Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Russian Witch Trials

I am sick and fucking tired of this goddamn Russian shit! Please, God, Christ, Buddha, Mohamed, whatever, please, please, please tell me I'm not the only one outside of Donald Trump's rapidly shrinking fan-club who has had enough of this fucking Russophobic conspiracy nonsense. It's been over four months of this fucking shit. Over four months of baseless accusations. Over four months of anonymous tips. Over four months of House and Senate investigations. And what has it proven? What do we have to show for all this fucking hysteria? Zero, nothing, zippo, bupkis, not one single solitary shred of verifiable evidence that there is any nefarious connection what so ever between the administration of one Donald J. Trump and the evil empire of Sith Lord Vladimir Putin (cue howling wolves and blood curdling screams). But we're just getting started here folks. Over the last two weeks this crazy train has switched gears over to witch trial mode.

This madness reached new heights of snow-blind hysteria early this month when the Donald, in all his Donald-ness, finally fired FBI Director and all around general douche-bag James Comey. The reason isn't hard to understand if you pull your head out of your ass. Comey has spent the last several months on a wild goose chase trying desperately to prove that his new boss is guilty of what is quite possibly the only crime he hasn't committed, collusion with Mother Russia. The motherfucker colluded like fucking crazy with Israel (his son-in-law currently maintains a Summer home in Benjamin Netanyahu's asshole) and Saudi Arabia but apparently it's not a crime to play nice with apartheid states and jihad factories. As if this isn't enough to get any common person shit-canned with extreme prejudice, Comey also totally refused to investigate the very real crime of intelligence agents leaking government secrets to their butt-buddies in the mainstream media, likely because he was one of the leakers.

The problem wasn't that Trump finally fired this braying jackass. The problem was how Trump chose to do it. Still suffering under the delusion that being president means acting like Vito Corleone, the Donald invited Comey to a creepy and no doubt heavily rape-vibe (watch out for those tiny pussy-grabbers) candlelight dinner and asked him, softly, slowly, to lay off his boy Michael Flynn, who is undoubtedly guilty as Judas at the Last Supper of cozying up to Russia's age old frenemy Turkey, and only then did he fucking fire the loser, giving his beleaguered Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein no choice but to deliver the Democrats, the deep state and the mass media their wet dream of a Special Counsel to oversee the fed's investigation into baseless Russian skulduggery.

This is Beltway code for witch trial. Once one of these investigations starts it doesn't stop until the appointed Special Counsel blows the whistle. And seeing as the appointed Counsel is none other than former FBI Director and Bush-era deep state vet Robert Mueller, this shit is never gonna fucking end. There are no Russian ties aside from the kind of sleazy business dealings that everyone in Washington and Wall Street has on their rap-sheets but the Grand Counselor can expand the investigation into any direction he damn-well chooses. The Monica Lewinsky boondoggle that I grew up with started out as a Special Counsel investigation into the Clinton's shifty land dealings back in Arkansas. As I said above, Trump may not be guilty of collusion with Russia but he's guilty of pretty much everything else. This thing might start in the Kremlin but it could easily end in a shallow grave in the Meadowlands.

So what's the downside, you may ask? Trump is a race-bating, pussy-grabbing, son of a pig fucking slumlord. Fuck him and the jumbo jet he rode in on. And originally that was my attitude towards this whole witch-hunt too. Let the Democrats keep Trump too busy to blow up the planet while further disenfranchising themselves from their own base by clinging to a hopeless lie. What more could an anarchist ask for, right? But sadly it hasn't shaken down that way. As Trump discovered this April with his Tomahawk party in Syria, the number one way to please the establishment is to bomb poor people. Clinton knew this. That's why he bombed four countries while he was under investigation, often timed to coincide with each new sex scandal. As stupid as Trump is he has clearly gotten this memo as well, as he proved with his saber-rattling Iran bash-fest in the Middle East last week, not to mention the corpses he's stacking up in Yemen and Syria like putrefying border walls that our tax dollars have already payed for.

The other major problem with the Russian witch trials is that it further perpetuates the lie that Vladimir Putin and more broadly Russia itself is the fucking enemy. As I've stated here many times before, the single redeeming quality of Trump's otherwise repulsive campaign was his insistence on detente with Putin's Russia. Sadly, this flew out the fucking window the moment Trump took the bait and bombed Syria for a gas attack they clearly didn't commit. But this wasn't enough for that bourgeois bureaucratic class of capitalist roaders known as the deep state and their dickless flunkies in the mainstream media. These knuckle-dragging cretins will accept nothing short of a new Cold War. The longer their lie of the Russian menace is kept alive the more likely this dying empire is to follow through with a Third World War and believe it or not there are some sick and powerful people in this country who want precisely that. This Counsel is their plaything.

I know I'm a broken fucking record here but I hate Donald Trump. I hate everything he is and everything he stands for and I absolutely despise feeling forced to defend the cunt against even greater evils. But I'm not so demented in my rage that I'm willing to blow up the whole fucking planet just because he's on it. Please, God, Christ, Buddha, Mohamed, whatever, please, please, please tell me I'm not the only one.

Peace, Love and Empathy- CH

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