Sunday, February 5, 2023

Israel has Always Been a Dictatorship of Criminals

 The Israelis are pissed off and for once they're not just pissed off at the Arabs. They're pissed off at Bibi. They made this pretty clear during the final days of the first month of 2023 when they welcomed the new gangster coalition of Israel's longest serving prime minister with massive protests against their announced plans to overhaul the nation's justice system and reduce its courts to the glorified playthings of any simple majority powerful enough to hijack the Knesset. 

Over 130,000 Israelis took to the streets of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. Among their ranks were some the biggest names in Israeli politics, including Bibi's own former deputy prime minister, Benny Gantz, and former defense minister Moshe Yaalon. The latter seemed to capture the spirit of the event with his defiant proclamation, "A country where the prime minister appoints all the judges and is responsible for promoting and firing them has a name, it's called a dictatorship. When this prime minister is also a defendant who the state of Israel is accusing of serious crimes, it has a name, it's called a dictatorship of criminals."

Stirring stuff, and the motherfucker isn't wrong. Facing down the barrel of being sent up the Dead Sea for charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, the man who used to be the most powerful man in the Holy Land since Saul wore jackboots essentially made a Faustian bargain with a bushel of fascist creeps and religious zealots to keep his ass from being mowed like grass. Why else would any sane human being hand over the Middle East's most ferocious (and nuclear armed) military machine to celebrated kooks like Bezalol Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir whose lives would read like one long hate crime if they didn't take the Sabbath?

Still, something was very wrong with this picture. I couldn't quite place my finger on it at first but as hundreds of thousands of well-dressed Europeans took to the streets of the Middle East's toniest neighborhoods, waving blue and white flags emblazoned with the Star of David, it finally hit me with a flash like a burning bush, "Holy shit, these people have no idea that they're white supremacists bitching about their squandered privileges in the world's worst apartheid state." 

Moshe Yaalon, a man who once called Palestinians a cancer that needs to be severed, doubled down on this sick irony as he rambled on to his adoring audience, "The Jewish people paid a heavy price for the fact that in democratic elections in Germany a government came to power that eliminated democracy." And it took less than a week for the Palestinians to pay yet another installment in a long receipt of heavy prices for Israel's so-called democracy when the soldiers Yaalon once led raided the besieged refugee camp of Jenin.

During a five-hour raid, the IDF slaughtered nine people including a 61-year-old woman and two children in a totally unprovoked attack on one of the poorest square miles on earth. They added another body later that night when they murdered an unarmed protestor just north of Jerusalem. This massacre was just the latest tragedy in a killing spree that has murdered more Palestinians in 2022 alone than in any year since the Second Intifada, 220 civilians, including 48 children and many of these deaths were presided over by Israel's very own champion of liberal democracy, Benny Gantz. 

Just over a month into 2022 and that sick record is well on its way to being broken. As of the printing of this rant, 35 Arab bodies have been buried in the desert with Israeli bullets waying down their caskets in 2023, including at least 6 children. And where the fuck are those 130,000 protestors now? Where is their righteous fury for the democratic rights of starving children gunned down in the ghettos of the Middle East's only liberal democracy? They don't count because just like Nazi Germany, Israel's democracy exists solely for the pleasure of the master race. 

Israel's descent into fascism can only be a shock to the historically illiterate. The very notion of the Jewish State is steeped in racist folklore which bares very little resemblance to reality. All races are social constructs, but the Jewish race is actually a relatively modern one. Most of today's Jews are actually the descendants of converts to Judaism with little to no proven connection to modern-day Israel and it was actually this status as a proudly stateless people with an allegiance to no one but God that made members of the tribe the perfect scapegoats for tyrants from the Czars to the Fourth Reich and they had good reason to be scared. Nearly every popular uprising in the last four centuries of European history was made possible by a steady stream of Judaic revolutionary mercenaries ready to die for any cause greater than that white supremacist contraption known as the Westphalian nation state.

