Monday, July 23, 2018

You Don't Have to Like Trump to Hate Russophobic Hysteria

I hate Donald Trump. Every cell in my body rejects that man like a bad virus. Being a genderqueer anarcho-feminist with a functioning conscience, everything I believe in, everything that I have built my foundation of basic human values upon, is in complete and utter opposition to that depraved, misogynistic, xenophobic, orange-nationalist and everything he stands for. His treatment of women, Muslims, and immigrants in particular makes me physically sick. But this week I am not revolted by Trump, I am revolted by his self-righteous opposition and this makes me one very, very, very, pissed off lesbian bitch. No one gets in the way of my own self-righteous hate without getting a fucking taste of it. The Resistance hasn't seen shit until they've fucked with me and when you fuck with detente, you fuck with Comrade Hermit.

Last Monday Donald Trump did something right for a goddamn change. He met with our "enemy" Russian president Vladimir Putin and appears to have taken a legitimate stab at diplomacy. After the meeting he was polite to his guest and registered doubt that Mr. Putin was behind any sort of interference with the 2016 election. He went on to boldly criticize Robert Mueller's childish reenactment of the Salem Witch Trials for grievously damaging Russo-American relations and recklessly endangering world peace between the worlds foremost nuclear powers. "I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than risk peace in pursuit of politics" he proclaimed in a defiant display of what looked suspiciously like leadership.

The reaction by both major parties and their surrogates in the mainstream media was nothing short of hysterical, with supposed journalists gnashing their teeth violently at the very suggestion of detente and the idea that our sainted intelligence community might be less than reliable on an issue that they have clearly turned into a personal jihad. Former CIA director and known liar John Brennan fumed that Trump's sacrilegious condemnation of a deep state apparatus with bodies buried on every known continent was "treasonous". No one at the so-called news outlet that hosted his hissy-fit deigned to bring up the fact that Brennan himself was guilty of high treason for lying under oath to congress on live television about his agencies own Orwellian surveillance of the American citizenry.

Meanwhile, congress chose Trump's medium of choice to lose their proverbial shit, swelling Twitter with a torrent of shit slinging that rivals the Donald's own greatest shits. You had the usual suspects, dick-frothing battle fetishists like Lindsey Graham and John McCain weeping tears of fury over the loss of America the Exceptional's chastity to that filthy Slavic mongrel and the man who refused to slap him in public. The Democrats were worse, begging for impeachment like mother's milk with at least one esteemed representative calling for a full blown military coup. I don't suppose it would help to remind the children in the DNC that another grabby war-monger named Kennedy "meddled" with the Soviets to avoid a nuclear apocalypse that their heroes in the intelligence community demanded.

All I can say at this point is that you motherfuckers are making it real fucking hard to appose this ginger jerk when you act even more childish than he does. There are literally children still in concentration camps and you're sobbing because Trump suggested we should maybe give peace a chance? Well, congratulations children, your tantrum may have worked, for now. The Donald, being the fickle chickenshit that he is has backtracked much of his peace talk and made the ludicrous claim that his temporary sanity was a misquoted Russophobic micro aggression. Now more sanctions and weapons for the Vichy republic of Ukraine are on their way.

And this is the point of all this hysteria. The entire Russiagate hoax is a glorified PR stunt designed to badger a weak-willed president into embracing a new cold war that he never invested in. It's no coincidence that Mueller's latest round of baseless indictments came the day before the Helsinki summit. The entire intelligence community has been mobilized in a concerted effort to widen the diplomatic gulf between Russia and America and this chicanery is getting downright deadly. As Trump himself noted last Monday, our two colossal nation's make up roughly 90% of the world's nuclear warheads and every day we spend in this atomic Mexican stand-off, we get a little closer to someone pulling the goddamn trigger.

You don't have to like Trump to hate this Russophobic hysteria. You just have to care more about humanity then you do about hating Trump. This shouldn't be a tall order but I doubt I can hold my breath long enough to find out. Just let me know if I should duck and cover when I come to, dearest motherfuckers. The shit just keeps getting worse.

Peace, Love, and Empathy- CH

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  1. I wonder how the midterms will go and whether Trump will get re-elected. I think many places in the world are going through a sort of identity crisis at the moment. TBH if the US collapses by the end of the century I wouldn't be super surprised. While these issues are quite salient for many people, climate change is an issue that will affect all regardless. I'm not sure what exactly will happen but I think it will get worse before it (if ever) gets better. Not just for the US but the world.

    All the answers I can think of aren't really feasible with our current population numbers. Still, I think a lot of those doom and gloom articles you see are bougie hot takes. Like climate change will shit on middle class luxury more than it will average people all over the world standard-of-living wise. The talk about birthrates is funny since it's not the people in poorer countries with more kids that have the big carbon footprints. Not to mention, people aren't having more kids (birthrates are going down worldwide including poorer countries), it's just that more kids are surviving into adulthood that's causing the population increases in the developing world. Luxury items will become more expensive and probably not be worth mass producing anymore (from chocolate and fruits to big cars and cross country flights for work). Things will be more localized and we will live life like we did 100 years ago. Like we will be forced to eat less meat, grow our own food, and make less money. The problem is, will mass death occur before this happens? We will be seeing climate refugees like never before, as more regions of the world (regions which are densely populated) become uninhabitable. South Asia comes to mind as a real loser in this game, especially because in addition to its climate, its geography makes escaping by foot difficult

    While we do have resources to feed everyone with current tech, the question is whether we would with only pre-industrial tech. I say so since a lot of climate woes are due to industrial agriculture.

    Europe is already lurching right with barely any refugees relative to the total population, imagine what will happen as climate change really kicks in. Children of Men really isn't beyond possibility.

    1. Climate change frightens me. I'd write more about it but science really isn't my forte. Like you said though, in its own violent way, humanity will likely correct itself. But with empires desperate to maintain control against nature, nuclear weapons come into play. I still see bombs as the greatest threat to humanity, but its a tight race in desperate times.