Sunday, April 7, 2019

Fuck the Border

Well, he finally got what he wanted, dearest motherfuckers. That vile crusted jizz rag we call a president has finally managed to manufacture an actual crisis at the border. After months of saber rattling conspiracy theories about secret jihadists and child actors, after years of demonizing people escaping the shitholes that Uncle Sam dug himself in the killing fields of the Northern Triangle, the grand swarms have finally arrived, too great in number for even the Donald's enemies on the fake news to ignore. Naturally, Trump is playing up this tragedy as vindication for all his racist wolf-crying but the sick reality is that it's likely largely the result of it. A self-fulfilling doomsday prophecy for the MAGA era.

As Trump and his Mexican counterparts have turned the southern border into a fucking war zone, refugees see the last window closing on their hopes to escape the despotic and corrupt regimes that American taxpayers continue to prop up. If not now than never. So they pool their feeble savings into massive caravans and weather the storm troopers on the American DMZ with their gas and their guns. And the talking heads on my TV set have the nerve to question whether or not these people qualify as refugees. What sane mob of mothers would risk such merciless abuse for their own children unless they literally feared for their lives? So they brave that perilous invisible line drawn in the sand by the crusaders of Manifest Destiny in the razor slim hope that maybe, just maybe, they can escape the hordes of badged barbarians who hunt them down in the desert like animals.

The result of their desperate predicament is prisons packed with children orphaned by our runaway police state. Caged. Traumatized. Violated. Abused in every way imaginable. There exists no moral excuse for torturing children like this. Zero. This is state sanctioned child abuse on an industrial level. The Pope must be green with envy. Thousands of these nameless kids rot in cages like the carcasses of chewed up animals at a war torn zoo. Filthy. Degraded. Dehumanized. Never to be reunited with their mothers, many of whom are undoubtedly getting gang-raped as we speak in our gulag archipelago of privatized black holes. Trump's solution to this sickening display of human depravity is naturally more human depravity. More guards. More guns. More walls. More barbed wire. Beautiful barbed wire. Beautiful dungeons stuffed with the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere. Beautiful roaming gangs of ill-trained, well payed and role crazy kidnappers cruising elementary schools and cancer wards for a fresh crop of brown prey.

In a nutshell, more beautiful infrastructure to manufacture the illusion that a border is anything but an invisible and largely arbitrary line in the desert drawn to police human beings like cattle and sell deadly toys to their ranchers. Borders are a concept defined by statism, colonialism and the violence these things thrive on. The only means of policing these commons is by violating the basic civil right of voluntary movement. There is no humane way to do this. Any do-gooder progressive poseur who tells you otherwise is either a liar or an imbecile. Either way, they only serve to justify the existence of the fascist police state, as does the very notion of the border itself. People have the right to protect their private property as they see fit but no one owns the desert. No one owns the Rio Grande. And no one has the right to police those peaceful nomads who choose to make a living across a landscape that has hosted their ancestral tribes since the white man was still fucking his siblings back in rat plagued Europe.

There is only one solution to the turmoil at the border which represents the basic values of the voluntaryism that gives all forms of anti-statism meaning and that is the wholesale disintegration of that border as a practice and a concept. I'm all for tribalism, it's only natural. But any tribe who requires a child abusing police state doesn't deserve to exist. We can all do better than this.

Fuck the border, dearest motherfuckers. And that's a quote you can chisel into my grave stone. Cowards who betray children should fucking suffer and that includes that vile, malignant scumbag in the Oval Office. Forget impeachment. sow me a noose. Nuremberg is missing an orange pinata. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a few thousand prison breaks to plan.

Peace, Love & Empathy- CH

P.S. To any censorious spook, public or private, who lacks the capacity to grasp my sense of humor, I live at 138 Katherine Drive in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Just try and hold-off the drone strike until after 11:30 PM. I don't like to miss Rick & Morty. Thanks.

Soundtrack; songs that influenced this post

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  1. Hey Comrade, you have summed it up perfectly. I couldn't have said it better myself.

    It is interesting that I was born and raised in a lily white town in the San Francisco Bay Area, and had some racist and xenophobic tendencies early on in life, yet as long as I have called myself a libertarian (since I was 19) I have advocated open borders. When I became an anarchist, I advocated no borders at all. I am just pointing this out because I believe it is perfectly possible to be a partial bigot without believing in using the State to enforce that bigotry. When you sign an oath stating that you do not believe in or advocate initiating force to achieve political or social goals, it is best to be consistent about it, otherwise you are just another political hypocrite like virtually every politician is. While the ideal goal would be to eliminate bigotry, I think it would be easier in the short run to just get most people, whatever their values, to agree to the same basic rules about personal interaction and the use of violence.

    You wouldn't believe how many xenophobes blame immigrant deaths in the desert on the coyotes, and claim that it is because immigrants are breaking the law that they put themselves in danger. It seems to me that it is the law itself which causes, directly or indirectly, all the immigrant fatalities. Why don't we hear about all the deaths in the Nevada desert from people crossing the California/Nevada border? It is because there are no legal restrictions on that travel. There would be no fatalities of immigrants either, except perhaps from an occasional traffic accident or heart attack, if there were no legal restriction on travel over the Mexico/US border.

    By the way, kudos on spelling "borders" correctly. We'll make a grammar and spelling Nazi out of you yet.

    1. I wouldn't count on it. I'm too much of a goddamn artist to get the details right. You just caught me on a good day. I need an editor or perhaps a lifestyle slave. I'm considering pursuing a career as a dominatrix for my side hustle. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. You're still one of my best customers.

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  3. Put down that glass of Kool Aid and get a grip.NIMBY Till The Wheels Fall OFF...Have a nice day...:-)

  4. "their hopes to escape the despotic and corrupt regimes that American taxpayers continue to prop up."
    This description of most all the individuals seeking refugee status at the US/MX border is virtually universally ignored by MSM & those USers who condemn these ppl from Central America. So many USers have a very limited understanding of USGov's interference in Western Hemisphere, & actually worldwide. The many willing to be USGov Warriors + those supporting "the troops" make it possible. W/o the Enforcers (Warriors & domestic agencies), Gov/State Ldrs are impotent & their words ignorable.

    Also ignored is the fact that USGov/State by its rejection of the welcome of "aliens" onto own property (for visit/living/employment) by many USers is claiming its ownership of all land w/in US borders. Have these supporters really thought about what they are promoting? I doubt it...........