This is why I laugh my fat tranny ass off every time some WASPy Jesus freak calls me an antisemite. I wouldn't have two fists to swing with if brazen Jewish heretics like Rosa Luxemburg and Emma Goldman hadn't taught this stone butch shiksha how to throw a fucking punch. Sadly, this proud history of boldly rootless resistance has been all but erased by the invention of the Jewish race which actually came out of the same 19th century cesspool of malignant nationalism that gave birth to the Holocaust.

The notion of the Jews as a singular race in search of a homeland was the invention of a small clique of Jewish German intellectuals influenced by folkish Germanic nationalism to create a secular school of Zionism defined largely by European colonialism. The Zionists didn't see themselves as German or Russian, but they did openly embrace the idea of a superior European diaspora in a twisted philosophy that could only be described as a form of kosher white supremacy. 

These racists weren't above collaborating with antisemites either, in fact many Zionists seemed to embrace antisemitism as a totally justified reaction to Jews who dared to exist outside of Israel. Chaim Weizmann, president of the influential World Zionist Organization and the first president of Israel told an audience in Berlin in 1912 that "each country can absorb only a limited number of Jews, if she doesn't want disorders in her stomach, Germany already has too many Jews."

Under these circumstances it's hardly surprising that Zionists found allies among their fellow white supremacists in England and Germany. Avraham Stern, who led a terrorist organization in the British Mandate of Palestine that would come to be called the Stern Gang and which counted many of Israel's founding fathers, including two-time prime minister, Yitzhak Shamir amongst its ranks, actually openly sought an alliance with Nazi Germany after the British soured on the Zionist experiment. 

Avraham even went so far as to advocate a Jewish state based on "nationalist and totalitarian principles... linked to the German Reich." The Nazis considered the offer, even sending Adolf Eichmann to Palestine in 1937 to promote Zionist emigration, but ultimately decided that it would be cheaper just to annihilate the Jews. A decision the Zionists would arrive at themselves to solve their own question of how to deal with their own unwanted Semites.

It was only after the horrors of the Holocaust that the Zionists managed to get traumatized Jews to sign on to their violent vision of Ashkenazi supremacy and the Zionists expertly harnessed the well-earned rage of these people to carry out their own final solution against the Palestinian people with a campaign that would become known as the Nakba. Even before the Holocaust, Zionist terrorist organizations like the Stern Gang, Haganah and Irgun covertly infiltrated Arab villages, gathering detailed intelligence one everything from demographics to water resources which they would use to carefully choreograph massacres that easily rivaled the Einsatzgruppen in their sheer brutality.

Crowded homes were bombarded with hand grenades and any grown man caught escaping was forced to dig his own grave before being executed. Women and children were routinely raped before being sent to the hills with nothing but the clothes on their backs. 750,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes at gunpoint and 500 villages were razed to the ground. The racist death squads who carried out these massacres would become the first officers of the new Israeli Defense Forces. Irgun, who took part in the Nakba's most heinous massacre in Deir Yasin, which resulted in the slaughter of 107 men, women and children, would become Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party. 

Any lingering doubts about Israel's commitment to bringing white supremacy to the Middle East should have been stomped out with the creation of gigantic Nazi-style ghettos in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank but this cruelty towards the native peoples of the Near East extended to Jews as well. While Mossad went so far as to launch terrorist attacks against Oriental Jews in Iraq in order to pack the Holy Land with a stampede of refugees, Israel's Ashkenazi elites welcomed their darker cousins with tent cities, forced secularization, DDT and deadly radiation treatments.

