Sunday, January 5, 2020

Sympathy For Soleimani

A preemptive strike, that's what white people call terrorism, and that's apparently what transpired this Thursday on the tarmac of the Baghdad International Airport. A preemptive drone strike, ordered by our president, murdered General Qassem Soleimani, Iran's most important military figure, alongside six others including the commander of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Unit, a legally recognized part of Iraq's military. This was not an attack on a military operation. These men were meeting to attend a funeral for victims of another American terrorist attack earlier in the week. This was an act of extreme cowardice. This was a war crime. But most importantly, this was indeed a calculated act of war against two sovereign nations, a week in the making.

The previous Friday, rockets struck an American base in Iraq, killing a single American mercenary. This is a crime that remains unsolved, but the Trump Administration wasted zero time blaming it on Iran via their alleged proxies in the PMU. No evidence given, no evidence required. An American soldier of fortune died in Shia country, which is the greenlight Trump has been looking for to shithouse Iran since Sheldon Adelson payed him to do so in 2016. I suspect that Sheldon's friends back in occupied Jerusalem may be the ones truly responsible for this convenient attack, but that's just a hunch from a stalwart anti-Zionist with too much time on her hands. Take it with a grain of salt.

This attack set into motion a procession of tit for tat escalations that ended with the assassination of a man so revered by his people that a response is all but a forgone conclusion whether Iran wants it or not. Their hands are tied. Meanwhile, thousands of American troops prepare to re-flood the scarred battleground of America's greatest imperial blunder, as the shitheads of American cable news take turns telling facetious horror stories about the extra-judicially murdered Soleimani. If you were dense enough to take these morons at their libel, you would be forced to come to the conclusion that the general was some kind of blood drinking Sith lord. But who was he really, to us and his people?

Qassem Soleimani was the brains behind Iran's fearsome Quds Force, a sort of Shia Seal Team 6, devoted to protecting the faithful across Iran's tight sphere of influence. Much like fellow western boogeyman Vladimir Putin, Qassem was no angel but he was far from the satanic super-villain our media elites and their deep state chums have painted him to be. And just like Putin, Qassem's greatest crime was overreacting to legitimate western threats. As most professional soldiers are want to do, he often went too far, but his primary contribution to the region was containing the vilest strains Wahhabism, and the sheikhs, Zionists and Yankee officers who coddled them. This is why the man is seen as a hero, not just in Iran, but to people across the region who have spent decades at the mercy of American facilitated proxies. Soleimani beat the bastards at their own game, creating his own coalition of fucked-over proxies that have become known by enemies and allies alike as the Axis of Resistance.

I won't lie to you, dearest motherfuckers. I'm not an unbiased journalist. In fact, I view the title itself as a contrived notion. I have long been sympathetic towards the goals of the Axis of Resistance, not because I have a strong affection for any of its members, other than perhaps those anti-Zionist militiamen in the decidedly stateless Hezbollah, but for basic tribal reasons. My sympathies are personal. I have a dog in this fight. To put it bluntly, ISIS, Al-Nusra and the rest of those Salafi cunts kill fags, my people. While Hillary and Obama facetiously draped themselves in the rainbow flag, they kept the Saudi pipeline flowing to those equally facetious flag-drapers in the Islamic State as they flung people like me from the rooftops. Now, Iran is hardly a friend to my people either, but compared to their Wahhabist rivals, they might as well be. Many people remain oblivious to the fact that, while homosexuality remains very much illegal in the Islamic Republic, that very same republic has long been the safest place for transwomen in the Islamic world, offering people like me surgery and recognition based on a Persian culture that has always maintained spaces for third genders. I would likely be stoned for being a lezbo upon receiving treatment, but it's still a lovely gesture compared to my fate in their neighbor's dusty kangaroo courts.

More importantly, this loose collaboration of Middle Eastern minorities has managed to cobble together the most successful bulwark to western imperialism that region has seen since Nasser and the halcyon days of Arab Socialism. So I find myself in the awkward position of throwing my wig in with these Shiites, Baathists and communists. I reserve hope that they can still be influenced by the example of wiser men than Soleimani, like Abdullah Ocalan and Muqtada al-Sadr, but regardless, I support the dark angry men flooding the streets of Baghdad  and Tehran, raging against the white man's terrorism, for the simple reason that there needs to be a proletarian response to the imperial bourgeoise violence of pre-emptive strikes. Opponents of imperialism across the political spectrum need to display their solidarity with this movement even if they don't agree with all of its members or values, because, just like the Vietcong and the Sandinistas before them, the idea of the Axis of Resistance remains it's most powerful attribute, and that idea is poor people unite and shatter this goddamn empire.

So here's to General Soleimani. He may very well burn in hell, but this one furious faggot who hopes he at least gets a cell with a view, one floor up from the Shah.

Peace, Love & Empathy- Nicky/CH

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  1. This time, I think, Trump may set up the attack, but not back down at the last minute like he did before. He is going to pull the trigger, I fear. This means death for a lot of Persians, but it also likely means death for me and millions of other Americans who depend upon economic prosperity for preserving our very lives. Yes, I and many others are "weaklings", depending on sophisticated medical care and medicines, and I guess that means we will simply have to die to support the glories of our commander in chief.

