Sunday, January 12, 2020

Trannies with Guns: Because Enough is Enough!

I need to buy a gun. I can't state it any simpler than that. It's something I've needed for sometime and I seem to feel like I need it a little more each day. The gun doesn't have to be fancy or high tech. I don't need some AR hunting rifle in drag or one of those phallic three digit magnum monstrosities. I need something basic and reliable. Maybe a .38 or .45 wheel gun. Something just powerful enough to put an irate cis-male down in two shots or less. I've always wanted a gun but I never felt like I really needed one until recently, about four years ago to be exact, right around the time I came out as a trans person. Now, as my fluctuating gender continues to veer further and further towards the feminine end of the spectrum, I've come to understand the stone-cold necessity for the Second Amendment more clearly than I ever have before. So I'll say it once more with feeling, dearest motherfuckers, to really drive the point home, I need a fucking gun.

Those are the thoughts that swing through my dizzy skull every time I hear another horror story about some trans or gender-bending individual being slaughtered for the high crime of living outside the closet. I've been having these thoughts a lot lately, 22 times in the last year to be exact. That's how many trans murders occurred in 2019 that we know of and that doesn't even include the girls killed in police custody. I wish I could say that this is an anomaly, but it's not. According to the American Medical Association, it's a goddamn epidemic. At least 157 of my people have been slaughtered since 2013, right around the time the Christian White, I mean Right, switched gears from the now dated practice of fag-bashing to that new national pastime of tranny-stomping, and I say 'at least' before that staggering headcount because most transgender murder victims still go unreported or misgendered. The police can't seem to help themselves, even in death they spit on us.

And this is why gun control is a steaming sack of elitist bullshit. When you tell people to give up their guns, you're really telling them to trust the cops. This might work smashingly for billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and the bougie brats in March For Our Lives, but for marginalized people like myself, it's a fucking slap in the face. As I mentioned above, pigs kill trannies. Just ask Layleen Polanco, who was found dead in her cell at Rikers this year. Or Johana Medina, who was only released from one of ICE's fine concentration camps just in time to die in the ER from untreated medical problems.

 Trans people are nearly four times as likely to experience police violence as cis people. We're regularly targeted for harassment just for presenting in public, because so many of our sisters have had to seek refuge from economic persecution in the form of victimless sex work. So yes, suburban liberals, I need a fucking gun. I'm what your bodyguards in the police are overpaid to prevent. Our liberty threatens your property value, so we are disposable people. But one gun is not enough, and enough is exactly what I've had my fill of over the last five years. Enough dead sisters. We all need to get armed and we need to get fucking organized.

This was the conclusion Huey Newton and Bobby Seale came to in 1966, when they formed the first chapter of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. A couple of inner-city Oakland round-the-block boys who met at Merrit Community College, Huey and Bobby bonded over a shared passion for the Black Power Movement, particularly bombastic thinkers like Robert F. Williams (author of Negroes with Guns) and organizations like the Deacons of Defense, who took up arms to defend their rural communities from the scourge of the Klan. Much like today, shooting black kids in the back without repercussion was like a goddamn competitive sport for the Oakland PD in the Sixties. Huey and Bobby decided that their communities needed to be defended from the police by well armed and well trained civilian militias. And thus America's most dangerous civil rights enterprise was born. I can't help but to see parallels with my own community's existential struggle for survival.

What genderqueer people like me need is our own Black Panther Party, Trannies with Guns, because enough is enough. I'm sick and tired of having to ask myself, 'Am I going to get raped by the police tonight?' every time I leave the house after dark in lipstick. And I'm sick, physically sick, of seeing my sisters get cut to fucking pieces just for using their own goddamn bodies to make a living. Huey once said that the point of the Black Panthers was to appeal to "the brothers on the block." Well, we need some motherfucking Purple Panthers to appeal to our sisters on the stroll. We need to set up our own civilian militias to defend sex workers from both the cops and the twisted johns who prey on them without repercussion. We need to create autonomous safe spaces from the barrel of the gun, so our kids don't have to look over their shoulder every time they use a public restroom not approved by the state that seeks to erase them.

We need to take care of our own, dearest motherfuckers, from the state and the streets, because if we don't, who will? I'm done with being scared. So I need a fucking gun, and ten thousand armed sisters and brothers to have my back. As Huey said, All power to all the people. My people too. Lock and load, bitches, we got work to do.

Peace, Love & Empathy- Nicky/CH

Soundtrack; songs that influenced this post

*  The Harder They Come by Jimmy Cliff
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*  The Drowners by Suede
*  Bang a Gong (Get It On) by T. Rex
*  Search & Destroy by the Stooges
*  911 is a Joke by Public Enemy
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*  Power to the People by John Lennon


  1. I don't know whether you need a gun or not, that is your decision. I do know that you have every right to own one. If you have even once consulted with a psychiatrist, you may be technically forbidden by federal law from owning one, however.

