Sunday, December 10, 2023

The Jews Must Join the Intifada Against the State of Israel

 They are marching in the streets, they are calling for Bibi's head on a stake, and they aren't Palestinians, they are Israeli Jews. This is the story that you are probably not being told about the current crisis in the Holy Land because it doesn't fit neatly into anyone's preferred narrative. In the wake of the worst terrorist attacks in Israel's history, during the heat of that nation's bloodiest act of ethnic cleansing in decades, nobody hates the government of the Jewish State more than the Jews that it hides behind like a bulletproof vest. Israeli's have been in the streets by the thousands, swarming Netanyahu's residence in Jerusalem, battling with cops outside the Knesset, and blaming their own government first and foremost for what transpired on October 7.

This isn't some extremist minority either. This is the 76% of the country who believes that Bibi should resign immediately. These are the family members of the hostages being held by Hamas in Gaza who hold their own government responsible for failing to prevent that disaster and they are sick and fucking tired of seeing it exploited for politics and mayhem. This is a nation slowly waking up to the nightmare that has been erected in their name on the sacred soil of ancient Judea and however misguided their rage might be beneath their blue and white flags, these pissed off Jews are also likely the only reason why Bibi and his den of thieves consented to even seven days of truce before returning to their Nakba. 

While the focus of this outpouring of public rage amongst the chosen people is still depressingly myopic, with far too little concern being shown for the legions of children being obliterated on the other side of the wall, it is still an awakening and I strongly believe that under the proper conditions it could become a downright revolutionary one. That's because what the Israeli people are finally waking up to is the treacherous nature of their own government and it's not particularly hard to see why. Benjamin Netanyahu betrayed these people twice this October, first by failing to prevent the bloodbath visited upon the kibbutzim on the seventh and then by using this unforgivable failure to justify an even bigger bloodbath in the Gaza Strip with very little concern for the hostages caught in the crossfire or the inevitable blowback that is still bound to come back to the Israeli people in spades.

Senior IDF officials were warned repeatedly about the coming Al-Aqsa Flood by everyone from the Egyptian government to their own subordinates and nothing was done to prevent it. High-ranking officials of the IDF's own elite 8200 Signal Intelligence Unit even gave a detailed report constructed from raw data that predicted a scenario nearly identical to what transpired on October 7 a full month prior, and they were essentially told to go fuck themselves with it. This wasn't some convoluted false flag attack either. This was actually something far more perverse. Bibi and his cabinet of fascist lunatics failed to provide the Gaza border with sufficient military resources because they were too busy using them to perform near weekly raids against the defenseless Arab peasants of the West Bank. 

Long story short: Israel's own government couldn't be bothered to prevent their 9/11 because they were too consumed with provoking it on the other side of the desert. The Israeli people appear to recognize this painful truth even at a time when the entire western world is committed to using its casualties to harness their rage as a vehicle to crush Palestine into dust and this is a good start but it's not enough. Benjamin Netanyahu may be a lecherous, self-serving, racial cannibal but he is not unique. He is merely the end result of a corrupt and contrived political machine that was designed to harvest its own people's historical suffering in order to further the goals of what essentially amounts to a white supremacist colonial project that has routinely gone out of its way to debase the very people that it claims to serve.

But the only way for any of us to truly comprehend the depth of Bibi's treachery is to try to comprehend the treacherous nature of the Israeli state itself. You see, there is nothing ancient or sacred or even particularly Jewish about the modern nation of Israel. The concept of a Jewish State was the invention of a handful of secular European Jews at the turn of the century who were inspired by the same Volkisch German nationalist hogwash as the Nazis to transform a very diverse collection of religious sects from across the globe into a singular master race who could bring the magic of western chauvinism to the Holy Land. 

They called themselves Zionists and most Jews at the time considered them to be lunatics and for good reason. But these lunatics were seen as very convenient to antisemitic imperialists like the British, who legitimized this radical fringe movement and attempted to use them to redraw the porous borders of the collapsing Ottoman Empire until their subjects turned against them and sought the sponsorship of competing bigots to achieve their dream of a Jewish ethno-state more expediently. These would-be sponsors included fellow fascist states like Mussolini's Italy and even Nazi Germany.

