Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Rape State

Across the vast expanse of Penn State's chiseled campus empire the unmistakable smokey reek of teenage outrage and twenty something rebellion wafts in the early spring breeze. Livid throngs of righteously irate students, mostly female but some male flock before Old Main demanding an end to there Alma Mater's long standing culture of rape and chauvinistic hegemony. "We are not safe" they shout in unison, in hope of shaking the office windows of the powerful men who will decide the fate of the latest fraternity, Kappa Delta Rho, caught red handed, joyfully partaking in disgusting  acts of sexual degradation against innocent young women, this time using Facebook to celebrate there vile exploits at the expense of there unconscious play things. This time they've gone too far. This time there victims and would be victims are taking a stand and demanding action. Suspension is not enough for video date rape. Heads must roll and I'm not just talking about the gigantic ones between there shoulders but the tiny ones between there legs. Part of me wants to be there with them, to stand there with them, to scream there with them. Solidarity, the old commies call it, solidarity indeed, but there's also another part of me, a part of me I'm almost tempted to ignore, that's anger is not reserved solely for that bastard frat pack alone, but for the students who demand there elimination from campus life completely as well. Not because I disagree, quite the contrary. This ugly little piece of me wants to fucking scream WHY NOW!!!

Where was this righteous rage some four years ago, in November 2011, when it was revealed that not only were 40 some preteen boys savagely raped by a twisted beast named Jerry Sandusky but these heinous crimes against the innocent and defenseless were covered up and berried by the two most powerful men at Penn State, Dean Graham Spanier and Coach Joe Paterno for at least a decade, A FUCKING DECADE! Ten long years of cashing checks and making incoherent press statements. Ten fucking years, they sat by and let that fucking animal prey on the innocent on campus property and where was the outrage then. Where were the angry crowds of students demanding justice for victims then. Well I'll tell you where they were, they were gathered outside the house of Joe Paterno, not to protest his despicable actions, or lack there of, but to cheer on and rally around that putrid fucking scum bag, there precious fucking Jo-Pa and days later they were in downtown State College, rioting furiously in response to there soiled idols firing, destroying property and shouting obscenity's. The victims were the last thing on there minds. THEY were the real victims for being deprived of the figure head of there favorite children's game. Who cares how many kids lives had to be annihilated to ensure the victories that gave there empty lives shallow meaning.

This was the flavor of teenage outrage and twenty something rebellion in 2011. So what changed? When did rape become unacceptable to Nittany Lions? My guess, it was probably right around the time THEY became the victims. Is that jaded? Maybe, but take a long walk around downtown State College sometime and count the nauseating propaganda posters, bumper stickers and other assorted paraphernalia shamelessly exalting Joe Paterno and demanding a return to there universities pre-sandusky glory, demanding to "restore the roar". Turn on your TV to the local news and watch Paterno's disgraceful family spinning batshit conspiracy theories that exonerate there dead patriarchs undeserved legacy and a return to there exalted status as first family to the Nittany Nation, often with there desperate,groveling, flunkee surrogate son, Franco Harris purring at there feet and watch that supposedly independent news here in Happy fucking Hell present this vile revisionist horse shit as a legitimate argument and just try standing up on your seat at the Corner Room and shouting Joe Paterno sucks cocks in hell at the top of your lungs and count how many milliseconds it takes your fellow diners to devour every last ounce of your spewing viscera raw.

O.K. that last one was a bit of a jump but you get were I'm going with this. In spite of the overwhelming outrage at the sickening actions of K.D.R., the enraged students of Penn State seem completely oblivious to the arguably far more heinous crimes of the late coach they continue to lionize. There is no connection made between the victims and would be victims of K.D.R. and the victims of Jerry Sandusky. There is no, what do the old commies call it, solidarity? No solidarity indeed.

P.S. I don't believe in hell but I do believe in reincarnation and I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that Joe Paterno will spend the next dozen life cycles as a puss filled cock leach.

P.P.S. My original title for this blog was supposed to be Fear And Loathing In Happy Valley but that title was hijacked by some twisted, Jo-Pa dick riding, asshole who defiles that name and the good name of MY late hero, Hunter S. Thompson with a revolting cavalcade of ludicrously contrived conspiracy theories that pathetically attempt to revive the bad name of HIS despicable hero Joe fucking Paterno. If there was a hell I'd tell that shithead not to trip on his dick on the way down there.

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