Israel's first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion pounded this point home, stating emphatically, "We are in duty bound to fight against the spirit of the Levant, which corrupts individuals and societies, and preserve the authentic Jewish values as they crystalized in the diaspora." You see, it wasn't enough for the Zionists to make Palestine Jewish; their mission was to make Jews white, and it was none other than Theodor Herzl, the father of modern Zionism described as "the spiritual father of the Jewish State" in Israel's declaration of independence, who called for his dream nation to "form a part of a wall of defense for Europe in Asia, an outpost of civilization against barbarism" and referred to him and his fellow Zionists as "representatives of Western Civilization" sent to bring cleanliness and order to the Orient. 

The dirtiest secret about Zionism and its increasingly genocidal apartheid state in Israel is that these forces are in fact the greatest source of antisemitism on the planet, a snake's nest of European elitists seeking to scrub the desert clean of its diverse Semitic culture while assimilating Jewish people into the white race by any means necessary. And for daring to even speak of this hideous truth out loud I am to be condemned as a racist. After all, how can the Middle East's only liberal democracy possibly be an agent of white supremacy?

But what greater tool for white supremacy has ever existed? What exterminated the stateless Native Americans and enslaved the anarchists of Africa? The entire premise of liberal democracy is built on notions of western superiority that can only be reinforced by the state. It is not a coincidence that Hitler, Mussolini and Netanyahu all rose to power in liberal democracies. Fascism is merely the inevitable result of the state's failure to homogenize the diversity of mankind beneath the banner of a single order. Rosa and Emma understood this all too well. But perhaps they too are antisemites.

A country that packages conformity to white Anglo Saxon values as progress has a name, it's called a liberal democracy. And a liberal democracy that fails to fool its subjects into embracing this slavery as progress has no place left to go but to embrace its true nature as a dictatorship of criminals. You can't reform fascism and white supremacy. Fighting these hideous creatures with the liberal democracy that birthed them is like fighting the AIDS virus with good old-fashioned HIV. The host must be destroyed and until the people of the Levant unite against this Zionist host, they will never be safe from a virus that thrives on pitting every tribe of poor people in the desert against each other. The only solution to Palestine's white supremacist question is a no state solution.

So, go ahead and call me a fucking racist. I have too many states to smash to pick favorites based on foreskin and too little time to waste on the fragile feelings of gaslighting fascists.

Peace, Love & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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  1. Yeah being of a partly Jewish background I am dismayed at the fascism of Israel state. And then they say "but Holocaust!" to justify the treatment of the Palestinians

  2. My guess is the Zionists are going to be more than a little ticked off by this essay.

    When they come-a-calling for you with tar and feathers, you could point out as a defence you kindly left out of the essay the SCOTUS’ first Jewish jurist Louis D. Brandeis concurred with Justice Oliver Wendell Homes Jr’s forcible sterilization decision in Buck vs. Bell:

    Plus as an added defence you also thoughtfully left out of the essay about lawyer Brandeis’ “success” in Muller vs. Oregon wherein he argued the state had a special interest in controlling the ways in which women used their bodies:,33&case=3938894951846236275&scilh=0

  3. And you included a sound track! Value added.

  4. The most useful control of any government to exert power over its citizens is some form of fear. Some nations, of course, are nastier than others, but politicians join governments because they find great pleasure in gaining and exerting power over helpless citizens. The Jews have been cruelly punished severely for centuries for no sensible reason as have other minorities and this has generated a very handy tool for power hungry people to set up a very comfortable ghetto in Israel under Zionism to gain power over its populace. The more frightened Jews are of the very real persecution that the vicious world exerts over innocent Jews for no sensible reason, the more powerful control over their people the Israeli politicians gain. I am of Jewish ancestry and do not prefer to live in Israel. Jews attacked cruelly for no reason deserve, as do any refugees, some place to flee to. I resent being forced to live in Israel and, in a long life, been lucky enough to have lived in several countries with no problems. I have never been religious nor found any reason to become so. I lived in Israel for two years and discovered both Jews and Palestinians to be enjoyable and wise friends. All types of humans deserve respect and decent behavior. Ignorant vicious behavior over false generalities is disgusting. I have no easy solutions.