The highly influential Zionist Federation of Germany conspired quite openly with the Nazis to transfer their Jews to the British Mandate of Palestine with the 1933 Haavara Agreement. This organization, whose leaders included Pinchas Rosen, the first Minister of Justice of Israel, stated themselves that "Zionism hopes to be able to win the collaboration even of a government fundamentally hostile to the Jews" and they weren't alone. Avraham Stern's Lehi paramilitary organization, whose members included many of Israel's founding fathers like future Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, made multiple attempts to forge an alliance with Hitler, proposing a Jewish state based on "nationalist and totalitarian principles, and linked to the German Reich."

The sickening truth that most modern historians refuse to even touch is that the only reason that the Nazis decided to choose genocide over collaboration with the European Zionist Movement was likely the fact that most Jews rejected that movement and chose to fight fascism instead in what they still considered to be their homelands. This only changed after the Holocaust when Nazi collaborators like Lehi and the Zionist Federation exploited the atrocities of the monsters they tried to befriend in order to harness the rage of the Jewish people and unleash it upon the Arab population of Palestine with the aid of another racist sugar daddy in Washington. 

This all may seem offensively inconceivable to the unlearned western history student but what you must understand and what the people of Israel must understand is that Zionism has never had much of a problem with antisemitism. Quite the contrary. This is a movement conceived of by wealthy members of the Ashkenazi diaspora who considered themselves to be superior to the semitic Jews of the "Orient" and actually believed antisemitism to be a totally healthy response to the existence of Jews outside of the state of Israel. Chaim Weizmann, president of the World Zionist Organization and the first President of Israel said it himself in 1912, "Each country can absorb only a limited number of Jews if she doesn't want disorders in her stomach, Germany already has too many Jews."

But perhaps no chapter in history reveals the strangely antisemitic nature of the Zionist project of Israel or its ability to manipulate the suffering of its own subjects quite like the tragic plight of the Mizrahim. The founding fathers of Israel had every intention of turning their new nation into an Ashkenazi supremacist superstate, but they didn't have the numbers necessary to cleanse the Holy Land of its indigenous Muslim and Christian populations so they rallied Jewish communities from across Africa and the Middle East, often using terrorist false flag attacks like those performed by Mossad in Iraq during the early fifties to do so, herding these people into a subservient class of Arab Jews consolidated beneath a single caste called the Mizrahim, or "from the east."

These Jews, the only Jews with confirmed ethnic ties to the region, were treated like animals: corralled into cramped camps, used for cheap labor by the Ashkenazi elites, sprayed with DDT and treated with involuntary doses of radiation, killing thousands. Their babies were stolen from Israeli hospitals and given to Ashkenazi parents who couldn't conceive in Israel and abroad while their birth parents were given phony death certificates. This is because those Jews weren't white, but much like the Jews in this country, they would become white once they proved themselves capable of slaughtering their fellow Semites in Palestine.

Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party built its base on the impoverished and subjugated Mizrahim by supplying them with the opportunity for revenge against the innocent bystanders of the West Bank. To this day, once proudly Arab Jews are used by Israel as vigilante shock troops to tame the banks of the river Jordan and even though the Mizrahim continue to face greater levels of inequality then their Ashkenazi masters, they can now hold their heads high and call themselves Zionists.

This is how colonialism works. This is how white supremacy works. What cannot be erased will be assimilated. This is how the United States convinced my own Irish Catholic ancestors to become white after years of discrimination and violence. But it comes at a price and that price is the very identity of those who trade their culture for privilege. The Jews are not a single homogenous entity. They are a diverse cross section of tribes spanning across centuries of history and multiple continents and these tribes coexisted peacefully with Christians and Muslims across the Middle East for thousands of years before certain Europeans stepped in and started drawing borders and building races. And if the Israeli Jews honestly think that they're newfound privileged status as good little Zionists will keep them safe when the chickens come home to roost, they should ask the white Mizrahim of the Kibbutzim served up to Hamas on October 7 how well that worked out.

Israel is a state, and the state is a western perversion totally alien to the Middle East or anywhere else outside of hell for that matter. This contraption can only be served at the expense of every tribal identity other than the contrived ones designed to be subservient to it. I guess what the real question here is, is what's more important, being a good Jew or being a good citizen because these two things clearly aren't the same. Jews are dying for Israel right alongside Palestinians and I believe that the only way we will ever see an end to this nightmare is if the Jews finally put down their Israeli flags and join the intifada to restore the Holy Land to its natural stateless condition of diverse coexistence.

From the river to the sea, every tribe must be free. 

Peace, Love & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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