Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ready for Killary

Well folks, the American left has lost its fucking mind again. It seems like just yesterday they were shitting there collective pants over Barack Obama's wishy washy chicken noodle soup for the hipster, millennial's soul bullshit and we all know how that one ended, with PRISM, drone strikes and mom jeans. Well dearest motherfuckers this time I'm afraid its far worse. The newest object of mindless liberal sanctification isn't new at all, its her royal highness, Hillary Rodham Clinton. From Whole Foods to MSNBC, yuppie granola munchers everywhere are absolutely infected by Hillary fever and I for the life of me just cant fucking understand it. Hillary? Really? Again? The only people who seem to be immune to this noxious virus are my old enemies on the right and that's only because there tiny brains have been thoroughly pickled in a brine of sexism and Fox News approved conspiracy theories. I personally despise Hillary, not because she's a "bitch", I actually rather like that quality in a politician as well as a woman in general for that matter. That's why, despite my Marxist pedigree I have an odd soft spot for Ron Paul (sadly I cant say the same about his Quisling son) and I'm shore your all more than well aware of my schoolgirl crush-style fixation with Courtney Love. No, I despise Hillary Clinton because she's a heartless, craven, war monger who's never stepped foot on a third world country she wasn't willing to bomb back to the motherfucking stone age, yet your garden variety progressive seems almost willfully ignorant of this harsh reality. That's where my demented commie ass comes in to shove your shiny, happy faces into the fucking truth. I could go on for years about old Hilldogs lifelong love affair with all things war, after all she's been a vocal supporter of every American imperial entanglement from Vietnam to the Levant, and I'd probably enjoy that but I'll save you some time and sanity and just give you a quick sample of her savagery.

There's probably no example of Clintonian war mongering more garish or grotesque then Hillary's "Soft Power" experiment in Libya. It began, as most wars do, with a tidal wave of lies. After a tiny insurrection was sparked up by a band of British S.A.S. trained and equipped Islamist rebels who apposed Muammar Gaddafi not so much because he was a dictator but because he was a secular socialist from the wrong desert tribe, then Secretary of State Clinton hit the media, often with her equally war hungry minions, Susan Rice and Samantha Power in toe, like a woman possessed, howling, hysterically at the top of her lungs of an impending genocide against the rebel held stronghold of Benghazi. The only possible cure to this tragedy in the making, she said, was bombs and plenty of them. There's only one problem with this little theory of her's, it was all fucking bullshit and she knew it from the jump. The good Madam Secretary had been told, repeatedly, by top Pentagon brass that not only was Gaddafi highly unlikely to launch a massive attack against civilian targets under the microscope of international opinion but a bombing of the nature Hillary demanded would put the stability of both Libya and the region at large in severe danger of a real catastrophe. Hillary politely listened to the concerns of the experts, then turned around and promptly spewed a gullet full of acidic deception all over the American public as well as President Obama, who made the oh so stoic decision to wash his hands of the whole damn mess (What a leader right?) and leave the war completely up to his all too eager Secretary of State who gleefully pulled a full Rumsfeld and hypnotized congress into a lull with the soothing sounds of full tilt horse shit propaganda. Even then with America and its NATO stooges primed for another savage bloodbath in the Muslim world, a few brave and diligent leaders within the Pentagon desperately attempted to save the tiny desert nation of Libya from full scale annihilation. Without the knowledge of the former First Lady, these men reached out to the Gaddafi regime in one last attempt at peace. Libya agreed to a ceasefire, offering a truce to freeze all combat operations and withdraw to the outskirts of the major cities, taking a defensive position and allowing the African Union to oversee the entire operation and maintain the peace. Both Africom and the Pentagon threw there complete support behind this more then reasonable offer but Hillary and her devoted flunkees in the state department dismissed it out of hand without consideration.

Desperate to prevent the carnage of yet another american air war as well as the likely slaughter of his entire family, Muammar Gaddafi actually offered to step down from power and permit the establishment of a transition government under two conditions:

1. That a Libyan military presence be left in tact to contain the growing resurgence of Al Qaeda in the region.

And 2. That sanctions against Gaddafi, his family, and loyalists within the Libyan government be lifted and that they be aloud safe passage out of the country.

Once again the Pentagon found this offer to be exceptionally reasonable under the circumstances, after all wasn't the whole point of this goddamn venture to remove Gaddafi from power, but to there shock Hillary ordered the Pentagon to stand down. Only now had it become painfully clear how truly macabre the Madam Secretaries intentions were. The Pentagon brass that had worked so courageously, putting there very careers on the line to do there patriotic duty and prevent a totally unnecessary war were forced to the hideous conclusion that Hillary Clinton didn't want Colonel Gaddafi out of power, she wanted him dead. After all what better title to campaign for President under in red state America then monster slayer.

So Killary had her bloodbath and what a wonderful bloodbath it was. Nearly 10,000 bombs were dropped on the heads of the defenseless people of Libya, many of them uranium warheads. Nearly a third of the targets were civilian in nature. Thousands were killed including scores of women and children, most of the latter were younger then five. The Gaddafi strongholds of Misurata and Sirte were carpet bombed into scorched oblivion. All in defense of a merciless horde of jihadist maniacs, many fresh from the killing fields of Iraq where they cut there teeth murdering american soldiers and Shiite civilians alike. They found themselves a new playground of carnage in NATO raped Libya where they quickly made themselves at home executing infidels and berrying there mutilated corpses in mass graves in the desert. Many of these charming "freedom fighters", as Killary and her amen corner in the press so eloquently labeled them, went on to join the ranks of ISIS and made there big screen debut decapitating Coptic Christian laborers on Youtube. Of course the show wasn't over until the Colonel screamed.