    Every day is a struggle for me, as my job is precarious because it depends on my mental health. And my mental health is precarious because it depends on my job. This is under economic conditions which are not exactly strong but are not collapsing either. The economic collapse that war would bring would probably kill myself and many Americans who would be immune from the bombs, but not the poverty. All because in 2016 people were forced to choose between an infantile moron and a power mad bitch for president.

    Sorry for sounding bitter, but, fuck, I HAD PLANS! I have been thinking for many years about taking my ex Violet on a road trip and showing her Disney World and other sites she never had a chance to see as a kid. But our DIC (Dictator in Chief) has to prove he's a man. Shit, Donald, haven't you had enough women say "fuck me hard" to prove you're a man? Why do you also have to fuck the country and the world?

    Just once I would like to see the American leadership show one tenth the restraint that the Iranian or Russian leadership has shown in the last few years. But “were tough!” (translation -- we’re emotional weaklings who depend on our inflated egos to give our lives meaning)

    1. this isn't about you dummy.

    2. "this isn't about you dummy."

      It isn't exclusively about me, but I am one of those who will be hurt by war. I was just trying to put a human face on it.

      I never mentioned anything about my "sexual proclivities." The reference to "fuck me hard" was about Donald Trump, not me. Trump is worshiped by idiots for several supposed reasons, one of which is that he is supposedly some type of ladies man. I was suggesting that Trump define manhood differently than he does, because apparently he think manhood rests on the ability to kill innocent people to retaliate for supposed slights.

    3. I was talking to Nicky re: sexual proclivities. Dummy was directed at you for thinking you're somehow the victim of an attack on Iran because you don't get to Disneyland as often as you like. I should have just called you a racist.

    4. Racist? Where did I mention anything about race? I have nothing but complete and utter sympathy for all victims of our empire, regardless of race.

      Violet, in case you didn't notice from the pic, is mostly African American. Or do you mean I'm racist toward foreigners? What did I say that gave you that idea? I am usually accused by conservatives of being an SJW, because I support open borders (which is actually the free market position, not socialist, so I don't know why). Now I'm being branded as a racist? What gives?

    5. Tengu, I think you are under a misconception here. I was concerned, not about my own life, but mostly, Violet's. My anger wasn't about not being able to go to Disney World (for the first time -- I have never been there), it was about the fact that several months after the onset of the war, I would almost certainly be dead. This is because I depend on medications and medical treatment which would be either unavailable or unaffordable from the economic shock of the war.

      Violet grew up in poverty and was raised by a fanatical Jehovah's Witness grandmother who wouldn't even let her have friends. She is currently disabled by mental illness and has no way to adequately take care of herself if I am dead. My "plans" which would be disrupted by the war were not only to take her on a trip and do something she always longed to do as a kid, but also to possibly live long enough to help her become self-sufficient.

      If you think the American victims of the war are unimportant, we will just have to disagree. I think the foreign victims of the war are as important as the American victims, but apparently you do not think the millions of Americans who will die prematurely as a result of the war are as important as the foreign victims.

      And can it on the "racist" crap, as you don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

    6. Iranians are the ones unable to obtain medicine because of the actions of the US war machine. They're the victims of a real war. You and your friend are the victims in an imagined hypothetical scenario.

    7. Iran showed restraint and respect for human life in their response to Trump's assassination of Soleimani. The US never has or will. Iranians are being triangulated by the US and it's military proxies, dying from sanctions. You're not. Only a racist or national chauvinist would posit themselves as the victim in this scenario.

    8. I don't think anyone is arguing that Iranians are suffering the most and will continue to suffer the most from America's relentless campaign of terrorism against the Islamic Republic. Borg was simply pointing out that America has not taken on a war of this magnitude since they through themselves in the middle of WW2. A ground war in Iran would be an a economic disaster for the entire planet, including the United States. That's not racist, those are just facts. War is bad for everyone but 1%, which is why they're the only ones pushing it.

    9. Thanks, Nicky. I am not usually easily provoked or angered, but I have come to the conclusion that Tengu is simply a shithead.

      I explicitly stated in my original post that Iran (and Russia) show much more self-restraint in their actions than the US. I am usually labeled an unpatriotic traitor because of my sympathies for the victims of US imperialism. Now I am called a "national chauvinist"!

      Tengu, I barely survive economically as it is. My mental and physical health are failing, and I am barely able to work anymore. It is not "imagined" that I would be dead within a year (at most) after the onset of all out war with Iran, it is a fact. I never stated, or even implied, that Persians were not the primary victims of our imperialism. Why is my concern for the well being of my friends and family "racist?" Don't you have better things to do than calling people you know nothing about "racist?" How about doing something to prevent the war?

      I know nothing about you. I do not know your age, your physical or mental health, you source or level of income. Perhaps you feel immune to the effects of a potential war, but I do not. It would be bad for nearly every American, every Iranian, every European, every Asian, every African. What is so fucking wrong with acknowledging that?

  2. First, delete that spammer, he's been spamming your posts.

    Second, ISIS will be so happy at the murder of Soleimani and the PMU chief. It was they who beat ISIS in Iraq, and it's more than obvious to me that America wants to revive ISIS in order to have an excuse to occupy Iraq forever. Without Iraq America can't occupy East Syria and without occupying East Syria it can't steal Syrian oil and create a Kurdish zionistan there.

  3. this is the most arrogant self absorbed nonsense i've ever read. no one cares about your sexual proclivities. the lives of millions are on the line.