Monday, March 5, 2018

Gone Gun Crazy (Again)

Every time this country has another mass shooting the whole damn nation loses its proverbial shit. When it happens during an election year that 'shit' goes ballistic. Since the Parkland tragedy, the media sphere has been gassed by a veritable potpourri of preposterous "solutions" that will fix this nation's centuries old jones for mass slaughter. Democrats and Republicans alike have mounted the caskets of the victims like soapboxes to tell a country kept petrified by the 25/8 news cycle that this country is just one donation away from a cure for human nature. America has an uncanny habit of revealing its own abysmal stupidity during times of great crisis and Washington loves to milk it dry. The masses, infantilized by the strong arm of the state, beg for tyranny like bread as if it were synonymous with safety.

Well, I'm here this week to do what I do best, wake you stupid shits the fuck up with a gong called reality. I know I'm a bitch but bitches get shit done and someone needs to rise above the reactionary rabble and call a spade a spade. Gun control is bullshit. It doesn't matter how you dress it up, it still reeks to high heaven of tyranny. I get why people are upset, I am too, but you all need to get a fucking grip. The last thing you should do when confronted by a madman is lose touch with reality.

One of this country's major flaws on firearms is the chasm of ignorance that exists between hunting country and the suburbs. I don't even own a damn gun but having grown up in the sticks of a purple state, I have a full appreciation for the fact that the only real assault weapons in this country are in the hands of those tax-funded gangsters in law enforcement. An assault weapon is a fully automatic firearm designed for state sanctioned mass shootings like Waco. AR-15's are not assault weapons, they just look like them. Calling an AR-15 an assault weapon is like calling the Texas Chainsaw Massacre a snuff film. The total absurdity of assault weapons bans can be revealed by the fact that, under Clinton's post-Waco regime, you couldn't buy an AR but it was practically fucking raining Mini-14's, another high-capacity hunting rifle chambered at the same damn caliber, but it wasn't frightening enough to gives the Jones' nightmares so it got a pass. Assault weapons bans are a joke, arbitrary political theater designed to massage the fears of the ignorant. Their are no assault weapons to ban, Just technologically retarded soccer moms who can't tell the difference between a hunting rifle and a hunting rifle in drag.

Barring the mentally ill from firearms ownership sounds rational... if you don't believe in the Constitution. Millions of Americans suffer from some form of mental illness, such as myself, and we're statistically far more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators. But because a small minority of wack-jobs go postal apparently we should all be stripped of our constitutional rights. And where do we draw the fucking line? At schizophrenia? Postpartum depression? Social anxiety? Do we need to interrogate every person who wants to buy a twenty gauge? Do we force them to medicate first? How about piss tests, Rorschachs and lie detectors? I'm fucking serious here. I'm asking you, not telling you; where do you draw the line?  Do I need to remind you people that state-regulated mental illness was the primary way the Soviet Union kept dissidents in line during the Brezhnev years? Oh, wait, I forgot, Americans don't read history books that aren't penned by sexual predators and sold at the airport. But, shit man, that's no reason not to discriminate against an entire class of people, as long as it makes YOU feel safe.

The age limit is fucked up for the same damn reason. What right do you have to tell a 19 year old girl not to pack heat on campus to keep herself from getting raped? Furthermore, the majority of accidental shootings are the product of ignorance. Is depriving young adults of learning firearm safety at an impressionable age really a virtue? If kids can be offered the option of drivers-ed in school then why not educate them about their constitutional rights? Guns can be locked away on campus just as easily as power tools in shop class and for the same reasons. Not to mention the fact that they could be handed out just as easily to straight-A students during the unlikely event of an active shooter situation. People love to harp about "the children", but what about their goddamn rights? Shouldn't the Constitution apply to them too? Or are children's rights only convenient to you when they keep your kids under your thumb? "Darlene's stepdad got grabby, but Darlene has a Glock. Now stepdad pees sitting down." Yeah, I like the ring of that bedtime story. Treat your children right, because they might, be packing....

And the liberals don't own the block on shitty ideas either. The NRA solution to the Parkland problem is to feed the arms industry it serves in heaps of corporate welfare by turning schools into goddamn super-max prisons; metal detectors, bullet-proof windows, armed guards, surveillance cameras, landmines, drones, concertina wire, fuck it! we'll take it all. Put it on the taxpayers tab. The Prison Industrial Complex must be shooting their collective wads over the prospect of quadrupling their prisons. I'm fine with allowing concealed carry for teachers, but the last thing we need is to be filling inner-city schools with white cops. Schools should be a police state free zone.

The biggest misconception on mass shootings is that guns are the problem, which is quite simply not true. Over the last few decades gun violence has steadily declined with little correlation to changing standards in gun regulation. During this same period we have seen a precipitous increase in mass shootings. This trend shows few signs of being affected by gun control. Columbine, the former record breaker for primary school violence before Parkland, happened during the Assault Weapons Ban. This rise in active shooter situations does however correlate perfectly with the decline of the middle class and the rise of cable news. At a time when people have never felt more powerless, the mass media has given round the clock coverage to anyone desperate enough to shoot up a movie theater or a college campus. With their bottomless appetite for salacious details, the talking heads of Fox, CNN and MSNBC have offered the pathologically isolated the low-hanging fruit of immortality. If these prime time jackals truly gave as many fucks about these dead kids as they tearfully claim to, they would end the fucking circus and just report the goddamn facts.

The cold hard reality of these tragedies is there are no easy answers. But, sadly, their is no shortage of Washington scum-fucks and media whores willing to exploit people desperate to believe there are. It's only natural to want someone or some benevolent force to save us from ourselves when we feel helpless but the only people who can truly save us is us. Gun control is only effective in a world devoid of all guns. This is impossible without giving the state enough power to crush us into a fine powder. The other option is to become a better armed and educated society. This option may not make us a peaceful society but it will make us a freer one. I don't own a gun (yet) but I do own a brain that leads me to advocate the latter.

Peace, Love & Empathy- CH

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