    As I have often pointed out in various political forums, King George III would definitely have considered every rebel colonist to be mentally ill, as they were "dangerous" to society (or at least British rule).

    This post is definitely not going to win you any friends among the conventional left. But then, that is why I consider you to be an honest leftist, because you really don't give a damn. If only some of the Democrats running for president in 2020 would have the same courage, instead of being the gutless wonders they are (Tulsi excepted), we might see more prospects for peace on the horizon. As it stands, the politicians of both major parties are absolute, freaking cowards, and there is little chance of them supporting anything the corporate interests oppose.

    1. I've never really been a conventional leftist. Even during my communist days, I considered guns to be a necessity for a revolutionary society. As I've said above, I come from the Huey Newton school of gun rights- The best way to empower the oppressed is to arm them to the fucking teeth.

  2. No problem with your need for self-defense, but the second amendment is a relic used to justify slaughtering natives and rounding up escaped slaves. It needs to be abolished.

    1. And what is your alternative to the Second Amendment? Without an explicit legal protection for the right to keep and bear arms, how would natives or slaves even be able to defend themselves? It wasn't peaceful, law abiding gun owners who slaughtered the native populations, it was the military, the State, which did the vast majority of the killing.

    2. Amen. Nat Turner had a fucking rifle, Geronimo too. Black militants in the '70's use to call them 'Honkey reducers'.

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    1. You always pull this chickenshit stunt, Gulo, which is why I don't have a great deal of respect for you. Your comment was not removed by me or anyone else. I only remove spam. I still got messages on here of tranny bashers calling me a 'pedo' and other sick fucking shit. Stop commenting that "This comment has been removed" to give your bullshit gravitas, you silly fucking wanker. Grow up.

  4. Weaponized citizen militias/settler colonists did much of the killing. And how did that self-defense turn out? Even Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and Geronimo threw in the towels. If you're white and straight, you're allowed to hold 'em off for a little while, like Ruby Ridge, or the Bundy crew at Mahleur Wildlife Refuge. If you're say, a Black'd that turn out? Have you read Dunbar-Ortiz's Loaded?

    Take what ever solace you wish from a Purple militia, Guns of Brixton defense against hair-trigger, local/state cops armed with military riot gear. Unless you're sporting one of Putin's s400-500 defense systems, you're out-gunned.

    MLK Jr. & Co. took the disarming road. Standing Rock water defenders took the disarmed road. Chelsea Manning has taken the disarmed road.

    1. Dunbar-Ortiz does an excellent job pointing out how racist gun control is by pointing out the people who were barred from being armed for totally racist bullshit reasons. This doesn't change the fact that those people and all people have the inalienable right to arm and defend themselves. MLK himself was a gunowner. You can be a pacifist and support self-defense.

    2. "You can be a pacifist and support self-defense."

      An absolute pacifist, being against all violence, would not, technically, be in favor of using violence in self-defense. However, you are absolutely correct that an absolute pacifist could never support gun control laws, or, for that matter, any enforceable law at all, as all such laws are enforced -- you guessed it -- with gun violence.

      Gulo seems blind to the fact, that, putting guns in the hands of the State to reduce gun violence is contradictory, as you reap what you sow. All those who take the sword, will perish by it. The State is the most violent institution ever created, and giving it more power can never reduce violence overall.

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  6. Eyes wide open. My wife owns two guns. Individual gun rights outside the context of militias was struck down 4 times by the Supreme Court before the NRA started making a fuss in 1977.

    Did you watch Marshal Law descend after the Boston Marathon bombing? Did you see the Moms 4 housing eviction this week in Oakland? You want to organize a trans-militia against that?

    I used to half-joke with friends about starting a gun-club: Liberals with Lugers. Then I watched the Iron Curtain come down, the Velvet Revolution occur, without a shot fired. 30 years later they did it at Standing Rock, with all those veterans arriving in support, and got Obama and the State to stand down, without a shot fired.

    Get a gun if it makes you feel safer. Learn a Marshal Art. Befriend the cops. Educate the cops.

    1. The police are the fucking problem. That's who we need arm ourselves against. They murdered my fucking friend for being a black kid on the spectrum. Fuck the motherfucking police! Marshal Law after the Boston Marathon Bombing? Gee shucks, I wonder why that was so easy. Maybe because Massachusetts has one of the most under-armed populations in the country. And who took over after the Velvet Revolution? A bunch of slick neoliberal cunts who made Prague the most gentrified city on the fucking planet. That went smashingly. Google Bougainville. That was a real revolution. Peace out!