On the run during the twilight of the Battle of Sirte, embattled Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's convoy was hit with a surgical airstrike by NATO fighter jets and American drones as they attempted to escape the crumbling city limits. A mob of heavily armed jihadist rebels swarmed the wreckage as there remorseless patrons hovered above in vehicles worth more then enough money to feed there city for months. A battered but still breathing Gaddafi was dragged from a nearby storm drain, begging in vain not for himself but for the life his son, captured from the same smoldering convoy. As the gang hustled the wounded dictator off to a nearby ambulance, presumably to prepare him for capture, something very peculiar occurred. Out of nowhere a single shot rang out killing the North African strongman instantly, eliciting surprised cheers from the confused mob. In a crowded circus of camera phones not one person caught footage of the actual kill shot. Gaddafi was executed at close range, but why? Why then? Why like that? Why go through all the trouble of capturing the man alive, even procuring a goddamn ambulance to treat his wounds only to unceremoniously execute him the moment the camera phones are turned away? According to Mahmoud Jibril, the NATO backed interim Prime Minister of Libya at the time "It was a foreign agent who mixed with the revolutionary brigades to kill gaddafi". The former N.T.C. Head of Foreign Intelligence Rami al-Obeidi later confirmed as much to be true which leaves me to wonder, perhaps presumptuously, if one of those foreign agents hadn't received a call from old Killary's second cell phone, telling them to finish the job.

Say what you will about Muammar Gaddafi, he was a dictator and an eccentric one at that but he was also something of a philanthropist in his own strange way. No other modern African leader gave more of his nations natural wealth back to his own people. Before the scourge of Killary, Libya had one of the highest qualities of life on the continent with free education and health care that ranked among the best in the third world and even rivaled some in the first. Life expectancy and infant mortality rates were similarly exceptional and Gaddafi's charity didn't end with Libya. He gave unprecedented amounts of money to combat disease across the African continent. He was also an outspoken supporter and financier of Nelson Mandela and his African National Congress back when the U.S. was still backing the apartheid government of South Africa. Gaddafi, never forgetting his anti-colonialist roots, also gave his desperately needed support to struggling stateless peoples like the Tuaregs, the Sahrawi and the Palestinians, not to mention my own fucking people back in the old country, fighting against the illegal and immoral occupation of Northern Ireland by the United Kingdom, so I guess you could say I have a horse in this race and don't even give me that fucking bullshit about about Lockerbie. Anybody who knows dick about the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 can tell you the attack was carried out by the PFLP-GC on behalf of Iran in retaliation for the downing of Iran Air Flight 655 by the U.S.S. Vincennes but the U.S. desperately needed Iran's support for the upcoming Persian Gulf War (A.K.A. George H.W. Bush's Own Private Libya starring Collin Powell) which Gaddafi had already come out and loudly apposed, so Libya was framed. My point is Gaddafi may have been a thug but of all the many, many thugs across the Arab world, why did we have to whack the benevolent one?

Well boys and girls I'll tell you why. Aside from Killary's own callous political motivations, Gaddafi, always the maverick fire starter had recently announced his intentions to stop selling his nations massive oil reserves in U.S. Dollars and to create an African Central Bank as well as a common African currency backed by gold. This would have been a huge threat to America's already dwindling influence on the dark continent and beyond. So it should come as little surprise that the Obama administration confiscated some $30 billion from the Libya Central Bank, which had been earmarked to bankroll the aforementioned African Bank and currency, under the guise of a Security Council Resolution, and then of course there's Benghazi.

Despite what you think you might know about the 2012 attack on the diplomatic compound in Benghazi that cost the lives of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others, the real scandal is far more insidious then anything Fox News or the GOP could ever cook up. All available facts support the theory that the events in Benghazi were in fact the relatively random actions of local jihadist militias taking advantage of the outrage caused by a crude, Islamaphobic Youtube video. All available facts also strongly suggest that the so called diplomatic mission in Benghazi was in reality a front for the C.I.A. to run heavy weaponry, procured from Gaddafi's sizable arsenal, to Killary's next bloodbath in Syria. This is also quite possibly the source of the sarin gas used by Al-Nusrah to frame Syrian despot Bashar al-Assad, the Arab worlds other remaining secularist, in 2013. As the great American journalist Seymour Hersh, who exposed the My Lai Massacre in '69, put it "The consulates only mission was to provide cover for the moving of arms, it had no real political role" in other words Stevens and the men charged with protecting him didn't die defending the export of democratic values to the third world. Sadly they died fueling another one of Killary's psychotic adventures in Amerikkkan imperialism by arming yet another clan of Islamic extremists who would inevitably bite the hand that feeds.

And what is the end result of all this treacherous carnage and misery. Libya, once a beacon of hope to the long maligned people of the dark continent, an alternative to the empty promises and backroom deals the IMF, the World Bank and other assorted capitalist cock roaches has now been reduced to a hell scorched, fucked to death, post apocalyptic wasteland with a seemingly endless array of teeth gnashing, blood drenched, rape-aholic militias vying for power in what resembles a bad re-enactment
of a Mad Max movie. What was once a nation refugee's flocked to for shelter from across the Sahara  is now a perpetual war zone that its own citizens are willing to drown in the thousands to escape in bullet riddled rust heaps and for what, I ask again? FOR FUCKING WHAT?!!!
So one scheming, conniving, lecherous, malignant narcissist can boost her fucking profile, score brownie points with the Israel lobby and become the vaunted, first female president of these United States of Hysteria.

With all that being said and done,as you struggle to digest my latest vitriolic diatribe, I only have one question for all you progressive teenie boppers in lily liver liberal land. ARE YOU READY.... FOR KILLARY?!!!

I for one would rather vote for a blood thirsty rabid wolverine or even that dickhead Rand Paul.

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