Monday, July 30, 2018

The Federal Government as Organized Crime

Quick hypothetical: Lets say me and a few of the burliest trans-girls I know show up at your doorstep and ask, scratch that, demand that you pitch in a chunk of your salary to pay for our bottom surgeries, making a halfway descent argument that it serves the communities interest to make us physically whole. Lets say you say no and me and the girls physically subdue you, tie you up, and hold you prisoner in your basement for a few weeks while we max out your credit cards and then cut you loose with a stern warning not to cross us again.

Now lets say me and the girls are running this racket up and down the eastern seaboard. How would you classify such an operation? A federal prosecutor might quite accurately describe this as organized crime.

Now lets say we were a different kind of T-girl and we showed up at your door with a badge, demanding that you hand over your hard earned money to pay for far more ambiguous projects than the state of our genitalia. Projects that allegedly serve our fine nations greater interests. Naturally, you say fuck off and we dock your pay, slap on a pair of cuffs, and beat the fucking candy out of you if dare to defend yourself before sending you to a sex dungeon upstate. Now it's not organized crime, it's organized government! Aside from that little tin shield that affords one the mandate of the state in spite of never being elected to anything, you tell me the goddamn difference?

I'm far from the first person to make this observation. It's one of the major bedrocks that form the foundation of anarchist thought. But lately, in this hyper-partisan age of unfettered mass hysteria, regular old do-nothing Republicrats and Dempublicans have taken up not-so-dissimilar positions against federal agencies that have crossed them. While Democrats are calling for the collective head of ICE in the face of their mass kidnappings on the border, Republicans are openly musing about giving the ax to the FBI for picking favorites in the 2016 election. Well, I say you don't have to be an anarchist, Republican, or Democrat to support banning both.

ICE was cooked up by those constitutional malcontents in the Bush White House after 9/11 gave them a blank check for pretty much anything in the name of fighting terrorism. ICE was supposed to be in charge of preventing terrorists from crossing the border, a problem that literally doesn't exist. So they've spent the lion share of the last two decades justifying their insane budget by becoming the terrorists themselves. Busting up bus stops and hunting down sick children in the ICU. Trump's latest purge is just the tip of the spear. Obama gave these gangsters more work than Bush and still holds the Guinness World Record for mass deportation outside of Stalinist Russia. Trump just kicked it up a notch with his racist family-smashing midterm publicity stunt. If you truly consider yourself to be a conservative, not to mention a goddamn Christian, there exists no sane reason to keep those thugs rolling in taxpayer dough.

The FBI began as J. Edgar Hoover's glorified vigilante death squad during the outlaw years of the Great Depression, hunting down rival gangsters like John Dillinger and lighting them up with Tommy guns in cold blood (America continues this proud tradition of gang-on-gang violence south of the border with operations like Plan Colombia). During the Cold War, Hoover used his near unchecked power to snoop on the White House and launch a racist jihad against those secret communists in the Civil Rights Movement as part of his Cointelpro operation. The nasty old chickenhawk targeted everyone from virtue signalling pacifists like Martin Luther King to bomb-throwing radicals like Fred Hampton (a personal hero), both of whom and many more ended up dead under highly suspect circumstances before the Cointelpro war had ran it's coarse.

Hoover's boys spend most of their time these days at the same troth of the anti-terror gravy train as their fellow Gestapo in ICE. Their current scam of choice is justifying their ever expanding budgets by egging on mentally fragile Muslim kids online and then taking credit for busting terrorist plots that they essentially ghost-wrote themselves. Does this honestly, honestly, sound like a righteous tool of social justice to you, progressives? Or just a glorified hate group with a license to kill. These malignant gang-bangers don't deserve a government paycheck anymore than ICE or the Ku Klux Klan for that matter. Don't let your totally appropriate hate for Trump fool you into believing that his foes in the feds are any less morally revolting than he is.

When it all comes down to it, the Federal Government only exists for the sole purpose of maintaining the states monopoly on morally abhorrent behavior. The only difference between the feds and my hypothetical gang of thieving tranny gangsters is that at least we'd do your fucking nails before we sprung you loose. Wanna fight crime, dearest motherfuckers? Lets start at home by cutting the budget and banning the spooks. It ain't quite anarchy, but it's a start.

Peace, Love, & Empathy- CH

Soundtrack; Songs that influenced this post.

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