dollar.

I find it similarly telling that over fifty years later these same feds targeted community centers like the Uhuru Solidarity Center in St. Louis and the Uhuru House in St. Petersburgh, decades old institutions best known for providing free stateless services like licensed community kitchens, HIV testing, doula training and housing for former convicts.

Black Power and Black Nationalism have nothing to do with contrived chauvinistic nation states. Quite the contrary, they're all about building stateless nations of self-sufficient communities like the ones once dreamed of by Charles Fourier and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. This is what makes organizations like the African People's Socialist Party and the Black Uhuru Movement truly lethal and this is how we can all defend them against Biden's New Cold War, by defending ourselves like they do with Black nations and Chicano nations and Queer nations and Redneck nations and Punk Rock nations and Hip Hop nations, all united with Third World nations from the Donbass to Rojava to strangle the empire that seeks to divide and conquer us all. Only united in universal autonomy can we win.

Consider this rant a big pink Queer fist thrown in solidarity with my brothers and sisters in the African People's Socialist Party and the Uhuru Movement. You were right to be afraid of them because you're going to have to take all the stateless nations they inspired down with them. Good luck. You're going to need it more than us because luck is for gangsters without a community and communities are for smashing gangsters without mercy. 

Peace, Love, & Solidarity! - Nicky/CH  

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  1. “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests”
    ― Henry Kissinger

    “Stability is American’s enemy”
    — Col. Ralph Peters

    A month and a half after the 9/11 attacks, war criminal Rumsfeld at the behest of the donor class, created the Office of Force Transformation headed by Admiral Arthur Cebrowski.
    The idea was to change the very function of the Armed Forces. The Rumsfeld/Cebrowski doctrine was a “reform” that the United States of Atrocities (USA) would no longer try to win wars, but instead to make them last as long as possible. War after all is good for the mucky muck’s short term bottom line.
    External & internal enemies provide profitable business, none of the conflicts that began after 9/11 have ended.
    Since more is never enough, kick in the doors of a group that doesn’t publicly suck up to the corrupt state and then puff the wares about what a terrible danger they are to peace and good government.

    “The world will never know peace as long as war is profitable. The world will never know health as long as sickness is profitable. The ecosystem will never thrive as long as ecocide is profitable. We will remain ruled by tyrants for as long as our systems elevate tyranny.” — Caitlin Jonhstone